Aim :Familiarizing the world of science to the balasabha children

Shastrolsavam will be organized to identify talent and interest of children in science and also to give opportunity to know the world of science. Handholding support will be given either education department or through other significant agencies.

This activity envisages exploring the surrounding resources by children, thereby to enable them to express themselves. Openness towards subject like chemistry, physics and biology creates an Instinet in children to explore the wonderful world of life around them. Following are the objectives:

  • To provide a forum to nurture science and inventive interest from the surrounding environment and connecting new ideas to their existing ideas using commonly available materials and activities.
  • To explore and encourage scientific and technological talent and creative thinking among children and inculcate in them a sense of pride in their talent.
  • To develop an understanding about the role of science and technology to meet the needs of the society.
  • To analyze how science and technology have affected individuals, cultures and societies.
  • To motivate the youth that science and technology are instrument for achieving self reliance in socio-economic development.
  • To enable them to think “Out of box” manner and create an initiative mind.