Goan Delegation visited Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta districts to study about Kudumbashree Updated On 2018-04-12

Goan Delegation led by Shri. Jayesh Salgaonkar, Minister of Rural Development , Government of Goa visited Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta districts. The 34 team visited the districts to study about the activities that are being implemented by Kudumbashree Mission in Kerala. The team had a detailed discussion with Dr. T.M Thomas Issac, Minister of Finance, Government of Kerala. During the nine day visit, the team visited the Micro enterprises units, Neighbourhood groups, MGNREGA centres, Kanjikuzhy Mararikulam Grama Panchayath and the Plastic Waste Management system being implemented at Grama Panchayath etc in Alappuzha district. The team also visited the bag unit, the SVEP office and café units in Pathanamthitta.

Shri. Jayesh Salgaonkar said that the activities being implemented in Kerala by Kudumbashree Mission is really note worthy and is being a model to other states in the country. The livelihood project in Goa is implemented as Goa State Rural Livelihood Programme. Shri. Jayesh Salgaonkar said that it is planned to replicate the model of Poverty Alleviation and Women empowerment that Kudumbashree Mission had been implementing in Kerala. Shri. Shivaji Desai, North Goa Project Officer and Smt. Anuja Fal Desai, South Goa Project Officer also accompanied the team.

Tribal Kudumbashree Leaders from Attappady visited Additional Chief Secretary of LSGD Updated On 2018-04-11

Tribal Kudumbashree team leaders from Attappady visited Shri. T. K. Jose IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Local Self Government Department,Government of Kerala on 05 April 2018. The leaders discussed about the various developmental activities that could be implemented in Attappady. It was suggested to increase the representation of Scheduled Tribes in MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act), government’s job guarantee plan in India which offer 100 days employment guarantee in rural areas. It was also suggested to allocate construction works of LIFE Mission to the ST workers and to bring food to the MGNREGA sites through Community Kitchen. In connection with MGNREGA, it was also suggested to start cultivating fruits such as mango, chickoo, gooseberry etc. The tribal Kudumbashree team leaders were asked to submit a proposal to build office of Kudumbashree Mission in the land which would be provided by KILA. The Attappady team leaders demanded for legal aid support and education support. It was decided to call a meeting at Attappady in connection with MGNREGA Project.

The 20 tribal leaders from Attappady project included Block Samithi President, Secretary, Committee Members, Panchayath Samithi leaders, Tribal Kudumbashree Animators, Community Resource Persons and Panchayath Co-ordinators. Shri. Harikishore IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree Mission, Shri Balachandran, Project Officer, MGNREGA and other officials from LIFE Mission also attended the function.

Superwomen of Harithakarmasena in Karulayi Panchayath Updated On 2018-04-10

The Superwomen of Harithakarmasena in Karulayi Panchayath are keep on changing the life of a village altogether! With commitment and confidence in themselves they are making Karulayi Panchayath a better place to live in. A group of few women came forward to keep their place clean believing that it’s something more than a job. The main aim of the programme was to make Karulayi, a waste free panchayath. To minimize the use of plastic and to make people aware of the hazardous effects of plastic, collect and send them for recycling and to decompose the biodegradable waste etc were the main aim of the programme.

15 people were identified as green technicians in the village. The service of Mr. Ibrahim, an expert in a waste segregation was made used for collecting the waste and sending them to the recycling units. 12 tonnes of non biodegradable waste was sent for recycling. An amount of Rs 20 was collected from the households and Rs 50 was collected from shops as user fee. Special notices were distributed among the households and shops. Publicity was also given to spread the message to everyone. A carry bag was given to store the wastes. A vacant space in a remote place in Karulayi was chosen to segregate the wastes. A tie up was done with Green Worms Eco Solutions, a social impact enterprise based in Calicut, for collecting the non biodegradable waste and to process it further. Kudumbashree women collected the waste store in each households and shops and took it to segregate and sent it to the Green Worms for further processing. The waste is segregated into different sections based on its features. H.M White, P.P, H.M, LDPrint, Bajar, Ganny, Bulb, PVC, steel, tubes, bottle, E- waste, LD(Glucose), Bottle caps, Spray bottle etc.

