Best CDS Stories-6 - Porkulam, Thrissur (Author : Arun P Rajan, PM-Social Inclusion) Updated On 2020-09-19

Porkulam Grama Panchayat is located in the Chowannur block of Thalappilly taluk, Thrissur district. Porkulam Grama Panchayat covers an area of 14.49 sq km and is spread over the villages of Akathiyoor, Porkulam and Mangad. Porkulam panchayat is bounded on the south by Kunnamkulam municipality, Arthath and Chovannur panchayats, on the west by Kattakampal panchayat, on the north by Kadavallur panchayat and on the east by Kadangode panchayat...

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Best CDS Stories-5 - Kayyur Cheemeni, Kasaragod (Author : Jiji. R. S ,SAPM-MF) Updated On 2020-09-19

Kudumbashree Community development society (CDS) in Kayyur Cheemeni plays a very major role in bringing women to the forefront as decision makers. There are 16 Area Development Societies (ADS) and total of 335 Neighbourhood Groups. Representatives of 76% (5375) members of the total households are part of Kudumbashree Network...

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Best CDS Stories-4 - Moopainad, Wayanad (Author : Vipin. V, SAPM-Training) Updated On 2020-09-19

Moopainad Community Development Society(CDS) in Wayanad District is one of the best CDS in Kerala. Moopaiand CDS has achieved the best CDS award in the district continues for 2 times. The area of the panchayat is 68.92 shares a border with district Malappuram and the state Tamilnadu. The population is 26,125. The number of wards the Area Development Societies (ADS) is16. The number of NHGs are 312 with 4490 members...

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'Kudumbashree oru Nerchithram’ Photography Competition Season 3- Winners announced Updated On 2020-09-18

The results of Kudumbashree oru Nerchithram’ Photography Competition Season 3 has been announced. Shri. T.J Vargheese, Thaivelikkakath House, Pachalam, Ernakulam bagged the first prize. Shri. P.P Ratheesh, Photographer, Mathrubhumi Palakkad unit came second and Shri. Dinesh Insight, Adithi Nilayam, Kottakanni, Kasaragod came in third place. The Award for the Best Photographer is Rs 20,000. The second prize and third prize are Rs 10,000 and Rs 5000 respectively. The jury consisted of Shri. G. Pramod, Chief Photographer, Deshabhimani, Shri. V. Vinod, Chief Photographer, Information and Public Relations Department, Smt. U.S. Rakhi, News Photographer, and Smt. Asha Vargheese, Director, Kudumbashree Mission selected the winners.


Kudumbashree Mission which envisions at eradicating poverty through women in Kerala had successfully completed 22 revolutionary years, conducted the photography competition for motivating the aspiring photographers and to propagate the activities of Kudumbashree Mission through photographs.The contestants were directed to submit photographs that reflect the various activities of Kudumbashree Mission. Rs 1000 each will be issued for 10 entries as consolation prizes. K.Pramod, Praveen Kumar, Ashok Manaloor, Rakesh Puthur, Sibin Bahuleyan, Akhil. E.S, Tojo P Antony, Shiju Panthalloor, Sumesh Kottiyath, N Elango Gopan are the Consolation Prize winners.

The Photography Competition was envisaged realising that the best photographs depicting the hard work of Kudumbashree members would further boost the women empowerment process. The third season of the competition was held from 1 January 2020 to 29 February 2020. Good quality photographs portraying the strength of Kudumbashree, functioning focusing on women empowerment is considered for the ‘Kudumbashree Oru Nerchithram’ Photography Competition, which is being conducted from 2017 onwards. Like the first two seasons, the third season has also received good responses. The fourth season of the competition would be held during December 2020.

Best CDS Stories-3 - Nadathara, Thrissur (Author : Nishad C.C. , PM - NRLM) Updated On 2020-09-18

Nadathara Grama Panchayath is situated in the Ollurkara block of Trissur district. There are a total of 17 wards in this Panchayath. The CDS governing body will complete three years on January 26th, amdist COVID19 a global pandemic posing a major challenge. The CDS has seen many major crisis situation like the past floods and the current pandemic.  During these crises, the CDS Governing body played an important role in post-crisis mitigation activities and developmental activities for women and socially, and economically marginalized members of the communities. Last three years, Kudumbashree CDS initiated lot of development initiatives for women and the poor in this Grama Panchayath...

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Best CDS Stories-2 - Kalady, Ernakulam (Author : Priya Paul, SMM - NULM) Updated On 2020-09-18

I was working in a hospital when the call to join Kudumbashree was made.  A Community Organizer was taking classes for women on Kudumbashree, NHGs and the concept of it.  I attended the class and I joined in it on the same day with the title of Secretary. I can’t imagine a life without Kudumbashree anymore.  I became the CDS Chairperson thrice, first in 2007 and then bear the same position twice...

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Best CDS Stories-1 - Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad (Author : Sudheer K.B., SMM - NULM) Updated On 2020-09-18

Various relief activities was taken up by CDS as part of its social responsibility during the mega flood and Covid-19 lock down period. Community kitchen was opened and distributed food packets to hundreds of families stranded due to flood and senior citizens those are living alone in homes during Covid-19 lockdown period. CDS has distributed food packets to 100 families for about 50 days during the lockdown period. Counselling through community counsellors were provided to the people who were stranded alone in their houses and those who were in need of help. The volunteers visited the houses and provided...

