Aim :To equip the children with leadership skills and to familiarize with both democracy and democratic processes.

There is an integral and reciprocal relationship between democracy and education. Democracy is more than a political system or process; it is also a way of life that requires certain habits and dispositions of citizens, including the need to balance individual rights with commitments and responsibilities toward others. Currently, democracy is under threat, in part because of the shallow and reductive ways it has been taken up in practice. Understanding the historical relationship between democracy and education, particularly how democracy was positioned as part of the development of Balasabha program, as well as current approaches to Bala parliament, can help to revitalize the democratic mission of education. Specifically, Balasabha have an important civic role in cultivating in students the habits and dispositions of citizenship, including how to access information, determine the veracity of claims, think critically, research problems, ask questions, collaborate with others, communicate ideas, and act to improve the world.

This program will help children get familiarized with democratic process. Activities of Balasabha in this regard, like conduct of Bala parliament will be continued.