Ajith S,
NULM City Mission Manager,
Kannur Municipal Corporation

“Sir, now we are ready to go anywhere”-Smt.Sreeja, Kannur

At the time of my joining in Kannur Corporation as NULM Manager on 2016 October, the corporation was planning to abolish the use of Plastic materials by the public and make the whole district a plastic free zone as proposed by the District Collector. As an initial step for the noble initiative, Corporation strictly directed to the shop keepers and business men to stop the use and distribution of Plastic Bags and made inspection in shops. Cloth bags or paper bags are the exact remedy for avoiding plastic carry bags, however production units for these items were not many. Hence felt the urgency of bulk production of cloth bags or paper bags which can be issued to public. From my previous experience as Consultant officer at Pathanamthitta, the Plastic free Sabarimala campaign helped me to get affinity with such a relevant topic.

I learned about the marketing opportunity of Cloth bag at the time and those units engaged in the Kudumbashree units got a huge marketing exposure. I shared this matter in the Kannur Municipal CDS meeting and make them aware about the great opportunity in saving the nature along with the good source of income. Butno one initiated to start the venture.But i keep on trying for motivating them and gave more sensitization to the CDS members and ADS Members.At last in the third CDS meeting, Smt.Sreeja CDS member of Anakkulam ADS came up with two types of cloth bags which she has made. I called up a special meeting of the Keerthi Ayalkoottam, Anakkulam ADS and make the members too aware about the opportunity in doing the Cloth bag business. In the meeting, including Sreejachechi, five members having experience in tailoring came forward to start the new venture.The ward councillor Smt. Beena also participated in encouraging them.

The women once who were housewives are now owners of Micro enterprise.The members started the production of different types of bags. They distributed the bags to some of the shops nearest to their area. After starting the production of bags they pledged to go to shops or provisional stores with their own bags for purchasing. They shared this to other members living in their area.In that time a Big Cloth bag fest was organized by Kudumbashree District Misson and I ensured the participation of Keerthi unit in that fest. This was the first experience in their life. They get a good incomemorethan their expectation and also get an opportunity to learn about the making of different types of cloth bags.Smt.Sreejahas shared her experience about the new initiative and bag fest in the CDS meeting and she expressed her sincere gratitude to me for helping and motivating them to do this job. Her words were a great reward to me more than a BharathRathna. She looked in to my face and concluded her experience sharing with this word, “Sir, now we are ready to go anywhere for participating the fairs and ready for doing any orders”. These words show the confidence of a common lady which was elevated by the opportunity created for her through NULM.




Babitha Jose
City Mission Manager - Kochi

A Human Touch for the Homeless

“If you desire to Make a Difference in the world You must be Different from the world” - Elaine S. Dalton

The homeless in town can finally have a cosy life as the shelter homes under Kochi Municipal Corporation got revamped through National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM). Out of 5 Shelter homes refurbished in Kochi under the SUH component of NULM, two are old age homes (Goodhope at Fort Kochi and Thevara old age home), One for women and children (Santhi Bhavan at Gandhi Nagar) , one for migrant youth (Sneha Bhavan at Gandhi Nagar) and one for the Destitutes(Palluruthy Relief settlement). Total project cost of 5 shelters amounts to 2.5crores. The project is envisaged to provide basic amenities in shelter homes like, coats, mattress, lockers, refurbishments of toilets, kitchen, living space etc thereby providing comfort and security to the homeless. The project scope was prepared and approvals from concerned authorities were obtained, in close co-ordination with Kochi Municipal Corporation Authorities as well as with NULM State Mission Unit at Kudumbashree Head quarters.

The 5 proposals & DPR were drafted in a participatory kind of approach, incorporating the demands of the inmates, by spending quality time with them, listening to their needs and apprehensions. I feel happy that NULM could provide all the facilities they have asked for ;new coats, beds, lockers to keep their valuables, mosquito netting, hot water facility, recreation facility, playroom for kids, medical help, caretakers etc .It gives me immense satisfaction that I could bring a little warmth to the melancholy life in Shelter Homes. I feel proud that I could do something for the most vulnerable sections of the urban poor through NULM. Greatly indebted to the authorities of Kochi Municipal Corporation for giving me a freehand in drafting the 5 proposals for the refurbishment of shelter homes, for the constant inspiration and guidance from the Programme officer , the support from State mission management unit and also to my team members in City mission managemen unit who made my dream a reality.




Baiju C M
City Mission Manager -NULM
Kasaragod Municipality

Mattannur municipality banned plastic items, paper cup and plate. These items were inevitable for supply of food at various functions. During a discussion with municipal authorities a question raised how to utilize the ADS revolving fund. An idea evolved to purchase steel plate and glass and provide it for such functions and also to arrange SHG members in cleaning steel plate and glass.

