Striving to be Green: Adoption of quality environmental activities by Kudumbashree Updated On 2018-06-04

Kudumbashree Mission have always been concerned about living in tune with Nature. So did the Mission adopted various quality environmental activities while implementing the programmes. While analyzing the business that Kudumbashree had been involved in, one could easily identify the same. Harithakarmasena for recycling the plastic, paper bag making enterprises as an alternative to plastic products, lending of reusable plates and glasses are the few initiatives that Kudumbashree Mission had put forward to fight back plastic pollution. As India is the global host of 2018 World Environment Day with “Beat Plastic Pollution” as the theme for this year’s edition, the world is coming together to combat single-use plastic pollution and so the activities of Kudumbashree has got much relevance.

Haritha Karma sena is a professional team consisting of Green Technicians and Green Supervisors mainly Kudumbashree Women who are assigned with the responsibility of collection, transportation, processing, recycling / disposal, and management of waste materials in association with respective Local Self Government Institutions and Suchithwa Mission. Kudumbashree is planning to give training 22,592 people and had already extended training to 19500 women. The Harithakarmasena had started functioning in 182 Local Self Government Institutions. Harithakarmasena was implemented to minimize the use of plastic and to make people aware of the hazardous effects of plastic, collect and send them for recycling and to decompose the biodegradable waste. A fixed amount was collected from the households and shops as user fee and a carry bag was given to store the wastes. A vacant space in a remote place in the locality was chosen to segregate the wastes. The waste is segregated into different sections based on its features such as H.M White, P.P, H.M, LDPrint, Bajar, Ganny, Bulb, PVC, steel, tubes, bottle, E- waste, LD(Glucose), Bottle caps, Spray bottle etc. A total of 285461 Kg of plastic was shredded and was handed over to Clean Kerala Company for using the same for road tarring process.

Kudumbashree have several Micro Enterprise units who are producing eco friendly products like paper bags, paper pen, paper covers, paper plates, paper files , paper chappals, cloth bags, bamboo products, screw pine product units etc. There are 77 such units working under Kudumbashree Mission. Around 50,000 such products are being sold out a month.During the season time it would increase upto 2 lakhs, which means that Kudumbashree could reduce the use of that much amount of plastic. Kudumbshree also have units which which make paper flowers, jewellery as well and have 12 units which make screw pine products.

There are 6 swap shop units working under Kudumbashree which lend utensils in bulk quantity to reduce the use of plastic and other non bio degradable products. Such Kudumbashree centres help in following the Green Protocol. While conducting trade fairs also, Kudumbashree focus in keeping the same eco friendly and made use of eco friendly products such as bamboo, sacks, jute etc for decorating and used palm products and reusable plates made of fibre, ceramic and steel for serving the food. Kudumbashree members had also been making active participation in fighting against plastic during the pilgrimages like Sabarimala, Malayattoor, Malayalapuzha, Aluva Shivaratri, Attukal etc. Kudumbashree Mission is committed in bring about a positive change in the sector of waste management and are implementing environment friendly programme envisioning a healthier, clean and green world that complements a human generation living in harmony with nature.

Fifteenth Finance Commission of India visits Sreesailam Nutrimix Unit of Thrissur Updated On 2018-06-02

As part of the field visit, the members of the Fifteenth Finance Commission of India visited the Sreesailam Nutrimix Unit, located at Koratty of Thrissur District. It is as the part of the evaluation of the development programmes being implemented in the state, that the finance commission visited the Nutrimix unit. Sreesailam Nutrimix Unit had already been evaluated as the best example of women empowerment activities being implemented. The unit which was started 10 years ago is now producing 1800 tonnes of Nutrimix per month. After analyzing the working of the unit, the finance commission envisions to include the same as a model project in the finance planning programme.

The finance commission included Shri. Aravind Mehta, Secretary, Finance Commission, Shri. Mukhmeet Singh Bhatia, Joint Secretary, Finance Commission, Shri. Antony Cyriac, Economic Adviser, Shri. Bharat Bhushan Garg, OSD Director, Shri. A.S Parmar, Joint Director, Shri. Adithi Pathak, Deputy Director, Shri. Mahesh Kumar, Shri. Pramod Kumar and Shri. Gopalakrishnan ( Assistant Directors). Dr. A Kaushigan,District Collector, Thrissur, Shri. Joy Ilamon, Director, KILA, Shri. S. Harikishore, Executive Director, Kudumbashree Mission and Shri. K.V Jyothish Kumar, District Mission coordinator, Thrissur also accompanied the team. The Finance commission also appreciated the activities of Green Army of Wadakkancherry.

