Purified drinking water has become a necessity in both rural and urban areas. The demand is increasing day by day and water is supplied by different agencies. But the availability of small plants at local level and supply of water at low cost is not available. Based on the availability of ground water (wells, bore wells and other sources) plants may be set up with varying capacities. This demand can be better converted into an enterprise opportunity and the Mission intends to set 17 plants across the state. The project will be implemented in co-ordination with the concerned Local Self Governments.




Fitness centers & health clubs are mushrooming day by day in the urban areas as lifestyle diseases are increasing and service providers in the field has become vital. The private agencies are tapping the opportunity. Women find it difficult to find right centers and time to keep them fit. Adequate space, convenient location to reach and privacy are some of the most challenging factors in the sector. Also women managed fitness centers are usually preferred by women. Kudumbashree women wellness centers are one of the initiatives proposed by the Mission to start in all Urban Local Bodies assessing the demand. The target is to set 19 centers in the current financial year.




Mobile housekeeping services in a novel idea the Mission intends to start in the financial year. Specially trained persons will provide housekeeping services on call. They will be provided with sufficient equipments for mechanized cleaning. The teams will be positioned in urban areas either associated with City Livelihood centres or separately.




Kudumbashree intends to start a new initiative in enterprises the ‘Urban Service Team’ in selected ULBs in the first phase. The objective is to provide various services to the people residing in urban local bodies. The persons having skills in various sectors will be brought under a single umbrella where their services can be availed through on call. Plumbing, electrical works, Home appliances repairing, masonry, coconut climbing, gardening & landscaping is considered. People having specific skills or qualifications in these sectors will be formed as a group enterprise. They will be attached to the City Livelihood centre’s or they will avail an office space where facilities to receive work orders from the public will be made. Initially the Mission intends to start the project in 7 ULBs.




The demand for hollow bricks/ cement bricks is increasing in the construction sector. The Mission finds it as a good opportunity in the enterprise sector in the context of the Project ‘Housing for All by 2022’ of the Government. The target of the project is to support 80000 individual houses and apartments for 1 lakh homeless persons. The requirement of these houses/ apartments can be explored by positioning Kudumbashree cement bricks units across the state. The units will be positioned in convergence with Local Self Governments.




Laundry management and ironing has become a requisite in cities as is one of the most demanded and successful business. The concept has good scope in tourism locations and also in hospitals, hotels etc. Based on the demand and viability Kudumbashree laundry units will be promoted. Mechanized units are proposed.




Kudumbashree has created a brand in the canteen/ catering sector among the public. The acceptance of the units is best revealed in the Cafe Kudumbashree food fests. The ethnic foods across the state are usually brought under the single roof through the ‘Cafe Kudumbashree food fests’. The availability of various ethnic delicacies of the state can be marketed by setting Take away counters at various locations in the city areas. With this objective, the Mission intends to set mother kitchen and Take away counters, where the food will be cooked in a central location and marketed through various outlets.




Day care has good scope as a service sector enterprise. Nuclear families and both parents working brings in good scope for day care centers. Reliability and safety is a concern to set Day care. Trained teachers and care takers in right proportion as per the children available is required for a good centre. The Mission proposes to start day centers assessing the demand by providing good training to the members. The idea is to set centers if infrastructure is provided by concerned departments/ organizations on one hand and by the trained persons by availing space on rent or lease on the other.