Gender sensitization refers to the raising sensitization of gender equality concerns. It helps people in examining their personal attitudes and beliefs and questioning the realities of both sexes. Gender sensitization make people understand the difference between sex and gender, how gender is socially constructed and the stereotypes around gender roles It helps them determine which assumptions in matters of gender are valid and which are stereotyped. Need of gender sensitization is to create awareness among the working professionals about the importance of gender sensitivity in organization. Without being sensitive to the needs of a particular gender, an individual may refrain from understanding the opposite gender. Gender is Socially Learned behavior, based on social expectation from Men & Women. The women and children are most vulnerable group of this situation. And it’s the undue pressure on Boys & Girls to live up to the established norms of Masculinity & femininity. Girls endure unwarranted social control, discrimination & domination. Boys discouraged from being emotional, gentle or fearful. Gender Sensitization gives a clear and precise view about Gender and help to understand that GENDER is not about “Women” it’s about “People”.


Kudumbashree is a community based organization and the largest Women network in Asia. Employees who work for Kudumbashree deal with the community women and their issues across state. Kudumbashree focus on women empowerment along with social and economic empowerment. Therefore employees must be sensitized towards gender equality. Gender sensitivity helps to generate respect for individual irrespective of sex at work place and in society. The need for Gender sensitization has been felt and realized by mission and two days training work shop was conducted for 11 batches. This Gender sensitization training has been given to more than 500 Kudumbashree staff, including DPM, Block coordinators, Snehitha and state mission staff. For the grass root level gender intervention gender sensitization will be given to the community leaders as well.




Sl.No Name Training  Batch District / Office Report
1 Aswathy S First Batch Head Office
2 Kiran Mohan First Batch Thiruvananthapuram
3 Neethu L Prakash First Batch Thiruvananthapuram
4 Rajitha P First Batch Thiruvananthapuram
5 Reena Devid First Batch Thiruvananthapuram
6 Rohini First Batch Thiruvananthapuram
7 Swathi S First Batch Thiruvananthapuram



Sl.No Name Training Batch Details District / Office Report
1 Aishat A First Batch Kollam
2 Arun Raj First Batch Kollam
3 Dr.Minu First Batch Kollam
4 Hareesh H First Batch Kollam
5 Jayakrishnan First Batch Kollam
6 Jenny John First Batch Kollam
7 Mayadevi First Batch Kollam
8 Suchitra S First Batch Kollam



Sl.No Name Training Batch Details District / Office Report
1 Anitha K Nair First Batch Pathanamthitta
2 Anupa P R First Batch Pathanamthitta
3 Elizabeth First Batch Pathanamthitta
4 Mukesh Kumar First Batch Pathanamthitta
5 Shajahan First Batch Pathanamthitta
6 Shalu Shajahan First Batch Pathanamthitta
7 Sheeba B N First Batch Pathanamthitta
8 Suhana Beegum First Batch Pathanamthitta
9 Unnikrishnan First Batch Pathanamthitta



Sl.No Name Training Batch Details District / Office Report
1 Aswathy Mohan First Batch Alappuzha
2 Lekshmi VN First Batch Alappuzha
3 Reshma First Batch Alappuzha
4 Rins Suresh Kumar First Batch Alappuzha
5 Sunitha P First Batch Alappuzha
6 Swethamol S First Batch Alappuzha
7 Alen Geroge Second Batch Alappuzha
8 Letha L Second Batch Alappuzha
9 Saritha V Second Batch Alappuzha



Sl.No Name Training Batch Details District / Office Report
1 Rajesh pai First Batch Kottayam
2 Anumol Augusthy Second Batch Kottayam
3 Arjun Soman Second Batch Kottayam
4 Binitha Sebastian Second Batch Kottayam
5 Deepa Vinod Second Batch Kottayam
6 Deepamol K B Second Batch Kottayam
7 Linu Sebastian Second Batch Kottayam
8 Rajitha Prasanth Second Batch Kottayam
9 Soumya V S Second Batch Kottayam
10 Sreerekha S Second Batch Kottayam
11 Teena Tintu K Second Batch Kottayam
12 Tes V Jose Second Batch Kottayam
13 Vijesh Kumar K V Second Batch Kottayam



