'Didi ki Rasoi' to the next phase with the support of Kudumbashree Updated On 2021-07-05

'Didi ki Rasoi' Canteen Chain of Bihar state, started with the support of Kudumbashree National Resource Organisation is stepping on to the next phase of execution now. The State Rural Livelihood Mission of the Government of Bihar had requested the consultancy support of Kudumbashree to form a branded canteen chain in the state, just like the 'Cafe Kudumbashree' in Kerala. Based on this request, Kudumbashree had signed an agreement to help the Bihar State Rural Livelihood Mission to form a canteen chain named 'Didi ki Rasoi'. As of now, 4 'Didi ki Rasoi' canteens are functioning in Bihar.

In the first phase, the Government of Bihar had decided to give the charge of running the canteen at the District General Hospital at Vaishali of Bihar, Cafe, operating Coffee Vending Machine, Kiosk etc to the SHG members belonging to Jeevika (State Rural Livelihood Mission of Bihar). Kudumbashree was asked to identify the suitable women members (of Jeevika) who are capable of running this canteen chain. Kudumbashree's mandate was also to extend the needed training and to provide hand holding support for a specific duration, giving support for the day to day activities.  To achieve this, 35 mentors who give training in running canteens were facilitated for Bihar SRLM under the leadership of Kudumbashree National Resource Organization (NRO). Also Kudumbashree had partnered with the Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (IHMCT) at Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram to extend them the needed academic training. Under their leadership, training and support for 'Didi ki Rasoi' was given, partnering with AIFRHM (Adebha-Adhithi Devo Bhava- Institute of Food Research and Hospitality Management), the Yuvashree enterprise of Kudumbashree.

 The Kudumbashree team trained the entrepreneurs to run the canteens in the 4 locations where the 'Didi ki Rasoi' canteens are functioning. They provide handholding support to the canteens for 6 months. Further, with the confidence gained from training and from the handholding support, didis of Bihar took the project forward with great enthusiasm and energy. On the basis of the success of the first phase, Kudumbashree has signed a MoU with the SRLM of the Government of Bihar for the second phase training of 'Didi ki Rasoi'.

In the second phase, Kudumbashree was asked to support the first phase activities and give support to start the canteens at around 70  District Level General Hospitals in various districts. It is aimed to start the activities of the same by August 2021 and make these canteens functional by March 2022. In addition to the Canteen Chain, the Government of Bihar has also requested Kudumbashree to extend training in various models in the catering sector such as hotels, cafeterias, coffee shops, coffee vending machines etc as part of the second phase activities.

Kudumbashree is planning to enter into the activity of forming various models including cafeteria, once the canteen formation would be completed at around 70 District Hospitals of Bihar.It is a matter of pride that Kudumbashree could play a key role when the 'Didi ki Rasoi' Canteen chain is creating history in Bihar. Also it brings immense pride to Kudumbashree that Kudumbashree's NRO has grown to such a level to extend the services for empowering women, as per the need of every state, with the background of 23 years of experience in Kerala.  NRO is conquering heights showcasing the best performance.

Kerala Chicken Project Progressing with 47 Marketing Outlets Updated On 2021-07-01

'Kerala Chicken', the project conceptualized by the Government of Kerala to ensure the market of good quality chicken at affordable rates all across the state, is achieving greater progress with 47 Marketing Outlets. On 14 June 2021, the latest marketing outlet was started at Venjaramoodu of Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala and with this, the total number of Kerala Chicken outlets has become 47. The total number of farms in the state is 203.  

In the first phase of Kerala Chicken Project, it was conceived in such a way that the farms are started and the broiler chicken from the farms is brought directly to the market. This was how the project was conceptualized and implemented.
Following that, from June 2020 onwards, Kudumbashree had started taking actions to sell broiler chicken to the public in 'Kerala Chicken' brand through specially branded marketing outlets of Kerala Chicken. The first marketing outlet in the state was started at Ernakulam district under Ezhikkara CDS. There are 48 farms and 21 marketing outlets in Ernakulam, whereas there are 37 farms and 11 marketing outlets in Thrissur. The total number of farms in Kottayam is 30 and the number of marketing outlets is 9. Thiruvananthapuram has 31 farms and 3 marketing outlets, whereas Kollam has 26 farms and 3 marketing outlets. There are 31 farms in Kozhikode. 

The project of taking the full-grown broiler chicken directly to the marketing outlets is being implemented in three phases. In the first phase, the aim was to start 40 farms each in 7 districts (Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Palakkad) and open 20 marketing outlets each to take the broiler chicken from those farms. In the second phase these activities would be extended to 3 more districts viz. Malappuram, Kannur and Alappuzha districts. It is planned to implement the third phase of the project in the remaining districts during this financial year itself.

