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Sl.No. Name of Manager Proposed Innovative idea for the year 2017-18
1 Ajith Kumar M, NULM Manager, Pathanamthitta Create self employment to every CDS member through Self Employment Component of NULM or any other source
2 Sunu John, NULM Manager, Alappuzha Introduce “labour bank” for urban poor Kudumbashree members
My idea is to introduce a labour bank for urban poor with the support of Cherthala municipality.
The capital of Labour Bank is the working capacity of the registered labourers. On the basis of their skills and job the employees may be classified to unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled employees. Further as per the nature of the job performed they are classified as technical and non-technical employees.
We can collect the data from kudumbasree members who need job and provide services. Also link with NULM –ESTP- beneficieries to yield suitable job.
3 PridhviRaj, NULM Manager, Alappuzha Tourist friendly ‘SHE AUTO/CAR TAXI’
Alappuzha as a tourist destination is less extracted and the job opportunities in this area are also less utilised. At present the tourists who come to Alappuzha town depend on auto rickshaw drivers and taxi drivers as well as local population for information on places to visit in the town. Many of these people are not aware of the possible destinations and hence very often the tourists are misguided or are advised the usual boat trips. The heritage sites get dropped out in the process. Alappuzha is promoted and marketed only as a backwater attraction. Architectural and heritage attractions rarely find mention in tourism brochures. More over this untrained auto rickshaw drivers and taxi drivers are charging high fares from the tourists in this name. The lack of credible information centres is also adding fuel to the financial torturing of these tourists..
The importance of SHE Tourist Call Auto/Car Taxi service concept is developed to address the above issue of exploitation of tourists and to develop Alappuzha beyond a one day tourism place. This service will benefit both the tourists and the natives in a positive way and also create a positive economic growth for the Municipality in the field of tourism.
The concept of the project is to ensure safe travel for the women and also to function as dependable travelling facilities for the families and tourists who reach the city. The SHE Tourist Call Auto Cab /Taxi service will be managed and operated by a group of women who will be well trained in the field of driving and also as tourist guide. This will help in attracting both the natives and the tourists. For the natives the women operated vehicles will give more safety and acceptability to the women and the children and also tourist will depend more on the service as it will be operated by the women tourist guides who will help them in exploring the beauty and heritage of the city in 360 degree aspect. Moreover as an establishment of Local Self Government it will give more credibility and dependability to the users.
Auto cab as a vehicle of common man has more potential in a town like Alappuzha where all the major places are not in a concentrated form. The minimum distance from railway station to KSRTC bus stand is even nearly 6 Kms. The growth of the Municipality is concentrated some specific region in and between the Municipal Office, Civil station and District Court and so on.
People have to reach this area for most of their needs which they mostly depend on buses or Autos. Moreover the women in the families will be the persons going out for their home needs .An Auto Cab which is operated by the women at one call away will be a windfall for this house wives who usually had to wait for the autos at the roadside and has to fight with them often regarding the charges and waiting charges. She tourist Auto Cabs with meter facility and billing together with on the call service will clear all this issues to an extent.
The tourist and heritage places in Alappuzha will be developed as a tourist circuit by joining the entire places with importance together with the help of DTPC. The tourists will be well informed about this circuit so that the tourist can explore the places of heritage importance and makes Alappuzha beyond a destination of start around with the back water (cruises) and ends with backwater tourism.
SHE Tourist Call Auto Cab /Taxi service function as a dependable travelling facility for the tourists with women as well trained guide and drivers who are well known about the tourist circuit. This cab can act as a catalyst in improving the tourist destiny of Alappuzha beyond a one day tourist destination.
Owner ship-CDS & ULB together
Beneficiaries- Women
Vehicle used- Tata Iris, Tata Magic 8 Seated
Office -The CLC will act as the office for the purpose
GPS & Billing facility- Rain Concert
4 Binu George,
NULM Manager, Kottayam
Making Kottayam North CDS as self-reliant
5 Boby Jacob,
NULM Manager, Kottayam
Developing a Mobile Home Cleaning Unit by Urban poor
6 Simple Rose,
NULM Manager, Thrikkakara
Proposal for creating a women friendly street vending culture in Thrikkakara Municipality

Aim: Enhancement of the quality of life of the female street vendors in Thrikkakara Municipality.

