Tribal Programmes
The Tribal special project is an initiative of Kudumbashree in collaboration with the Tribal department to address the special issue of the tribal population of the state, in a systematic manner. The project primarily targets at bringing the marginalized tribals under the aegis of the Kudumbashree network and provide them with facilities which were otherwise less accessible or denied, as part of its poverty eradication mission. The objectives of the mission is planned to be achieved with the active convergence of various government and non government agencies as well as departments. The project was initiated as a pilot in select 10 panchayats of 4 districts namely Idukki, Wayanad, Palakkad and Kasaragod in the first phase. In the second phase the project was expanded to 10 selected panchayats of the remaining district excluding Alappuzha, owing to less number of tribal inhabitation in the district. In the third phase the project has been expanded to all panchayats with tribal inhabitation. Community mobilization and NHG formation is important for people- centered, integrated development. It is a process for empowering local communities especially vulnerable groups like tribal and combining awareness creation, self organization and action so that communities can work for changes that will benefit the social, emotional, financial and physical needs of beneficiaries. The Tribal special project facilitates the creation of ST NHGs. The project provides a corpus fund of Rs. 10,000 at all newly formed ST NHGs. General trainings and awareness classes for women and teenaged children, based on specific subjects and medical camps were also a regular feature of activities undertook for tribals. Micro finance and Micro enterprise activities are given special focus among the tribals as part of the project activities. Joint Liability Group formed for the promotion of Agriculture activity in tribal sector. Special Tribal Ashraya Project was a special effort to bring the destitute towards the mainstream by providing them with food, clothes, housing, pension etc. It is such instances that prompted Kudumbashree to form special Ashraya projects for tribal beneficiaries. As part of the Tribal Special Project, the State Kudumbashree Mission has received 84 Special Tribal Ashraya Projects from districts. provision of supplementary food for the malnourished aged, infants and adolescent girls, formation of ST Balasabhas and adolescents club, holistic health programme, etc are some of the highlights of the project.