Kerala Chicken: First sales outlet starts functioning at Ernakulam Updated On 2020-07-01

The first sales outlet of Kerala Chicken under the leadership of Kudumbashree have started functioning at North Paravur of Ernakulam district on 30 June 2020. Shri. A.C Moideen, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala inaugurated the outlet through video message. The enterprise is started jointly by Smt. Renuka Rajan and Smt. Anaswara, who are the NHG members under Paravur Municipal CDS. Five chicken farmers were given day old chicks before 40 days to provide broiler chicken to these outlets. They farmers were provided with day old chicks in such intervals so that continuous supply is ensured in the sales outlet.

Kudumbashree implemented the Kerala Chicken Programme in different phases. In the first phase, Integration Farming was done associating with Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation (KEPCO). This was the programme in which the 53 farmers from Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Pathanamthitta districts were given one day old chicks by KEPCO and they bought back the chicken after 40 days. Following that, Kudumbashree signed a contract with Meat Products of India (MPI) for Integration Farming in Ernakulam and Kottayam districts. The programme of identifying farmers who are doing broiler farming/ interested in maintaining broiler farms were provided with CEF (Community Enterprise Fund). This financial support to farmers was also started parallel. As of now, CEF was provided to 545 farmers.

The construction of Poultry Processing Plant including Breeder Farm, Poultry Line and Rendering Plant had already been started in Thiruvananthapuram under the banner of a producer company formed by Kudumbashree. These activities were progressing as part of the Kerala Chicken Project. As a next step, Integration Farming (the process in which one day old chicks, medicine and feed would be given and the broiler chicken would be bought back after 40 days) was also started simultaneously under the umbrella of Kudumbashree Broiler Farmers Producer Company. For the last 6 months, 95 broiler farmers were given 4,16,000 chicks in 4 terms, the matured chickens were bought back and were sold in the market.

In addition to the sales outlet started at North Paravur, activities had already been started for opening sales outlets at Thirumarady, Aayavana, Kottappadi and Maradi of Ernakulam district before 15 July. 34 farmers were given one day old chicks for supplying chicken to these outlets. The matured chicks would be bought back and it is expected to bring them for sale when those sales outlets start functioning.Kudumbashree aims at starting 100 Kerala Chicken outlets before September by doing Integration Farming through 124 farmers and 200 outlets before December 2020 by doing Integration Farming through 220 farmers. Kerala Chicken Programme was started envisaging the sustainable change in the broiler chicken market of Kerala.

Kudumbashree and KSFE to create history by launching Micro Chitty for buying Laptops Updated On 2020-06-25

Kudumbashree and KSFE are about to create new history by launching Micro Chitty to buy Laptops. Micro Chitty Programme is the programme launched jointly by Kudumbashree and KSFE (Kerala State Financial Enterprises) foreseeing the need to arrange laptops for the needy as the education system in Kerala has turned completely online. It is the basic entity needed to strengthen the general education system as it would be needed to arrange education through online ways for a long time. We realised that online education would be the future of our education system other than classroom classes. Shri. S. Harikishore IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree and Shri. V. P. Subramanian, Managing Director, KSFE signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding the same. The MoU was exchanged in the presence of Shri. A. C Moideen, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala and Dr. T.M Thomas Issac, Minister, Finance Department, Government of Kerala.

As per this contract, KSFE would start a micro chitty of Rs 15,000 for all those who need a laptop. The installment per month for the chitty is Rs 500 for 30 months. Any Kudumbashree member could join in the chitty. A person can enroll for only one chitty. The chitty installment repayment would be overseen by NHG and CDS. As per this, after the payment of the third installment, a Kudumbashree member may inform the NHG if she needs a laptop. KSFE would purchase and give to them the laptop with the specifications prescribed by the Education Department from the agencies empanelled by IT Department. These laptops would cost less than Rs 15,000. Likewise, after the payment of the third installment, the needy may own a laptop. When the chitty installment payment would be complete, the members would get the remaining amount excluding the cost of the laptop. As per this programme, those who need laptops in Kerala would get one with four years guarantee. We are proud that Kudumbashree could play a role in raising the education system of Kerala to a new digital era. In addition to this, we are also checking whether we would get any subsidies from other departments or sponsors.

