Kudumbashree Mission bags the NRLM Award for the Outstanding Performance in Farm Livelihoods Updated On 2018-09-05

Kudumbashree Mission bagged the NRLM Award for the Outstanding Performance in Farm Livelihoods. It is for the first time that Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), announced Awards for farm livelihoods under Mahila Kisan Sashakthikaran Pariyojana (MKSP). Shri. Narendra Singh Tomar, Minister for Rural Development, Panchayati Raj and Mines, Government of India will give away the award at the function proposed to be held at New Delhi on 11 September 2018.

Kudumbashree Mission had been actively involved in promoting organic farming, scientific farming techniques based on new technologies, inclusion of women farmers, farming activities focusing on fallow lands, promotion of value addition units and identifying markets, extending support for tribal JLGs etc. The Award is conferred for Kudumbashree Mission for its notable efforts for retrieving the natural Eco system and the activities based on conserving the soil and water bodies.

National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) is a poverty alleviation project implemented by Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. This scheme is focused on promoting self-employment and organization of rural poor. Mahila Kisan Sashakthikaran Pariyojana (MKSP) a sub component of the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) which aims at increasing the visibility of women in agriculture, reducing drudgery and providing a livelihood opportunity by adopting sustainable and eco friendly agriculture. Kudumbashree Mission, the programme implementing agency (PIA) for Kerala, has undertaken the project through the institution of Joint Liability Group (JLG) of women farmers. The project target was kept at promoting 30,000 JLG, with 1,50,000 women farmers undertaking cultivation in 24,000 Ha. MKSP project focuses on capacity building of the farming community through the identification of best practices among the community.

Kudumbashree is the nodal agency of MKSP in Kerala. The National Awards to the State Rural Livelihood Mission (SRLM) are intended to provide public recognition to the outstanding performance and incorporate a sense of pride among the poor community members.

Balasabha children of Kudumbashree contributes to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund Updated On 2018-09-04

Setting an example to the society, the Balasabha children of Kudumbashree contributed to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. The children of the Malarvadi Balasabha of Kodumon Panchayath, Pathanamthitta District handed over the collected amount of Rs 10,000 to Shri. P.B Nooh IAS, District Collector Pathanamthitta.

The Balasabha members of Kannur organised 'Sahaya Hastham' Programme to help the children who are facing troubles in the flood affected areas. The programme was inaugurated by handing over the collected materials to Shri. Mir Mohammed Ali IAS, District Collector, Kannur District. The amount collected by the Bala panchayaths would be given away to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. The Balasabha chidren from Pathanapuram Panchayath of Kollam district collected an amount of Rs.17100, bought relief materials worth Rs 10000 and handed over Rs 7100 to Kollam District Mission.

Balasabha is a collective attempt of children to ensure their participation in the democratic space at the local Government level and in their community. Small Learning Groups for experimental and systematic learning, opportunities for understanding democratic process, participation in conserving environment, enabling children to unfold the intricacies of collectivisation are the basic focal points of Balasabha.

Kudumbashree Mission's flood relief activities makes a mark Updated On 2018-09-03

The flood relief activities of Kudumbashree Mission made a mark with the dedicated and focused acts of compassion. Apart from the contribution of Rs 7 crore to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund, Kudumbashree Mission had been actively doing cleaning drives in the flood affected areas. The weekly saving (thrift) of a Kudumbashree neighborhood (NHG) member is nothing more than Rs 10. But when the 43 lakh members of the Kudumbashree Mission decided to come together to donate as much as they could to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund, the amount became a whopping Rs 7 crore. All it started when Shri. S. Harikishore, Executive Director, Kudumbashree Mission made an appeal before the Kudumbashree members to contribute their one week’s savings. Some Kudumbashree groups had even donated the amount they had set aside for the onam celebrations.

Kudumbashree members were active in all cleaning drives at the flood prone areas. Even the non affected districts volunteered in cleaning and distributing food, clothes and water in the flood affected areas.3,87,908 volunteers of Kudumbashree had participated in the cleaning campaign till 3 September 2018. A total of 1,95,318 houses and house premises were cleaned and 10,976 streets and roads, public offices/places were cleaned during the cleaning drive. 38,433 families were rehabilitated in NHG members houses whereas 37, 325 persons received counselling by Kudumbashree community counsellors. Kudumbashree had also been actively involved in collecting and supplying materials for the relief camps set up across the state.

