Anti Human Trafficking

Today’s development dialogue abounds with discourses and debates on equality, social justice, empowerment, marginalization and other human rights issues. But it is a paradox that even when the world discusses the Millennium Development Goals and the empowerment era, incidences of human trafficking are being reported, worldwide. Human trafficking caters to flesh trade, forced labour and illegal organ transplantation. Trafficking is the third largest organized crime.

Anti Human Trafficking project is an initiative of Kudumbashree which carried out preventive and rehabilitative interventions. The project was initiated as a pilot in selected 3 blocks namely Devikulam, Chittur and Mananthavady of Idukki, Palakkad and Wayanad respectively. The project aims to bring down and contain human trafficking in the selected blocks. Along with this, Project also aims to equip the victims, escapees, survivors and High risk group’s identified by the project with the help of AHT cells, rescue organisations, Social Justice Department and NGO’s etc, from across the state with technical skilling and economic rehabilitation and thereby reintegration with the community.

As a part of Anti Human Trafficking project Migration centers were started in these three blocks for the coordination of the activities and for the prevention of trafficking in that area. The center aims to focus on prevention of trafficking, emotional and vocational rehabilitation of the survivors through Counseling, Vocational Training and livelihood programmes. Snehitha (Gender Help Desk), round the clock working short stay home is also started as a part of Anti Human Trafficking in these districts. 1007 High risk people (Vulnerable to trafficking) were identified through the AHT intervention such as House visit, survey and focus group discussions. As part of the rehabilitation process of these High risk people Kudumbashree provide livelihood support to the identified.