Amrutham Nutrimix is the food supplement provided to the children of the age group of 6 months to 3 years. It comes in 500 grams packet. Wheat, Soya Chunks, Bengal gram, Groundnut and Sugar are the basic ingredients . From 2006 onwards Kudumbashree is collaborating with the Social Welfare Department for the supply of Take Home Ration for Supplementary Nutrition to the 33000 ‘Anganwadis’ in the State. The Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) provides the Supplementary Nutrition for children in the form of Take Home Ration (THR).An average of 1300 metric tones of Nutrimix are distributed through the Anganavadis every month The Nutrimix powder was developed as per the directions of Integrated Child Development Services Programme. Nutrimix has enabled thousands of rural women to manufacture and supply the nutritional supplement to their children all across the state to reach out to the children who are suffering from the issues of malnutrition.

Kudumbashree Women excels at State Government's Second Anniversary Celebrations Trade Fair Updated On 2018-06-01

Kudumbashree women make a coruscating performance at the Trade Fairs organised in the districts to mark the Second Anniversary Celebrations of the Government of Kerala. The trade fairs were organised in 13 districts across the state except Alappuzha by the Information and Public Relations Department, Government of Kerala during May 2018. A sale of Rs 1.24 crore was recorded from the stalls and food stalls set up at the respective district headquarters. The Kudumbashree stalls made noteworthy achievements by becoming best stalls in few districts. In Kannur, Kudumbashree bagged the award for the 'Best Stall in the Non Departmental Category' and Pathanamthitta bagged the 'Best All Round Performance Award'. 'Special prize for the Stalls' was bagged by Wayanad District and Thiruvananthapuram bagged 'Second Prize for the best performance'.

Half of the total number of stalls set up in each districts as part of the trade fair was allotted for Kudumbashree for ensuring the participation of the women entrepreneurs and to help the women get benefited out of the same. 368 stalls and 71 cafe units were alloted altogether in 13 districts.More than 200 women became part of the trade fairs. Kudumbashree had marked its brilliant presence at the events by hosting the food courts delivering unique dishes and with products made by Kudumbashree women entrepreneurs. The cafe units rendered renowned local dishes with all the essence of being at home. The collective social change and empowerment that Kudumbashree had brought about among the women was evident from the success that they had attained during the trade fair. The commercial stalls and food stalls of Kudumbashree got good responses for bringing products with purity, homeliness and quality and was wholeheartedly welcomed by the public.


No    District No. of stalls allotted    No. of cafe units allotted    Gross sales obtained
1 Thiruvananthapuram   33 5 1442438
2 Kollam 18 6 921673
3 Pathanamthitta 40 4 812352
4 Kottayam 23 5 464701
5 Idukki 5 2 213426
6 Ernakulam 31 8 1261053
7 Thrissur 40 9 1570227
8 Palakkad 45 2 2533846
9 Malappuram 40 6 733180
10 Kozhikode 18 7 1087874
11 Wayanad 37 6 411745
12 Kannur 18 5 401698
13 Kasaragod 20 6 591845
  Total 368 71 1,24,46,058
Bala Parliament sets a noteworthy representation Updated On 2018-05-31

The Bala Parliament organised by Kudumbashree Mission sets a noteworthy model. Dr. K.T Jaleel, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala inaugurated the Bala Parliament held at Old Legislative Assembly Hall on 30 May 2018. Selected 131 students from 13 districts across the state except Kozhikode took part in the programme. Bala Parliament is being conducted by Kudumbashree Mission starting from 2007 to educate the children and to make them aware and understand the democratic process and its importance.