Thousand steel plate and glass purchased by CDS through ALF revolving fund. For this five members group formed in each ward. These groups were given fund from ALF revolving fund through SHGs as loan. Steel plate and glass will be kept at CDS office. The distribution function inaugurated by Honorable chief minister Shr. Pinarayi Vijayan.




Binu George
City Mission Manager

City Livelihood Centre: An Attempt to Reduce Occupational Vulnerability of Urban Poor

As all of us knew, occupational vulnerability that includes precarious livelihoods, dependence on informal sector for employment and earnings, lack of job security, poor working conditions, etc. is a distinguishing characteristic of urban poverty. Addressing occupational vulnerability is always a challenge in any urban poverty eradication Programme. Establishment of City Livelihood Centre (CLC) in Kottayam Municipality under National Urban livelihoods Mission by Kudumbashree is a firm leap to address this challenge.

City Livelihoods Centre, Kottayam is first one of its kind in Kerala, which was inaugurated by Sri.Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan MLA on 29th April 2017.The Vision of the Centre is to provide sustained support to the livelihood efforts of urban poor by conjoining the gap between the resources available with the urban poor like their services or products and the requirements of urban community. In turn, such a support will pave way for the social and economic empowerment of the urban poor to lead a secure and dignified lives.

The services of urban poor includes domestic works, home nursing, Ayah, driving, cleaning work, domestic electrical work, plumbing work, etc. Though these services are largely required to the urban community, the urban poor who involved in these services confronts unemployment due to least publicity of their availability to work. City Livelihood Centre tries address this issue by setting up a permanent Service Providing Centre offering a gamut of fee based services to the urban community by engaging urban poor who possess necessary skill sets. The urban community can avail the services of labors registered in the CLC by phone or web based applications. At present there are a total of 193 labors are registered with the Centre. City Livelihood Centre will also arrange for skill training and skill up gradation training to the urban poor who are registered in the Centre for quality improvement.

Similarly, the City Livelihood Centre will support the urban poor or their collectives (SHG) to sell their products. Kudumbashree Units in Kottayam are producinga wide range of products including vegetables, sanitary products, food products, Stationery items, etc. Almost all of them are facing trouble in the marketing of their product due to diverse reasons like poor advertisement, messy packing, etc. The CLC will provide necessary support for product up gradation, raw material availability, marketing services, etc. for registered producers from urban poor.

Initiation of a City Livelihood Centre was not an easy task. The approval for starting the Centre received from NULM State Mission during March 2015. The great hurdle before opening the centre was the non-availability of local specific model for City Livelihood Centre in Kerala. The City Mission Management Unit conducted a series of consultation with various stakeholders and referred web-sites for beating this hurdle and develop a suitable structure for the City Livelihood Centre in Kottayam. We are striving to develop maximum potential to the Centre in addressing the occupational vulnerability of urban poor in Kottayam through their mobilization, skill up gradation and generation of maximum employment opportunities in a conducive environment. In future, we hope, the Centre will become a model for other cities in Kerala for reducing occupational vulnerability of urban poor.




Boby Jacob
City Mission Manager

Revolving Fund - A Means for Social Empowerment

Revolving Fund Support of Rs. 50000/- for all the 52 Area Level Federations (ALF) has been distributed for promoting thrift and credit activities and sustain their activities as an organization. The revolving fund would be utilized for starting any income generating activity at ALF level or be given as loan to the Self Help Groups registered to the Area Level Federation. The amount earned as interest from this loan has become a capital amount of the ADS. Normally such amount will be used for providing travel allowance to members, refreshments during regular meetings, buying sarees as uniforms to the members, conducting tour programmes etc. As a Manager responsible for Social mobilization and Institution Development, I gave a suggestion in the CDS committee that the amount earned from the interest of Revolving fund can be used for fulfilling the third objective of Kudumbashree - ‘’the Social empowerment’’. I suggested them to hire an office room for ADS or invest in any social welfare activities. The members of ADS-22 of Kottayam North CDS comprehended the idea and materialized it by supplying steel utensils to children of Chirayilpadam Anganwadi to avoid the use plastic utensils. They are also supplied school kit including Bag and Umbrella to the Children in Thekkumgopuram Anganwadi and Union Club Anganwadi.




Deepa K. Prabhakaran
City Mission Manager

Myself, Deepa .K. Prabhakar, joined Kudumbasree on 29th july 2015, a new sector to my career life. As my teacher always says - we should touch the life of a person , or a group of people or institution where we are, I too believe in that. I would like to share you one such experience.

