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Collective Farming is an initiative introduced by Kudumbashree to encourage cultivation among neighborhood groups. It not only brings in significant changes in the lives of the poor but also helps to increase agricultural production by bringing fallow and cultivable waste land into agricultural use, and has significance as a food security measure. Women enter the programme as cultivators as opposed to agricultural labour and control over the means of production and access to formal credit help in increasing the returns from farming. The programme is being implemented in all districts with the support of LSGs.

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Activities include identification and leasing of available land, selection of beneficiaries, clustering them into groups, giving training, distribution of inputs and release of incentives. The land identified may be government land lying fallow, or private land taken up for cultivation. The identified beneficiaries are collectivized into joint liability groups to undertaken agriculture. Agriculture incentive based on the crop types and interest subsidy on agriculture bank loans are provide as support by Kudumbashree to the joint liability groups

Joint liability groups of women farmers

Joint liability groups of women farmers are formed under the collective farming initiative to help women cultivators access agricultural credit from the banking system. These JLGs are structured along NABARD guidelines, and open bank accounts in the name of the JLG. JLGs are brought under the purview of Interest subsidy scheme of Kudumbashree(ISS). They become eligible for ISS when they avail agricultural loan from banks. 5% subsidy on 7% interest agricultural loan is provided by state government of Kerala through Kudumbashree.


Mahila Kisan Sashakthikaran Pariyojana (MKSP) a sub component of the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) aims at increasing the visibility of women in agriculture, reducing drudgery and providing a livelihood opportunity by adopting sustainable and eco friendly agriculture.

Kudumbashree, the programme implementing agency (PIA) for Kerala, has undertaken the project through the institution of Joint Liability Group (JLG) of women farmers. The project target was kept at promoting 30,000 JLG, with 1,50,000 women farmers undertaking cultivation in 24,000 Ha.

MKSP project focuses on capacity building of the farming community through the identification of best practices among the community. Resource persons are selected from the community and act as the grass root workers of this programme. Trainings form an integral part of project aiming at providing scientific practices and solution to the door step of the farmers.

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Components and achievement under MKSP
JLG and bank linkage details
Sl No Particulars 2015-2016 2016-2017 (Till March)
1 No.of JLGs 54,167 65,601
2 No.of JLG Members 2,65,273 2,88,005
3 Area of Cultivation 49,960 Ha 51,112.76 Ha
4 Bank Linkage 27,381 JLGs linked with credit of 341 Crore 26,738 JLGs linked with credit of 331 Crore
Support for the diverse farming activity
Sl No Particulars Target Achievements
1 Integrated Farming System 1800 1559
2 Innovative/ Indigenous farming system 140 119
3 Seed Bank   35 units
Trainings details Community (JLG members)
Sl No Particulars Target Achievements
1 Capacity Building 1,50,000 2,01,650
2 Technical Trainings 60,000 55,408
3 Exposure visit to institutes of prominence 140 127
Master Farmers details
Sl No Particulars Target Achievements
1 Capacity building 10,000 10598
2 Technical trainings 10,000 8393
3 Mechanisation trainings 1656 912
Community infrastructure development
Sl No Particulars Target Achievements
1 Farmer Felicitation Centre 972 916
2 Market support 140 79
Haritha Kerala: Fallow land identified and started cultivation on Dec 8
Name of the district Total area identified and stated cultivation as part of Haritha Kerala as on 18.12.2016 in cents Total number of water bodies cleaned as part of haritha mission Name of the best CDS for POLIVU award Name of the best JLG selected for award along with CDS name Name best master farmer selected for award along with CDS name
Kottayam 49377 921 Thrikkodithanam Harithashree JLG, Kidangoor CDS Urmila Govindan, Manjoor CDS
Ernakulam 45310 879 Manjallur CDS Aavani JLG, Kadungallur CDS Achamma Eliyas, mazhuvannur
Kannur 41300 32 Pappinisseri Krishnadeepam JLG, Madayi CDS Pankajavally. V.V, Madayi
wayanad 24614 290 Poothadi Haritha JLG Thondarnadu CDS Jery Vargees. Sulthan Bathery CDS
Malappuram 122721 1629 TIRUVALY Parisudham-Alankode CDS Chinnamma George, Urngattiri CDS
Idukki 18300 65 Pampadumpara Priyanka, Pampadumpara Manju Mathew, Pampadumpara
PALAKKAD 9018 1576 Kumaramputhur CDS Samridhi JLG, Kuthanur CDS Mercy George, Vaniyamkulam CDS
Thrissur 46863 559 Valappad Sneha JLG,Nadathara CDS Meera Sujanan,Madakkathara CDS
Kasaragod 37505 210 Kinannur Karinthalam Harisree,Kinannur Karinthalam CDS Valasala Baskarn Thrikaripor cds
Alappuzha 67899 331 Kanjikkuzhi Kisan jlg, Chennam Pallipuram Liji Satheeshan, Ezhupunna cds
Pathanamthitta 11860 54 Pramadom Aranya, Niranam CDS Smt. Lissy Achankunju, Omalloor CDS
Kozhiikode 11130 479 chekkiyad thanima JLG, CHakkitapara Beena vellam CDS
Kollam 5500 48 Kadakkal Aswathi JLG Kulasekharapuram Sunitha kumari Chathanur
Trivandrum 202500 214 Kottukal Nethaji JLG , Poovachal Sreeja S Perumkadavila
total ( in cents) 693897 7287      
In acres 6938.97        


