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Salient Features of the CDS Byelaw

1. Membership matter of right
2. Attention to representation of vulnerable communities like SC, ST, disabled - special provisions
3. Independance from and complementarity to the local government clarified
4. Evaluation Committee of the CDS
5. CDS Action Plans (Micro Level Demand Plans)
6. Accountabiity framework incorporated
7. Independent election process ensured

Ten years of experience have indicated the various areas for clarity and modification in the Kudumbashree CDS byelaw. Urban and Rural CDSs were following different byelaws. The CDS byelaw was comprehensively amended by Govt. wide G.O(MS)222/08/LSGD dated 8-8-2008. The new byelaws made the CDS more inclusive and representative, and clarified election procedures and LSG space vis a vis CDS, It also brought in role clarity and accountability to the system. A subcommittee of the Governing body had developed the modified byelaw through an intense, interactive, consultative process. After imparting training to all concerned which included NHG members, officials of Kudumbashree and LSGs and elected representatives on how to change over to the new byelaw, elections were conducted throughout the State at NHG, ADS, CDS levels in November 2008, under the newly introduced election rules. Elections were held in 18400 NHGs, 16500 ADS and 1041 CDS. The election process was in a free and fair manner throughout the state in almost all CDSs and has brought in a more transparent and democratic system.