The 'Kerala Chicken' Project is jointly being implemented by Kudumbashree, Animal Husbandry Department and Brahmagiri Development Society. This project is supervised by the Animal Husbandry Department. Kudumbashree had taken the lead in taking the broiler chicken to the market through integration farming. Also, a processing unit will be started as a part of this comprehensive project. It is expected that Kudumbashree would be able to start more 'Kerala Chicken' farms and marketing outlets by the end of this financial year itself and secure a notable space in the market.

Kudumbashree projects included in the new 100 Day Programme Updated On 2021-06-29

The new 100 Day Programme of the present Government is also announced now and Kudumbashree projects are included in the new 100 Day Programme. Out of the announced projects, six programmes are to be taken up by Kudumbashree either fully or as a part of a broader scheme. These are challenging tasks which the Kudumbashree team will take up and implement. Once rolled out, the results of these programmes will lead to social development, progress and prosperity.

The details of the projects included in the ‘100 days program’ are given below :

1. Grading the Janakeeya Hotels as part of the Hunger Free Kerala Programme.

2. There are many Kudumbashree members who have completed entrepreneurship training, started the skill training and could not complete the same due to the lockdown. Their skill training would be completed and at least 2000 of them would start micro enterprises.
3. Financial assistance of Rs 200 crores would be distributed to NHGs through ADS. The support, in the form of Revolving Fund, is to address vulnerabilities caused due to COVID for the NHG members. Fund will be disbursed through 20,000 Area Development Societies (ADSs) of Kudumbashree.
4. Distribution of 50,000 laptops as part of the Vidyashree Programme, in association with KSFE.
5. The process of identifying poor families as part of alleviating extreme poverty would be completed. The families would be identified and data would be collected in all LSGIs based on these risk factors.
6. Construction of 2000 houses would be completed as part of PMAY(U)-LIFE Project.


Kudumbashree team would take up and complete the implementation of these priority projects included in the ‘100 Day Programme’ from 11 June to 19 September 2021. The weekly progress of these key programmes would be available on Kudumbashree's website. The Kudumbashree team would be able to showcase the best performance in implementing this ‘100 Day Programme’ with the same enthusiasm exhibited during the last two '100 Day Programmes'.

Rs 200 crores package for 20,000 ADSs for fighting back Covid-19 Updated On 2021-06-25

It is decided to give Rs 1 lakh each to every Kudumbashree ADS for supporting the NHGs, that are in crisis due to covid-19 and to fight back the pandemic. ADS (Area Development Society), the ward level federation of the NHGs in Kudumbashree three tier community system would give the amount to the NHGs based on the risk factors and eligibility criteria. The NHGs would use this as a Revolving Fund. The NHGs may make use of the same for emergency needs, medical needs and to retrieve livelihood opportunities. The Government had given in principle approval for the Special Package of Rs 200 crores for the 20,000 ADSs in Kerala, for this. The  Oorusamithis of Attappady will also get this assistance.  

Kudumbashree community network is taking greater efforts to convey the message to the society, that each and everyone  should participate in the fight against covid-19. These concepts are communicated to maximum people and thereby Kudumbashree aims that a strong self defense against covid-19 is created.On realising that it is needed to extend support to many families who are struggling due to the crisis of covid-19, Kudumbashree had presented a few project proposals before the Government regarding the same. As per the decision taken at the meeting of the Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala held on 14 May 2021, three projects put forward have got approval. The other projects that got approval are explained as follows.

1. A total of 25.17 lakh NHG members of 2.30 lakh NHGs had availed the Interest Free Loan of Rs 1917.55 crores as per ‘Chief Minister's Helping Hand Loan Scheme’, during the first wave of Covid-19 pandemic. Rs 165 crores, the first installment of the interest subsidy was received from the Government and the same was provided to the NHG members during the month of March. The interest subsidy of Rs 93 crores for the second year is to be received by March 2022. A decision has been taken to give this in advance, as a support during COVID.  The proposal for the same was given to the Finance Department and the approval was received for the same. The NHGs would be provided with the interest subsidy very soon.

2. During the floods, 2,02,789 members of 30,267 NHGs, who were affected adversely by the floods, had availed Interest Free Loan of Rs 1794.02 crores as per the ‘Resurgent Kerala Loan Scheme’. The subsidy of this Interest Free loan was provided from the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. During the first year, Rs 131 crores was provided to the Kudumbashree members and during the second year, Rs 129.87 crores was provided as Interest Subsidy. It is aimed to provide the subsidy of Rs 75.16 crores for the third year which is to be given by the end of this financial year, in advance. The proposal regarding the same is submitted to the Finance Department. Subsidy would be provided on getting the approval for the same.

