Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Mission to create an egg revolution through the Community Enterprise Fund of NRLM Updated On 2021-10-13

Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Mission is all set to create an egg revolution through the Community Enterprise Fund of National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM). The 'Kozhiyum Koodum' Programme has been kick started at Kasaragod district under the leadership of Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Mission. The Programme is being implemented using the Community Enterprise Fund (CEF) allotted by Kudumbashree State Mission for Kasaragod district. The programme aims at making available at least two eggs per head a week for Kudumbashree members and their families and to improve the livelihood sector of the women. Kudumbashree Kasaragod District had decided to observe 2020-21 Financial year as 'Silver Revolution Year' and on it's basis, they had chosen to give Community Enterprises Fund (CEF) loan as stall installments to the selected CDSs in the district and encourage backyard egg production. 

A total of 122 units including 20-25 layer poultry chicks had been distributed to the individual beneficiaries of 3 CDSs in the district until now. Out of them, 80 beneficiaries have received the chicks and the coops. Actions would be taken to make available the coops by making use of the convergence with the MGNREGS. The District Mission would give 'Chicks & Hoops' to 90 individual beneficiaries in 4 CDSs through CEF by the end of October. The backyard egg production programme would be implemented in the remaining CDSs, once the Special Livelihood Fund would be received. Kasaragod District Mission has also started the efforts to make available the Black Chicken (Kadaknath) and coops to the BUDS Children of Parappa and Karadukka Block Panchayats, the Intensive Blocks in the district.

Kudumbashree Wayanad team continues their relentless efforts in controlling covid-19 pandemic Updated On 2021-10-12

Kudumbashree Wayanad team is continuing their relentless efforts in controlling covid-19 pandemic. Kudumbashree Wayanad team is helping out the District Administration who are breaching their quarantine. Those who were supposed to stay in quarantine at their houses were breaching this and it had turned out to be a problem. The Kudumbashree system at Wayanad is extending support to the District Administration to find a solution for the issue. As the breach of quarantine of the covid positive patients, their close contacts and the breach of quarantine that occur between the RTPCR tests and the results were increased, Kudumbashree closely observes those who breach the quarantine and hand over their details to the police. This is the service Kudumbashree system extends in the district.

The discussions about the breach of quarantine had arisen at the meetings of the District Disaster Management Authority. It is then, the Kudumbashree Wayanad team informed the District Administration that the organizational system of Kudumbashree, starting from the NHGs could help the police. The CDS Chairpersons would receive the details of those who did RT PCR tests from the government-quasi government hospitals. Those details are sorted on the ward basis and are given to the respective ADSs. From there, the details are given to the NHG Secretaries. And they ensure that those who did the tests are undergoing quarantine. And if any breach of quarantine occurs they report the same through Google form. The CDS Chairpersons compile such reports and disclose the details of those who breach the quarantine to the Police Station. The Police would take further actions.

In addition, Kudumbashree members extend all sorts of help to those who are in quarantine. The tribal colonies in the districts are under the observation of animators and ADSs. The vaccination activities are also ongoing. Daily review meetings are held from 7PM to 8 PM under the leadership of ADM, District Mission Coordinator, District Medical Office Representative and CDS Chairpersons. 

Kudumbashree have been making notable interventions since various precautions and regulations had been employed due to the spread of covid-19 pandemic. Kudumbashree had organized various activities such as awareness programmes, mask-sanitizer production, running community kitchens, disbursing loans etc.  At the same time, every district had formulated and implemented various activities associating with the respective District Administrations, considering the local needs. Even now, many of such activities are continuing. The Wayanad District team of Kudumbashree is moving forward with such great activities and are helping many through their relentless efforts. 

'Kudumbashree oru Nerchithram’ Photography Competition Season 4- Winners announced Updated On 2021-10-07

The results of 'Kudumbashree oru Nerchithram’ Photography Competition Season 4 has been announced. Shri. Suresh Cameo, Thekkumbatt House, Thekkankuroor, Malappuram bagged the first prize. Shri. Alfred M.K, Muringathery House, Erumapetty, Thrissur came second and Shri. Madhu Edachana, Kulangara House, Ozhakkodi, Wayanad came in third place. The Award for the Best Photographer is Rs 25,000. The second prize and third prize are Rs 15,000 and Rs 10,000 respectively. The jury consisted of Shri. R. Gopalakrishnan, Senior Cinema Still Photographer, Shri. V. Vinod, Chief Photographer, Information and Public Relations Department, Government of Kerala, Smt. Chandralekha C.S, Documentary Filmmaker & Photographer and Smt. Asha Vargheese, Director, Kudumbashree selected the winners.


