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The Vision of Kudumbashree


Kudumbashree strives to develop the model of a micro finance led financial security process into a more comprehensive model of local economic development under the aegis of local governments. This would hopefully sustain the transformation of the local governance agenda from welfare to entitlement. Such a transformation does not come about easily and requires rewriting established administrative and development practices. It requires the community acquiring voice and being heard. It requires institutionalizing processes that allow for participation and meaningful contribution. And when we speak of community we speak of the people for whom government is a palpable entity influencing the quality of their lives, as well as of the people on the periphery, both social and physical, for whom manifold deprivations have snuffed out hope of change. We speak of the women who are finding, through collective endeavours, the stepping stones leading from participation to citizenship in its truest sense. It is through the realization of citizenship that Kudumbashree would be able to significantly address issues of equity and justice.