Capacity Building
Capacity building of NHG members/entrepreneurs towards sustainable livelihoods (Farm, NTFP, Animal husbandry and non farm production & service sectors) : Enhancing livelihoods of NHG members / micro entrepreneurs has unique challenges. Kudumbashree will focus on a) Social capital formation, b) Capacity building c) Eco system services d) Knowledge & resource convergence. The NHG members / micro entrepreneurs require professional & technical support, capacity building, technical/skill trainings and knowledge infusion from outside to enhance production and increased linkages with external markets.
Development of a Women’s Product Line - product enhancement workshops
The aim is to increase women’s capacities to look at better product quality and designs, while raising their knowledge and confidence to know about new markets for their products. The Design Clinic Series will strengthen the products and value-chains of microenterprises to bring more economic value to their products. In these design clinics, an attempt to up-value these products in terms of quality, design, packaging and so forth will be made. The initial rounds will focus on key topics aligned with the concerns of their business and giving recommendations and assignments. The latter rounds will focus on product development and branding.
Capacitation of Micro Enterprise Consultants
Over the years, Community Resource Persons – Training programme has enabled many of the Micro Enterprise Consultants to obtain first-hand understanding of micro enterprise management techniques. Kudumbashree is in the process of identifying, capacitating and engaging more MECs by providing advanced trainings for assisting the micro enterprises, considering the twin objective of strengthening the microenterprises and creating livelihood opportunities to MECs. Focus will be to transform MECs as a dedicated and expert Community Cadre for Livelihood promotion. The MECs will assist CDSs for all kinds of Economic Empowerment activities.
Community Enterprise Fund
Kudumbashree proposes to provide Community Enterprise Fund as Seed Capital to rural CDSs to meet the working capital needs of Micro Enterprises and collectives member-owned by NHG members. The objective is to enhance the livelihood opportunities for the poor through investment into asset creation and improvement in productivity and income. The most important aspect in implementation of Community Enterprise Fund would be the inclusion of ‘micro level livelihood planning’ as an empowerment tool for the marginalised communities. A Micro Credit cum Livelihood Action Plan will be a prerequisite for availing the funds under the CEF component. Livelihood action plan should contain schedule of activities, interventions, no. of NHG members to be assisted and expected outcome. NHGs can undertake any permissible activity jointly as a group or the group may decide to support individual(s) for the activities under the umbrella of the main SHG/ADS/CDS. In case of individual support under the SHGs, the individuals will be accountable to the main SHG for finances and performance. The financial support to enterprising individuals who prepare and submit a viable livelihood proposal shall be considered on the recommendation of the group.
Market Fairs
Kudumbashree as part of promoting the rural products and rural enterprises, conducts special trade fairs along with food fests and cultural fests featuring Kerala’s cuisine, art forms and various products made by Kudumbashree women.