Kudumbashree Women from Kasaragod organised get together for unwed age over bachelors Updated On 2018-04-27

Kudumbashree women from Kasaragod organised a get together of unwed age over bachelors in their locality. The get together was organised by the Kudumbashree Women of Madikai Panchayath of Kasaragod District. The women took the whole initiative to organise the get together. It was with the focus of discussing such a social issue that the get together was organised. The get together was indeed a new experience for the unwed age over bachelors. It was suggested that the concept of women about the marriages had changed and it is the reflection of the empowerment that women had attained in this patriarchal society.The Kudumbashree women from Madikai Panchayath had succeeded in attempting to address the various social changes happening in and around their society.

DDU-GKY Migration Support Centre being a boon Updated On 2018-04-25

The DDUGKY migration support centre and call centre started at Vytilla, Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala is being a boon to many. It’s walk-in resource centre opened for the successful trainees of DDU-GKY, who are displaced from their native places in search of better employment prospects. Kudumbashree Mission has been working to reduce the vagaries associated with migration of the DDU-GKY youth in three ways by offering them suitable training opportunities, helping them prepare for employment away from home and by providing counseling and support services for a reasonable period of time which would enable them to adapt to a foreign environment. Migration Support Centres (MSCs) established at Kochi is a further step in this direction.

Migration Support Centre offers counseling, access to information, acclimatization support and targeted services to displaced workers. It’s services also include pre-migration preparatory support for both domestic and abroad placed candidates, post-placement counseling, registering migrant workers and undertaking periodic counseling, facilitate accommodation, undertaking qualitative research amongst candidates and employers as follow-up to post placement tracking, job retention and career progression counseling, facilitation for securing utility services, provide inter-department or inter-institution liaison support, providing support to workers in case of exigencies and work disputes etc.

A call centre is also set up for the DDU-GKY candidates within Migration Support Centre which will help in resolving the grievances of candidates and act as an important source of information for candidates, and would also act as Public Grievance Redressal system. The job portal would enable the employer to select the appropriate aspirant from a pool of trained candidates from training centres across the state. The employees would also get the information on the current openings as well. The monitoring of the same would be done by the Kudumbashree SRLM. The software will have provision to update the data of the 20,000 candidates of DDU-GKY who had received job placements till now, which will help in tracking the candidates. The Migration Support Centre was started in Kochi itself as most of the students find job opportunities in Kochi.

Attappady Skill Training Programme: 111 out of the 159 trained youth secured job placements Updated On 2018-04-25

The Attappady Skill Training Programme being implemented at the tribal settlements of Attappady of Palakkad District make significant achievement.The job training of 159 tribal youth had been completed and out of them 111 students got job placements.

The tribal students from Attappady Tribal Settlement had been depending upon the training centres at Palakkad and other neighboring districts which had eventually lead to higher drop out, as the Attappady tribal youth didn’t prefer to stay away from their native place. As a solution to eliminate the dropouts, Kudumbashree Mission launched the training centre at Attappady, the only tribal intensive block in Kerala.

SB Global, the Project Implementing Agency of Kudumbashree Mission started their training centre in Attappady and offered courses such as Domestic Electrician, Welding and Plumbing. Handholding was done by the Kudumbashree SRLM by extending assistance to temporarily set up the training centre in a governmental building at Attappady. As training centre was opened in Attappady, the rural youth began showing interest towards the skill traing programme of DDU-GKY and the dropout rate was lowered. As of now, 111 out if the 159 trained youth had secured got job placements.

PMAY-LIFE Programme: Houses for all those who have land in urban areas of Kerala gets Central Sanction Updated On 2018-04-24

The project for issuing Houses for all those who have land in urban areas of Kerala gets Central Sanction. The houses would be built under PMAY(U) as part of LIFE programme. As per this 82487 beneficiaries in the state would get the advantage of the programme. The programme is implemented by PMAY(U) - Pradhan Manthri Awas Yojana (Urban) Programme under Central- State Ministries working with the mission of achieving 'Housing for All'.

Central Sanction has been received for the project worth Rs 203 crore for building 5073 houses in 32 ULBs of Kerala as part of PMAY-LIFE Programme. The Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee held on 26 March 2018 gave approval for the same. Therefore those who have land in the 93 ULBs would get houses of their own. In total, approval for the houses of 82487 had been received. Construction of 2023 houses had been completed and construction of 23,891 houses are in progress.

