Financial Inclusion (2024-25)

Kudumbashree with its core mission to wipe-out absolute poverty through women empowerment has indeed touched many lives through its integrated, comprehensive approach. Thousands of the poor and the marginalized population are building their lives, their families and their society through these neighbourhood groups. The financial empowerment of women in Kerala through the focused initiative of Kudumbashree has gone long way drawing even International recognition. Since inception Microfinance has been the basic thrust of Kudumbashree to address poverty. It has been proved without doubt that microfinance is the effective tool for development and contributed to the women and economic development of the society to a great extent. The various activities taken up by Kudumbashree under FI are Thrift and Credit, Bank Linkage, Financial literacy Campaign etc. Supporting funds for the community are Revolving Fund, Vulnerability Reduction Fund, Interest Subsidy and Matching Grant.