1. To identify the issues faced by the vendors within their family
2. To categorise the struggles from public and beaurocrats
3. To create awareness about their human rights as vendors and as women
4. To develop linkage with different department s
5. To enable them to participate in decision making for creating a women friendly street vending culture.
6. To create more opportunities to contribute to the up gradation of their skills
7 Resana S,
NULM Manager, Thrikkakara
‘WELL KEPT’ - House Keeping Service Agency
Thrikkakara is the headquarters of Ernakulam district and it is the home for the industrial base of Kochi. Kakkanad a part of it encircled with major ventures like Info Park, Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ), Carborundum Universal Ltd, Industrial projects like Fashion City, Software Export Promotions Zone (SEPZ) and later Kochi Metro. Consequently here the population bulges for opportunities and becomes a pool of manpower. As a result of many builders launched new projects for the occupancy of this migrated population. Companies and flats employed women of local households for housekeeping services. Facility management agencies emerged to meet the specialized needs of cleaning services in different sectors.
Rationale of the project
Under the DAY-NULM project 60 women were trained for House Keeping attendant course. Skill Training Providers gave placement to these women through the Housekeeping service agencies. 15% women placed in the IT sector with take home Rs. 10,000 excluding ESI, PF benefits. Whereas 60% women (their take home is below Rs. 8000/-) positioned in the hospitals, shops, supermarket and flats are hired by the employers, typically through staffing agencies, which deflect the responsibility of the employer, deduction of salary as commission and no wage for leaves taken. In order to sidetrack these issues and to provide high quality service to homes and offices of Thrikkakara municipality a cleaning division agency in Kudumbashree CDS will start with SEP (G) assistance and who received training through ESTP component.
• To create a service based company
• To develop a sustainable home-based business
• To provide livelihood to urban poor women on a regular basis.
8 Babitha Jose,
NULM Manager, Kochi
It is my dream to set up a Call centre for the Visually Impaired by imparting Skill training to them under NULM ESTP.
9 Mobeesh,
NULM Manager, Kochi
Forming of 5 micro enterprises unit every ADS with the help of revolving fund and linkage loan interest subsidy fund.
10 Siju Kumar,
NULM Manager, Kochi


1. Select 30 food vendors from SV survey list in Aluva municipal area 
2. Provide training to selected food venodors ( health & hygiene, D&O & branding ) 
3. Provide kiosk through sep, creat a good ambience 
4. Branding the item 
5. Provide id card, licence & uniform 
6. Improve the standard & quality of street food

11 Lipson P P,
NULM Manager, Thrissur
ENSURES A SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOOD FOR SC FAMILIES • To make a comprehensive profile of SC families
• To ensure that all the eligible people become a part of Self employment program
• To ensure that all the SC families are included in the linkage loan program
• To guarantee that all the eligible candidates in the SC families become a part of ESTP program
• To make sure that all the eligible family members get welfare pensions
12 Antony V,
NULM Manager, Thrissur
Unemployment is one of the major problems that we are facing in the present scenario. Even after achieving a specific skill the candidates are remaining unemployed. If we can connect the employers with these candidates we can eradicate the poverty and lead our Nation to the development.
Here I am planning to commence a job bank which is a mediator for employers and job seekers. In initial Stage we will depend the Social media for the publication of the details. In second stage we have to create a website for the operations.
13 Sreejith P.P,
NULM Manager, Palakkad
I am working as NULM Manager in Palakkad ULB. As a part of the implementation of NULM on all ULBs, I got additional charge of Chittur - Thathamangalam municipality. During one of my ULB visit, I came to know about a cafe canteen working in the ULB. Then I visited the unit and interacted with the unit members.
During the interaction with the team leader, I came to know how much they were struggling to meet their day to day expense .Also two of their group members were not cooperating with them. After the meeting I understood how hard they were working to generate their livelihood. The word of them touches my heart and I decided to make my effort to make their life happy through generating the better livelihood.
14 Muneer,
NULM Manager, Kalpetta
New innovative programmes – Kalpetta
1) Wayanad is the most tribal populated district in Kerala. Tribal people have their own indigenous products and these products great demand among the public. These products have high price value. But due to the exploitation from the intermediaries they are not getting the actual value of the product. Apart from this intermediaries are selling the duplicate products.
It is planning to form a tribal ME group and equip them to be a satellite unit in the district. This group will collect the tribal products from the entire district. CLC will provide platform for group for selling their products directly to the public. And also set a kiosk in CLC for selling the products. It will help to raise the income and to get high value to the product.

