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CBO Structure

The Three-Tier Framework

A. Neighbourhood Group (NHG)

    The lowest tier constitutes The Neighbourhood Group consisting of 10-20 women members from economically backward

B. Area Development Society (ADS)

    The second tier is the Area Development Society, which is formed at ward level by federating all the NHGs in the ward. The
    activities of the ADS are decided by the representatives of the women elected from various NHGs.

C. Community Development Society (CDS)

    At the Panchayat / Municipal level a Community Development Society (CDS), a registered body under the Travancore-Cochin
    Literacy Scientific and Charitable Societies Act is formed by federating all ADSs in the Panchayats.

    Participation of vulnerable group

    The modified byelaw provides for ensuring proportionate representation of the SC and ST communities as well as for special
    ADS to cater to the requirement of specific vulnerable groups.


   The CDS is the representative structure of the vast network of NHGs in the Grama Panchayat/Municipal areas. It works in    close liaison with the LSG and serves as both dissemination organ for government programmes and as enunciator of    community needs in governance issues. A listing of its range of functions is attempted below:

  •      1. LSG liaison
  •      2. Linkage Banking co-ordination
  •      3. Information Dissemination
  •      4. Community network Strengthening Activity
  •      5. Facilitating Income Generating Activity
  •      6. Facilitating Identification of Poor for the purpose of LSG led Development Programmes.
  •      7. Articulation of Community demand for Development
  •      8. Leadership of NHGs
  •      9. LSG Plan Intervention
    •          - Anti Poverty Sub Plan,
    •          - Women Component Plan,
    •          - Local Economic Development
  •    10. Legal Literacy
  •    11. Facilitation of Centrally Sponsored Schemes