Kudumbashree, is the poverty eradication mission of Kerala and members are mostly from poor economic backgrounds. Government took the decision to implement this project through Kudumbashree aiming at extending a helping hand to the needy during the crisis of covid-19. The effective utilization of this amount could be ensured through Kudumbashree that has the best community network. The proposals and the draft guidelines regarding this project (Rs 1 lakh each to all ADS) had already been submitted to the Government. It is expected that we would be able to provide this amount to the ADSs, once the Government Order regarding the same is received.

Kudumbashree as Implementing Support Agency for Jal Jeevan Mission Updated On 2021-06-23

Kudumbashree has received an opportunity to function as the Implementing Support Agency of Jal Jeevan Mission being implemented by the Water Resource Department of Kerala. This opportunity is received in some panchayats of Kerala. There are Project Implementing Agencies in all LSGIs of Kerala to implement the projects of Jal Jeevan Mission. Kudumbashree has been selected as the Implementing Support Agency in 262 panchayats. Some livelihood opportunities were provided to Kudumbashree members as part of implementation of Jal Jeevan Mission. 

The aim of the Implementing Support Agency is to support the Project Implementing Agencies who implement the projects as part of the Jal Jeevan Mission The opportunity to function as the Implementing Support Agency of Jal Jeevan Mission was available for NGOs and Government Missions. On knowing about this, Kudumbashree decided to take up these activities through Kudumbashree and took part in the tender process. Based on the request, Kudumbashree got the opportunity to function as Implementing Support Agency in 262 panchayats. In the other panchayats, selected NGOs function as the implementation support agency. Kudumbashree Mission is making greater efforts to showcase the best of their performances, where they received the opportunities.

The Jal Jeevan Mission has demanded to do the activities of Implementing Support Agencies in two ways. The activities should be implemented by deploying 5 persons where the project should be completed within 7 months. Whereas, at the Panchayats, where the project should be completed within 18 months, 3 persons will get the livelihood opportunity as part of the agency work. It is the responsibility of the Implementing Support Agency to complete the aims/ goals of the Jal Jeevan Mission, to oversee the project implementation and solve if there are any issues. Implementing Support Agency will smoothen the project implementation and support the Panchayath and the Project Implementation Agencies.

In a Panchayath, the Implementing Support Agency would get Rs 8.30 lakhs for the activities for 7 months. The Implementing Support Agency will get Rs 17.26 lakhs for the activities for 18 months. Kudumbashree CDSs would be entrusted with the task of overseeing the Kudumbashree ISA team at the Panchayats, where Kudumbashree got the opportunity to function as Implementing Support Agency. Through this association, Kudumbashree would be able to give a livelihood opportunity to more than 750 people across the state through this opportunity to function as the Implementing Support Agency.

The details of the Panchayats, where Kudumbashree got the opportunity to function as the Implementing Support Agency of Jal Jeevan Mission is available in this link : It was unable to start the activities during the crisis of covid. Directions had already been given to start the activities by selecting those who are interested to become part of the team. Once lockdown relaxations are announced, activities will be started.

Home Shop Project progressing with good growth Updated On 2021-06-18

The Home Shop Project of Kudumbashree is progressing well with good growth. Home Shop network takes the products of Kudumbashree micro entrepreneurs directly to the households. The activities of ‘Home Shop’ ie being extended to all the districts and now Home Shop’ network is functioning in 13 out of the 14 districts in Kerala. Though delivering products to the households was interrupted during the lockdown due to covid-19 pandemic, the Home Shop system is securing significant growth. Sales of Rs 91.58 lakhs were secured through Home Shop during January 2021. Rs 1.09 crores was recorded during February and Rs 90.27 lakhs was secured during March. Sales of Rs 75.19 lakhs were recorded during the month of April. The lock down notified due to the second wave of covid-19 pandemic came into being during the month of May and sales of Rs 21.45 lakhs was recorded through the ‘Home Shop’ system, during May. 

The operations and logistic management of the ‘Home Shop’ system is managed by a management team. Products are collected from the entrepreneurs under the leadership of this team. Products are stored and are taken to the households through ‘Home Shop owners’. This is the model followed by Kudumbashree for the management of the ‘Home Shop’ system all across the state. There would be one or more Home Shop Management teams in a district. There would be many ‘Home Shop Owners’ under every ‘Home Shop Management team’. This project is framed in such a way that marketing is ensured for the products of Kudumbashree entrepreneurs through the network of Home Shop owners. Along with ensuring sales, a good income is also ensured for ‘Home Shop owners’ who are the service providers in the marketing sector.