I was appointed as Manager SMID, the softest element of NULM (As other's perceive). Though NHG was not new to me, RO was really a new concept. Corporation Kudumbasree office became my major area of work. As the days passed by I realized that Community Organisers of CDS are socially empowered people, but not financially.

The time came when the CDS was designated and promoted as Resource Organisatios. I may say promoted, because those volunteers could get something for their work, rather recognition, in monetary terms. Several meetings were convened to make them aware of the term and the concept of RO. As the days passed by, they gradually started falling on our track.

Formation of new SHG, trainings, FLCs, auditing, meetings etc were not new to them, but the records to be kept for RO claim was a tedious job for them. NULM team helped them to make the first claim after 6 months. Claims were submitted but they were not paid for their work as officials were afraid of audit objection . ROs Stopped their activities .Later as per the request from CMMU , Mr. Sudheer KB , SMMU Manager in charge of Social Mobilisation came and attended the meeting . As a solution he suggested to appoint a RO accountant.

RO accountant was appointed and she started doing the file works. So many bottle necks were there for release of the fund to the Kudumbasree COs. Somehow in the month of March 2016 they were given their payments.

The next morning after the transfer of RO incentive to their accounts, one of the Kudumbasree CO came to our office and to my surprise she caught hold of my hands and literally cried saying that in the 10 years of her volunteering in Kudumbashree, she is receiving handful of money for her service. I asked her, what is she going to do with that money. She told , she has to pay college fee for her son who is doing a professional course. Month of March was the due date for payment of fees or else she would have taken debt to pay the fees. She received 24000 as additional incentive from RO fund of NULM. More or less this was the real feeling of the other COs as well.

At times, Money Matters A lot - Might be because of that Kudumbasree envisages women empowerment through thrift management, internal lending , grading, bank linkage etc.




Muneer M .P
City Mission Manager.
Social Development & Infrastructure, Kalpetta

A Path Showering for livelihood under NULM

National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) is the project aimed to reduce the poverty of urban poor. Here is the story of Anju, who became widow in the early age of her life. She is 30 year old women having two children. Elder daughter has 9 years old and younger son has 4 years old. Her husband died due to cancer in 2015 and her livelihood became a concern. The Kalpetta City Mission team heard the story of Anju from CDS and decided to intervene to bring about a positive change in her life. At that time she was not a member of Kudumbashree. Initially the NULM Community Organiser interacted with Anju and invited her to be part of Kudumbashree NHG. She joined Souhridha NHG which was formed under NULM.

When her husband had become sick, she started a textile business in which churidar and other dress materials were purchased in bulk and sold in households. This did not generate her adequate income. She decided to take a loan for Rs, 2 lakhs under the Self Employment Programme (SEP) component of NULM. The same was sanctioned by the ULB and bank, with which she was able to expand her business and generate an average monthly income of Rs. 20,000.CMMU Kalpetta team believes that this is one of the major achievements under NULM. Contact details of the beneficiary: Anju Mobile: 9895391949




Nidhish M. George
City Mission Manager - NULM
Kasaragod Municipality

A young man approached NULM office at Kasaragod for discussing about the possibilities to start his own venture. The condition of his family is pathetic. His father is not enough healthy, he is doing small works at a fish market and his income is not sufficient to lead the family. He has 1 elder and 4 younger sibling. Due to the unfavourable financial circumstances in the family he had to stop his schooling when in class 7, after which he started working with a Tent & Decoration service team as a labour at the age of 12.

Now at the age of 19, he has started taking small orders like birthday party, nikkah, engagement etc. for tent and decoration himself. He was not processing any of the materials required for his business and had to hire them on rent which did not prove profitable.

The NULM team expalined him the scope of self employment programme and guided him to buy materials by assisting him financially by availing a bank loan. He attended 4 days EDP and decided to go ahead with the NULM SEP scheme. An amount of Rs.1,85,000/- was disbursed as loan and with some additional amount that he raised himself he was able to ebnhance his business. He is running his own enterprise now making a remarkable income.




Pridhvi Raj
City Mission Manager - Alappuzha

From A Home maker to Home stay Owner

Rajamma K N (58) of Punnamada, Alappuzha was struggling to meet both the ends by running an old petty shop. Her son had died nine years ago due to a heart attack and three years back her husband also passed away due to liver disease, her lone daughter is married and they are also staying with her.

