Capacity Building and Training

The key objectives of the Capacity Building and Training (CB&T) component are: a. To transform the role of M/o HUPA and State Agencies in charge of urban poverty alleviation into providers of high quality technical assistance in the field of livelihood promotion and urban poverty alleviation; b. To build strong institutional structures at the National, State, and City levels for efficient implementation of the NULM and; c. To build capacity of the urban poor, their institutions and the machinery involved in the implementation of NULM


NULM – Capacity Building calendar for 2017-18 November onwards 
Theme Dates and number of days   Target Group/Participants Total fund requirement (amount in rupees)  Remarks
Orientation programme to CO selected from different ULBs  2 batches – 3 days duration November 2nd week  All CO s selected by the DMCs would be given orientation  122*2500=3,05,000 60 and 62 two batches 
RO review cum orientation on the targets of the financial year 2017-18 1 day duration 4 batches  CDS chairpersons and members secretaries  260*1000 =2,60,000 During this programme the action plan will be reviewed and the targets would be fixed and familiarized with the actions 
Monthly review meeting / ADMCs in charge of NULM and one CMMU manager each per district.  11th of every month from June onwards (10 programmes)  Review of the NULM target set and the achievements  28*500*10= 1,40,000 From each district the DMC in-charge of NULM would be participating in the review. One CMMU managers representing each district team of NULM will also participate in the programme. 
Thematic workshop on Street Vendor rehabilitation programme  January 2018  second  week 100 participants  How the rehabilitation of street vendors to be effected in the state by providing legal information, food safety information and banking information  100*1000= 1,00,000 Street vendors are given insight into the rehabilitation programmes, legal implications, good practices followed in other countries etc.
Refresher training to multitask personnel  2 batches of 47 each. (November  last  week)  All components covered  47*1500 =70,500  
Refresher training to Cos  4 batches (February 2018 , 3rd and 4th week)  All CO s are covered  149*1000=1,49,000