Personal Projects of City Mission Managers for the year  2018-19

Sl. No

Name of City Mission Manager


ULBs where charge is assigned

Short Term Goal (3 months) -  01-06-2018 to 01-09-2018

Long Term Goal (10 months) - 01-06-2018 to 31-03-2019


Sham Krishna B


1) To complete Second round Street Vendor Survey.   

2) To form a Geriatric Care Unit

1) To form a construction team under NULM and construct a house for PMAY / LIFE beneficiery.

2) To Generate Livilihood options to minimum 5 members of PMAY / LIFE beneficieries by enrolling them in ESTP training or SEP.


Abik Nirmal Dev KN


Establish colour coded NHG tracking sheet to know the status of each NHGs such as  Revolving fund, linkage, subsidy, MEs established, etc.

1. 100% linking of all eligible NHGs and finding the reasons of those who are not linked / not willing to avail linkage loans.            

2. Establish 2 housekeeping units


Sajeev B

Attingal & Varkala

1.Preparation , Finalization and Printing of ID Cards for left over Street Vendors who were approved by Town Vending Committee(TVC).

2.Second round survey in connection with new applications received and preparation of list of Street Vendors for approval and further decision of TVC at Attingal and Varkala.

3.Educating CDSs regarding RO and RF criteria and process.

4. Data collection for MIS from NHGs.

 1.Second Round ID Card Distribution to Street vendors.

 2.Maximum Data collection from NHGs and completion of MIS.

 3.Imparting knowledge about NULM scheme and motivating NHGs to avail max benefit out of it.

4.New NHG formation and Revival.

5.Extending RF support to max NHGs those who are fulfilling the Criteria.

6.To attend maximum ADS and CDS meetings for analysing the effective implementation of NULM.


Sreejith S K

Trivandrum Corporation

Enroll 350 candidates as part of EST&P component; Organise a Job Fair in ULB, including candidates not placed by agencies after certification.

Enroll 850 candidates as part of EST&P component; A website/mobile app for CLC in Thiruvananthapuram ULB catering to service teams; Explore possibility of setting up a service provider unit for BPO sector.


Shiju Johnson

Trivandrum Corporation

Conduct a meet/camp for SEP Beneficiaries for promoting Innovative Enterprises

Start at least 3 Innovative Enterprises in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation


Remya P M

Trivandrum Corporation

DPR preparation - SUH (Malamukal Old age Home - Refurbishment)

Street vendors zone plan preparation


Sreejith P P

Kayamkulam & Cherthala

Generate livelihood for 5 PMAY/LIFE families, either by enrolling them for EST&P or providing SEP loans

Start 2 Enterprise with the convergence of ULB.( Establishing  a DTP center in the Municipality. Establishing Yuva Weaving unit  by Kudumbashree members in the building provided by the ULB )


Deepa K Prabhakar

Kottarakkara & Karunagapally

Starting a Kudumbashree canteen unit at Kottarakkara . i.e at any of the govt institutions.

An event Management team fully owned and operated by women at Kottarakkara.


Ajith Kumar M

Pandalam & Harippad

Forming a transgender ME at Pandalam

RO plant at Pandalam - Amount of Rs. 7.5 lakhs included in ULB plan fund


Aswini Krishnan

Kollam corporation

Commencement of first batch of ESTP work order. Release of fund to all pending RF /RO applications of FY 2017-18. New NHG formation.

To complete all the first batch and to commence second phase batches of ESTP. Formation of minm 10 NHGs and minm of 2 special NHGs. Module training to all newly formed NHGs of last year as on date. RF to all newly formed NHGs. MIS entry to 100%.


Manu M

Kollam corporation

Fully functional RO plant (SEP) at Kollam Municipal Corporation

Modernized day care center (SEP)  at Kollam Municipal Corporation


Ajith S

Thiruvalla & Changanacherry

Revival and Strengthening of 10 Micro Enterprises-
by using different fund and HR of Kudumbashree District Mission and to impart common accounting system in the units. Aims to provide accounting training and other capacity building programmes to these units.To set up common name boards, common registers etc among the units. Identification of Units ( through the ME survey data, unit visit and ME meet), identification and prioritization of the needs (through the appearance of the units and discussions with the members), actions based on the priority of the needs (Consultation with District ME team,MEC,KAASS) and are the process included.

