Kudumbashree since its inception along with Community Mobilization and Capacity Building has promoted Micro Enterprises as Income Generation Activities for its members. Animal Husbandry projects of Goat rearing and Cow rearing were implemented initially along with Lease Land Farming initiatives. Taking into consideration market needs,Samagra Animal Husbandry projects namely Goat Village, Ksheerasagaram and Nature Fresh Milk were later implemented which eventually transformed into Farmer's Producer Companies in Kannur,Idukki and Wayanad. From 2014 onwards, 5 Samagra Animal Husbandry Projects namely Goat Village, KsheeraSagaram, Male Buffalo calf Rearing and allied projects to cater the demand for meat animals, Backyard Egger Poultry rearing project and Duck rearing project has been sanctioned with 35% project cost as subsidy, to the beneficiaries with community level support systems of Micro Enterprise Consultants and PashuSakhi to help the women members from training, credit linkage, convergence and marketing. Kudumbashree believes that to cater the ever increasing demand of milk, meat and egg in our state "Production by Masses" is the best option.
Kudumbashree to Address Street Dog Menace - ABCD Management Units
Kudumbashree has completed first phase of training of its 389 number of members in 68 Units to perform as Animal Birth Control Designated Management units to aid the Stray Control projects implemented by Jilla Pancahyaths, Municipalities and Muncipal Corporations.As per GO no.3247/2016/LSGD dated 30/11/2016, these trained and certified Kudumbashree members will function as community level facilitators for catching stray dogs,transportation to the designated ABC centres of LSGIs for the ABC procedure as per protocols ,pre and post operative care of dogs,and safe release of above dogs back as per rules,for a service fee of Rs.1000 per dog payable to them from the fund allocated by LSGIs for the project.
Campaign aimed at evaluating the performance of the JLG by the community through selected and trained resource person. 604 trained master farmers trainers has selected through a 3 tier process and pooled to form district level JEVA team (JLG evaluation Agent) to undertake performance audit of the JLG