2) Illiteracy and ignorance are the major reasons for the backwardness of tribal people. Illiteracy is also an obstacle in the proper functioning of ST NHGs. Most of the women are illiterate. So the minutes and other registers are not properly maintained. Besides that financial transaction is also not happening in these NHGs
To solve the issue CMMU is planning to organise literacy camps among the office bearers of ST NHG in association with resource organisation (RO), literacy mission, District mission, ST animators and promoters. There are 42 ST NHGs in the municipality in 15 are formed under NULM. These activity may coordinated by CMMU in association with CDS and financial expenditure may met from RO fund.

3) Under ESTP component sewing machine operator course conducted for ST candidates. Agency gave placement to these candidates at Perinthalmanna. But these candidates are not ready to leave their place. So it is planning to start an apparel unit for these people by the support of Municipality.
15 Ajith.S,
NULM Manager, Kannur
Adoption of one SC NHG and raise the living standards of its members through enterprising.
16 Nidheesh,
NULM Manager, Kasaragod
Laundry Unit
Kanhangad is a fast growing town in Kasaragod District.A large scope for laundry unit is present in this town. The proposed venture is operated by urban poor females. It is proposed as 2 units; one is for washing, ironing cloths and the other is for collecting, returning garments from customers. The financial resource is planning to meet under Self Employment Programme of NULM. The washing unit is setting up in Knahnagad and the service is extending to the nearest town Nileshwar also.
17 Baiju,
NULM Manager, Kasaragod
Participatory urban poor mapping process aim to find most vulnerable 10 families in a ward and upliftment of these 10 families is the primary objective of this exercise.
1. Select a ward as a model
2. Distribute a questionnaire contain luck coupon worth Rs. 20
3. Mobilize fund through lucky draw coupon
a. Lucky draw coupon exclusively distribute among families in the ward through ADS. Those who buy the coupon cannot propose himself as an urban poor in the lucky draw coupon instead he has to propose a person who is very poor in his own perception. A person can buy any number of coupons.
4. Sort out the most 10 needy poor
a. Tabulate the lucky draw coupon. The most frequent name considering the poverty indicators will come first
5. Assist these 10 urban poor family through various government schemes like NULM
6. Specifically I aim to assist these 10 urban poor family members either to grab a job through ESTP or to set up a self employment project.
18 Ramya P M,
NULM Manager, Kozhikode
Majority of households in urban and rural areas of Kerala is using at least two electronic appliances in their houses. The problem they are facing while using it is minor and major break downs of appliances.  The on time availability of technicians is rarely met and the households need to wait for a technician for few days or they need to hand over the device to electronic shops for repairing. It is time consuming process. On spot repairing of devices or appliances to clear minor faults has significant opportunity at current context. So there are immense opportunities for an entrepreneur who has skill and knowledge in the field of electronic appliances repairing and gas stove repairing service field. 
It is an opportunity for women entrepreneurs from Kudumbashree to start electronic appliances repairing and gas stove repairing service units in all over Kerala as a mobile unit or as on the spot service provider. As a trial basis this project can be started in all ULBs in Kozhikode district under self employment scheme. Training and certificate in electronic appliances repairing and gas stove repairing should be provided for interested candidates through authorised training agencies. 
Requirement for setting up of a repairing Unit:
• Candidates trained in repairing electronic appliances and gas stove
• A tool kit
• If needed a two wheeler
Majority of the transgender discriminated when seeking home or evicted from their homes because of their gender identity. So homelessness is a critical issue for transgender. Unfortunately, the facilities are not available for them. The intensity of facing difficulties for toilets and washrooms, dress changing facilities etc is very high in Kerala. To certain extend, shelter homes or short stay home exclusively for transgender under NULM- Shelter for Urban Homeless will be a solution to minimise these issues. Perinthalmanna Municipality is ready to build a short stay home for transgender persons. Place nearby Manazhi bus stand can utilise for this purpose. The following steps to be taken to implement this project.
• The functioning of this home can be undertaken by the ME unit of transgender group
• Membership should be given to each transgender for availing the services of short stay home
• Short stay, food, toilet facilities and dress changing space can be provided through this home
• A nominal charge should be collected from beneficiaries 
