Kudumbashree's float during onam celebrations stands out unique reflecting resilience Updated On 2019-09-16

The float presented by Kudumbashree Mission during the procession marking the end of Onam Celebrations 2019 stood out by reflecting  Kudumbashree members's resilience, compassion and commitment towards the society. The float's theme was based on the socially commited activities of Kudumbashree Mission post floods of August 2018. Floats were designed based on Kudumbashree's women construction groups and ARISE (Acquiring Resilience and Identity through Sustainable Employment) programme, which Kudumbashree has launched to create self employment opportunities by extending skill training. 

Kudumbashree women has therefore been rewriting history by undertaking works in the construction sector. It was on anticipating the huge shortage of labour force in the near future because of various determined Government campaigns of mass housing,that training was extended to women in construction sector. So that groups of micro contractors could be formed, who can take up the construction of houses of poor and needy, in addition to taking up of bigger projects. As a part of LIFE mission more than 2.5 lakhs houses are being constructed in the state which provide huge employment opportunity for women construction groups. Further, once the construction groups completes 3/4 houses, it is aimed to upgrade them to become micro contractors for taking up various works of local self governments. Training is given by taking up the construction of the beneficiaries of various government schemes like PMAY(U), LIFE etc.   

Post floods, ARISE programme was launched after identifying that there exist many job offers in these sectors, through the livelihood survey during October 2018.  During the unprecedented floods of August 2018, as many people lost their source of livelihood and many of them became jobless for months. Government of Kerala entrusted Kudumbashree to identify new source of livelihood for them and therefore Kudumbashree framed a livelihood project comprising of various programmes in micro enterprises and skill training sectors. A survey was conducted to identify which all enterprises hold the maximum job opportunities and as a result 10 job sectors were identified. It was understood that, the number of service providers are too less in plumbing, electrical work, electronics repair, day care, housekeeping etc. On realizing that, it was decided to extend training and help them start enterprises in these sectors. And ARISE Programme was launched.

Kudumbashree's fourth defibering unit launched at Kasaragod Updated On 2019-09-16

Kudumbashree's fourth defibering unit was launched at Kasaragod. Shri. E.P. Jayarajan, Minister for Industries, Sports and Youth Affairs, Government of Kerala inaugurated the defibering unit at Kasaragod on 14 September 2019.  The Coir Defibering unit was launched at Kinanur Karinthalam Grama Panchayath. Kasaragod Kudumbasree Mission has initiated the project and Kinanur karinthalam CDS took proactive attitude to mobilize a team of five women to start up the venture. Smt. Savithri, Smt. Reena (President), Jayasree, Smt. Subisha (Secretary), and Smt. Syamala, five Kudumbashree members hailing from poor families of Kattippyol ward 4 of Kinanur Karinthalam grama Panchayat were given training by Coir machinery manufacturing Co. Ltd. The work shed and other infrastructure are arranged by Parappa block Panchayath and Kinanur Karinthalam Grama Panchayath. The machinery, supplied by the company is having the capacity to defibre 2500-3000 husks per day. 

Its regarding the acceptance for the coir products in other countries and for improving the use of the same, that Kudumbashree Mission framed this programme. The first of the series was launched at Pariyaram, Kannur. The programme aims at extracting coconut fibre from raw coconut husks. The Coirfed will procure the fibre from the units. The procurement of these husks will be done by the units itself. The units may also find extra income by selling the coir pith, the byproduct of the fibre extracting process. The programme aims at securing job & income for Kudumbashree women and thereby strengthen the coir sector. The expert NHG women in this area therefore may make use of their free time in a fruitful way and can find income out of it. The mechanised system will help to increase the production and it would increase the physical strain.  Coir- defibering units had already been started in Pariyaram, Kannur, Anthoor, Kannur and Alagappa Nagar, Thrissur.