Uniform, shoes, gloves, baskets, face masks, knives etc were given to the green technicians for performing segregation activities. The waste is being collected from the households in monthly basis and from shops in weekly basis. A card was distributed among the people to record the user fee collected. The card includes the date waste was collected, the quantity of waste collected, the amount collected from the households/ shops and signature. This was made compulsory to maintain a transparent and fruitful association between those who collect waste and the house owners. For disposing the rejects (Glass wastes, bags, umbrellas, foot wears) Rs 27,000 would be paid for the company from Panchayath Fund. Separate register was kept for weighing the amount of the different category of wastes. While sending the waste to Green worm Eco Solutions, presence of Panchayath President, Secretary / concerned official and health inspector is ensured. A review meeting is also held once in 2 months including all the ward members.

Following the success in the first phase of implementation, the second phase was launched in August 2017. Around 43 ton of waste had been sent so far, out of which 6500 Kg of recyclable plastic and 36000 Kg were rejects. In the first phase, panchayath hadn’t paid any money. The agency used to took away the waste; only user fee was collected. It was in the second phase tat bags were distributed among the households/ shops for storing the waste. Rs.50 is collected from medium shops and Rs.100 is collected from big shops as user fee in weekly basis. Rs.20 is collected from households as user fee in monthly basis.

Haritha Karma sena is a professional team consisting of Green Technicians and Green Supervisors mainly Kudumbashree Women who will be assigned with the responsibility of collection, transportation, processing, recycling / disposal, and management of waste materials in association with respective LSGs and Suchithwa Mission. Green Technicians are trained man power recruited to provide technical services and solutions on waste management projects. One Green Technician has to visit 250 households in a ward. In one Ward two Green Technicians will be positioned and one supervisor for managing 15 Wards. The Collection of user fee will be the responsibility of Green Supervisor. Haritha Sahaya Sthapanams the accredited agencies of Haritha Kerala Mission which will provide technical assistance to the Haritha Karma Sena.

There are 15 wards in Karulayi, with an area of 135 Sq.kilometres. The Population of Karulayi is around 26000 with around 6000 families. The programme have a huge relevance that such an initiative had altered the attitude of the people in and around Karulayi that they think twice before throwing a plastic cover away. In fact, the inhabitants of Karulayi has minimised the usage of using plastic and a better civic sense had been evolved among the people regarding the usage of plastic and other waste. Knowing the success story of Karulayi Panchayath in waste management, many other panchayaths have consulted them to study the Karulayi model of waste management. Harithakarmasena of Karulayi is committed to bring about a positive change in the sector of waste management. Envisioning a healthier, clean and green world that complements a human generation living in harmony with nature.

Saras Mela 2018 concluded making record sales of Rs 7 Crores Updated On 2018-04-09

Organised by Kudumbashree Mission, the national food and cultural expo, 'Saras Mela 2018' , offering the best of traditional food and artistry, concluded carving out yet another era in the history by drawing record sales and massive crowds. A total sale of more than Rs 7 crores was recorded from the stalls and food courts of the 10 day long Mela conducted at the ground near Market, Pattambi, Palakkad from 29 March 2018 to 8 April 2018.

Regarding the sales at the Food Court, a total sale of Rs 51,60,870 was recorded. Goa bagged the award for the best food court among the partner states. Chaithanya Cafe of Attappady and Punarjanmam Juice World won the Award for the Outstanding Performance. Alif Cafe of Kozhikode was selected as the Best Kerala Food Court. Muthuthala Panchayath, Ongaloor Panchayath and Pattambi Municipality won the awards for the best processions. Shri. P.K Sumesh of Deshabhimani Daily bagged the award for the Best Reporting ( Print Media). Shri. Mohan Charaparambil of Madhyamam Daily won the second prize for the same. ACV, PCV and STV bagged the awards for the Best Covering of Saras Mela 2018 in Visual Media. Smt. K.P Shailaja bagged the First Prize at the Essay Writing Competition organised in connection with Saras Mela 2018.

Micro entrepreneurs from 25 states across the country including Kerala had became the part of the programme. Around 250 stalls were opened, out of which 100 stalls were of other states. The 70,000 sqft big pavilion and food court was the main attraction of the Mela. Saras Mela 2018 became a huge success because of the active participation of the people and organised work of the organising team. 22 food stalls were opened at the food court offering the people of Pattambi, a special chance to taste the wide range of cuisines from different parts across the country. Out of the food stalls, 13 were from Kerala and 9 were from other states. The cultural programmes arranged daily at the Mela indeed became a visual treat for those who gathered at the Saras Mela. Artists and celebrities also took part in the programme adding more fame to the event.