• Vocational trainings can be conducted for required persons.
• Recreational facilities like TV, reading room will be available
It has been seen that, in many Govt. and private hospitals does not have its own laundry department. In private hospitals it is outsourced to private laundries in a high rate per linen. Some hospital has developed their own Laundry department. But in Govt hospitals, these are done by manually by the hospital staff or it has been outsourced to Kudumbashree SHG groups of dobbies who does washing and drying manually and send back to the hospitals. If the Kudumbashree/NULM has its own Laundry unit, the linen and cloths washing work order can be taken from the Govt and Private hospitals. As it is a Kudubashree venture, Govt organisations does not have any hesitation to give the work orders. A group of 8-10 women can do this project. A washing machine and drier will cost approximately Rs: 8,00,000/-. Vehicles (goods Autos) may be needed for transporting the cloths/Linen. Training shall be given to the Women group to run the unit. Special training shall be given to the group regarding infected hoispital Linen/cloths washing. The machinery demonstration will be given from the Company’s side. A suitable area is needed from the corporation/municipality for the project. A space to fix the machineries, electricity and water supply is needed to run the unit.
21 Mobeesh Forming of 5 micro enterprises unit every ADS with the help of revolving fund and linkage loan interest subsidy fund.
Ponnani Municipality situated in West – South region of Malappuram District in Kerala. It is historically famous coastal belt in India. It is situated at the mouth of Bharathappuzha (Nila River) and is bounded by the Arabian Sea on the west. It has got innumerable trade relations with foreigners especially with the Arabs. As per 2011 census the population of the Municipality is 93977 out of which 48781 are women and 45190 men. Ponnani is an important fishing centre in Malappuram District and this is a tidal port, mainly used by the fishing industry. It is estimated that there are around 190 street vendors in Ponnani city. Street vending is an important source of livelihood for the urban poor and also one of the entry level occupations in urban area.
To develop a Vending Market for fish sellers in municipal area and the same time develop a strategy for livelihood promotion of poor fishermen households.
1) Around 30 numbers of street vendors are engaging in fish sales at Ponnani town and most of them are using the space of restricted areas or no vending zone.
2) Ponnani has greatest potential to develop a primary market for fresh/live fish items and many people from remote area will come and collect the first hand products.
3) There is a suitable location available at Kundukadavu Junction for rehabilitating the street vendors.
As a Manager concerned municipality, I have a plan of action for successful accommodation and rehabilitation of street vendors especially fish sellers in Ponnani Municipality. I had discussed the idea with Municipal Chairman and Secretary to prepare a detailed project report on vending market at Beeyam Kayal Road, Kudukadavu Jn. Ponnani. They are also satisfied with my suggestion and seek more technical support from the part of NULM.
• Brain storming session with Municipal Chairman, Secretary, Engineer and Standing committee chairpersons.
• Obtain the approval of Council meeting and resolution for location.
• Assist municipal engineering wing to draft DPR of Vending market
• Submit and get approval for DPR from State Mission
• Assist the municipal team to execute the project implementation and
• Orient/sensitize the vendors on rehabilitation programme.
23 Mini John NATIONAL URBAN LIVELIHOOD MISSION, PALAKKAD NULM- Dream project to making a Difference We NULM team, Palakkad is on the way to achieve my dream project. To achieve this goal we have planned an innovative project through NULM. Our plan is that 100% SHG members to be employed, a five year project 2018-2022. For this purpose we have conducted • Ward level meetings for institutional development and social mobilization. • Conducting meetings and FGDs with SHG, ADS, CDS, councillors etc. • Regular discussions with Palakkad DMC. • Trying to achieve - 25% of every SHG members will be employed every year. • We expect suggestions, better policies, and strategies from all to speed up our mission to achieve this goal. The vision of our project is a world model women organisation. It will be a model to other states and other nations. “Together we can achieve” Mini John k NULM Manager Palakkad
24 Renjith P.C Project Objective: Social and Financial Inclusion of families having mentally, physically offspring Project Area: Mentally, Physically Challenged Families in Thrissur Corporation area. Expected outcome of the project 1) Development of community based organization 2) 100% inclusion of kudumbashree network 3) 100% inclusion of social security entitlement ( Pension, Insurance) 4) At least one family member should be enrolled in ESTP component 5) Development of 10 individual enterprises
25 Meghna S

