Haritha Karma sena is a professional team consisting of Green Technicians and Green Supervisors mainly Kudumbashree Women who will be assigned with the responsibility of collection, transportation, processing, recycling / disposal, and management of waste materials in association with respective LSGs and Suchithwa Mission. Haritha Sahaya Sthapanams, the accredited agencies of Haritha Kerala Mission which will provide technical assistance to the Haritha Karma Sena.
Coir Defibering Units
Coir Industry is an important agro based employment oriented traditional cottage industry in India. Coir industry enjoys the status as the largest cottage industry in the state of Kerala giving employment to over a million of people. Coir is widely used for making various products such as floor mats, Outdoor mats, Cordage , ropes, aquarium filters etc. The main objectives is to start Coir Defibering units in association with Kerala Coir Machine Manufacturing Company in all potential Panchayats of Kerala. The end product will be bought back by Coir Fed.
Geriatric Care Project
Caregivers for Eldercare is an innovative and a flagship programme of Kudumbashree to fill the lacunae of Elder care in the State which gives livelihood opportunities to many unskilled committed Kudumbashree members.The programme will be piloted in the urban areas and will be extended to Rural areas.Elder persons will get a decent and respectful post retirement life with the support of Care Giver. The family of the elders will also be able to focus more on their activities at the same time they can live stress free as there is some skilled and reliable persons at home to support the parents.
E seva Center
E seva centers are started in association with Motor Vehicle Department. Kudumbashree IT units are set in the premises of Motor Vehicle Department. Kudumbashree members will do the online data entry of various services provided by Motor Vehicle Department. At present 32 E seva kendras are working in various RTO/Sub RTO offices
Common Facility Center
Common Facility Centers are formed with the objective to support the sustainability and growth of micro enterprises by addressing common issues such as improvement of technology, skills and quality, market access, access to capital etc. Common Facility Centers will be established under the CFC guidelines issued by Kudumbashree. Common Facility Centers will be established in selected districts in Apparel, Curry Powder and Cement Bricks Manufacturing Sectors. Funds in tune of Rs 50 lakhs are given for Machinery Purchase, Infrastructure Improvement, Capacity Building , Professional support , Branding and Marketing.
Kudumbashree Construction Team
In India construction industry is the second largest and a fast growing sector and incidentally Kerala having its huge potential in the sector. Though role of women account for half (51%) of the total construction labour force, women are almost exclusively unskilled, casual manual laborers: carrying bricks ,cement, sand, and water, digging earth, mixing cement, breaking stones, and women are rarely found in male-dominated skilled trades: carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical wiring etc. Training on construction activity for kudumbashree members aims to provide skill training for various trades in the construction industry for enhancing the skill of the women in construction related activities such that a sustainable income is generated and eventually these trained women members will be grouped into All Women Community Construction Contractors based at block level and Urban Local Body level in the state.