As of now, there are 19 ‘Home Shop Management teams’ altogether functioning across the state. System is established in all districts except at Malappuram. There are 2 ‘Home Shop Management units’ each in Kasaragod, Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Palakkad, Alappuzha and Kottayam districts.  Whereas, one unit each is there in Kozhikode, Kannur, Kollam, Wayanad, Pathanamthitta, Idukki and Thrissur. 1861 ‘Home Shop owners’ are functioning under these managements. Out of which, Kozhikode district which has 602 ‘Home Shop owners’ is showcasing the best performance. 749 products of 320 Kudumbashree enterprises are now part of the ‘Home Shop Marketing System’ across the state. We have conceived this project in such a way that the income of the ‘Home Shop Owners’ would be increased by making maximum Kudumbashree entrepreneurs of all districts be part of this Home Shop system by this year itself.  

It is expected that the Home Shop system would turn into a strong system in the marketing sector of Kudumbashree by the end of this year. Kudumbashree's efforts to market Kudumbashree products are mainly through four channels. Kudumbashree organises trade fairs, setting up permanent marketing outlets and arranges marketing opportunities through an e-commerce platform to take the products of Kudumbashree micro entrepreneurs to maximum reach.

Approval for Kudumbashree to start E-Seva Kiosks Updated On 2021-06-17

Kudumbashree has received the approval to start E-Seva Kiosks. The Motor Vehicle Department has given in-principle approval to start E-Seva kiosks where there are no Regional, Sub Regional Transport Offices and in accessible public spaces (Bus stand, Corporation/Municipality offices etc) to extend various services including that of Motor Vehicle Department, if Kudumbashree is interested. In principle approval is received for setting up 100 E-Seva kiosks. The joint meeting held during January decided to implement this project. Once the spaces for setting up such kiosks are identified by Kudumbashree, the Motor Vehicle Department will be intimated. After approval, a proposal will be submitted to the Government for approval.

In principle approval is now received for extending various online services of Governmental Departments including that of the Motor Vehicle Department through these kiosks. These enterprises would be known as 'Motor Vehicle Department- E-Seva Kiosk. Thus, the District teams are directed to identify spaces where service kiosks can be started profitably. They are also directed to select the interested entrepreneurs as well. Once the proposals from all districts are received, it would be compiled and be given to the Motor Vehicle Department. It is aimed to get the Government Order and final approval, once this process is completed.

E-Seva Kendra is a convergence project of Kudumbashree and the Motor Vehicle Department. The process of setting up E-Seva Kendras at every Regional Transport Offices and Sub Regional Transport Offices and extending various services of the Motor Vehicle Department to the public is ongoing now. At present, 53 E-Seva Kendras are functioning inside/ nearby the Regional, Sub Regional Transport Offices in the state. Kudumbashree got the approval to start E-Seva Kendras at all Regional, Sub Regional Transport Offices in Kerala during 2016.  E-Seva Kendras were started in 53 locations as per this. The District Mission Coordinators are directed to identify spaces, where such E-Seva Kendras can be started adjuncting with the remaining Regional, Sub Regional Transport Offices. 

Kudumbashree is now able to provide the best of the services of the Motor Vehicle Department to the public and help the NHG members earn better income through E-Seva Kendras of the Motor Vehicle Department.  It is also expected that Kudumbashree would be able to extend the service to more sectors by setting up the newly approved E-Seva Kiosks Kudumbashree also aims at submitting the report including the list of the areas where E-Seva Kendras and E-Seva kiosks are needed, after doing a feasibility study. 

Kudumbashree Kannur District team comes up with ‘Aadhi Umbrellas’ from the Tribal Resettlement Area of Aralam Farm Updated On 2021-06-16

Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission has implemented the idea of branding and marketing the umbrellas produced by tribal families. Umbrellas produced by Kudumbashree micro entrepreneurs from the tribal resettlement area of Aralam Farm of Kannur District are now available in the market in the brand name 'Aadhi Umbrellas'.

Intensive training was given on umbrella making to 28 tribal women from the tribal resettlement area of Aralam Farm under the leadership of Kudumbashree Kannur District team. They were provided with ‘umbrella making kits’ as well.  They formed two micro enterprise units and got it registered in the Kudumbashree CDS. In the first phase, these units have taken up the aim of manufacturing 5000 umbrellas for the market. They aim to sell 21 types of umbrellas under the brand name 'Aadhi Umbrellas' through the Kudumbashree network. The printed umbrella is priced at Rs 345 and the three fold black umbrella is priced at Rs 325, whereas Rs 335 is the unit cost for the multicolour umbrella.