People in and around / outside Trivandrum from all walks of life, visits Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram for their health needs as it has all most all medical departments, facilities and the best team of doctors to support the same. Unfortunately due to the large number of patients visiting the hospitals, there are issues faced by those who want service and by those who provide the same. It can be anything from crowd management, existing systems issue, lack of proper service availability ( say 24 hrs availability of wheel chair , hygienic food, ensure clean surroundings, system to handle fault repair… name a few).

The above mentioned are from a layman’s view. I plan to conduct a survey of all the stake holders and come up with a list of issues which are holding up better service to patients. From among the issues, plan to select a few with the stake holders approval where  schemes under Kudumbashree can be put into place to bring about a positive change and develop a proposal that would focus on addressing these issues

Proposed Phases
1. Conduct Survey
2. Publish the areas where issues/help are identified/needed.
3. Identify the areas where solution can be worked with the stakeholders
4. Prepare Project plan and get approvals within Kudumbashree and MC stakeholders
5. Project Implementation.
6. Monitoring and Handover 

26 Jaison TJ Develop a brand under Kudumbashree for food street vendors. 
During the recently concluded street vendor survey, more than 19,000 urban street vendors have been identified from 93 urban cities. Out of the identified street vendors, about 5000 vendors are engaged in food vending or food related business. Kudumbashree, with the support of urban local bodies, will impart skill training to at least 500 food street vendors during the current financial year. Trained food street vendors will be brought under a “Kudumbashree brand” ensuring the quality of food and services supplied/ provided. Branding will be done for those street vendors who are interested to be part of Kudumbashree branding and are willing to accept the terms and conditions. There will be certain eligibility criteria for the selection of food street vendors for branding.  Vendors, who like to be considered under the brand, should be recognized by the concerned Town Vending Committee and should possess a valid ID card and a certificate of vending or a license obtained from the concerned urban local bodies. Kudumbashree will do regular monitoring and ensure the quality on periodic interval. 
27 Deepa K Prabhakar

KUDUMBASREE EVENT MANAGEMENT TEAM ( Team will be named later) 
An exclusive women event management team will be established incorporating ESTP and SEP components of NULM. Event management team will have the experts from various sectors. The team will be consisting of 
1. Reception team 
2. Stage decoration team
3. Light and sound team
4. Photography and video 
5. Beauticians
6. Catering team
7. Waste management team
8. Cleaning Team 
9. Serving team 
Each team will be trained under ESTP. EDP to be provided along with this. The group will take SEP(G) loan under their own area. The whole group will be registered under Indian parternership Act. Initially the team will be managed through CLC.