Production and Marketing hub among the wards of Thiruvalla Municipality.
Selecting the willing persons from the NHGs and create platform to develop new products under Kudumbashree Brand.There will be a hub for marketing these goods in local and international market via online portal or website. In future, it will be linked with Kudumbashree Website.


Sunitha V

Pathanamthitta & Adoor

To verify the utilization of Revolving fund disbursed to to ADS and NHGs.Make a clear cut picture of the utilisation of every NHG and ADS.How much fund used for setting up of livelihood activities,internal lending etc.

To establish a day care centre at Adoor municipality.


Ajith Kumar JG

Punalur & South Paravoor

Convergence of PMAY beneficiaries and their family members to SEP and ESTP program through orientation process and proper guideline.

  • To establish a take away counter
  • Pink taxi
  • urban service team in South Paravoor and Punalur ULB


Lakshmi Priyadarshini

Mavelikkara & Chengannur

To start a plastic collection unit

Convergence with PMAY to form a construction team. Give importance to green home and green offices (SBM)




To start a micro enterprise in the ULB with the sponsorship of some outside agencies

Establishment of Mother kitchen with local outlets in convergence with Alappuzha ULB


Sunu John

Vaikom & Ettumanoor

Not yet started SEP units in Vaikom ULB. So starting of SEP Units.

Collecting details of urban poor women in the age group of 35-45
Categorizing them based on qualification and experience.
Upskilling and support for livelihood.


Boby Jacob

Pala & Erattupetta

100% Grading & 100% linkage In Errattupettah municipalityCDS

Establish a City Livelihood Centre in Pala Municipality


Binu George


Establishing Vanitha Visrama Kendram at Nagampadam Under City Livelihoods Centre

Raising at least Rupees 3 Lakh for ensuring the sustainability of City Livelihood Centre established under NULM through various micro-enterprises initiatives


Johny Joseph

Thodupuzha & Kattappana

To set up an Urban Service team

To set up a library in CDS and encourage reading habit of Kudumbasree members


Simple Rose

Trikkakara & Aluva

Publishing a book (poems,short stories,articles whichever of their interest) of women street Vendors in Thrikkakara Municipality

Development of a 'Kudumbashree' model ward at Aluva Municipality


Lipson P.P.

Angamali & Chalakkudy

Develop soft skills in Kudumbashree CDS members. The training will include sessions on public speaking, self motivation, leadershio, responsibiliy, team work, decisiveness and time management.

Execution of Take a Break- a comfort station built by Tourism department and transferred to the Municipality in Chalakudy. Activities like council decision, Selection of group, feild visit, project formulation etc. are completed. Waiting for the final approval of tourism dept(DTPC).



Kalamassery & Maradu

Cultivation of Marigold (Jamanthi - yellow and orange colours) flowers in 1 acre land by kudumbashree members. This will be harvested in the upcoming onam season. It is a step to initiate the idea "Urban farm and Container gardening". Convergence with MNREGS, Agriculture department, Kudumbashree and ULB.

Set up a Wellness centre: a place where mental and medical healthcare professionals, nutritionists and life-coaches provide a variety of treatments and services for the health of their clients’ minds and bodies.


Radhika Ramakrishnan

Tripunithura & Eloor

Inculcating reading habits among Kudumbashree members & Balasabha members of both the CDSs of Thripunithura Municipality, thus converting Thripunithiura as the first "Sampoorna Vayana CDS" of Kerala.

Canteen Unit & take away counter by Eloor Kudumbashree CDS.


Manu Soman

North Paravoor & Perumbavoor

Starting a House Keeping Unit at Perumbavoor Municipality

Starting Mother Kitchen/Take away counter at Perumbavoor


Neena John

Kothamangalam & Muvattupuzha

Select 1 ward and make all NHGs in that ward participate to cultivate vegetables and flowers for Onam season.

