Kudumbashree Women to repair street lights through Gramakiranam Updated On 2018-03-16

Kudumbashree Women of Kasaragod will start climbing the electric posts soon! The Grama Kiranam Programme put forward by Kasaragod District Mission would enable the women to repair the street lights leaving behind all the gender discriminations. From now onwards they would climb the electric posts to do the electric works of their panchayaths. Both the theory and practical training for making LED bulbs and repairing the street lights are being given to them. 'Imprint' the accredited agency under District Mission of Kasaragod and Adersh Technical Institute are providing the needed training in Cheruvathoor and Uppala respectively. Those who wished to become the part of the programme were selected through concerned CDSs.

The training is being held at two centres in the district, Cheruvathoor and Uppala. Training is given to 30 people each through both centres. A team of 5 is selected from each panchayath out of which 3 are women and 2 are men. They are also given training in business management, communication leadership, accounting etc. The teams are also trained in making LED, tube, emergency, panel light etc. Those who finished the LED bulb training may start Micro Enterprises. 22 people from Cheruvathoor and 21 from Uppala attended the theory cum practical training. Once operational, these women would therefore be able to break all the stereotypes of gender.

'Sparsham' - Campaign progressing in all Urban Local Bodies Updated On 2018-03-15

Sparsham Campaign, launched aiming at strengthening the activities of Kudumbashree Mission at urban areas and to help reach the advantages of the various programmes implemented by Kudumbashree to the real beneficiaries, is progressing in all urban local bodies across Kerala. The campaign which was launched on 20 February 2018 had reached to almost all beneficiaries. Kudumbashree and the Urban Local Bodies were working together to help all the urban poor in the urban areas to find livelihood of their own. The campaign aims to strengthen the Kudumbashree activities in urban areas and to extend support to those who wish to start enterprises. Kudumbashree had ensured the assistance of local Self Government Departments for the same.

NHG grading, improve linkage activities, formation of new NHGs, rejuvenating the inactive NHGs in the urban areas, to introduce the NULM, PMAY programmes to the NHG office bearers, to make the NHG members actively participate in the NHG activities are the other main aims of the programme.

The information on various funds extended by Kudumbashree are also introduced to the beneficiaries through the programme. The campaign is being implemented by a team of 60 city mission managers, 70 city technical cell managers, 93 multi task persons, more than 100 community organisers, District Mission Co-ordinators, Assistant District Mission Co-ordinators, Urban local bodies secretaries, project staff, CDS chairpersons etc.

As part of the campaign, NHG meetings are being organised in the 46000 NHGs in 93 ULBs. The details about those who hadn't availed the benefits from Kudumbashree are also being collected. Its expected that the data collection would be completed by 20 March 2018.

The Pradhan Manthri Awas Yojana (Urban)[ PMAY (U)] programme under Central- State Ministries which works with the mission of achieving 'Housing for All' and National Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM) programme which enable the urban poor to find a livelihood of their own are implemented through Kudumbashree Mission. The campaign envisages to reach the advantages of these programmes to the real beneficiaries to the maximum. It is planned to spend Rs 10,000 crores in constructing the houses for the needy in the next financial year. Government will give Rs 4 lakh to the urban homeless who have plots of their own. There are 7,38,704 families dwelling in the urban areas. Even now, around 1 lakh urban poor are out of those NHGs. The campaign is being organised for including such urban poor to the NHGs.

Once the campaign would be finished, those who hadn't availed the benefits could be identified and can be extended the same.

Bhakshya Suraksha Bhavanam Progressing in all districts Updated On 2018-03-14

Bhakshya Suraksha Bhavanam' (Food Security Home), the programme that was launched to attain self sufficiency in vegetable production is successfully progressing in all districts across the state. The NHG women had welcomed the programme with open hearts and now 20 lakh families attained self sufficiency by cultivating needed vegetables of their own.

The programme promotes vegetable farming among Kudumbashree women in NHG level and are making avail the cultivated vegetables to the needy as well. Proper trainings were given to all those who were getting enrolled in the 'Bakshya Suraksha Bhavanam' programme. Best quality seeds were also distributed to them on the training day itself.

Master farmers and JEVA team gave training to the groups and Master farmer were trained by master farmer trainers. Training was given to the groups on the topics such as the need of farming, tips to maintain the cultivation successfully, kitchen waste disposal and making of bio fertilizers etc. Every member was given a packet of high quality seeds worth Rs.20, from Kudumbashree Units, Vegetable & Fruit promotion Council Kerala (VFPCK), Kerala Agriculture University and other government organisations. The families that cultivate vegetables under this programme are regarded as ' Bhakshya Suraksha Bhavanam' ( Food Security Homes). Specially designed logo stickers are distributed and the same is being pasted in every Food security homes.