Government had issued the order for increasing the financial support for building houses for the homeless who have land in urban areas to Rs 4 lakhs as per the unit rate of LIFE programme. As per this, those beneficiaries who had made the contract after 1 April 2017 in connection with the programme would also get the advantages. Out of the 4 lakhs rupees offered one and half lakh rupees will be met from the Central Government fund. The remaining Rs 50,000 would be met from the State Government and Rs 2 lakhs would be Local bodies fund. It is notable that the beneficiaries need not to pay the beneficiary share.

Kudumbashree Mission is the nodal agency of PMAY-LIFE programme in Kerala. The programme is framed, including the factors such as Colony development, credit linked subsidy, affordable housing scheme and personal Construction.

Kudumbashree Urban Service Team to provide various services to the urban residents Updated On 2018-04-23

To meet the various needs of the people residing in the urban areas, Urban Service Team of Kudumbashree Mission started working in Thiruvananthapuram. The Urban Service Team is formed under Kudumbashree District Mission of Thiruvananthapuram as part of the centrally designed programme NULM. The Urban Service Team would be working based at the City Livelihood Centre located at Muttada, Thiruvananthapuram. The persons having skills in various sectors are brought under a single umbrella where their services can be availed through on call. People having specific skills or qualifications in these sectors are formed as a group enterprise.

The services extended by the Urban Service Team includes house keeping, masonry, plumbing, electrician, tiles worker, gardening, AC mechanic, mobile servicing, baby sitting, CCTV, beautician etc. The Kudumbashree Urban Service Team consists of 30 members. Uniform and ID card has been distributed to all members of the team. It was hard to find the suitable workers for doing such jobs and it was as a solution to such problems that the urban service team was launched to provide various services to the people residing in the urban areas. Those who are in need of the services of the Urban Service Team may contact the number 7012389423 for availing their services.

Skill Training has been extended to 140 members under the NULM scheme and the Urban Service Team was formed including 30 members among them. Considering the increasing needs of the urban residents, service of 5 to 10 members are ensured under each sector.

Medical Kits & Uniform distributed to Kudumbashree Santhwanam Units Updated On 2018-04-21

Medical Kits and uniforms were distributed to the newly joined entrepreneurs of Santhwanam programme during the one day workshop organised at Maria Rani Convention Centre, Thiruvananthapuram on 20 April 2018. The Medical kit and uniforms were distributed by Shri. S. Harikishore, Executive Director, Kudumbashree Mission. Dr. Vijayakumar, Secretary, Health Action by People (HAP) presided over the function.

The uniform and Medical kit including BP apparatus, Cholesterol meter, body fat monitor, sugar meter etc were given away to 10 participants among the 60 women who had received training from Health Action by People (HAP). The Santhwanam team provide door to door diagnostic services to the needy patients who cannot regularly visit clinics of pathological laboratories. The services offered by the entrepreneurs include a one-time screening of individuals at their homes and follow up check-ups. The screening tests include measurements or estimation of height, body weight, body mass index, body fat, blood pressure, and blood glucose.

About 300 Santhwanam units are working across the state. Kudumbashree Mission. Training of 60 women had been completed. The bank loan to buy medical equipments and two wheelers will be issued to the interested entrepreneurs. Dr. Vijayakumar, Secretary, Health Action by People (HAP), Dr. Sanjay Nair, Assistant Professor,Pulmonary Medicine and Joint Secretary, Health Action by People (HAP), Shri. N. Jajajeevan, State Co-ordinator, Haritha Mission answered the questions of the entrepreneurs. Shri. Gopakumar. K, Senior Project Officer, Santhwanam and Smt. Akhila, State Assistant Programme Manager, Kudumbashree lead the workshop. Smt. Niranjana, Programme Officer, Kudumbashree Mission extended Vote of Thanks.

Kudumbashree to give skill training to the coastal youth through Kudumbashree- Sagarmala programme Updated On 2018-04-20

Kudumbashree Mission will give skill training to the coastal youth of the state through Kudumbashree- Sagarmala programme. The training would be extended through the centrally designed skill training programme, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) being implemented in the state through Kudumbashree Mission. The programme would be piloted among the coastal youth of Ernakulam and Kozhikode districts who would be the beneficiaries of the programme. Kudumbashree plans to give skill training to 3000 students in the coming 3 years. The convergence Project is a collaborative effort by Ministry of Shipping (MoS) and Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), which aims at skilling the coastal communities for wage employment in port and maritime sector. Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) has assigned Kudumbashree Mission as the Nodal agency for the implementation of Sagarmala Project in Kerala.

