Nirbhaya and Crime Mapping

Government of Kerala launched a programme to prevent the sexual violence against women and children. They recognizes the problem and has declared its serious commitment to end child abuse, sexual violence, and sex- trafficking in the state. It aims to implement a multi-stakeholder Policy.

Along with all the agencies working for women’s issues, Social Justice Department selected Kudumbashree Mission to take up this project for the initial grass root level implementation as we have a wide network of women throughout Kerala. Kudumbashree Mission can implement it through different levels such as NHG, ADS and CDS. Kudumbashree can intervene with local self governments, different institutions and agencies. They can coordinate all these government and non-governmental institutions or agencies in their local area. Kudumbashree completed its primary level activities in selected 77 panchayaths as its pilot study. These 77 CDS are from all 14 districts and these are the best CDSs of the state in 2012.

First phase of the programme implementation is gender sensitization programme for different groups and build up a resource team for the programme. Following are the gender sensitization training programmes conducted.

  • Workshop for all the Resource Persons and Gender consultants from all the districts to clear the importance of activities of Nirbhaya by Kudumbashree.
  • Training programme for the 3 representatives of 77 CDS and GRPCs.
  • Gender Sensitisation programme for the representatives of all training groups of Kudumbashree.
  • Training programme conducted for Panchayat Presidents of 77 selected Panchayats
  • Regional Training for Resource persons in three region (Southern, Northern, Central)
  • Gender Sensitisation programme for all the elected representatives and CDS representatives.

More than 5000 trained resource persons were coordinated Panchayat level trainings and crime mapping processes in the selected CDSs.

These trainings were a process of learning and included the sessions to analyse the present situation of women in Kerala and existing gender disparities. Through all the discussions and sharing we could identify the relevance and importance of Nirbhaya project and formulated an action plan for the year.

Gender Sensitization Trainings were organized by Kudumbashree at State and District Levels for Gender Resource Persons, elected representatives of LSGIs and CDS representatives. The same is organized at CDS level participating LSGI staff members. All these efforts aimed to create a safe environment for women and children in the particular CDS.

The second but main intervention as a part of Nirbhaya is Crime Mapping. It is a tool developed by Kudumbashree Gender Team to assess the details of atrocities faced by women of selected 77 CDSs. The process includes issue mapping and crime spotting. Though crime spotting give places where atrocities happen and issue mapping give detailed picture about atrocities. Trainings organized at State, District, Regional and CDS levels so that we can spread awareness about Nirbhaya policy, type of atrocities against women and children, importance of Jagrata Samiti initiatives, agencies working to combat violence against women and children, gender relation of atrocities, need of local level planning, convergence between departments to combat sexual violence against women etc.