Promote passion fruit cultivation in all districts.



The project aims to popularize the passion fruit cultivation throughout Kerala in view of the spreading acceptance and high returns of passion fruit.

Mapping of the existing area under vines in each GP would be done prior to the start of the project to assess the gaps in production and marketing.

10,000 seedlings will be distributed to each district for implementation. The seedlings would be either be procured from Kudumbashree JLG groups or from VFPCK at the rate of 15 Rs/ seedling or lower. Planting will start in May and harvesting 6-7 months later. 28,000 farmers are targeted for training and issuance of seedlings. Planting would be done in such a way that contiguous panchayats would be selected in a block for easiness in harvesting and transportation later. A collective system of harvesting is planned during harvesting season. The produce would be marketed through Nattuchanthas as well. Value addition and scale up will follow.