She is a member of Grihalakshmi SHG group in Punnamada ALF at Alappuzha. She has now become a good entrepreneur by utilising the amount her ALF received through revolving fund under DAY-NULM. Her house is near to Punammada Boat Jetty where lot of tourists came for house boating. Using the money received from DAY-NULM through revolving fund to ALF she started a small pay and parking facility together with food and accommodation for the taxi drivers who come with the tourists. . For that she converted three rooms of her own house and brought some cot using the money. Now she is earning average Rs.10000 per month.




Resana S
City Mission Manager (Skills & Livelihood) - Thrikkakara

Many new initiatives have been launched in our country – Make in India, Smart Cities, Start Up India, Digital India – all envisages the reviving and scaling various aspects of our economy. Skill India is the backbone of all these initiatives and I felt proud to be a part of one among the program Employment through Skill Training and Placement (EST&P) under the project titled ‘DAY-NULM’ implementing in Kerala through Kudumbashree. I have joined as Manager (Skills and Livelihood) in May 2015 at Thrikkakara Municipality, headquarter of Ernakulam district.

Kakkanad is a part of Thrikkakara municipality and it is home for a portion of the industrial base of Kochi. It is a home for Info Park, Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ), Carborundum Universal Ltd, Industrial projects like Fashion City, Software Export Promotions Zone (SEPZ) and later Kochi Metro. This has led to several builders to set up their projects here. Hence this population bulge provides a huge reservoir of manpower.

Mobilization and orientation of skill training program under NULM project initiated in the midst of last financial year and only two agencies were empanelled initially. And 8 sensitization programs conducted for Kudumbashree members. Around 1400 applications received opting different skill courses. The enrollment of candidates for the training started in our municipality only on October 2016. The courses offered are Account Assistant using Tally, House - keeping attendant, Data Entry Operator, Ayurveda Spa Therapy, Front Office cum Receptionist and Transactional Associate F & A.

Within 6 months 75% of the target has been achieved successfully with good placement record. A proper execution made in this scheme in our municipality characterizing the spirit of skilling youth ease the stress and bring in the equilibrium especially amongst the unemployed and jobless youth population. The kind of reception we received from candidates and the skill training centre was unique. My dream is to create skilling for respect, honor, livelihood, self-employment and better remuneration, not restricting itself only for jobs.

ESTP is a good platform for students who do not have proper directions in terms of Careers and employability. I have always appreciated Kudumbashree endeavors towards the betterment of the urban poor.




Sijukumar. A.
City Misssion Manager
Nulm - Kochi Municipal Corporation

They are starting a new life away from violence and abuse

Shanthi Bhavan, the joint venture of the Corporation of Cochin and Cultural Academy of Peace-SAKHI, functions as a Short Stay Home to lend a helping hand to women in distress and need. Santhibhavan is situated at division 63 gandhinagar in Kochi Municipal corporation, it provides shelter to women in distress, abandoned women with children, illegitimate mothers and victims of various atrocities towards women. The building is owned by Corporation and managed by an NGO called ‘Sakhi’. There are 50 inmates including women and infants.


Many of the inmates are mentally sick and are under medication. Since the shelter functions on the first floor there is a risk of inmates going up the rooftop and jumping from there. Flooring of hall, dining room and other rooms are in a withered condition. Even though most of the inmates are children, there was no space for them to play. The windows are opened without glass; attack of mosquitos causes communicable diseases like dengue, Malaria and filarial. Shelter lacks the basic furniture; all the inmates are sleeping without cots & beds. There is no provision to keep the belongings of the inmates; Kitchen, store and dining hall do not have any storage space to keep supplies and utensils and the electric wiring of the building is very old & in poor condition. The dining room has aluminum roofing and has no provision for fans. Toilets and bath rooms are in bad shape.


NULM Team has conducted a need assessment study through interview, focus group discussion of the inmates and ULB Staffs and representatives and prepared detailed project report and plan with help of ULB Eng. wing and submitted the report to SMMU. The state level project sanctioning committee approved the project and sanctioned an amount of Rs 45, 10,000/- for the refurbishment of this shelter home, formed a Monitoring Committee, and the refurbishment work started in November 2016 and completed in March 2017. Constituted a shelter management committee on 20th May 2017.