Kudumbashree opens AC waiting Hall at Kannur Railway Station Updated On 2019-09-07

Kudumbashree opened AC waiting Hall at Kannur Railway Station. Shri. M. Surjith, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission inaugurated the waiting hall on 5 September 2019. The AC waiting hall opened by Kudumbashree at railway station is being a boon for many people especially women and the elderly. The air conditioned waiting hall opened at Kannur Railway Station  works 24 hours a day and provide a comfortable halt to the travelers. Feeding console is also arranged for lactating mothers is one of the attractive feature of Kudumbashree Waiting Hall.  An amount of Rs 30 per hour is charged for availing the services of Kudumbashree's AC waiting hall. Television and reading area is also set up along with. The AC waiting hall has also set up a clean, hygienic bathroom and special area for mobile charging as well. As per the agreement,  Kudumbashree and Railways would share the daily collection on 50:50 ratio.

Four staff are entrusted with the smooth functioning of the waiting hall. Kudumbashree rest rooms are opened at Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Ernakulam, Kozhikode, Thrissur and Tirur railway stations. The clean and safe rest rooms opened by Kudumbashree is a boon to the women passengers who travels alone. Yet another waiting hall with the same facilities would be opened at Thalassery railway station by October 2019.

Kudumbashree Wayanad District Mission organises Kambalanatti Programme Updated On 2019-09-07

Kudumbashree Wayanad District Mission organises Kambalanatti Programme as part of Thirunelly Tribal Special Intervention Programme. The inauguration of the sowing of the seeds was held at Puthiyoor Paddy fields, Wayanad on 5 September 2019. Smt. Sajitha, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Wayanad District Mission inaugurated the programme and disbursed the financial assistance to the Paniya, Adiya, Kattunaykan tribal communities in the Panchayath. Smt. Mayadevi, Panchayath President, Thirunelly Panchayath presided over the function. Indigenous varieties of paddy from Wayanad would be cultivated by the tribal population in 120 acres of land in Thirunelly. 53 Joint Liability Groups were newly formed in the panchayath.


Thirunelly programme is the special programme initiated by National Rural Livelihood Mission for giving special care and for bringing in sustainable development in the tribal predominant area in the district-Thirunelly. In line with the project implemented in Attapady, a comprehensive approach and sustainable development programme is envisaged in major tribal predominant areas of Kerala as an expansion. The project aims at effectively attaining socio-economic development in these areas through the construction of strong social institutions of women and enable them to engage in micro-credit, sustainable livelihoods, upliftment of social status, accessing entitlements and rights and asserting agency as equal citizens in the development process. The project aims to alleviate the social and economic deprivation of Kattunaykan, Adiya and Paniya tribal communities of Kerala. Women’s institutions would be built up strongly in these areas to be able to lead towards total financial inclusion leading towards poverty alleviation and social development.

Kudumbashree women make meritorious achievement at Nehru Trohpy Boat Race 2019 Updated On 2019-09-05

Kudumbashree women from Alappuzha made meritorious achievement at 67th Nehru Trophy Boat Race, which was held at Punnamada Backwaters, Alappuzha on 31 August 2019. The women participated, performed well and secured second prize at the prestigious Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2019. The boat steered by powerful women of Kudumbashree made their mark in the very first race in which they participated. The women not only rowed the ‘Thekkethil' boat, but bagged second place in the competition in the Thekkanodi category. It was decided to take part in the Nehru Trophy Boat race as a part of the gender development activities being implemented by Kudumbashree. In the debut competition itself, the Kudumbashree members from Kuttanad were able to bag second prize. Kerala Police team bagged the first prize and the Devadas boat, rowed by the women team of Puthooran boat club bagged the third prize.


Kudumbashree members wholeheartedly received the idea of participating in the boat race when the idea was presented before them a month ago. 84 women came forward for team selection trails, and 36 women were selected out of them. Those selected were given intensive training of 5 hours each every day, starting from 25 July 2019. The team is proud that they were able to win, and full credits to their hard work and determination.