The courses would be of 3 months to 1 year duration. In the first phase, skill training would be extended in the job sectors like, life guards, fish and sea food processing, deep sea fishing, crane operating, electric arc welding etc. By extending skill training and ensuring the placement through this programme, the life style of the rural youth would be improved. The empanelling process of the Project Implementing Agencies are progressing.Once the detailed analysis of the agencies would be over, the project report would be submitted for the approval of the committee. On getting the approval, the training programme would be started in 45 days time. The beneficiaries of the programme would be identified through District Mission Co-ordinators, Block Co-ordinators, Community Resource Persons, CDS, ADS members etc.

SRLM team from Haryana visited Ernakulam to study about Kudumbashree Mission Updated On 2018-04-19

The State Rural Livelihood Mission team from Haryana visited Ernakulam to study about Kudumbashree Mission. The team visited the Pallipuram Panchayth of Ernakulam to study about the same. The main aim of the visit was to study about the activities being implemented by Kudumbashree. The team also aimed to study the activities of the Local Self Government Department Institutions. It is also planned to replicate the Kudumbashree Model in Haryana. The Haryana delegation included Ms. Nishitha Banerjee, Chief Minister's Good Governance Associates, Haryana, Ms. Palak Rawal, Chief Minister's Good Governance Associates, Haryana and other officials from National Rural Livelihood Mission.

The State Rural Livelihood Mission team from Haryana visited the flour mill being operated under Pallipuram CDS. They also visited Aquaponics, Joint Liability Groups, DTP centre and health club as well. The SRLM team was welcomed by the Pallipuram Panchayath President, CDS Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. It is planned by the State Rural Livelihood Mission of Haryana to replicate the model of Poverty Alleviation and Women empowerment that Kudumbashree Mission had been implementing in Kerala.

Kudumbashree Pathanamthitta District Mission opens Adolescent friendly Refreshment Centre at Kendriya Vidyalaya Updated On 2018-04-16

Kudumbashree Pathanamthitta District Mission opened Adolescent friendly Refreshment Centre at Kendriya Vidyalaya at Adoor, Pathanamthitta. The Adolescent friendly Refreshment Centre would give away steam cooked snacks to the children of Kendriya Vidyalaya. The Adolescent friendly Refreshment Centre would completely avoid the junk foods. Smt. R.Girija, District Collector, Pathanamthitta inaugurated the Adolescent friendly Refreshment Centre. District Collector said that the other schools in the district should follow this model.

The kiosk aims at developing a healthy food culture among the students thereby inspiring them to live in touch with the nature. The health issues usually caused to the students are because of their unhealthy food habits like having junk foods. Only by following a healthy food culture a healthy generation could be built.  The Adolescent friendly Refreshment Centre would therefore create a better and healthy food culture among the students of Kendriya Vidyalaya located at Adoor, Pathanamthitta.

Kudumbashree's to give information on weekly markets Updated On 2018-04-13

Kudumbashree Mission has launched the website to give away information on the weekly markets being organised by Kudumbashree CDS in all districts across the state. The website was launched on 1 April 2018 and it gives away the details including the district, the name of the CDS and the venue at which the weekly market is being held.The weekly market website is being updated by the Block Co-ordinators in the districts. The website also gives the information on sales report which include the number of Blocks, number of markets conducted, the quantity of the JLG products, quantity of the non JLG products and the total sales recorded during the weekly units. The photographs from different weekly markets organised across the state are uploaded in the website.

Mahila Kisan Sashakthikaran Pariyojana (MKSP), the sub component of the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) aims at increasing the visibility of women in agriculture, reducing drudgery and providing a better livelihood opportunity by adopting sustainable and eco friendly agriculture. Kudumbashree, the programme implementing agency (PIA) for Kerala, has undertaken the project through the institution of Joint Liability Group (JLG) of women farmers. Presently Kudumbashree facilitates 60000 joint liability groups undertaking cultivation in 55000 hectors of land. Paddy, Banana, Tubers and vegetables are the major crops.

For ensuring better marketing opportunities and avoid middle man exploitation Kudumbashree started weekly markets across the state and the Mission has provided infrastructure facilities to 450 CDS.