28 Priya Paul Kudumbashree Eateries and parcel counters: The scope for eateries & food counters are increasing day by day as the preference of people to have food outside increased.  Every month new food counters, tea stalls, way side eateirs and restaurants are mushrooming in the city.  The objective of the proposed project is develop a Kudumbashree brand in eateries and food counters in selected ULBs.  Kudumbashree already had developed a brand in the food sector- the Cafe Kudumbashree.  But it is more familiar as food fests.  Here development of a specific brand that markets traditional snacks & ethnic foods that is popular across the state.  The strategy is to identify women in the age group of 25-45 years who are interested to run the eateries. The women will be selected from the CDSs and will be trained on the preparation of various recepies, hygeine and customer management. Handholding will be provided to them for a period of one year through the existing MECs.  The project is intended to pilot in Trivandrum Corporation and will be replicated or modified based on the experience and will be implemented in other ULBs.

Mujeeb UR Rahman K

Food Street @Bhatt Road Beach
Kozhikode and its people are famous for her craziness to Food and Tastes. Varieties of foods are making by the women those living in the town and they also ready to serve such foods to those want to buy. GUMUTTI (Single Room Tea Shops) was famous early ages and still that nostalgic taste in old peoples’ tongues. The GUMUTTI tea portrayed in famous novelist S K Pottakkad’s Oru Theruvinte Katha (Story of a Street). GUMUTTI were located in the streets of Valiyangadi, Mananchira, Palayam, Kandamkulam, Mavoor Road & Beach Road. Due to various reasons that was gradually closed down and now such shops are not seen in the city
There are two-world famous model of food streets i.e. Lahore (Gawalmandi & Fort Road) and Bangkok (YAOWARAT, SILOM ROAD, SOI RAMBUTTRI, BANGLAMPHU, SOI 38 SUKUMVHIT). In the month of Ramzan a small street of Kozhikode “Kuttichira” serving variety and tasty foods to its customers in nights and the business quite good that season. Many customers are coming from far-away places to taste such foods. So I don’t think price and distances to reach the place to have tasty foods are not a hindrance for the customers and also it is easy to promote such streets in the city.
Initiating a Exclusive Food Street in the city of Kozhikode by the Kudumbashree’s National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM). The place proposed for implementing this idea is Bhatt Road Beach. So the name we can call it as “FOOD STREET @BHATT ROAD BEACH. 



Sl.No. Name of Manager Proposed Innovative idea for the year 2017-18
1 KIRAN Foreign Recruitment Programme

I would like to commit 100 international placements from Alappuzha through DDUGKY within 2 years of time period.(already I have done 30 international placements in Wayanad through our associated partners in phase 1st and 2nd )  As you all know - the knowledge students attain at DDU GKY programme meet the demands of the corporate world and the society through strong professional values and integrity. This is our major highlight and we are already started the Liaoning with few international ventures for pilot drives.  Alappuzha has never compromised on its mission of knowledge led productivity growth and the same has been upheld by the vast trust shown by our recruiters. We strongly believe definitely we can achieve   the target, through the support of stakeholders those who were associated with us.
2   Project Proposal of Consultancy services