Kudumbashree organized the Season 4 of ‘Kudumbashree or Nerchithram’ Photography Competition for motivating the aspiring photographers and to propagate the activities of Kudumbashree Mission through photographs. The contestants were directed to submit photographs that reflect the priority projects of Kudumbashree Mission. Rs 2000 each will be issued for 10 entries as consolation prizes. Shri. Deepesh Puthiyapurayil, Shri. K.B Vijayan, Shri. Sarath Chandran, Shri. Pramod K, Shri. Abhilash G, Shri. Baiju C.J, Shri. Dinesh K, Shri. Jubel Joseph Jude, Shri. Shiju Vani and Shri Ijaz Punalur are the Consolation Prize winners.

The Photography Competition is organized realising that the best photographs depicting the hard work of Kudumbashree members would further boost the women empowerment process. The fourth season of the competition was held from 22 July 2021 to 15 September 2021. Good quality photographs portraying the strength of Kudumbashree, functioning focusing on women empowerment is considered for the ‘Kudumbashree Oru Nerchithram’ Photography Competition, which is being conducted from 2017 onwards. Like the first three seasons, the fourth season has also received good responses.

The first season of ‘Kudumbashree oru Nerchithram’ was conducted during November- December 2017, the second season during February- March 2019 and the third season was held during January- February 2020. The three seasons of 'Kudumbashree Oru Nerchithram' Photography Competition had resulted in a huge success. Good quality photographs portraying the strength of Kudumbashree, functioning focusing on women empowerment is considered for the ‘Kudumbashree Oru Nerchithram’ Photography Competition. Kudumbashree Mission which envisions eradicating poverty through women in Kerala had successfully completed 23 revolutionary years.

Kudumbashree Agri Nutri Garden to 10 lakh households in the state: Project officially launched Updated On 2021-10-04

Kudumbashree Agri Nutri Garden project was officially launched. Shri. I.B Satheesh, MLA, Kattakkada constituency officially inaugurated the programme at Maranalloor Grama Panchayath, Thiruvananthapuram on 3 October 2021. Adv. D. Suresh, President, District Panchayath presided over the function. Smt. P.I Sreevidya IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree explained the project in detail. The promotion video of the project was also launched at the function. The Agri Nutri Garden project aims at setting up organic nutritional gardens at households across the state, make available nutritious vegetables and fruits, prepare them to become self-sufficient in vegetables and thereby create a healthy society. Ten lakh beneficiaries would be identified for the programme. Suitable vegetables and fruits would be cultivated in their houses as per the local agricultural climate.
It was decided to arrange nutrition gardens in all houses during 2021-22 as part of the farm livelihood programme being implemented through Kudumbashree in the state. The nutrition gardens are set up in all wards as per this. The nutri gardens would cultivate any five of the nutrition rich agricultural products viz., tomato, bitter gourd, spinach, pumpkin, coriander, mint, lady's finger, brinjal cucumber and two types of fruit trees. Every beneficiary should do organic farming in a minimum of three cents of land. The project would be implemented in the Grama Panchayats. For that, 50 families would be identified in every ward and a cluster would be formed.  Every cluster would have a President, Secretary, Vice President and Joint Secretary. Kudumbashree would give the seeds for the cultivation and training. Training would be extended on ploughing the field, sowing the seed, manuring and on taking care of the crops under the leadership of JEVA and Master trainers. Cluster level meetings would be held every month and the development of the project. Organizing & Monitoring Committees would be formed at the Panchayath level by including the elected representatives. After the share-out of agricultural products to the households, the rest would be marketed through the marketing outlets such as Kudumbashree Nattuchantha and Krishi Bhavan. The interventions for the same would be implemented at the CDS level. The campaign activities as part of the project are progressing across the state.

Shri. A. Suresh Kumar, President, Maranalloor Grama Panchayath, Thiruvananthapuram welcomed the gathering. Shri. I. B Satheesh MLA Kattakada constituency gave away the prizes to the winners of the Poster Designing Programme organized in connection with the publicity of Agri Nutri Garden programme for Kudumbashree Balasabha members. Adv. Preeja S.K, Smt. Santha Prabhakaran, Smt. Deena Kumari K.S, Shri. A R Sudheer Khan, Smt. Premavalli S, Shri. Anto V, Shri. Sabu Sajayan P S, Smt. Sheeba Mol V.V, Smt. Indulekha V.A, Shri Manoj B.S and Smt. Santhakumari gave away the felicitations. Dr. K. R Shaiju, Kudumbashree Thiruvananthapuram District Mission Coordinator extended vote of thanks. 

Kudumbashree Auxiliary Group Formation officially started Updated On 2021-10-04

Kudumbashree Auxiliary Group Formation has been officially started. Shri. M.V Govindan Master, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Rural Development, Excise, Government of Kerala officially inaugurated the Auxiliary Group formation activities during the function held at Samadarshini Library of Kalippankulam ward of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation on 2 October 2021, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi. Three Auxiliary Groups viz., 'Navagadha' at Kalippankulan ward under CDS-3, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, 'Manasa' at Kaladi ward, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, 'Sangamam' at Puthuppally ward under CDS-4, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation were formed.