Kudumbashree for the production of ‘AYUR’ Masks Updated On 2020-06-23

Kudumbashree's micro entrepreneurs are getting ready for the production of 'Ayurveda Masks' in addition to the production of reusable cotton masks and face shields that are helpful for health workers, they are engaged in. Kudumbashree stepped in to the production of Ayur Masks associating with the State Ayush Department. The Ayur Masks were devised under the leadership of Dr. S.Anand, Assistant Professor, Government Ayurveda Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.

The face masks are produced in handloom cloth. The medicines like thulasi, turmeric etc which enhance the respiration process are blended into the cloth just like the colour is mixed. The efforts to bring Ayur Masks to the market through Kudumbashree units has just started. The initial discussions regarding the production of Ayur Masks were done a few weeks back. Following that, 10 Kudumbashree women from Manikandeshwara, Vandana units of Thiruvananthapuram corporation were selected for producing masks on an experimental basis.

The initial orientation process for Ayurveda mask production was held at the Snehitha Centre, Peroorkada, Thiruvananthapuram on 15 June 2020. Three-Day technical training was given to the selected enterprise unit members from 17-19 June 2020. Dr. Anand and Shri. Aju, Pharmacist from Ayurveda college led the training sessions for the production of Ayur Masks. Face masks were made mandatory by the Government of Kerala for everyone to fight against covid-19 pandemic.

Kudumbashree playing notable part in the distribution of textbooks Updated On 2020-06-19

Kudumbashree is also playing a notable part in the distribution of textbooks which has been ceased due to covid-19 lockdown. The General Education Department had given approval to Kerala Books and Publication Society (KBPS) for finishing the activities of sorting the books through Kudumbashree for completing the textbook distribution in time. 201 NHG members are engaged in this activity all across the state. 

The books printed at Kerala Books and Publication Society (KBPS), Kakkanad of Ernakulam district are taken to the textbook hubs at every district. The books are sorted and are given to the societies formed by joining 6 or 7 schools as per the need. The books are taken to the respective schools from these societies and the books are distributed to the parents or students. Kudumbashree members have taken up the charge of sorting the books that come to the textbook hubs and are giving to the societies. They categorize the textbooks as per the needs of each society and pack the same. Also, women from Kudumbashree are extending help in taking these book packets to the societies.  

The online classes of the students from the first standard have already been started. The activities for delivering textbooks for these students have started from 14 May 2020. It is planned to complete the distribution of the textbooks by 30 June. The textbooks of this academic year would be distributed in three phases. The textbooks which include portions upto the onam examination is being distributed now.

Since its inception, Kudumbashree has been able to mark their strong presence in Kerala society in all its glory. Kudumbashree members always come forward to extend support to people whenever they are in crisis. During the floods of 2018, 2019 and even during the crisis time of covid-19, Kudumbashree extended relentless support they could.

Kudumbashree set up Bhakshyavanam at Attappady Updated On 2020-06-16

Kudumbashree is setting up ‘Bhakshyavanam' at Attappady as part of Attappady Comprehensive Tribal Development and Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group Development Project. This program is in convergence with the Subiksha Keralam concept initiated by Government of Kerala. ‘Bakshyavanam', which aims at ensuring food security at the 192 hamlets of Attappady and for preserving the organic diversity was launched on 5 June 2020, as part of the environment day observance. The Bhakshyavanam of Attappady would be the first of its kind in the tribal area of Kerala.

One year long activities would be organised as part of this program. The activities include planting and taking care of trees, cultivating food crops and constructing organic fences. This will be a combined effort of by all the families in the hamlets in addition to NHG members and women farmers. Through this, the concept of self sustainability of each hamlets in food production is envisaged. Also creation of more employment opportunities in the area of farm based livelihood is also expected.

The plan is to cultivate paddy, ragi, sama rice, millet, sugarcane, koda millet, other food crops in the Attappady area, vegetables, tubers and spices. 812 farming groups (JLG-Joint Liability Group) are cultivating various crops as part of the activities being implemented in agricultural sector in connection with Attappady Special Project. Various training programmes aiming at the value addition of agricultural products and hand holding support to set up of plant nurseries would also be implemented as part of the Bhakshyavanam programme in Attappady. Bhakshyavanam is being implemented for the rejuvenation of agriculture, creation of livelihood and self sustainability in agriculture, preservation of the tradition, mother earth and plants.