Kudumbashree Alappuzha District Mission succeeded in the Challenge of IAS Officers Updated On 2018-09-01

Kudumbashree Alappuzha District Mission was  challenged by Shri. Krisha Teja IAS and  Shri Balakiran IAS to  pack 15000  relief kits a day. The confident yet united team of Kudumbashree women under the leadership of  Kudumbashree block coordinators set the  record by  packing 20500 kits a day and succeeded in the  challenge. Kudumbashree is entrusted with the packing of the kits for the flood survivors. The packing camp is set up at SD College, Alappuzha.

It was on the Thiruvonam day that the packing was started. More than Kudumbashree members were present then. When the IAS officers asked to pack 15000 kits a day, there were only 2 temporarily set up sheds. District Mission said that they would do if there are more sheds. TheDistrict Administration set up 6 sheds. The District Mission acted systematically by entrusting Kudumbashree block coordinators at each counters. With dedication and hard work they packed 20500 kits a day and succeeded in the Challenge. More than 40,000  kits packed by Kudumbashree members  had already been distributed among the needy. More than 500 women are actively participating in the packing camp. The Kudumbashree members from Alappuzha Municipality North, South CDS, Punnapra South CDS, Purakkad CDS and Kudumbashree women from relief camps are actively participating in the camp. It is also planned to give a remuneration for their efforts.

Mission Clean Wayanad – Participation of 40,000 Kudumbashree members Updated On 2018-08-30

‘We for Wayanad-Clean Wayanad’-An initiative by Wayanad District Administration to clean every nook and corner of Wayanad District marked the participation of 40,000 Kudumbashree members in 26 CDS across the district. Mission Clean Wayanad aimed at cleaning flood affected houses, roads, markets, Government offices, hospitals, schools in one day. A minimum of 5 members from each NHG under various ADS of 512 wards across the district ensured their active participation in the massive movement.

6757 Kudumbashree Women For Cleaning Campaign At Pulikeezhu Block Updated On 2018-08-30

Pathanamthitta District was badly affected during the flood from 16th Aug 2018. The major rivers in Pathanamthitta overflew during the time and about 57,600 families were directly affected. Most of the family vacated from their house to escape from heavy flood water. After the rescue and relief, rehabilitation was the main challenge of the District Administration. Most of the houses filled with water and sedimentary mud oozed through the flood. Cleaning process was very herculean task because of the deposition of mud. To help the families, Kudumbashree District Mission conducted a campaign. Initially Pulikeezhu block, the worst affected area had been selected for the campaign for cleaning. A total of 6757 women from Kudumbashree neighbourhood group were mobilised to take up massive cleaning campaign at Pulikeezhu block on 28.08.2018. The ultimate aim was to clean all the houses within two days by giving priority to partialized and financially weaker families. Though 4000 volunteers were aimed, 6757 volunteers took part in the process. The process proceeded with the support of other department, LSGs and District Administration.

NHG members from non affected and less affected area/CDS were deputed to carry out the cleaning drive in the most affected area. On the first day , NHG members from 15 panchayaths and three municipalities namely Kalanjoor, Nedumpuram, Erathu, Enadhimangalam, Kodumon, Ezhamkulam, Kadambanadu, Palllickal, Pandalam, Peringara, Kuttoor, Konni, Omalloor, Anicadu, Kottangal panchayaths and Pathanamthitta,Adoor & Thiruvalla Municipality were mobilized to clean houses,public spaces,streets and premises at Peringara, Niranam, Nedumpuram, Kuttoor and Kadapra panchayaths and the most affected places of Thiruvalla municipality.

All the volunteers arrived at 9AM at the respective panchayaths in Pulikeezhu block and from there they have been divided into groups under the leadership of Kudumbashree District Mission team members and their respective leaders. All the teams were then shifted to pre decided different areas in the panchayath with the help of ward members/CDS members of the affected area. Each team was equipped with spade, showel, bucket, mug, bleaching powder, cleaning lotion, Dettol, mops, brooms etc. They have been provided mask, preventive medicine, gloves and gum boot to ensure the precaution. They have also been provided food and water.

The preliminary cleaning process completed at 5 PM on the day and will be repeated on request from the affected with the help of NHG members from local and adjacent panchayaths.

Contributed Rs. 7 Crore to CM’s Relief Fund: A moment of pride to Kudumbashree Updated On 2018-08-29

KERALA was affected by the most devastating flood which the State has never faced before. It almost brought Kerala into its Knees and it also brought in an army of Samaritans from all over to bring back the State to its past glory and KUDUMBASHREE has also played a vital role.