For the first time, an open forum was arranged to discuss with the selected representatives from the government departments, that the children face in the society. Smt. Prasanna Kumari, Deputy Director, Education Department, Shri. C Rajendran IFS, Forest Department (Deputy Conservator of Forest) Shri. G. Muraleedharan Nair, Deputy Excise Commissioner, Excise Department, Shri. C.J Antony, Acting Chairperson, Child Rights Commission and Dr. K. Sandeep, Deputy Director, Family Welfare Department interacted with the Children and answered the questions of the children.

Shri. Suresh Kumar, Deputy Secretary, Centre for Parliamentary Studies lead a class on 'Why Bala Parliament' at Loyola College on 29 May 2018. Students were divided into different groups and out of them 20 students were identified roles of President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Opposition Leader and Ministers of various departments. After the Bala Parliament, the Balasabha children also visited the New Legislative Assembly Complex.

Smt. G.S Amrida, Programme Officer, Social Development, Kudumbashree Mission welcomed the gathering and Dr. K.R Shaiju, Thiruvananthapuram District Mission Coordinator extended Vote of Thanks. The prime objective of constituting Balasabhas is to prevent inter-generational transmission of poverty through capability enhancement of children. Small Learning Groups for experimental and systematic learning, opportunities for understanding democratic process, participation in conserving environment, enabling children to unfold the intricacies of collectivisation are the basic focal points of Balasabha.

'Honey Jack' from Kothamangalam a big hit Updated On 2018-05-30

Honey jack, a venture from Kothamangalam producing value added products from Jack fruit is being a big hit. A group of 5 youth from Kothamangalam municipality of Ernakulam district started an enterprise with the value addition of Jack fruit and branded the same. Launched on 1 January 2018, the unit is producing different products made out of Jack fruit and branded the product as Honey Jack. They are producing jack fruit Jam, jack fruit chips, jack fruit puttu powder, jack fruit avalosunda, jack fruit coffee powder, jack fruit chutney, jack fruit murukku, dry jack, jack fruit pickle, jack fruit pulp, ripe jack fruit vacuum fried chips etc. The unit is also making jack fruit pulps, passion fruit pulps, jack fruit juice, passion fruit juice, guava juice, mango juice, water melon juice, pineapple juice and grape juice, lime ginger squash, birds eye chilly squash, gooseberry- birds eye chilly mixed squash and nutmeg candy as well.

The team include 5 members. Jithesh P Cherian is the Chairman of the unit. Jaison Chacko, Georgekutty Peter, Anoop Manoharan and Jismon Joseph are the other members of the unit. The team wanted to launch an enterprise that was unique and has viability under NULM project. When they came to know about the NULM project, they approached the City Mission Management Unit (CMMU) and discussed their idea on value addition of Jack fruit. As a result, they attended the Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) & skill from accredited agencies and submitted project before the task force.

Initially,the banks didn’t sanction loan for the group and later Indian Overseas Bank sanctioned Rs.10 lakhs as loan. They availed a shop on rent and started the unit. The unit participated in different food fests and Kudumbashree exhibitions which resulted in developing the brand name and able to generate more orders from outside the Urban Local Body. The unit is having an average sales of Rs 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs a month. The unit is marketing their products in 3 districts and is planning to conduct Jack fruit fest in the Urban Local Body to sensitize the various products that can be produced using Jack fruit. The unit is one of new enterprise model of the Urban Local Body. Jackfruit was designated state fruit by Government of Kerala in 2018.

From outcast to the accepted: Success Story of a Transgender Community from Kannur Updated On 2018-05-29

Transgenders, who were considered outcast by the society till recently, is now coming to the forefront with the confidence in themselves. Nicy Chips, a first of its kind Micro Enterprise unit was launched by a group of transgenders from Aanakulam of Kannur district. Nicy Chips is the venture of Nanma NHG group. They are manufacturing and selling 5 different types of chips from banana, potato and are selling in the market. A start up fund of Rs 1 lakh was handed over to the team by Adv. A.N. Shamseer, MLA recently.