The NHG members who wish to be part of the programme were divided into different groups, each consisting of 4 members. NHGs had to register at the concerned CDS by remitting an amount of Rs.10. The groups were advised to renew the registration during every season. Each groups should cultivate at least in a minimum of 3 cents of land and they can cultivate in up to 25 cents of land. If the group intend to do grow bag farming, each member should cultivate at least 5 varieties of vegetables in a minimum of 20 grow bags.

The programme was started all over Kerala in 17 August 2017 (Chingam 1). Initially NHG members of 6 lakh families were given training and seeds were distributed. Those families had harvested vegetables several times till now. As per the present statistics, more than 20 lakh families are pursuing farming in this manner. Special NHGs like elderly NHGs and BUDS School students are also taking part in ' Bhakshya Suraksha Bhavanam' ( Food Security Homes) programme.

Kudumbashree Mission to launch Community Radio Updated On 2018-03-13

To ensure the sustainable development of 43 lakh women in 2,77,175 Neighbourhood Groups through social, cultural and educational interventions, Kudumbashree Mission is getting ready to launch Community Radio. Through community radio, the benefits and the information on the centrally and state sponsored programmes implemented by Kudumbashree Mission would reach the real beneficiaries in no time. In the first phase, the community radio service would be launched in the Malappuram of Kerala.

The details of the programmes implemented by Kudumbashree in the state, job opportunities, financial assistance provided, information on various campaigns, information on sales exhibitions, informative programmes, programmes focusing on Balasabhas, awareness programmes, success stories of Kudumbashree units, success stories of individuals, circulars from state mission, information on various programmes of Government, messages from District Collectors, District Mission Co-ordinators, Phone in Programmes of Ministers, Executive Director etc would be included in the programmes. Special programmes for NHGs would be broadcasted weekly, through which women empowerment would be made possible in more systematic a way. A live programme in which the Executive Director of Kudumbashree Mission answers to the questions of Kudumbashree members would also be included.

The community radio programme of Kudumbashree would be implemented associating with Broadcasting Engineering Consultants Limited, New Delhi working under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India. It is expected to start the community radio by June 2018.

Livelihood Centres for Endosulfan affected families launched at Kasaragod Updated On 2018-03-12

Kudumbashree Mission associating with Malayala Manorama launched livelihood centres for the Endosulfan affected families at Kasaragod on 10 March 2018. Dr K.T Jaleel, Minister, Local self Government Department, Government of Kerala inaugurated the programme by presenting the umbrellas and cloth bags made by the mothers of the endosulfan affected children to the public.

The livelihood centres set up at Chirappuram of Neeleshwaram Municipality and Community Hall of Enmakaje Panchayath has started functioning. Minister said that the mothers of the endosulfan affected children are sacrificing their lives for their kids and if heaven exists, these mothers are the ones who deserve it the most. Minister assured that such livelihood centres will be launched in every districts along with the BUDS institutions which would thereby rehabilitate them.

The mothers of the endosulfan affected children would make cloth bags and umbrellas and thereby find their livelihood of their own. The livelihood centres are located near the BUDS Schools/ Buds Rehabilitation Centres, which would enable them to make a livelihood while waiting for their children outside their schools. 18 mothers from Neeleshwaram and 15 mothers from Enmakaje were given training for making umbrellas and cloth bags.The mothers had already received a work order for making 1000 umbrellas for Kerala State Financial Enterprises(KSFE) out of which the making of 700 pieces had already been completed.

Shri. A.G.C Basheer, President, District Panchayath, Shri. V. V Rameshan, Chairman, Kanhangad Municipality, Smt. V Gouri, Vice Chairperson, Neeleshwaram Municipality, Smt. Baby Balakrishnan, Member, Kudumbashree Governing Body, Shri. T.T Surendran, District Mission C0-ordinator, Kudumbashree and other dignitaries also attended the programme.

Swachhatha Excellency Awards to Kudumbashree ADSs Updated On 2018-03-09

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs selected 7 Area Development Societies of Kudumbashree for ‘Swachhatha Excellency Awards’ for the notable interventions made by them in the sanitation programmes.The award will be distributed by the Hon. Minister for Urban Affairs at Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra, Dr. Rizal Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi on 23 March 2018.

Four ADSs of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, one ADS of Kodungalloor Municipality and two ADSs of Malappuram Municipality are the ADS who bagged the prizes. The 7 ADSs include Kazhakoottam ADS, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, Kalady ADS, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, Kulathoor ADS, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, Punnakkamughal ADS, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, Chappara ADS, Kodungalloor Municipality, Thamarakuzhi ADS & Moonnampadi ADS, Malappuram Municipality.