  1. Under the supervision of NULM & SAKHI, services of eminent psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists’ occupational therapy, trauma healing and physiotherapy are provided for their physical and emotional restoration and rejuvenation
  2. Safe shelter with all the common amenities
  3. Hygienic and secure toilet facilities
  4. Social gathering area for them to be more relax
  5. Safe and tiled pathway feels safer for children play area
  6. Now they have necessary furniture's, basic infrastructure which include bed with coat, pillow, shelves, sanitary accessories etc. to make the environment more comfortable.
  7. Facilities for library, reading and TV room , Facilities for recreational activities, vocational training facilities, dining and washing facilities enhanced their social activities
  8. 24X7 basis power supply
  9. Counseling services were provided when and where it’s necessary.
  10. Hence due to good physical and social facilities inmates feel more safer and comfortable.
  11. In future we are also planning to engage them in skill training programmes & self employment programmes.
  12. They are starting a new life away from violence and abuse




Simple Rose
CMMU Manager, Thrikkakara

At the time of joining, CMMU had already collected the council resolution for the construction of new shelter and identified the site for its construction. As the next step letter has given for the ownership certificate of the land immediately. But we felt some gap somewhere. So we decided to conduct a survey ward wise to identify the homeless in the ULB, who are willing and eligible for accommodate in a shelter. Because we are not here to construct just a building but a shelter home!!!

We prepared the survey form, presented in the counsel, got approval, and started survey using the ADS members as they know even a small beat of the locality. CDS was given the responsibility for monitoring the survey. The survey lists were presented in the concerned ADS meeting, collected approval of ADS, signed by ADS president and ward counsellor. The survey covered 67 urban homeless, including families who are not capable to choose PMAY.

While collecting the feedback from CDS, one of them reported that it would be great, if we could rehabilitate them through this project. It is nothing when hearing the experience of another surveyor. “We discussed the matter in the ADS meeting and listed out the people in distress to include in the shelter, who are not under the care of the family or suffering in their family. We aimed to provide them a better place before their death. With the list we went to each member, collected their details as mentioned in the survey form.”

As part of it, they collected the details of Mrs. X who is willing to stay in our proposed shelter home. But on the next day they got the intimation from a man that, “we don’t want to place our mother in a shelter home; we will take care of her.”

The whole team is happy that we could make Mrs. X to stay with her family, who are willing to protect her.

For wonders, “Move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea”.




Sunil P.K
City Mission Manager

Success story regarding social and financial inclusion of street vendors under DAY-NULM project component

Street vendors are an integral part of urban economies around the world, offering easy access to a wide range of goods and services in public spaces. They sell everything from fresh vegetables to prepared foods, from building materials to garments and crafts, from consumer electronics to auto repairs to haircuts. They are marginalised and backward class , continuously neglected, exploited, face many challenges, are often overlooked as economic agents and unlike other businesses, are hindered previous times by municipal policies and practices. In 2014 street vendors protection act was passed and control and rehabilitation of street vendors become the duty of urban local body.

National Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM) seeks to address the concerns of urban street vendors by facilitating access to suitable spaces for vending, institutional credit, improved skills and social security linkages. The Support to Urban Street Vendors Component of NULM sets out the strategy and operational guidelines with regard to this component such as survey of street vendors and issue of Identity Cards, Development of city street vending plans, Infrastructure development of vending zones in the city, Training and Skill Development, Financial Inclusion, Access to credit ,Linkages to social security schemes

Malappuram municipality is the first urban local body in Kerala which has taken positive step to protect the rights of street vendors by implementing various programmes under DAY-NULM. Municipality conducted a systematic survey for street vendors with the help of social work students of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit during the month of September 2015 and identified 125 street vendors in the territory. Based on that survey, Town Vending Committee of malappuram municipality has decided to issue identity cards to the eligible street vendors. This was the pilot initiation in Kerala. Honourable Minister Prof. K.T Jaleel was inaugurated the ID card distribution function by providing authorised ID card to 92 street vendors.

Through the systematic survey, municipality collected all details of vendors and decided to open bank accounts to all vendors and insurance coverage under PMJBY or RSBY schemes required vendors. Municipality conducted financial literacy campaigns and account opening clinics with the support of Union Bank of India, Financial literacy Centre and Kudumbashree CDS etc to accomplish the objectives. As a result, all eligible street vendors opened bank account and acquired insurance coverage. Similarly all APL category street vendors are included in the RSBY health insurance schemes.

Malappuram City Mission Management Unit developed a savings cum short term credit giving mechanism by appointing Bank Mithra with the support of Kudumbashree CDS and Union Bank of India. A lady from Kudumbashree appointed as bank mithra for collecting daily savings of street vendors. Union bank has given a machine to bank mithra for recording transaction electronically. Apart from this, they offer small commission to bank mithra for daily transaction by using this machine. Bank mithra collect savings directly from street vendors and it improved the savings habit among them. Based on the savings of street vendors Union Bank of India came forward to give short term loan to regular paying vendors. In the first phase, bank given 25,000/- to 30,000/- rupees as short term loans to 8 vendors. Banks collected repayment of street vendors either through bank mithra or from daily savings account. That was a big success and now bank is ready to give loan under NULM SEP-I schemes. 4 street vendors have got Rs.50,000/- rupees each as loan. Through this system banks became confident to give loans.