In the initial stage, the team started selling through home shops and because of the quality of the products they prepare, Nicy Chips are of high demand in the market. Even a few supermarkets have shown interest to sell Nicy Chips in their shops. Nicy Chips are also undertaking bulk orders as well. An average of 2,000 kg of Chips are sold in a month, even though the business is mainly done focusing on trade fairs inside and outside Kerala. The response they received while take part in the Trade fairs at Delhi, Maharashtra and Rajasthan are adding more confidence to them. Sandhya is the president and Sona is the Secretary of the Micro Enterprise unit. Sneha, Maya, Saumini, Aparna, Jasmine, Reema Satheeshan, Sanana and Laisa are the other members of the unit. On getting motivated from the Nicy Chips Micro enterprise unit, many more transgender groups have shown interest in launching such ventures. The team is planning to expand their venture and redesign the packing to gave their product more attractive look.

From bangled hands to steering wheels through Kudumbashree Mission Updated On 2018-05-28

Safari Driving School of Malappuram cannot be considered a mere driving school. It bears the saga of a woman who dare to make a difference through her life. Smt.Rejina from Malappuram and her team are engaged in providing training to women who wanted to learn driving or to get driving as a means of livelihood. The concept of Women drivers or driving teachers was not at all acceptable in a district like Malappuram. It was during such a period that Smt. Rejina came forward boldly to start her driving school. The women were usually reluctant to get into the field due to the existing social conditions. Smt. Rejina came into the sector boldly availing linkage loan from Kudumbashree Mission. Her efforts soon became successful with the highlight that its a woman who had been teaching driving to other women. This made her driving school ‘Safari driving school’ even more famous.

Smt. Rejina teaches women to ride two-wheeler and four-wheeler and helps them in getting the license and thereby she helped women to acquire driving skill at affordable cost. She conceived the idea from the awareness session of City Mission Management Unit of NULM to utilize the linkage loan for income generation activity alongside personal consumption. She is proud that she has been able to provide training to 128 women so far and is earning Rs. 40,000 per month and is having the confidence to repay the amount within three years. She is also able to avail interest subsidy. Smt. Rejina is one of the best examples of women entrepreneurship as she chose a sector where many women were afraid to attempt.

'Calling Bell' Programme of Kasaragod : A Unique Model of Compassion Updated On 2018-05-26

'Calling Bell' programme of Kasaragod District Mission is being a unique model of compassion. The programme was launched for the well being of the elderly people and women who are staying alone. The programme had identified more than 3000 beneficiaries so far and had started extending extra care for them in the NHG level itself. As the programme was widely appreciated, the programme is being extended to other districts as well. The innovative programme was suggested by the District Mission Coordinator of Kasaragod. The Calling Bell programme was launched by the Kasaragod District Mission, as the atrocities against lonely women and elderly people increased. The programme is being implemented through the Snehitha Gender Help Desk under the District Mission. For testing the programme, the pilot study of the programme wasconducted in Kuttikkol Panchayath of Kasaragod District.

The Calling Bell Programme is really being a boon for women who are staying alone and also for elderly people. The members from the NHGs visit the homes where elderly people are there and women are staying alone. The NHG members would try to communicate with such women and elderly people. By maintaining a good relationship with them, the NHG members would extend the needed support for the women. Based on their issues the assistance would be provided. If counseling is to be extended that would be given and if they are lacking legal assistance, that would also be provided to them. For ensuring the security of women, the service of police departments would also be ensured. The NHG office bearers would visit their homes daily and the community counselors and Snehitha Gender Help Desk would ensure the counseling for them. Through NHG, ADS and CDS visits to their homes, the security of them would be made ensured and would make sure that they are getting the needed support. The programme gels the relationship between the NHGs and the society. The Calling Bell Programme is showcasing the compassionate face of Kudumbashree Mission.

Kudumbashree launches DDU-GKY special batches for Persons with Disabilities Updated On 2018-05-25

As part of Inclusion of the real needy, Kudumbashree Mission has initiated an exclusive batch of DDU-GKY skill training giving special focus for the Persons With Disabilities and other weaker sections, with the support of Project Implementing Agency, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kochi. It is planned to extend skill training for 150 beneficiaries during 2018-19.They are provided skill training in Book Binding, Front Office Associate and Housekeeping Attendant jobs. The first batch of the book binding course (4 months duration) was commenced on 10 May 2018. The training is being extended to 30 beneficiaries out of which 15 persons would be those who are facing mental disabilities. Kerala Rehabilitation Institute for the Physically Affected (KRIPA) is the training centre for extending skill training for them.