Starting a SEP unit with paraplegia NHG


Rupesh G

Koothattukulam & Piravom

Identify Beneficiary for Women wellness center.Provide Skill and EDP Training.

To make women wellness center operationable


Babitha Jose

Kochi Corporation

Identify the shelter home for women and put up the proposal for in house skill training of inmates through EST&P

Skillng the inmates of a shelter home for women in Kochi corporation so as to make them self reliant


Mobeesh V. Muraleedharam

Kochi Corporation

Branding 10 Kudumbashree products and market the products through homeshop

Set up disaster management activities in the corporation with Kudumbashree


Anoop PV

Kochi Corporation

To make a CLC functional

Refrurbishment of Mahila Vikalanga Mandiram Thevara Shelter home and take all inmates Aadhar Card, Bank account


Deepa VS


Conducting EDP training for 30 members after which they will start new ventures.

Conducting EDP training for 100 members after the training they have been start new ventures.


Simina M

Chavakkad & Kunnamkulam

Opening a Counselling Center for women and adolescent children in Municipality
Start a Women Construction Group in Municipality as a SEP component.

Conducting Medical Examination ( life style diseases, communicable and noncommunicable diseases.) for all Kudumbashree members in Municipality and  issue a Health Status Card naming Kshree  Health  Card.


Siju Kumar A

Wadakkamcherry & Shornur

1, Conduct a sensitization programme for interested beneficiaries & person identified by SPARSHAM campaign and other house hold surveys
 2, To conduct EDP training for those beneficiaries
 3, To conduct skill training for the beneficiaries
 4, To conduct a bankers meeting
 5, To establish and Swanthanam programme ( 5 units)
 6, To establish canteen unit
 7, To establish a house keeping unit
 8, To provide soft skill training for Kudumbashree CDS members

1. To establish , laundry /dry cleaning unit , women wellness center ,day care center mother kitchen and satellite units
 2. Sustainable development


Mini John K

Kodungalloor & Irinjalakkuda

Income Generation to 50 women other than NULM by starting a stitching bag unit.

1) 1 CLC, 1 Daycare, 1 women fitness center
2) Unemployment free municipality through NULM
3) Plastic free municipality (Not NULM)


Antony VO

Thrissur corporation

Develop a platform for a Job Bank which helps the jobless especially for EST&P candidates who have completed different courses. By 15.08.2018 this Job Bank will give placement assistance to at least 5 candidates.

Develop a Job Bank for jobless especially EST&P candidates who have completed different courses.


Renjith P.C

Thrissur corporation

Base line data collection  of Mentally and physically challenged families in Thrissur Corporation area for preperation of Data Base.

100% inclusion in Kudumbashree CBO network  . 100% enrollment of ESTP programme. 100% inclusion of pension scheme.100% inclusion of Insurance scheme with the support of Social security Mission.100% of inclusion of PMAY and Life Scheme inclusion of Physically and mentally challenged families of Thrissur corporation area


Arun CA

Chittur Thatamangalam & Mannarkkad

ESTP enrollment for 10 or more candidates from the beneficiary list of Life/PMAY programme

Set up a Day Care Centre in Palakkad Munciaplity & set up a ME regarding Concrete frame Window & Doors in Chittur Thathamangalam Munciaplity


Bijil Varkey Jose

Ottappalam & Pattambi

 Starting 5 innovative enterprises:
 1. Santhwanam Unit ( Started )
 2. Geriatric care Unit ( Training list ready)
 3. Day care
 4. Ladies Wellness care centre
 5. Green Bytes

Starting a Kudumbashree assisted low cost Tourism cottage with the help of district mission and DTPC at new Anangamala Eco tourist destination near Ottappalam Palakkad district.
Management of the cottages by one Kudumbashree CDS and place 2 of the ESTP Front Office Associate student as the reservation in charge of the cottages.
In future expand the Kudumbashree cottages all over the tourist spots of the district and common reservation. ( Visited the place )


Anup CA

Palakkad & Cherupalasserry

To complete the EDP Training within three months for setup of an ME for HIV affected Beneficiaries.