Auxiliary Groups, the new gen system of Kudumbashree is being formed with the aim of creating a new space for the social, cultural, livelihood upliftment of young women. Kudumbashree, the Poverty Eradication Mission of Kerala which has more than 45 lakh members is also an important implementing agency that implements various projects and programmes of Central- State Governments. Auxiliary Groups are being formed aiming at including more young women to the Kudumbashree fraternity, bring them to the mainstream of the society and to give them awareness about social, financial, women empowerment topics. Kudumbashree also aims at introducing them to new job opportunities, help them find livelihood, arrange a space for them to discuss social issues along with increasing their efficiency and intervening skills, thereby strengthening social development.

It is envisaged to create an avenue to introduce the activities of various agencies that function for the welfare and development of the youth such as Youth Commission, Youth Welfare Board etc and to achieve good results. It also aims at creating awareness about the various livelihood projects implemented by Central- State Governments, Cooperative Department etc and thereby create opportunities to make sustainable livelihood possible.

Every CDS would form Women Auxiliary Groups at all wards in their limits. Women between 18 and 40 years of age can take the membership in the groups. More than one member from a family can take membership (between the age of 18 & 40). It is planned to form 20,000 groups. The maximum number of members that can be included in a single group is 50. If more than 50 women come forward in a ward, more groups could be formed. The groups could be registered at the District Missions with the recommendation of the respective CDSs.

Shri. S Salim, Chairman, Welfare Standing Committee, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation presided over the function. Shri. Sajulal D, Ward Councillor, Kalippankulam ward, Smt. Anu R.S Programme Officer, Kudumbashree, Smt. Shyna. A, CDS Chairperson was also present at the function. Dr. K.R Shaiju, District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Thiruvananthapuram District Mission extended vote of thanks.

Auxiliary Groups Formation: LSGD Minister makes online interaction with the concerned Updated On 2021-10-01

Shri. M. V Govindan Master, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Rural Development & Excise, Government of Kerala made online interactions with the elected representatives, mission officials, office bearers of Kudumbashree three tier community system and Kudumbashree Resource Persons regarding the formation of the Auxiliary Groups on 30 September 2021. The Auxiliary Groups would turn out to be a greater social movement in the state, the minister said. The Auxiliary Groups would be formed at all wards across the state from 2 October 2021.

Unemployment is high in Kerala compared to other states. The unemployed women also include those who are highly educated. Auxiliary Groups aim at helping young women enter into the appropriate job sectors after understanding the resource opportunities of the agricultural, industrial, service sectors at the local level. In addition, skill development training and entrepreneurship development training would be extended aiming at the local economic development and thereby the system that includes the younger generation would be strengthened. This would be in convergence with the various departments and skill training centres, the minister said. He also added that the Auxiliary Groups would be turned into a strong local system that would prevent domestic violence, dowry, alcoholism and drug addiction associating with the Jagrutha Samithi that functions at the Panchayath level, under the leadership of Kerala Women's Commission. On attaining association, the concept of Auxiliary Group would turn out to be strong and move forward solving the issues of the patriarchal society. He added.

The project envisages to ensure the representation of young women in Kudumbashree system & their social, cultural & livelihood upliftment.The formation of Auxiliary Neighbourhood Groups aims at overcoming such limitations and make the youth a part of Kudumbashree fraternity and thereby bring them to the mainstream of the society and give awareness about social economic and women empowerment topics. Auxiliary Groups would arrange an avenue for working, finding livelihood and discussing social issues. This would help in increasing the efficiency and intervening skills of women and thereby strengthen social growth.

Smt. P. I Sreevidya IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree welcomed the gathering. Shri. Salim, Chairman, Welfare Standing Committee, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, Smt. K.M Usha, President, Grama Panchayath President Association and Dr Joy Elamon, Director, KILA gave away their felicitations. Smt. Anu R S, Programme Manager, Kudumbashree delivered the vote of thanks.

DDU-GKY students from Kasaragod earning income by making customised handmade gifts Updated On 2021-10-01

Amidst the crisis of covid-19 pandemic, DDU-GKY students from Kasaragod district of Kerala are earning income by making customized handmade gifts. The DDU-GKY students who completed Fashion Designing course from SN College, Periya, Kasaragod are making hand embroidered hoops as per the orders and are making income of their own. The orders are mainly received for gifting for birthdays and weddings. The students who completed the Fashion Designing training through Deen Dayal Upadhyay Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) the skill training programme jointly being implemented by the Central- State Governments through Kudumbashree Mission in Kerala, had made an average monthly income of more than Rs 10,000 during the lockdown period, when their college was remained closed.