The book binding, front office associate courses would be carried out as 2 batches. 60 beneficiaries each would be extended training in these courses. Front office associate course is of 5 month duration and book binding, house keeping attendant course are of 4 months duration. 30 persons would be given training for house keeping attendant course. Educational qualification till eighth standard is the minimum qualification for book binding course whereas twelfth standard education is the minimum qualification for front office associate course. Training is also extended in communicative english, computer and soft skills as well.Those who successfully complete book binding courses would be given National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) certificates and job would be ensured for them in printing press and other such institutions and Sector Skills Councils (SSC) Certificate would be given to those who complete the front office assistant course.

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, a non profit organisation engaged in empowering persons with disabilities and distress in socio-economic-cultural fronts through its various initiatives on Education, Livelihood, Environment, Health & Nutrition, Sports, Culture and Rehabilitation, which is headquartered in Bangalore has signed MoU with Kudumbashree for extending skill training to 400 beneficiaries. They would give training in BPO (voice) and BPO (Non Voice). Residential training would be extended at their centre located at Ernakulam. Beneficiaries from all the districts across the district may apply for the same.The courses would be started by last week of July.

Kudumbashree Mission had bagged the national award for the successful implementation of DDU-GKY programme in Kerala for the second time in a row. Kudumbashree is the nodal agency for implementing DDU-GKY Programme in Kerala. Through the programme, skill training had been extended to 34568 candidates out of which 20564 received job placements so far.

Feed The Future- International Training Programme concluded Updated On 2018-05-24

The 15 day training on 'The Entrepreneurial Development of women in rural areas' under Feed The Future India Triangular Training (FTF ITT) - International Training Programme organised by Kudumbashree Mission in association with National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management, Hyderabad (MANAGE) at Samudra, Kovalam for the 23 member foreign delegation was concluded on 23 May 2018. Dr. K.T jaleel, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala inaugurated the valedictory function.

Only by gathering empowerment through education, women would be able to play lead role in eradicating poverty from the society. For attaining that women should be aware of the new agriculture techniques prevailing in the society. Good quality seeds, fertilizers, equipment and financial support are needed for the same.This is why Kudumbashree Mission give more importance to the economical and technical activities which give support to around 3 lakh NHG women in the state. Minister said. While framing the programmes for the sidelined and the minority people in the society, the challenges we are facing should be kept in mind. While replicating the development models, it should be noted that every region has its own peculiarity and should act according to. He added. Minister wished good luck for the efforts of the delegation to eradicate poverty and he said that the experience they acquired from Kudumbashree Mission would be of help for them. Minister also distributed the certificates for the delegates. If the delegation from other countries get inspired from Kudumbashree Mission's activities and replicate them in their own countries, that would be the greatest recognition we would ever receive, said Shri. S. Harikishore, Executive Director, Kudumbashree Mission.

The representatives from Malawi, Uganda and Mongolia said that Kudumbashree Mission is the best example of how poverty eradication activities can be practically implemented. They added that the training programme was of great help for them whereas representatives from Liberia suggested to include politicians and administrative experts from their countries while conducting such training programmes. The foreign delegation said that the economic and social empowerment that the women from Kerala attained is appreciable and they added that they would replicate the Kudumbashree model of poverty alleviation in their respective countries as well and had expressed the interest to work with the Government of Kerala for the same.

Smt. Shakira Parveen, Project Executive, Manage, gave away the token of appreciation for the delegation. Shri. Bipin Jose, State Programme Manager, Kudumbashree welcomed the gathering. Shri. Pramod K.V., Programme Officer, Shri. Ajith Chacko, Chief Operating Officer, NRLM, Dr. Praveen .C.S., Chief Operating Officer- DDUGKY, Dr. Rahul Krishnan, Thematic Anchor, Shri. Shibu. N.P., State Programme Manager, Shri. Sabu Balachandran, State Assistant Programme Manager and Shri. Jiby Mathew Philip, State Assistant Programme Manager also attended the programme. Shri. Arun P. Rajan, State Assistant Programme Manager extended vote of thanks.The foreign delegation include senior officials of agriculture, irrigation, animal husbandry, job, fisheries and gender development departments of Liberia, Uganda, Mongolia, Malawi and Kenya.