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Kudumbashree District Missions observe World Suicide Prevention Day in a sagacious way Updated On 2020-09-11

Amidst the crisis of Covid 19, various District Missions of Kudumbashree observed World Suicide Prevention Day in a sagacious way. District Missions organised online webinars and poster making campaigns to mark the day in the most effective way. Online webinars, discussion programmes, poster awareness campaigns, cartoon drawing and caption writing competitions, elocution competition, essay writing competition, etc were organised under the leadership of various district missions.


The online webinars organised were presided over by psychiatrists, psychologists and subject experts. Special webinars were organised under the leadership of some district missions for teenage students. Balasabha children also became part of the campaign by organising poster exhibitions and awareness classes. ' Working together to prevent suicide' the slogan of World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 was discussed among the NHG members. The topics discussed also included 'Suicide tendancy among children'. The programmes were organised under the leadership of the respective Gender Resource Centres (GRCs). Community Counsellor, Vigilant Group Members coordinated the programmes in a fruitful way.

World Suicide Prevention Day(WSPD) is an awareness day observed on 10 September every year, in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides, with various activities around the world since 2003. It is organized by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP). The World Health Organisation (WHO) has been the co-sponsor of the day. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness around the globe that suicide can be prevented.

Kudumbashree to arrange International Labour Organisation's Special Training for Micro Enterprise Consultants Updated On 2020-09-07

Kudumbashree would arrange International Labour Organisation's (ILO) Special Training for Micro Enterprise Consultants. The 7 day training would be extended starting from September till December in all districts. Topic of ‘Sick ME Revival' would be mainly dealt during the training. Along with the main trainers of ILO, the Master Trainers from among Kudumbashree Micro Enterprise Consultants (MECs) would also be part of the teaching team. The topic of 'Sick ME Revival' is selected for reviving the enterprises that faced crisis during covid-19 and the unprecedented floods.


During the crisis situation of Covid-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs have been facing many challenges, viz., the scarcity of the raw materials, lack of sales opportunities, difficulty faced in running the enterprises due to lockdown etc. It is a greater challenge to bring back the enterprises which faced these issues to normal production status. As the MECs are expected to provide leadership for these activities, it is inevitable to extend good training to the MECs. So, Kudumbashree have decided to extend online training to MECs through the International Labour Organisation's (ILO)s training division. Kudumbashree had already received ILO's training before and were benefited with the inputs. Hence, Kudumbashree decided to opt for the services of ILO for the training for MECs.


The International Labour Organization is a United Nations agency whose mandate is to advance social and economic justice through setting international labour standards. International Labour Organization (ILO) deals with labour problems, particularly international labour standards, social protection, and work opportunities at international level. Non farm livelihoods (micro enterprises) of Kudumbashree plays a key role in helping the NHG members identify sources of livelihood of their own. Micro Enterprise Consultants (MEC) are the strength of Kudumbashree enterprises. They are selected from within the community itself (from NHG members) and they gain expertise in the enterprise sector after undergoing various training. MECs provide General Orientation Training and Enterprise Development Training to Kudumbashree enterprises. Also, MECs provide enterprises with support in preparing the project report and in obtaining various funds and subsidies. There are a total of 325 MECs in Kerala. MECs always try to identify the issues faced by entrepreneurs, offer help to resolve the issues and extend them needed support. Once this training is completed, it is expected that Kudumbashree will be able to capacitate the MECs in supporting the entrepreneurs who have faced challenges. In addition to this, training would also be extended in branding and accounting. After providing training, ILO will continue supporting MECs for the next three months.

Kits prepared by SVEP Enterprises served at Neeleswaram Block as part of Karuthal Campaign Updated On 2020-08-27

The Kits prepared by the enterprises under Startup Village Entrepreneurship Programme were served at Neeleswaram block as part of Karuthal Campaign. 3857 kits worth Rs 400 each were distributed at Neeleswaram block on 25 August 2020. The products that are served at Neeleswaram block which consists of 6 Grama Panchayats and 1 Municipality is prepared by SVEP enterprises. The kits may contain puttu powder, coriander powder, pathiri powder, chicken masala, sambar powder, turmeric powder, pappadam, chilly powder, mask, hand wash, floor cleaner, soap and detergent, snacks, honey, candle, ghee, pickle and tamarind paste produced by the SVEP enterprises. The products may differ as per the availability in the CDSs.


In addition the SVEP enterprises will also supply the products like pappadam, handwash, mask and cloth bags etc needed for Kanhangad and Karadukka block. The entrepreneurs would be able to make a sales of Rs 20 lakhs altogether from the Karuthal Campaign itself. Startup Village Entrepreneurship Programme is also planning onam markets in connection with onam at 6 panchayats. 'Karuthal Campaign' is a product- marketing campaign being organised during the onam season for encouraging the entrepreneurs and farming groups to produce and to rejuvenate the enterprises that had faced loss due to lockdown.