Smile centre is a Human resource consulting centre located in Kalpetta, Wayanad. It is owned by Kudumbasree mission wayanad.  The Smile centre has expertise in a wide range of HR areas and is targeting the emerging company market. Smile centre will offer huge opportunities for rural and urban youths to earn their livelihood by doing different jobs across India.
Smile centres’ Missions are to provide human resource consulting for companies and ensuring minimum livelihood opportunity for our rural and urban youth.
The objectives for the first year of operation include:
To develop a sustainable consultancy to fulfil the job aspirations of our rural youth
To reduce unemployment ratio
Situational analysis
We have completed three successive years in DDU GKY training in our District. We have trained 1423 candidates out of which 791 are placed under this project as of now. The studies done by block level officers of DDU GKY proved our assumptions regarding huge drop outs of candidates from this project.  The major reason of drop out is that most of the candidates are not ready to go out of district since 60% of our beneficiaries are female. Working candidates are also facing problems like low salary, high price for accommodation and foods, costly living styles etc. So we are planning to start a consultancy which will offer job opportunities by considering most of the above mentioned hindrances for retention in placement under DDU GKY project
Organizational set up of the consultancy
Director                                                     - District Mission Coordinator Wayanad
Assistant Director                                    - ADMC-Skills Wayanad
Project Manager                                      - DPM-DDU GKY wayanad
Implementing officers                 - Block Coordinators-DDU GKY, wayanad
Supporting staffs                                      - ST animators, Promotors, Snehitha staffs etc.
Location & Address of the consultancy
Location: - District Kudumbasree office, Kalpetta-wayanad
Contact nos:-04936-206589
Email id: -
Job aspirants from wayanad will be the beneficiaries under this project. There will be three categories of beneficiaries such as unskilled job aspirant, skilled job aspirant, and Employed job aspirant.
Unskilled aspirant: - These are students who are unskilled to place in a company. We will train them under DDU GKY project by considering their interests
Skilled aspirant: - These are students who are skilled but not received job as of now. We will offer chance for them to find out apt jobs across India.
Employed Job aspirant: - These are students who are employed as of now. But they are not satisfied with the present job. We will help them to retain in job either continuing there or in a new location. 
• Mobilizations to indentify right beneficiaries
• Career counselling
• Job Melas
• Arranging special placement drive
• Soft skill training for job aspirants
• Training for Professional development of the job aspirants
• Legal services related with job
• Tie –Up with employees
• Migration centre
• Alumni Meet
Expected employees
We need to identify at least 25 employees from wayanad, 15 from Calicut and 20 from mysore and 30 from other major cities. The success of the consultancy depends on the credibility and authenticity of companies. We believe in quality rather than quantity.
Convergence possibilities
We need to establish possible convergence with ITDP, other govt agencies, and Non govt agencies to identify right beneficiaries to train, place and retain in job.
Duration of the project
1st July 2017 to 31th March 2018
Requirements of the success of the project
Non financial (Tie up with employees, candidates’ data bank, etc.)
• DPM will submit action plan (to do list) for the upcoming month before 25th of every month.
• DPM will submit action taken report to DMC and ADMC before 27th of every month
• Review meeting of the above mentioned details will be conducted on the last working day of every month.
3 Rohini A M DDU-GKY Dropouts to Micro Enterprises units

As Part of deen dayal upadhyaya grameen kaushalya yojana (DDU-GKY) project we ensure the placement of 70% of trained candidates through our project implementing agencies and also we try to place other 30% through arranging Job fairs. But most of the time we see some of the candidates will not stay in work for long period due to a couple of reasons. For this reason i would like to introduce self employment scheme for the needy dropout candidates of DDU-GKY.
Aim: Start Yuvasree unit for the DDU-GKY drop out candidate.
1. Livelihood opportunities for dropouts
2. Make sure dropout candidates to be addressed properly
3. Income generation for candidates
4 Bineesh Sebastian Project Name: SKILL Bank

I would like to develop an online based skill bank for youth. It helps to youths for identify a new skill training available under the Kudumbashree. And help to them for selecting new jobs and also help to job providers for selecting suitable candidates.
We all know each day there will be a number of celebrations/functions in every corner of our District. In these functions a large amount of FOOD may became WASTE and the family members find it difficult to manage these food. Here I Have a Dream Project to manage the UNEATEN FOOD and also to find a solution for helping poor hungry stomachs. For this we need some VOLUNTEERS in every part of the district to collect food from the venue where function took place. The venue may be an Auditoriam, House, Office etc. These volunteers will have a list of beneficiaries (hungry people) to whom the food is needed.

6 Bibin Jose,  State Programme Manager, DDU-GKY My Personal Project

Vinu T B, Block Co-ordinator DDU-GKY

My Personal Project - KARMA-2017
8 Dr. Praveen C.S., Chief Operating Officer(S), DDU-GKY My Personal Project
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