Attappady Comprehensive Tribal Development and Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group Development Project is being implemented through Kudumbashree at Attappady of Palakkad district, aiming at the sustainable development of the tribal community of Attappady.

Kudumbashree contributes Rs 1.26 crores to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund Updated On 2020-06-06

Kudumbashree has contributed Rs 1.26 crores to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. The cheque of Rs. 1.26 crores was handed over to Shri. A.C. Moideen, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala by Shri. S. Harikishore IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree Mission towards Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund at Minister's Chamber on 4 June 2020.

The cash was collected from the members of more than 2.5 lakh NHGs and Kudumbashree staff.  Shri. Santhosh Kumar.A, Additional Private Secretary to Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala and Shri. Vipin. V.C, State Assistant Programme Manager, Kudumbashree was also present at the occasion.

Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) is the emergency assistance release mechanism granting immediate relief to families and individuals distressed by calamity, loss of life due to accidents and chronic diseases. 

Kudumbashree receives Government Order entrusting Kudumbashree Construction & ARISE teams for public works without any tender Updated On 2020-06-06

Kudumbashree has received Government Order entrusting Kudumbashree Construction teams & ARISE Multi task teams for taking up small public works without tender. The Finance Department issued an order enabling the departments to hire services of Kudumbashree construction groups and ARISE multi task teams for small works costing upto Rs 2 lakhs. The order will be valid for the activities which would come under the Public Works Department, Irrigation Department, Local Self Government and Kerala Water Authority. As per the government order, Kudumbashree groups can be entrusted for the services such as filling of potholes in roads, cleaning of choked drains, cutting and moving the branches of the trees on the road sides, small repairs of culverts, and the cleaning and maintenance of public buildings in pre-monsoon period. In addition, it is also mentioned in the order that, the Annual Maintenance Contract of water supply, sanitary and electrical works of repetitive nature can be entrusted with such specialised construction/ ARISE groups registered under Kudumbashree.

It was noticed that due to lack of timely maintenance or repair works to the public structures including roads and buildings causes subsequent incurring of heavy expenditure due to the delay. On identifying this issue, the Government decided to entrust the registered Kudumbashree construction, multi task teams for resolving the same. The decision was made on the suggestion put forward by Kudumbashree through the Local Self Government Department. As of now there are 288 construction groups functioning under Kudumbashree, which has 2376 women as members. 216 multi task teams comprising 734 members who had got specialized training in electrical works, electronics repairing and plumbing sectors are functioning after registering under Kudumbashree. They have got an opportunity to receive a regular, permanent income through this Government order.

Order worth Rs 56.22 lakhs from Kerala Medical Services Corporation for Kudumbashree's face shield Updated On 2020-06-01

Kudumbashree has received yet another work order for making face shield. The order is received from Kerala Medical Services Corporation under Health Department of Kerala for making 2,81,128 face shields at the rate of Rs 20 per shield. Kudumbashree had received work order of Rs.56.22 lakhs towards this. Kudumbashree had already received from Sreechithra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences for 1500 face shields. 

The entrepreneurs from Thiruvananthapuram district are assembling this product now. The face shields are produced through the Akshayam Enterprise unit functioning in Karakulam Panchayath of Thiruvananthapuram district. There are 10 members in this unit. When they started getting more orders, training was extended to 15 more women and now the face shields are produced by a team of 25 people. 4000 face shields are produced through these units every day. A total of 15,000 face shields had already been produced through this unit. It is planned to produce the face shields as per the above order from this unit itself. If needed, the units in other districts would also be equipped for face shield production.

COVID-19 state level countering activities by Kudumbashree - 9 Updated On 2020-05-30

Kudumbashree, The state poverty eradication mission of Kerala have been implementing numerous projects as part of  COVID -19 countering activities. Other than this, each of the district teams planning and executing several programmes based on local needs also.

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Kudumbashree made IEC kits for expats Updated On 2020-05-29

Kudumbashree-made IEC kits, 3,000 in number, were presented to the expats landed in Kochi International Airport in Nedumbassery.

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