To identify Construction Group of 15 members and give them training


Sunil PK

Malappuram & Kottakkal

Create SHG among food street vendors and take registration (NABARD or any other affiliation)

Give training to SHGs of food street vendors and provide short term loans and brand the group.


Sreeyesh P

Manjery & Nilambur

Over the last 1 year experience in EST&P component of NULM, I had few experiences where few people are well educated and have little chances of getting a course of their interest under NULM. Those people were found very keen about getting a job. They are actually job needy. Being a person from HR Background, I always preferred to help people getting a job. If we could satisfy the need of those untouched urban people, which is a Job of their interest it will be great. hence I decided to have a go at placing the job needy people from my ULB in some recognized companies. In next 3 months time my target would be to place atleast 15 person from Manjeri ULB in a job of their interest.

Everyone is having a smart phone or two. Still we can see people asking for help in terms of finding a place, finding a shop and finding a job. So is the trouble for shop owners in reaching the right person. Metro Manjeri aims at bringing together both the needs, somebody who comes to manjeri or in manjeri should never feel new in the city. They will have all the data regarding manjeri in their fingertips via Metro Manjeri. It will be platform where people can find shops, offices, leisure places, jobs, matrimony, etc. Job seekers and recruiters will be able to find each other. Common people will be able to find shops, products and services. Setting up Metro Manjeri just requires a counter and a counter staff. Metro Manjeri will be an online portal plus Mobile app service.


Subairul Avan PK

Perinthalmanna & Valancherry

As a certified trainer of JCI India and Centre for Information and Guidance India, I would like to conduct a training workshop for CDS Executives to capacitate them to perform Effective Public Speaking and Parliamentary procedure in Meetings.

Build the capacity of CDS Executives, Officials and facilitate them for first self sufficient CDS in Malappuram District through income generation activities.


Renjith Alex P

Ponnani & Tirur

Make a Travel Circuit of Ponnani - Exploring Destinations and Ethnic foods of Ponnani, Making a complete report containing description of the destinations, recipes of ethnic foods with photos and testimonials.

With the help of my short term goal, Add the report to the Ponnani ULB website, Make publicity through social medias and start ethnic food counters in some destinations.


Vinu TB

Thanur & Tirurangadi

1. Completion of SUSV ID distribution at Tanur ULB
2. Enrollment of 30 candidates to ESTP from Tanur ULB
3. 3 Individual and 1 Group SEP at Tanur ULB
4. Form 5 New SHG and Complete Module Training to these NHG at Tanur ULB

1. Street Vending Zone at Tanur ULB
2. 1 Innovative Enterprise at Tanur ULB
3. 4 Group SEP at Tanur ULB
4. Enrollment of 100 candidates to ESTP from Tanur ULB


Vibitha Babu

Parappanagady & Kondotty

1. Starting a medical lab by qualified NHG member.        

2. Completion of SUSV ID Card distribution                        

3. To establish a Construction group  PMAY beneficiaries total ESTP inclusion

1.Diagnosis of breast and cervical cancer for NHG members        

2. To start a She Lodge. 3. RPL training to street vendors.


Muneer M P

Koduvally & Mukkam

Developing a directory of NULM NHGs including profile of its members and their families with economic background, educational qualifications, their needs and priorities and make it as a reference material for further project implementation.

Branding of food vendors in two ULBs . First step is to give RPL training to them. Then making their cart with uniform model and paint and finally convert their vending to international standard.


Thushara M

Koyilandy & Payyolli

After completeing the SUSV Food vendors training, planning to conduct Food Festival in relation with Koyilandi Festival.

Form Bio-Fertilizer Unit. Collection of waste from houses and compost . Incudes production and marketing of Fertilizers.


