Establishment of plant nurseries to ensure supply of quality seedlings to public and JLG groups with the aim of livelihood support



Jaivika Plant Nurseries in order to attain self sufficiency on demand of the propagation material for Kudumbashree as well as for the supply of best quality seedlings and saplings to all at reasonable and uniform rates throughout Kerala.

Kudumbashree had been depending on Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Kerala (VFPCK) and Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) for meeting the seedling requirements. Presently, Kudumbashree have 159 existing plant nurseries in hand. In addition to this, 140 new plant nursery units would be established, in a manner of 10 units per district in the common brand name 'Jaivika'.

Considering the aspects such as sizable plot, road access, and availability of the basic resources, the nursery sites would be identified in the respective districts.140 units would be identified and given high end training in different propagation and maintenance techniques. The training would be imparted to the selected groups or individuals through various government departments or skilled personnel from other established units. These nurseries would have all kinds of planting materials including vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental plants and common trees developed through the latest propagation methods.

Revolving funds would be extended to each unit for the same. Scale up and branding of existing Kudumbashree nurseries are also contemplated along with. Online monitoring of stocks and sales will be done at later stage to ensure the sustainability of these nurseries. So far 180 units have been under this programme in different districts. Details are as shown under.