'Nila' and 'Lotus', the micro enterprise units follow the general procedure followed in umbrella manufacturing. They buy the umbrella making kit from the market, assemble the umbrellas at their homes and bring the same to the market.
Through this enterprise activity, the Kannur District Mission aims at facilitating the tribal families (who are into daily wage based labour works) to get an additional income during this crisis period. Wishing good luck for the marketing of ‘Aadhi Umbrellas', which is a new enterprise in the tribal sector, making umbrellas. 

For buying umbrellas, please contact: 04902953006, 9645183673

Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Mission launches 'Homer' Home Delivery Service Updated On 2021-06-14

Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Mission had launched 'Homer', the Home Delivery Service. This new activity is conceived and is being implemented by Kudumbashree's Kasaragod District team themselves. In the background of the lockdown notified to contain the spread of covid-19, many people had found it difficult to go to the shops to buy essential goods. 'Homer' is the home delivery service launched by Kasaragod District Mission, understanding this situation. Through this service delivery programme, essential goods, medicines etc are delivered directly to the beneficiaries. A new enterprise opportunity is opened for the NHG members through this.

Initially, this service was made available at four areas of Kasaragod district viz., Mangalpady, Cheruvathoor, Kasaragod and Kanhangad. Two NHG members each who have two-wheelers or auto rickshaw are selected from these four panchayats/municipalities. Following that, their mobile numbers are shared among all the households through the community network of Kudumbashree. This is how the 'Homer' programme is being implemented. The list of the needed goods may be sent to their numbers through WhatsApp. The goods and medicines are delivered to the beneficiaries from the shops as per this list. The minimum order should be of at least Rs 500/-. Delivery charge will also be collected for the service. The goods will be delivered within the area of 5 kilometers. Rs 40 is charged within 2 kilometers as delivery charge. Rs 50 is charged within 2 to 4 kilometers and Rs 60 is charged within 4 to 5 kilometers.

The service charge received from these orders is the income of the service provider. A social service is being extended by Kasaragod team through 'Homer' programme, in addition to creating an opportunity for employment. A positive feedback is received in the initial days. On the first day, 9 orders were received (value of order is Rs 5850). On the second day 11 orders (value Rs 7300) were received. The increase in the number of the orders imply that the people are accepting devices through the 'Homer' programme. Kasaragod team aims to extend these services to more areas after studying the prospect of this pilot project.  It is expected that the NHG members would be able to extend the best services and be able to earn better income.

Kudumbashree launches 'Kunju Pareeksha' (Simple Exam) to fight back Covid-19 Updated On 2021-06-10

Kudumbashree has launched 'Kunju Pareeksha' (A Small, Simple Exam), to take the awareness lessons about the covid-19 pandemic to families through children. Shri. M. V. Govindan Master, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala inaugurated the programme. It is planned to conduct 'Kunju Pareeksha' as a series of 4 exams. The first among those exams is being held on 10 June 2021. The exam could be written till 10.30 PM, 13 June 2021. Children may visit this link launched by Balasabha and may write this online examination. The exam is being conducted as part of Balasabha. The members of Balasabha as well as the non members can become part of this online test. The dates of the remaining three exams would be notified later.
Kudumbashree team is taking many efforts to communicate the details of the protocol to be maintained to prevent covid-19 to maximum number of people. 'Kunju Pareeksha' is conceptualized and is implemented as a result of this.  It is planned to conduct four online tests. They are model exam, quarterly exam, half yearly exam and annual exam. It is aimed to take the idea of preventing covid-19 to the children through the questions and answers of these exams. The questions of the exams would include the precautions one should take while sitting inside our houses. Also, questions will be about the precautions to be taken when going out. Also, basic informations that each one should be aware of about covid-19 pandemic will be part of questions. It is sure that this exam would be knowledgeable for the children. Also, Kudumbashree team had prepared such questions that make answering the test really enjoyable.

It is expected that Kudumbashree would be able to share various information about the prevention of covid-19 to the children through these four exams. Rewards would be given to the best CDSs and Districts, who ensure good participation. Through this Kudumbashree envisage to spread awareness among the children. Balasabha is better known as 'the NHGs of children' and there are 32,267 Balasabha activity groups in Kerala.

The exam could be completed within 10 minutes. To write the exam, log on to :