Sl.No Name Training Batch Details District / Office Report
1 Bipin First Batch Idukki
2 Jatheen Jathavedan First Batch Idukki
3 Sreeprabha Mukesh First Batch Idukki
4 Ajmi Shasi Second Batch Idukki
5 Aneesh V C Second Batch Idukki
6 Anju Baby Second Batch Idukki
7 Anju V R Second Batch Idukki
8 Annobi K James Second Batch Idukki
9 Binu S Second Batch Idukki
10 Jayasmitha P Second Batch Idukki
11 Jijo Jose Second Batch Idukki
12 Manya Joseph Second Batch Idukki
13 Rintu Revindran Second Batch Idukki
14 Sethu Lakshmi K S Second Batch Idukki
15 Shereena Hameed Second Batch Idukki



Sl.No Name Training Batch Details District / Office Report
1 Anuja First Batch Ernakulam
2 Ajeesh First Batch Ernakulam
3 Ponni First Batch Ernakulam
4 Remya First Batch Ernakulam
5 Shine T Money First Batch Ernakulam
6 Aswathi Saji Second  Batch Ernakulam
7 Ayyappadas P K Second  Batch Ernakulam
8 Bipin Baby Second  Batch Ernakulam
9 Divya Balakrishnan Second  Batch Ernakulam
10 Eldho T S Second  Batch Ernakulam
11 Gisha K Narayanan Second  Batch Ernakulam
12 Kiran Babu C R Second  Batch Ernakulam
13 Midhu Prasad Second  Batch Ernakulam
14 Nikhil Thomas Second  Batch Ernakulam
15 Priya Ouseppachan Second  Batch Ernakulam
16 Rajasree Chandran Second  Batch Ernakulam
17 Renjini M Nair Second  Batch Ernakulam
18 Sabitha M H Second  Batch Ernakulam
19 Saithu Muhammed M Aliyar Second  Batch Ernakulam
20 Suchithra K S Second  Batch Ernakulam
21 Suman P S Second  Batch Ernakulam
22 Sunoj M K Second  Batch Ernakulam



Sl.No Name Training Batch Details District / Office Report
1 Sobhu Narayanan First Batch Thrissur
2 Monisha First Batch Thrissur
3 Anu Varghese Second  Batch Thrissur
4 Hima George K Second  Batch Thrissur
5 Prasad P P Second  Batch Thrissur
6 Sudheesh M S Second  Batch Thrissur
7 Vineetha C V Second  Batch Thrissur



Sl.No Name Training Batch Details District / Office Report
1 Das J First Batch Palakkad
2 Sabitha First Batch Palakkad
3 Sethulekshmi M First Batch Palakkad
4 Sreenish K S First Batch Palakkad



Sl.No Name Training Batch Details District / Office Report
1 Ajesha First Batch Malappuram
2 Fobina First Batch Malappuram
3 Jiji CV First Batch Malappuram
4 Jinesh KP First Batch Malappuram
5 Mridula M First Batch Malappuram
6 Sreeraj First Batch Malappuram



Sl.No Name Training Batch Details District / Office Report
1 Ashatami T Second  Batch Kozhikode
2 Bincy E K Second  Batch Kozhikode
3 Nikhil Chandran E Second  Batch Kozhikode
4 Prashitha K V Second  Batch Kozhikode
5 Shibila K Second  Batch Kozhikode
6 Shynu P C Second  Batch Kozhikode
7 Sufail T K Second  Batch Kozhikode
8 Thushara B Second  Batch Kozhikode



Sl.No Name Training Batch Details District / Office Report
1 DPM First Batch Wayanad



Sl.No Name Training Batch Details District / Office Report
1 Aneesh Thomas Second Batch Kannur
2 Jibins M J Second Batch Kannur
3 Kavitha T P Second Batch Kannur
4 Remya Haridas Second Batch Kannur
5 Shibin V Second Batch Kannur
6 Swapna P V Second Batch Kannur
7 Vineesh P Second Batch Kannur



Sl.No Name Training Batch Details District / Office Report
1 Anjana James First Batch Kasaragod
2 Hariprasad First Batch Kasaragod
3 Harshga Priya First Batch Kasaragod
4 Jijina P First Batch Kasaragod
5 Saiju First Batch Kasaragod
6 Soumya First Batch Kasaragod
7 Jaseem Shakeel.M Second Batch Kasaragod
8 Kavitha K P Second Batch Kasaragod
9 Remya E Second Batch Kasaragod
10 Reshma Second Batch Kasaragod
11 Shaija.K Second Batch Kasaragod
12 Shibi E Second Batch Kasaragod