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Micro Level Planning (MLP)


Micro Level Planning (MLP) is an inclusive participatory planning process drawing on the principles of grassroots democracy and democratic decentralization and aims to facilitate regional and culture specific sustainable development. MLP facilitates the process of transformation of contemporary socio-economic, political and cultural structures and processes, foregrounding equity, social justice and empowerment of the tribes.


By actively involving people in the participatory planning process, MLP makes them aware of the various facets of the development problems in their region. It organizes them to react collectively and effectively to these problems and brings to light the conflicts that divide the various interest groups. In the process, people become politically aware and realize that they themselves hold the key to solve their own problems.


MLP is a common platform to bring together different stakeholders – tribes, elected representatives of LSGIs, bureaucrats, panchayat functionaries, NGOs and other relevant stakeholders- with multiple interests for initiating the change processes for better development. Through training and Conscientising programmes, the exercise aims to build capacities of tribes to make their own hamlet- level plans, drawing on the experience and wisdom of their own lives, with facilitation from the formal and technical knowledge of bureaucrats/technocrats. This would further enable promotion of convergence and integration into CDS Annual Plan document, which could be integrated into the Tribal Sub-Plan.