Manager (Social Development & Institutional Development),

ADS is the coordinating body for implementing the programms of our mission.TheADS of pathanamthitta municipality was without any discipline or records prior to the implementation of NULM. It was after the implementation of NULM that the ADS worked efficiently to create awareness about the various programs of the mission. Most of the ADS were not conducting proper meetings or maintaining records of meetings or even about the income and expenditure books. This resulted in drag for implementing the funds for the ward level programs.The main benefit of our program was to stimulate the ADSs and guide them to a way of proper accounting and documentation. This was achieved after the implementation of the program and showed the result in the utilization of the revolving funds which was availed by all the ADS of the municipality after setting their house in order. This resulted in creating awareness among members about this body.




Sunu John
Manager (Skills & Livelihoods) NULM,

New expectation for cloth bag unit

With the Alappuzha Municipality intensifying its campaign to eliminate the use of plastic carry bags, the members of Vipanjika Unit, a women’s cloth bag making unit under NULM, are pinning their hopes on a proper marketing system for their product, expected to be much in demand in the coming days. The unit has 8 Kudumbashree members from Alappuzha municipality trained in bag making. We have regular classes where the women are trained in cloth bag making by the officials of the Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI).

We can promote the products made by them in many exhibitions. The Municipality could utilise this workforce and provide a platform for marketing the cloth bags. Such an initiative would also provide a regular source of income for these women.




Subairul Avan PK
Manager, CMMU


Making Difference in Livelihoods of Urban Poor in Malappuram Municipality

Malappuram is the first municipality in the district which was formed in 1970. Malappuram serves as the administrative headquarters of Malappuram district. Divided into 40 electoral wards, the city has a population density of 2,083 per square kilometer (5,390 per square mile). As per the 2011 census Malappuram Urban Agglomeration is the fourth largest urban agglomeration in Kerala state with a total population of 68088. Malappuram municipality does not have any large scale industry. Women in Municipality have a lower socio-economic status comparatively and very limited access to income generating activities due to a number of social and religious concerns. Consequently, they have less opportunity to contribute to their family income. They are economically dependent and vulnerable and socially discriminated. Foreign remittance especially middle east countries are a major contribution to domestic income.

Malappuram municipal Kudumbashree CDS is one of the best performing CDSs in the state and bagged special award in 2015-16 instituted by the State Mission. It has the wide access of women community network in the Municipality and Municipal Council extending all support to its activities. SJSRY scheme and microcredit programme provides loans to the women those belongs in NHGs in order to undertake small financial activities. There were more than 500 individual enterprises and 45 group enterprises started under SJSRY Scheme in Malappuram municipality. Unfortunately, 60% of the units are not functioning now. Due to the lack of monitoring and supporting system, half of the enterprises closed within two years.

NULM SEP Support:

Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM) is a central government supported scheme implemented through Kudumbashree Mission. Under this mission, several programmes are undertaking for the socio – economic improvement of urban poor. Self employment programmes for individual and groups is one of the major components of the mission. It is focusing on financial assistance to individuals or groups of urban poor for setting up gainful self-employment ventures and micro enterprises suited to their ability, skills, aptitude and family situation. This assistance will be in the form of interest subsidy on bank loans for setting up of projects by individual micro enterprises and for group enterprises. The entrepreneurs play an important role in the economic and social development. Women entrepreneurs are also giving a partial role in this field. From the prior experiences, City Mission Management Unit of NULM conducted general orientation training and individual counseling for entrepreneurs and mobilized more than 50 applications. Eligible applications were forwarded to Task force committee which constituted at ULB Level.

In the last two years, NULM supported 24 individual enterprises and assisted with interest subsidy of Rs.17, 43,35/-. Out of 23 SEP (I) units, 4 units are from Street vendors and 13 enterprises are running by women entrepreneurs. It is understood that the self employment opportunities resulting the appreciable increase in their incomes, on a sustainable basis. NULM has gained experience in venturing into innovative microenterprises fields such as Construction or building material solution, Kudumbashree travels, Bakes and food production, Apparel production, Washing powder and cake production etc.,

Apart from Microenterprises, City Mission Management Unit, Malappuram municipality provided the assistance for Bank Linkage which in turn extends formal financial service for providing credit inputs to the NHGs through various banks in the Municipality. City Mission Management team visits the each NHGs and orienting them on SHG Bank linkage scheme, repayment system and subsidy subvention for proper repayment, optimum utilization of fund etc., Hence, the repayment of Linkage loans is perfect and lead bank managers shared that the linkage scheme may increase the business volume of Banks. NHGs also using this loan amount for internal lending and taking up of micro enterprises. An amount of Rs. 6.02 crore linkage amounts provided to 183 NHGs and assisted with an amount of Rs. 17.02 lakhs as interest subsidy to these Bank linkages. SEP and Bank linkages helps the urban poor women and their families to get out of the clutches of the exploitation of private money lenders. In brief, this programme helped to empower urban poor in socially and economically.