Kudumbashree has contributed an amount of Rs 7 Crore to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The major part of the amount was mobilized locally by pooling the weekly thrift collection of NHG members based on the request of Executive Director of the Mission. NHGs pooled these funds from various sources such as their contributions; amount kept aside for Onam celebrations etc was also added towards the cause. Apart from this ’s Resource Persons, members of the Kudumbashree Accounts and Audit Service Society (KAAS) and Training Group Members has also made individual contributions.

Even though majority of Kudumbashree members were badly affected by the flood, they have been in the forefront in the relief activity and cleaning exercise. Under the leadership of Kudumbashree members were able to clean more than one lakh houses and more than 2000 Public Institutions. Community Counsellors of the network gave emotional and mental support to nearly 8000 flood affected victims through counselling. Kudumbashree members provided temporarily shelters to more than 8000 flood affected families and they are also providing food packets and local support.

The cheque of Rs. 7 crore was handed over by Hon’ble Minister for Local Self Government Sri. A.C. Moideen to Honb’le Chief Minister in the presence of Executive Director and Programme Officers of Kudumbashree towards Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

Kudumbashree employees engaged in active cleaning campaign Updated On 2018-08-25

Kudumbashree employees engaged in active cleaning campaign post Kerala floods. The NULM team of Kudumbashree Mission put their soul in cleaning the flood stricken areas of North Paravoor at Ernakulam District.  The  urban team cleaned the premetric hostel at  North Paravoor.

The unprecedented rain has paved for heavy floods and the calamity has caused immeasurable misery and devastation. Many lives were lost during the floods. Thousands of homes were totally destroyed and many more were damaged. Never before had the State witnessed a calamity in such a large scale. In the fight against the flood, we have braved the odds. Kudumbashree believes that it is our duty to help the affected rebuild their lives and  can make a difference by joining in the rebuilding efforts. The  District Missions and CDSs are also  actively engaged in the rehabilitation activities.

Rehabilitation works done by Pathanamthitta District Mission sets a unique model Updated On 2018-08-23

The rehabilitation works done by Kudumbashree Pathanamthitta District Mission after the flood sets a unique model. The Community Development Societies have been actively volunteering for the rehabilitation works at Pathanamthitta post flood. A total of 2857 volunteers participated and cleaned 2363 houses and 37 roads till date. It is under the leadership of Shri. S. Sabir Hussain, District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Pathanamthitta District Mission, that the Vadasserikkara, Angadi, Pazhavangadi, Seethathodu, Naranamuzhi, Chittar, Thumpamon, Koipuram, Puramattam, Cheneerkara, Elanthoor, Omalloor, Cherukole, Kozhencherry, Ezhamkulam, Kodumon, Kadambanadu, Kalanjoor and Pallickal CDSs have done the works. The rehabilitation works were done at Ranni, Konni, Adoor, Kozhencherry, Thiruvalla, Mallapally Taluks. The needy were identified and the volunteers were sent from each CDS in the district for the cleaning purposes. The cleaning materials and other equipment were collected by the District Mission through sponsorship and from volunteering NGOs. The team will clean more houses and roads in the upcoming days.The timely intervention by the Pathanamthitta District Mission had set a model to many.

Various CDSs of Kudumbashree Mission contribute thoughtfully to Chief Ministers's Distress Relief Fund Updated On 2018-08-21

Various Community Development Societies (CDS) of Kudumbashree Mission contribute thoughtfully to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund, the emergency assistance release mechanism granting immediate relief to families and individuals distressed by calamity, loss of life due to accidents and chronic diseases. More than Rs 1 crore have been collected so far. The Distress Relief Fund Campaign is on and more CDSs from different districts across the state are contributing wholeheartedly to support the people in distress.

Nutrimix Consortium under Palakkad District Mission had contributed Rs 2 lakh. Sasthamkotta CDS of Kollam contributed an amount of Rs 1,87,155. Nutrimix unit of Kollam and Kundara CDS of Kollam, gave Rs 1 lakh and Rs 72,750 respectively. The Peelikode CDS of Kasargode District Mission donated Rs 1,36, 620. The 9250 NHGs in Wayanad District collected their thrift amount of the week and collected Rs 1.25 lakh and contributed the same to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. At Malappuram District, Kuruva CDS donated Rs 30,950 and Art Training team and Manjeri Jams Nutrimix unit contributed Rs10,000 and Rs 5000 respectively. The Kottakal CDS contributed the whole money collected for onam celebrations. Other District Missions are also actively contributing to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. The State Mission officials of Kudumbashree Mission also had contributed generously to the flood relief camps to help the flood hit people of Kerala.