More than 100 women were registered from various CDS in Kuttanad. A total of 36 eligible candidates were selected from the screening process in two days. The CDS team consists  CDS Chairpersons of Muttar, Pulinkunnu, Kainakari, Nedumudi, Ramankari, Edathwa and Kavalam. Chairpersons from Nedumudi, Kavitha Mohan and Edathwa, Thankamani Sudhan also participating. The team consisted women of 35 to 67 years of age. Selection and training were done under the supervision of 5 skilled trainers. The training was held from 1-5 August 2019 at Pullikunnaaru. Then on 6-7 August 2019, they were trained on the track at the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. The training were led by the Gender team of Kudumbashree. Sunita. P, District Program Manager, Gender was the team captain.

Kudumbashree bags Skoch Order of Merit Award Updated On 2019-09-04

Kudumbashree bagged Skoch Order of Merit Award for forming elderly NHGs and attaining notable achievements in social security sector. Shri. Anishkumar. M.S, Senior Consultant, Kudumbashree received the award from Shri, Nirmal Bansal, Senior Distinguished Fellow, Skoch Development Foundation during the programme hels at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi on 28 August 2019. By forming NHGs, Kudumbashree succeeded in creating a community for elderly people and for turning elderly NHGs into the best space for addressing their needs and ideas.


In the first phase, Kudumbashree put the details about the various activities being implemented for the elderly people in the website. On analysing the same, the officials invited Kudumbashree to present the project before the jury panel in the second phase. The general public was given the opportunity to vote for the projects which passed in both phases. Kudumbashree bagged the award based on its merit and the votes received. Kudumbashree was selected out of the 1000+ entries received for the award.


It is as part of strengthening the three tier system of Kudumbashree and focusing on social security, elderly NHG formation was started. As of now, there are 19,701 elderly NHGs under Kudumbashree Mission which has 2,36,292 people as members. Kudumbashree is also extending assistance for them to launch enterprises in agro- micro enterprise sectors. As of now, there are 276 micro enterprises owned by the elderly NHGs in Kerala.


Skoch Order of Merit constituted by Skoch Group, a think tank dealing with the socio economic issues with a focus on inclusive growth since 1997. Kudumbashree had bagged 7 Skoch Awards during 2018. The Skoch Award for Corporate Excellence (Bronze) has been awarded to Kudumbashree Mission for Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDUGKY). The Skoch Order of Merit have been awarded for Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDUGKY), Kudumbashree School Capacity Building programme for 43 lakh Kudumbashree NHG members, Kudumbashree Facility Management Center, Homeshop, Kudumbashree Women Construction Groups and Amrutham Nutrimix for qualifying amongst the Top Corporate Excellence Projects in India.

Paper pens made by BUDS School Students made compulsory for Kannur Collectorate Staff Updated On 2019-08-21

Paper pens made by BUDS School Students made compulsory for the staff of Kannur Collectorate. Shri. T.V Subhash IAS, District Collector inaugurated the function on 1 August 2019. Paper pens were made compulsory to the staff of Kannur Civil Station to avoid the hazards of pollution caused due to the throwing away of used plastic pens. The needed pen would be made by the students of the BUDS institutions functioning under Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission.

The paper pens would be sold through the nano market allotted for Kudumbashree at Government Servants Consumer Society. In addition to this, it is also planned to sell the paper pens through the milma booth at the premises of Civil Station Annexe. To control the plastic use in civil station premises, paper bags, cloth bags, umbrellas, paper files etc made by the students of the BUDS institutions are brought for sale there. The decision to make the paper pens made by the BUDS school students compulsory at civil station premises is indeed an act towards social responsibility.

Kudumbashree Kottayam District Mission opens 'Pathayam' Kiosk at Kottayam Civil Station premises Updated On 2019-08-17

Kudumbashree Kottayam District Mission opened a kiosk at Kottayam Civil Station premises to sell the agricultural products of Kudumbashree Joint Liability Groups and the products of the micro enterprises functioning in the district. Shri, Sudheer Babu IAS, District Collector, Kottayam inagurated the kiosk on 17 August 2019. Smt. Daisy, Smt. Mini and Smt. Siji from Kottayam North Kudumbhashree CDS are the entrepreneurs who are in charge of this venture.