Ramya P M
City Mission Manager- NULM
Kozhikode Municipal Corporation

The story of Firoz Khan

“I got a Job…..a continuous income…….something to save” the words of Firoz Khan (NULM SEP beneficiary), a Goods Auto Rickshaw driver from Kozhikode Corporation is really motivating and inspiring for both entrepreneurs and professionals who are working in the field of social development sector.

Firoz Khan, an urban poor earning his livelihood through running a small business of Goods auto Rikshaw in Calicut city. He has 10 years experience in this field. He starts his work early in the morning by 5 am depending on the orders he was getting. His main work is associated with firewood collection from sawmill and selling that to Halwa makers on their demand. By 9am he will be free to get other work orders available in the city. But income earned through his hard work was not enough to meet the family needs. He realized that major part of income earned is going to the hands of his Auto owner and for maintenance of vehicle. He was spending Rs. 250 per day only for payment of vehicle rent.

Many times he thought to buy a Goods auto rickshaw for his own. Poor financial back ground of his family compelled him to work in the rented vehicle. His wife Shajitha is a member of Phoenix Kudumbashree Neighbourhood Group (Central CDS, Kozhikode) came to know about Self Employment Programme of NULM from her ADS president from ADS and NHG meetings. She discussed it with Firozkhan and they decided to apply for SEP with the intention of purchasing a new Goods auto rickshaw. He attended Self Employment Programme- General Orientation and cleared all doubts regarding Bank loan, subsidy and trainings essential to become an NULM SEP beneficiary. He attended six days EDP and Task force interview without any hesitation. As he is a resident of Ward 30 of Kozhikode Corporation we forwarded his application to Punjab National Bank, Govindapuram Branch. Bank has sanctioned a loan of Rs.190000/- and his contribution of Rs.16500/- helped him to fulfill his dream.

From November 2016 onwards he became an Owner of a Goods Auto Rickshaw. At present he could save an amount of minimum Rs. 500/- per day after meeting all expenses incurred for maintenance of vehicle and Loan repayment. After all these the happiness and satisfaction we could see in the face of Firoz Khan is the Difference we made…………….. Contact Number Firoz Khan: 9744448090.




Swathi Laxmi.A.P
CMMU Manager (EST&P)
Kozhikode Municipal Corporation

Accomplishment of Livelihood through DAY NULM ESTP component

From February 2016 onwards Kozhikode NULM office has been receiving a number of applications for various skill training courses under ESTP Component. Majority of the applications we received were through Kudumbashree SHGs. We are accepting applications from the family members whose annual income is below Rs: 50,000/-. In November 2016 we were provided training agencies at Kozhikode. In the initial stage it was difficult to get students for courses such as CNC operator training (NTTF), Fitter mechanical assembler and many other courses.

It was real hard work to get the things done. I contacted ITI, Malikkadavu, Calicut and other private colleges and explained the faculties about the importance of the free courses offered by NULM. Campaign through SHGs also helped a lot. I collected the details of students those who completed the technical courses from ITI. The faculties at ITI posted the details in their teacher-student social groups. Some students who passed from ITI were undergoing training in Chennai for which they paid fees. I explained our course details to them and within a few days they joined NTTF Thalassery for CNC training. Shamjith and Jithin are some of them to be mentioned here. They got placement in a reputed company at Pune with very good accommodation facility and salary. Many other success stories also are there. Mr. Amit, who was an unemployed B.Tech graduate, joined NTTF, Bangalore for fitter mechanical Assembler course to get an opening in the field.

Ladies in the age group of 35 to 40 with 10th std as qualification didn’t have any other job options. These ladies joined Hindusthan Latex’s (HLFPPT) GDA course (General Duty Assistant) and 80% of the candidates were placed in reputed private hospitals in Kozhikode with good salary with family medical coverage & insurance. These ladies have not even dreamed about such a job..!! Ms. Shereena, the highest scored in the GDA has placed at Causality Department, Star care Hospital, Kozhikode.

