Vigilant group is the ward level protection force for the prevention of atrocities against women and children. The vigilant group spread its wings over 14 districts of Kerala, the aim of the group are to protect the people from being a victim of crimes and provide support and assistance (if needed) to them. Vigilant groups are formed in ward level. A vigilant group contains five to ten members who are from the same ward for identifying and dealing the issues in a ward. These members are volunteers including men and women. The group functions as a primary preventive mechanism and they refer the cases to community counselors and Snehitha Gender help desk if further interventions are needed.


Representation of the Local self-government institution concerned too would be ensured in each vigilant group and the community counselors of the Kudumbashree mission would be organizing monthly awareness programmes and counseling in each ward as part of the project.



  1. To establish an action force for prevention of atrocities in ward level.
  2. To identify the issues in the community and resolve them in them.
  3. To provide support services to distressed women and children.
  4. To provide expert assistance to needy people.
  5. To encourage convergent activities in local level.


Vigilant group works in various forms such as task force and gender guards in various districts. Two members were selected from every CDS forms a district level task force. The task force have the duty of coordinating and allocating the whole programme of the Vigilant Group in that district.

The vigilant group serves the community interest in crime prevention and maintaining peace. Vigilant groups are an informal group of community members to discuss community problems face-to-face, identify their root causes and consequences, and develop local solutions and referrals. It is a participatory group that focuses to prevent gender-based violence, as well as their ideas on what should be done about it. The aim of forming such groups is to create a safe neighborhood, locality and ensure freedom of movement and protect women and children from violence and atrocities. The aim will be to ensure child and women-friendly wards and community. The role of the vigilant group is to prevent the atrocities and provide immediate assistance through Snehitha, police, and similar services. A vigilant group is keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties which can affect women and children of the particular ward.


Task force in Kozhikode district


PINK TASK FORCE – Pink task force is the best practice of vigilant group by Kozhikode district mission. ‘Pink Task Force’ comprising 164 members (two from each panchayat). The members of this group are selected from vigilant group’s female members. Members of the Pink Task Force were trained in self-defense and had trained other members. They also coordinate with law and order officials and collect information regarding violence against women The objective is not only to create safe neighborhoods but also ensure the freedom of movement of women in CDS level and protect their rights as well. The group would voluntarily take up various issues concerning women and children without even receiving any complaints in that regard. The group also strives to create women and child-friendly atmosphere in the society. The pink task force also extends every possible help and assistance to the women and children who are subjected to suffering at their homes and workplaces due to alcohol and other substances abuse.


TWO WHEELER ARMY- It is a best practice of Thrissur district mission. Two-wheeler army is a group of female members of vigilant group. Two-wheeler army aims to give immediate support to the women and child who are in trouble. Member of these groups reaches at the crime spot by riding their two-wheeler as soon as they get the information of violence. They give all support and refer the case to police and to Snehitha for the further actions.