The programme strictly followed green protocol. Therefore, the 'eco-friendly' Mela held at Pattambi is attracted more and more people and added more colour to the festive days of Kerala. Saras Mela 2017 was kickstarted when Dr. K.T Jaleel, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala officially inaugurated the programme.

It is for the third time that Kudumbashree Mission is organising Saras Mela. Last year, Saras Mela was conducted at Safari Maidan, Malappuram which recorded a sale of Rs. 6.54 Crores. The first saras Mela was was conducted at Ashramam Ground, Kollam which made a sale of Rs.4.6 Crore. The Saras Mela 2018 was indeed a celebration of food, art and culture in this festive season and was wholeheartedly received by the neighbouring districts as well which resulted in the grand success of the programme.

Shri M.B Rajesh, MP inaugurated the Valedictory function. Shri. Muhammed Muhsin, MLA presided over the function. Shri. T.R Ajayan, Social Activist and Smt. Sahira Kuttipuram, Poet were felicitated during the programme. Dr. Khadeeja Mumthaz, Writer and Shri. P. Raman were also present at the function. Dance-Drama programmes were also presented at the function. Shri. P. Saidalavi, District Mission Co-ordinator, Palakkad welcomed the gathering and Shri. M. Dinesh, Assistant District Mission Co-ordinator, Palakkad extended Vote of Thanks.

Balasabha formation at SOS Childrens Village Updated On 2018-04-07

The Kudumbashree District Mission of Ernakulam launched new Balasabha at SOS Children's Village. The Balasabha is started as part of the formation of Balasabhas focusing on child care institutions. The first of its kind is started at the Youth Home of SOS Childrens Village at Edathala Panchayath, Ernakulam. Balasabha of 20 children of 12-18 years of age was formed at the SOS Childrens Home. Master John Pradeep and Master Tony Thomas were selected as the President and Secretary of the Balasabha. The move aims to ensure the participation of such students in the democratic space. The objective of the initiative is to improve the academic and extra curricular skills of the children at the Youth Home of SOS Children's Village.

SOS Children's Villages International comprises 118 national SOS Children's Villages associations. and each SOS Children's Villages association is committed to apply the federation's statutes, standards for quality child care, and stringent financial and administrative practices. The SOS Children's Village in Alwaye, Cochin was launched in 1990. In addition to advocating for the rights of children, SOS Childrens village support families so that they can generate an income and stay together, and we provide family-based care for children who have lost the care of their parents. Balasabha envisage for the overall development of children through addressing their social and emotional needs and enhancing their creativity and leadership skills. At present, there are 32,878 Balasabhas, covering 4,30,908 children, across the state.

Eco friendly Saras Mela Updated On 2018-04-06

The Saras Mela 2018 being held at Pattambi stand out unique.The Saras Mela 2018 follows green protocol, which means that means no plastic is being used at the mela. It is with the help of green protocol committee and Suchithwa Mission that green protocol is being observed at the Saras Fair. The boards, banners, decorations, the arch set up at the entrance etc. are made up of either paper or cloth. The decorations are done with paper, bamboo and sack only. The take away kits being distributed at the mela are made up of cloth and paper. Disposable plates and glasses are completely avoided at the mela. Fibre, ceramic plates and steel glasses replaced the disposable plastic plates and glasses. Even the waste buckets placed at various locations at the mela are made up of bamboo. The biodegradable wastes and non degradable wastes are sorted out by the Harithakarma sena members. The biodegradable wastes are being sent to pig farms.

The volunteers are giving away leaflets to the visitors to remind them about the green protocol being observed at the Saras Mela premises. The wastes are disposed in daily basis. The Harithakarma sena members are cleaning the mela premises in regular intervals. Therefore, the 'eco-friendly' mela being held at Pattambi is attracting more and more people and are adding more colour to the festive days of Kerala. The lost and found section of the mela is so active that the visitors are finding the mela more trustworthy.The Saras mela 2018 is being wholeheartedly received by the neighbouring districts as well which results in the grand success of the programme. The Mela will come to an end on 8 April 2018.