Other course to mention is Ayurvedha Spa therapy. Almost 60 candidates passed and got into private ayurvedha hospitals. Ms. Fajisha is one among them who got placement in Santhigiri Hospital, Kozhikode. This group is planning to establish an Ayurvedha spa therapy clinic under SEP (Self employment Program - Group) component after getting enough experiences from the private Ayurvedha Hospitals. Ms. Rajani, Ms. Sumathi, Ms. Shyna and Ms. Sunanda are happy with the placement at M/s. Subrahmania Ayurvedha Nursing Home, Kozhikode.

From Nov 2016 to March 2017, Kozhikode DAY NULM Office has trained 381 candidates. And total placement done for 108 candidates. Course completed for 202 candidates and training undergoing for 179.

66 candidates who did plus two commerce and B.Com have joined for Accounts assistant Using Tally. They got placement in different private organisations in Kozhikode. Fathima, Shiji, Divya, Jishina and many others are very happy with the placements, since they too can help their husbands in earning income.

We feel very happy and satisfied when the candidates are employed through NULM skill training program. This boosts our morale and thus we achieve job satisfaction. Overall I feel that my duties are fulfilling. Great thanks to the Executive Director and other superiors in NULM/Kudumbashree for priceless support for getting these done. Thank You..!!


















Kudumbashree women shines with Kochi Metro

When the KMRL Managing Director Mr Elias George calls up Kudumbashree office and said “Kudumbashree members are doing a wonderful job for Kochi Metro station management”, it was a fulfilment of dreams of Kudumbashree Ernakulam District Mission office and the State Mission office. That was a moment, where Kudumbashree has risen above the perceptions of the common man and elevated itself into a world class work force. The moment filled with pride where Kudumbashree women clad in uniforms with Kudumbashree and KMRL Logos embodied on it, took over the management of all stations of the Kochi Metro.

The Journey started off with the State Mission of Kudumbashree started contemplating that how to enhance the already proven success story of Kudumbashree and take it to next level. The vision started get moulding, when the KMRL approached Kudumbashree for taking over the facility management of all Metro stations. That was a huge challenge for Kudumbashree but also an opportunity to give employment to a huge number of Kudumbashree members in a high class urban transport system.

The Initial phase of planning and research was done by the State Mission. It included visits to the various other metro stations, doing a lot of research on legal aspects, technology to be adopted, financial structure and other contractual terms. The contract formation itself was a gigantic task as it involves two huge stake holders and thus has to be inclusive and comprehensive. The tireless efforts of the state mission in planning and designing has finally resulted in a full-fledged contract and finally made acceptable to both stake holders. This led to the milestone of signing the contract between Honourable Executive Director of Kudumbashree and Director (systems) of KMRL to entrust the station management of all 23 metro stations in the initial phase to Kudumbashree for the period of next three years. It also gave birth to idea of world’s first women-led Metro station management.

After the initial phase, the project was handed over to the Ernakulam District Mission for implementation. A new challenge, which was faced never before by a Government Department, which needs to be finished in quick time, included sourcing, selecting, training and on boarding of employees on KMRL. The works got entrusted with Kudumbashree included ticketing, housekeeping and parking. A total of 780 women were getting employed with 530 of them in the phase till Palarivattom and the rest in the phase till Maharajas. A detailed notification was issued mentioning the various eligibility criteria, in major newspapers, in the website and sent to all CDS’s. Much to the surprise of the District mission, the number of applications flown in to the tune of 40000 instead of the expected number of 12000.This has further added to the difficulty as selecting staff from this huge number of candidates with limited resources looked like a herculean task. All resources of District Mission including the staff, the CDSs’, IT units got into action to do the huge task of entering the data of these 40000 candidates. 8 lakhs data were entered with the combined effort of all stake holders of Kudumbashree in record time of 15 days. Exams dates were scheduled and 39700 admit cards were issued through CDSs’ within 5 days. Education department came to our rescue by provided us 100 schools as examination centres. The question paper preparation and valuation were entrusted with Centre for Management Development who has done their job to sheer perfection. The staff of District Mission again joined together for the conduct of exams. They worked in hub and spoke model in the logistics of question papers and answer sheet. The work started in the previous day of exams and competed in the next day night at 10 pm. The sheer passion with which the staff of District Mission worked in these two days was a clear example of commitment and dedication. The results were declared in three days’ time and 1077 candidates were shortlisted. The candidates were given soft skill training by Kudumbashree and skill training was given by KMRL.

Finally when all the 530 people were present at the stations during the inauguration ceremony and flag off of Kochi Metro, with lot of happiness and sense of achievement, it was a moment of pride for Kudumbashree. It also has added to its pleasure that the workforce also included 23 transgender, who are also getting a livelihood through this project. Kudumbashree has added another feather in its crown by paving the way for world’s first woman led Metro station management.











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