The kiosk is named as 'Pathayam' which means granary. The products from Kottayam Municipal CDS and Vijayapuram, Puthuppally, Panachikkad, Kurichi, Ayarkkunnam, Ettumanoor, Thiruvarppu, Kumarakom and Athirampuzha panchayaths of Kottayam would be available for sale in the Pathayam kiosk. Gramashree rice, the branded rice produced by the farming collective in Vechur grama panchayath of Kottayam, Milky Latte, the branded value added products of milk produced by Kudumbashree would also be available for sale at Pathayam. It is also planned to deliver cut vegetable kits to the various offices functioning in Kottayam Civil Station as per the orders received.

ARISE Multi Task teams of Kudumbashree starts extending services in flood affected areas Updated On 2019-08-16

ARISE Multi Task teams of Kudumbashree Mission has started extending their services in the flood affected areas. A total of 42 multi task teams had started their work. As per the statistics till 17 August 2019, a total of 144 members of these multi task teams had already completed the repairing of 201 houses/offices in 35 panchayaths/ municipalities in the state. The Multi task teams are providing services in switch board repairing, motor, gas stove, mixer grinder repairing, fan, broken pipe repairing, wiring, plug point replacement, earth leakage fixing etc. They have extended their services in Mattanur, Sreekandapuram, Keezhalloor, Iritty, Chengalai of Kannur, Pulpally, Moopainad, Muttil, Tirunelly of Wayanad, Pulikkal, Pulamanthol, Vazhayur, Othukkungal, Kodoor, Aliparambu of Malappuram, Pattithara, Parudhur, Parali, Karimba of Palakkad, Olavanna, Mavoor of Kozhikode, Manimala, Ayarkunnam, Ramapuram, Kanjirapally, Vaikom, Vijayapuram of Kottayam, Valakom, edakkattuvayal, Muvattupuzha of Ernakulam, Mararikulam, North Punnapara of Alappuzha, Irinjalakkuda, Parappukkara and Konnathady of Idukki districts. In Kannur, they had provided electricity connection and are also acting as the house inspection team of KSEB.

During the unprecedented floods of August 2018, as many people lost their source of livelihood and many of them became jobless for months. Government of Kerala entrusted Kudumbashree to identify new source of livelihood for them and therefore Kudumbashree framed a livelihood project comprising of various programmes in farming, animal husbandry, micro enterprises and skill training sectors. A survey was conducted to identify which all enterprises hold the maximum job opportunities and as a result 10 job sectors were identified. It was understood that, the number of service providers are too less in plumbing, electrical work, electronics repair, day care, housekeeping etc. On realizing that, it was decided to extend training and help them start enterprises in these sectors. And ARISE Programme (Acquiring Resilience and Identity through Sustainable Employment) was launched.

As part of the ARISE programme, 3200 people were given training in electronics repair, plumbing and electrical work. A one day workshop was conducted during July 2019 and 300 people came forward to launch their enterprises in such sectors. Government had issued a Government Order directing the Local Self Government Institutions to make use of the ARISE teams for these jobs.

Kudumbashree Ernakulam District Mission selflessly doing their part flood relief activities Updated On 2019-08-14

Kudumbashree Ernakulam District Mission is offering non stop support for the flood relief activities in the district and is doing their part selflessly.  Various activities are ongoing in the district under the leadership of Kudumbashree Ernakulam District Mission. As per the statistics on 12 August 2019, a total of 69 relief camps are opened in the district in which 4673 women and 4245 men are rehabilitated in the camps altogether. Community Kitchens are also conducted under the leadership of Kudumbashree members. A total of 25 community kitchens were conducted and 6393 people were benefited through the community kitchen activities of Kudumbashree. Kudumbashree Ernakulam District Mission is extending the relentless services of community counsellors, santhwanam volunteers too to overcome the mental trauma caused. 283 people were benefited of the community counsellors whereas 152 were benefited of the santhwanam volunteers. Temporary stay was arranged in the houses of NHG members for 20 families. 206 volunteers are actively participating in the flood relief activities. Kudumbashree Ernakulam District Mission is extending relentless support to those who are badly affected by the floods.