Kudumbashree gender focused programmes aims to ensure that all development efforts take into account the experiences, needs, and contribution of women by removing structural barriers. The program attempted to create awareness among the women as well as sensitized the society around. It focuses in promoting women’s participation in the decisions that affect their lives, eradicate poverty and inequality, prevent the exploitations against them and sustainable development can be achieved. Also the programmes aim to focus on creating women friendly NHG areas and living situations to ensure women empowerment to achieve full citizenship.

Relevance of the programmme

  • Helps to Recognizing the need to transform collectives from income generation groups to that of knowledge-sharing-creation- management groups.
  • Advantage for utilizing opportunities by tactical approach.
  • Enhancing capacity to share and manage different dimensions of social life.
  • Consolidation of rich life experiences for understanding self.
  • Attempt to encourage strategic discussions in the NHG on gender issues touching the lives of poor women.
  • Need for evolving small learning groups beyond the formal structures in quest for effective interventions on bringing in equality and justice.

Objectives of the programme

  • Convey the messages of women’s status, rights, equality and justice
  • Enhance the platform for participation in local development
  • Initiate women to have access and control over assets
  • Equip women against domestic violence and to strengthen the network beyond collectivization.
  • To form a community level resolving mechanism to prevent and address atrocities against women and children
  • To ensure the participation of women in  social and cultural space