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Tribal Special Projects

The Tribal special project facilitates the creation of ST NHGs as well as At ADSs, if necessary in areas where there are more than two Tribal NHGs. The project provides a corpus fund of Rs. 10,000 at all newly formed ST NHGs. Micro finance and Micro enterprise activities are given special; focus among the tribals as part of the project activities. Measures have also been taken to ensure cent percent tribal participation in the MNREGS actives. Formation of special Ashraya projects, provision of supplementary food for the malnourished aged, infants and adolescent girls, formation of ST Balasabhas etc are some of the highlights of the project.

As on March 2016, Kudumbashree has been able to bring about 5,401 NHGs covering 99,478 families under its organizational network throughout the state.