Saras Mela 2018 captivates huge crowd Updated On 2018-04-05

Saras Mela 2018, the national food and cultural expo organised by Kudumbashree Mission, offering the best of traditional food and artistry is carving out yet another era in the history by captivating huge crowds. Saras Mela 2018 was kick started when Dr. K.T Jaleel, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala officially inaugurated the programme at the ground near Market, Pattambi, Palakkad on 29 March 2018. A sale of Rs 3.95 crore had been recorded so far, out of which Rs 3.63 crore is from the sales stalls and Rs. 30.8 lakhs from the food stalls.

Micro entrepreneurs from 25 states across the country including Kerala had joined the programme. Around 250 stalls are opened, out of which 100 stalls are of other states. The 70,000 sqft big pavilion and food court is the main attraction of the Mela.

Saras Mela 2018 is becoming a huge success by the active participation of the people. 22 food stalls were also opened at the food court offering a chance to taste wide range of cuisines from different parts of the country. Out of the food stalls, 13 are from Kerala and 9 are from other states.

The cultural programmes arranged daily at the mela is indeed being a visual treat for those who gathered at the Saras Mela. Artists and celebrities are also taking part in the programme. The programme is strictly following green protocol. Therefore, the 'eco-friendly' mela being held at Pattambi is attracting more and more people and are adding more colour to the festive days of Kerala. The Saras mela 2018 is being wholeheartedly received by the neighbouring districts as well which results in the grand success of the programme. The Mela will come to an end on 8 April 2018.

TVM District Mission to launch Mobile Operation Theatre for ABC Updated On 2018-04-04

Kudumbashree Thiruvananthapuram District Mission is to launch Mobile Operation Theatre unit for executing the Animal Birth Control activities in the district. It is the Winners ABC Mobile unit, that is affiliated to the District Mission of Thiruvananthapuram which would be launched soon as a path breaking step in the sector of Animal Birth Control. The group comprises of 2 women and 3 men. The unit would travel to the panchayaths which need the service of the mobile operation unit for executing the animal birth control activities. The unit would also ensure the service of the veterinary doctor empanelled by the District Mission Coordinator.

12 veterinary hospitals in the district have the amenities for executing the birth control activities. But it is not possible to complete the birth control activities arise in the district using those facilities only. By the launch of the mobile Animal Birth Control unit, this issue could be easily resolved. By taking the mobile unit to the veterinary hospitals, the service of both hospital and the unit can be utilised. Thereby, the service of the veterinary hospitals, which don't have the amenities for executing the animal birth control activities could be made use of. This would help in using the service of the 75 % of veterinary hospitals in the district.

The mobile unit mobilise all the amenities that an Animal Birth Control Operation theatre would have. The unit had received Rs 3 lakhs fund from District Panchayath. RS 3.50 was received as innovation fund and Rs 50,000 as start up fund. It is the responsibility of the unit to arrange the finance for the vehicle. The maintenance, insurance and service of the vehicle would also be met by the group from their profits. The attender of the vehicle himself would act as the driver of the vehicle. The other ABC units may also hire the mobile unit if needed, which would in turn be a source of revenue for the mobile unit.

The District Mission Coordinator himself would schedule the work orders of the mobile ABC unit, prioritising as per the funds availed from various panchayaths.Smt. Rajani T.G, Smt. Jeevashree.M. Shri Satheesh Kumar M.G., Shri Jithesh K.G, and Shri. Mukesh M.S comprises the Winner ABC mobile unit.The unit has already been registered and will soon be inaugurated and start functioning soon.

Supply of Kadali Banana to Guruvayoor Devaswom Updated On 2018-04-03

The Kudumbashree Women of Thrissur holds the pride in supplying Kadali Banana to the Devaswom of Guruvayur, Kadali banana being the favorite offering to the deity of Guruvayur Temple. The bananas cultivated by the Kudumbashree women of Thrissur district in purely organic way are therefore taken for poojas and are given away to the people as prasadam and are also used in preparing ‘panchamrutham’ (a sweet desert) as well. The JLGs of Thrissur had been supplying the Kadali Bananas to the Guruvayur Temple for the last 8 years since 9 June 2009. The JLGS had been supplying the bananas with the help of Mattathur Labour Co-operative Society.