To strengthen the Kudumbashree community organization and to engage community in five chief principles of good lifestyle, good health, clean water, waste management and clean surrounding along with promoting agriculture based well being, Kudumbashree mission is initiating a state wide campaign titled “POLIVU”. Under this campaign, special NHG meeting deliberating on planning and implementing the POLIVU campaign will be held across the state on 3 rd July 2016. Through this campaign each of the NHG would be cultivating in minimum of 3 cents land, growing 5 kinds of vegetable and nurturing 3 kinds of fruit trees. This campaign would start with planting by the seeds on 9 th and 10 th July 2016. This will be one of the ongoing activities of Kudumbashree.

Polivu campaign progress
  Number of NHG in the district Number of NHG starting culitvation on 9th or 10 th July percentage coverage total area under cultivation (acre)
Alappuzha 19622 19139 98% 574.17
Ernakulum 20680 19157 93% 628.153
Idukki 12041 9783 81% 463.18
Kannur 18995 8991 47% 535.75
Kasaragod 11003 7643 69% 318.42
Kollam 21846 11130 51% 277
Kottayam 14,872 14,622 98% 585.95
Kozhikode 26,998 12,184 45% 335
Malappuram 23,842 19989 84% 743.52
Patanamtitha 9,626 6230 65% 574.01
Trivandrum 28037 13619 49% 512.5
wayanad 9441 6793 72% 256.07
Palakkad 21053 14500 69% 739.52
Thrissur 23535 17342 74% 655
  261591 181122 69% 7198.243

JLG details for Onam
District Number of JLG Number of participating JLG Total area under production (Ha) Area under each crop
        C1* C2* C3* C4* C5*
Thiruvananthapuram 4092   2113.3 70.6 522.7 447.6 1072.4  
Kollam 4049   3579.464 320.57 886.88 1135.242 1236.772  
Pathanamthitta 3608   1976.14 271.47 421.99 452.7 755.5  
Alappuzha 5376   3563.42 1142.09 1122.98 770.32 264.43  
Kottayam 2237   2222.55 655.51 213.15 557.88 714.52  
Idukki 8461   4130.7 121.5 1510.7 1486.5 1012  
Ernakulam 4761   2277.4 728.65 497.73 479.16 679.24  
Thrissur 4593   4679.524 1665.51 1081.57 693.338 1238.34  
Palakkad 2443   2310.948 1149.148 317.4 283.2 561.2  
Malappuram 3883   6339 3644 796 545 1354  
Kozhikode 3633   3120.1 354.34 699.03 836.27 1230  
Wayanad 4875   1825.632 470.07 202.7 815.64 373.03  
Kannur 4210   3303 1210 230 886 975  
Kasaragod 3257   1934.7 734.2 568.1 330.4 302  
*C1: Paddy, C2: vegetable, C3:Tubers, C4:Banana, C5 others


This website is an online monitoring platform for the activities of Kudumbashree. Progress of schemes (updated monthly from districts) with target allotted to each district can be viewed from Monitor Progress. Tasks assigned to state mission program managers for implementing state level projects or regarding new policies can be viewed from Team Monitoring section. Goals of Kudumbashree mission (Physical and financial Target with a brief description of the goal) can be read from Goals. There are many other links like Personal Projects, My ME, Plan Progress Report, Training reports etc. that are embedded in the integrated web monitoring back end of this website.

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