The Awards are for the various interventions Kudumbashree ADSs made in vector control, waste disposal mechanisms, awareness campaigns, organic manure promotion, grow bag cultivation, plastic recycling etc. The first prize will be Rs. 1.5 lakh along with the certificate.

Women's Day Street play by Kasaragod attracts many Updated On 2018-03-09

The street play presented by Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Mission in accordance with the International Women's Day Celebrations attracted many. The play was performed by the councillors of Snehitha Gender Help Desk, Kanjhangad at the Kanjhangad Bus Station, Kasaragod. 

The street play was welcomed by the audience with open hearts. The drama was scripted by Shri. Bharathan Peelikode, eminent dramatist from Kasaragod.

The street play depicted the atrocities and the gender inequalities that women faces today. The street play reminded the women to be more aware of their rights and to fight back the atrocities with courage. Being the largest women movement in Asia with a membership of 43 lakhs representing equal number of families, Kudumbashree had been making notable interventions for the betterment of the lives of the women in Kerala.

Kudumbashree to set Guinness World Record Updated On 2018-03-07

Kudumbashree women from Wayanad formed giant human logo to mark the International Women's Day. Wearing Kerala saris, and with pink and green scarves on their heads, the women formed the three-flower logo of Kudumbashree Mission at the ground of Government Higher Secondary School, Mananthavady on 6 March 2018. The Kudumbshree women of Wayanad thereby wrote a new saga in the 20-year history of the poverty eradication mission of Kerala. 5,438 members from various units of Wayanad District Kudumbashree Mission, joined together to form the giant human logo and sang the women empowerment song of district mission. The logo was drawn in 260 feet size. Food and drinking water facilities for the women who participated were also arranged at the school ground.

The Kudumbashree logo stands for financial, social, and women empowerment. A huge crowd had gathered at the ground to watch the novel programme. The attempt was also a part of finding a spot in the Guinness World Records by forming the largest human logo by women. A one-hour video of the programme is to be submitted to the Guinness World Records.

Apart from the programme, the first art theatre titled 'Rosy the real strength of women' would be launched at Chandragiri Auditorium as a part of the International Women’s Day celebrations on 8 March 2018. The project aims to conserve the folk and traditional art forms of the State and convey the message of women empowerment and a debate on ‘gender justice’ and a talk show would also be arranged by the Wayanad District Mission.

Click here to watch the Video

Dress Bank Collection Drive : The Spectacular act of Kozhikode Updated On 2018-03-06

Kudumbashree Kozhikode District Mission had been making a remarkable yet spectacular gesture that could be replicated by everyone. The dress bank initiative of Kozhikode Corporation Kudumbashree had been collecting the used, reusable dresses; even newer ones and had been distributing among the real needy people. They had been collecting dresses and has been catering to various charities and shelter homes. The dress collection drive of the Dress Bank was opened on 5 March 2018 and will last till 12 March 2018. More than 700 sets of clothes, mostly from individual contributors, have reached the dress bank so far. Besides, 15 residents associations in the district have signed up to collect clothes from their localities for the dress bank in the upcoming days.

The dress collection drive for the dress bank was started earlier in 2013. The dress bank had supplied a full load of clothes to a Rohingya refugee camp in Delhi recently and a second load will be sent by March 15. The street dwellers in the city and migrant labourers are also beneficiaries of the dress bank.

The clothes collected at the dress bank undergoes strict quality check before being distributed to the needy. It is made sure that the dresses are not tattered or faded. The faded and non usable ones would be rejected during the quality check and are sold on auction, the profit from which will be used to purchase new clothes. Fresh clothes are given out for the beneficiaries during the festive occasions. The compassionate gesture of Kudumbashree Kozhikode District Mission could be a model for many.

'Calling Bell' of Kasaragod district mission being a boon Updated On 2018-03-05

'Calling Bell' programme of Kasaragod District Mission being a boon for women who are staying alone and elderly people. The Calling Bell programme was launched  by Kasaragod District Mission, as the atrocities against lonley women and elderly people increased. 

The  programme identifies such people through NHGs, visit their homes and extend needed support. Counselling and legal assistance will also be provided to them. The programme will be implemented through the Snehitha Gender Help Desk under the District Mission. The pilot study of the programe is being conducted in Kuttikkol Panchayath of Kasaragod District.

For ensuring the security of women, the programme would be implemented associating with the Police department and other clubs. The programme will be in convergence with the Pakal Veed programme and would extend mental support to them. Through NHG, ADS and CDS, visits to their homes would be  made possible. The NHG office bearers would visit their homes daily and the community counsellors and Snehitha Gender Help Desk would ensure the counselling for them. Through 'Calling Bell' programme, Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Mission is setting a unique model of compassion.