Bhavith K

Feroke & Ramanattukara

Identifying physically challenged beneficiaries and understanding their capacities and ascertain their skill or talent

After identifying their skill necessary training will be given facilitate the group to start there sustainable livelihood


Mujeeb Rahman

Kozhikode Corporation

@Tirur ULB:  Council Decision for RO Plant Location and approval, Bank Loan for the RO Plant Entrepreneurs. ULBs Contribution for the Plant to be transferred to Micro Enterprises Account

@Kozhikode ULB: Forming FIVE Street Vendors Group to avail SEP Loan for Procuring Fruits & Vegetables directly from Farmers in Kerala & Outside

1) RO Plant will be Functional on 20th Jan 2019.

2) Minimum of 12 Groups will form in this Financial Year & Eliminate the middlemen's exploitation in terms of over profit.


Shinoj. I

Kozhikode Corporation

1. Ensure Quality in Skill training

2.Construction Team-Identify those who have interested.

3.Engaging Street Vendors in SEP

1.Convergence with PMAY ie engaging PMAY and LIFE beneficiaries  in SEP and ESTP.               

2. SEP for Parents of differentially abled childrens to market  items produced by such Individuals. 

3. Enrollment of 900 candidates in ESTP


Shymon Devassia

Manathavady & Sulthanbathery

CDS based SEP marketing team of building materiels especially for PMAY house construction

For long term we are planning to brand Food vendors of Mananthavadi municipality under kudumbasree mission wayanad and making of uniform food cart.


Nisha S


Inclusion of ST unemployed youth and mobilising them towards SEP and ESTP

Start SEP for PWD candidates


Baiju CM

Kasaragod & Neeleswaram

To start day care center, DTP and a Flour mill, Enroll 75 students in EST&P

Street Vendors vendors market development at Kasaragod Municipality


Nidhish M George

Kanjagad & Thaliparamba

Setting up of an urban service team

Setting up of R.O. plant


Bineesh Joy

Payyannur & Kuthuparamba

Sparsham data follow up, EDP training, ESTP mobilization, SEP, new NHG formation, IEC on NULM activities, ESTP course commencement, subsidy distribution to NHGs ,etc.

RO plant, Coffee Bunk , Shelter home


Jithesh Thomas

Sreekantapuram & Anthoor

Convergence of PMAY/LIFE beneficiaries family members to SEP and ESTP to attain self reliance

There is SC colony in Sreekandapuram Municipal area. Make them self sustained through NULM components like ESTP and SEP


Sulaiman P.P


1. Make arrangements to conduct meeting of family in Samajvadi colony with the help of Ward Counselor.
 2. Make pilot study on education status of the children and youth below the age of 25.
 3. Discussion with different agencies Ie; Kannur Municipal Corporation, Educational Institutions and NGOs

Build an educated group in Samajwadi colony and make them equipped with employment in government or in non government sector through inclusion of students and youth in various training by different organisations in kannur within the time limit of 1 year.


Ramya Raman

Thalassery & Panoor

To attend the ADS meetings and communicate the following things
 • In monthly ADS meeting President, Secretary and the 3 volunteers should compulsorily attend the meeting.
 • Every NHGS are asked to do conduct a Brain Storming sessions in their meeting and come out with atleast one project in next ADS meeting. Projects can be:
• Projects based on knowledge sharing which in turn brings a small income to that groupor its member. For e.g, sharing their expertise on any art forms or any skills to other members or NHGS
Or organic kitchen farming
Or a group enterprise.
 • Every members and their children of NHGs are asked to practise yogafor one hour, thrice in a week. Two members from NHG will be give sessions on yoga and they will be imparting their learnings to other members in their respective NHGs. To begin with, the undersigned will conduct sessions on basics yoga exercises. This will rejuvenate the participants both physically and mentally.

Out of box thinking/ideas on project /projects from the brain storming sessions will be compiled and a detailed SWOT analysis report will be submitted to the ED.
 Basic Computer Awareness which includes knowledge about internet, surfing, mailing, using social media sites and basics of MS Office for their daily use will be taught to those who are interested. The result of this Awareness programme will be properly documented and forwarded to ED.