The Mattathur Labour Co-operative society procures the plantains from the farmers at a rate of Rs 3.80 per banana finger. After deducting the labour costs the farmer will get Rs 3.15 per banana. Before giving away the bananas the JLGs paste the stickers on the plantain bunch which has the name and code of the JLG, date and the number of banana fingers. Vegetable Food Promotion Council gives the information about the actual market rate of the banana to the Mattathur Labour Co-operative Society. On receiving the plantain, the Mattathur Labour Co-operative Society pays the money to the farmers. Then, the society will take the banana to the Guruvayur Temple and stores the banana at the place provided by Guruvayur Devaswom for storing the banana. The raw bananas would be then smoked for ripening. The bananas are procured on Tuesdays and Fridays of every week. Out of those bananas the best 400 bananas would be taken for ‘Nivedya’ purpose and 7 boxes containing 300 bananas each are taken for giving away as prasadam.

When the authorities of Guruvayur Devaswom arrived at a predicament situation during when the Kadali Bananas weren’t available for meeting the pooja purposes, Kudumbashree came up with the solution that they would cultivate and provide the kadali bananas upon the deal between the devaswom that it would be completely procured by the Guruvayur Devaswom. And then the women started cultivating the bananas as Joint Liability Groups of 4 to 5 people. The harvested bananas from every group are collected by the Mattathur Labour Co-operative society. The women didn't had to worry about the marketing of the crops that they produce. How much they produce, the society procured it from them paying the money. The women farmers from Kudumbashree are growing these bananas under seven panchayaths of Kodakara block, and supplying them to the temple, ensuring a taste of homegrown plantain for the revered deity. Guruvayur Devaswom buys the kadali banana as per the conditions laid down in the tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The seed of the Kadali banana is also procured by the Mattathur Labour Co-operative Society. They would procure the kadali seed from the JLGs at a rate of Rs 21 per seed. Only best quality kadali seeds are procured by the society to maintain the quality of the crop cultivated.

Kadali is a small and sweet fruited variety of banana which is mainly grown for offerings in temple and is known by names like Ambalakadali, Nivedyakadali etc. The average bunch weighs about 8-10 kg. Being taken for poojas, the market for the fruit is always assured. It is also believed that Kadali Banana have contents of gold in it. The fragrant Kadali Banana has got medicinal features as well. It is believed by the followers that, Kadali Banana along with Yellow silk and lotus bud is the favorite offering of the deity. A total of 750 women from 150 Joint Liability Groups had been supplying 1.5 million of Kadali Banana to Guruvayur Temple every year.

Around 4000 to 25,000 Kadali Bananas are needed in Guruvayur temple based on the season. Earlier, to give this daily offering, the temple was dependent on supply from Tamil Nadu, as this special variety was on the verge of extinction in Kerala, which wasn’t following organic method of cultivation, whereas Kudumbashree women follow organic method of cultivation. The project is implemented jointly by Kodakara Block Panchayath, Grama Panchayaths within the Block and the Kudumbashree Mission which aimed to supply pooja kadali required for prayer rituals to the Guruvayur temple daily by utilizing the Kudumbashree network. As a result not only would employment and income be generated but also the rare variety of ‘Pooja kadali‘ banana which is facing extinction would be rejuvenated.

Gothra Prayanam : Air tour for the tribals of Edamalakkudy Updated On 2018-04-02

Kudumbashree Idukki District Mission organised tribal study tour 'Gothra Prayanam', study tour via flight for the tribes people of Edamalakkudy from Nedumbassery to Thiruvananthapuram on 27 March 2018. The trip was organised as part of the Tribal Integrated Development Project. The 20 membered team which comprised of 14 Kudumbashree members and tribal chieftains(oorumooppans) was lead by Smt. Ramani, CDS Chairperson, Edamalakkudy and Smt.Eshwari, Panchayath Member, Edamalakkudy.

The team had a discussion with Shri. S.Harikishore, Executive Director, Kudumbashree regarding the sustainable development of Edmalakkudy. The had visited the tribal settlement at Vithura. The group also visited Secretariat and Legislative Assembly Complex and Shanghumugham beach as well. The team was accompanied by ST promoters, animators and officials of Kudumbashree Idukki District Mission.

The team made their return trip to Edamalakkudy via train. Kudumbashree Idukki District Mission organised such an air tour for the tribes people for including them in the mainstream, who were sidelined from the society for one reason or the other. Those were the moments of sheer excitement for the team of getting on to the plane for the first time.