Sl.No Circular No. Date Abstract Download Circular
1 3975-D-2017-KSHO 03-08-2017 MY ME Project



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Letter - Chief Secretary

11-08-2017 Appreciation for the initiative of Railways in Kerala to involve self help group sponsored by the Local Self Governrnent of Kerala in bringing about enhanced cleanliness and job opportunities for unemployed women
2 GO(Rt)No.330-2017-TSM 22-06-2017 Tourism Department- Working Group-Plan Schemes- Clean Destination Campaign Implementation during 2017-18- Administrative Sanction- Accorded-Orders issued
3 GO(Rt)No.159-2017-LSGD 19-01-2017 Amrutham Nutrimix Price



  Proceedings No. Date Abstract Download Guidelines
  KS-D-5646-2011 08-12-2017 Santhwanam Guidelines - Amendment
  1297-M-2013_KSHO 05-10-2017 Circular for Selection of Skill Training Agency
  9642-H-2016_KSHO 05-10-2017 Guideline for Common Facility Center
  7920-D-2017_KSHO 05-10-2017 Guideline for Startup Fund
  2903-D-2016_KSHO 21-08-2017 Guideline for Multi purpose/ Special task group formation
  4069-D-2014_KSHO 23-06-2017 Interest Subsidy - Guidelines
  5211-D-2017_KSHO 20-05-2017 Rural Micro Enterprises Guidelines
  2977-D-2017_KSHO 27-04-2017 Technology Fund ME Guidelines
  2980-D-2017_KSHO 25-04-2017 Second Dose Assistance for ME Guidelines
  2982-D-2017_KSHO 25-04-2017 Revolving Fund for ME Guidelines
  2981-D-2017_KSHO 18-04-2017 Crisis Management Fund for ME Guidelines
  2978-D-2017_KSHO 06-04-2017 Technology Upgradation Fund for ME Guidelines
  2979-D-2017_KSHO 30-03-2017 Innovation Fund for ME Guidelines
  KS-L-4195-2008 27-09-2016 SC Cafe Guideline
  KS-D-5646-2011 26-04-2013 Santhwanam Guidelines



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  1372-D-2013_KSHO 01-01-2018 Financial assistance to MEs
  5646-D-2011_KSHO 29-12-2017 Santwanam Volunteers Training form 3rd Jan 2018 to 9th Jan 2018
  11169-D-2017_KSHO 05-12-2017 KASE-Training in Geriatric care, Homestay & driving
  0738-D-2017_KSHO 04-12-2017 Rubber board Labour group formation in Kasaragod
  10394-D-2017_KSHO 11-10-2017 Haritha Karma Sena Formation
  0738-D-2017_KSHO 26-09-2017 Formation of Labour Group in Rubber Plantation Field
  3975-D-2017_KSHO 25-09-2017 My ME Project - Reminder
  5322-D-2014_KSHO 25-09-2017 Railway Projects-Review meeting
  9491-D-2017_KSHO 20-09-2017 Micro Enterprises-Improving packing & design of products
  3920-D-2009_KSHO 14-08-2017 Nutrimix - GST - Including
  3920-D-2009_KSHO 14-08-2017 Wheat requirement & UC-reg
  5322-D-2014_KSHO 10-08-2017 Temporary Kiosk-stall at Railway Divisional Office Complex
  9747-D-2015_KSHO 03-08-2017 Jen Aushadi Store
  7298-D-2017_KSHO 02-08-2017 Distribution of 5 KG LPG
  6783-D-2017_KSHO 01-08-2017 Training for MECs
  5149-D-2017_KSHO 01-08-2017 Milma Products through Kudumbashree Canteen
  3975-D-2017_KSHO 27-07-2017 ME Accounting Training-TA
  3975-D-2017_KSHO 27-07-2017 ME Accounting Auditing Training



Sl.No Proceedings No. Date Abstract Download Proceedings
1 4851-D-2017_KSHO 10-08-2017 Munnar - Kurinji Power Laundry Project- Innovation Fund

2 2436-D-2015_KSHO 29-07-2017 Sanitary Napkin Distribution - Fund