24 young women from the rural areas of Kasaragod district of Kerala are the DDUGKY students who are earning income by making custom handmade gifts. They are Ms. Asirifa P A, Ms. Athulya C, Ms. Athulya K M, Ms. Ayisha Thrumaisa, Ms. Devika K, Ms. Fathimath Shala Sirin T H, Ms. Haripriya P, Ms. Kairunnisa M A, Ms. Kavya K, Ms. Mariyamanth Thasniya, Ms. Mishwana Muhammad, Ms. Najumunnisa, Ms. Safoorath Muneesa Nasreena, Ms. Pharina T A, Ms. Rajila P K, Ms. Ranjitha S, Ms. Reeja T, Ms. Reshma P.N, Ms. Sameera Fahim, Ms. Seema K, Ms. Sreemol V, Ms. Sreesanthi C, Ms. Sujatha O S, and Ms. Sujithra P. Their facilitators for the Fashion Designing Course at the SN Trust training centre suggested that they could start making handmade gifts. The price of the embroidery hoops start from Rs 400 and the embroidery hoops are charged as per the size and the time and effort. Usually a single hoop is finished within one and a half days.


They would join for the job in fashion designing by the month of November, after completing their 'On The Job Training'. This would be an additional source of income for them. They have also started a few Instagram profiles to receive the orders for the customised embroidered hoops. In addition to the online orders, they are getting offline orders as well. Those who are interested in ordering the embroidered hoops may directly contact them. Their products were displayed at a few exhibitions too and that had helped them get more customers for their products. In addition to the hoops, few of them are into bottle art and bridal blouse stitching as well. These students from Kasaragod are making the most out of the opportunity and the skills they earned through the DDU-GKY Skill training programme.

Annual Report 2020-21 of Kerala RSETIs (Rural Self Employment Training Institute) launched Updated On 2021-09-28

Rural Self Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs) are the organizations that function to find solutions for the unemployment of the rural youth by extending them skill training and thereby equipping them to find self employment and make entrepreneurship development possible. Smt. P.I Sreevidya IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree launched the Annual Report 2020-21 of the RSETIs in Kerala at Kudumbashree State Mission, Thiruvananthapuram on 20 September 2021.

The  RSETIs under the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) function associating with the State Rural Livelihood Missions in the respective states. The LEAD Banks in each district are entrusted with the functioning of the RSETIs. In Kerala, RSETIs function associating with Kudumbashree, the implementing agency of National Rural Livelihood Mission.  Every RSETIs implement more than 56 skill training programmes in Kerala. They have well equipped training centres for the same.

Ms. Saritha R, Assistant Controller, National Academy of RUDSETI, Kerala, Mr. Jayaprakash KR, State Director, RSETI, Mr. Prem Jeevan, Director, Indian Overseas Bank, Mr. S. Jahamgeer, Programme Officer, Mr. Shibu N.P, Mr. Bipin Jose, Mr. Das Vincent. Mr. T Leopole, Mr. K.R Jayan, Mr. G. Sreeraj, Programme Managers, Kudumbashree were also present on the occasion.

DDU-GKY Hunarbaaz Awards presented to the differently abled candidates of DDU-GKY Updated On 2021-09-25

DDU-GKY Hunarbaaz Awards were presented to the differently-abled candidates who were trained through the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) programme in Kerala in various trades and subsequently got placement and worked in the organizations for more than one year, as per the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of DDUGKY.  Smt. P.I Sreevidya IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree handed over the awards to the selected 12 candidates at the function held at District Collectorate, Ernakulam on 25 September 2021, on the occasion of  the 'Antyodaya Diwas'.

The Awards were given away as part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav India @75. The selected 12 candidates include Mr. Ameen Sidheeq, Mr. Abdul Vajid T, Mr. Midhun K (JSS), Ms. Manju George, Mr. Ahammed Savad M (Quess), Mr. Salman Arshad (MET), Ms. Mereena Daniel, Mr. Sajeesh George (Vimalagiri), Mr. Santo Joseph (ULCC), Mr. George N John, Ms. Sneha Sebastian (ESAF) and Mr Naveen Soorya (Holy Cross).

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is an initiative of the Government of India to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of progressive India and the glorious history of its people, culture and achievements, which is is dedicated to the people of India who have not only been instrumental in bringing India thus far in it’s evolutionary journey but also hold within them the power and potential. Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav commenced on 12 March 2021 and will end post a year on 15th August 2023 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Independence.

'Onam Utsav Online Shopping Mela' a big hit: Sales of Rs 65.28 lakhs recorded Updated On 2021-09-24

'Onam Utsav Online Shopping Mela', which was organized through, the e- commerce portal of Kudumbashree during 18 August to15 September 2021 has became a big hit and a sales of Rs 65.28 lakhs was recorded. The online trade fair continued for about a month and 45,730 orders were received. The trade fair aimed at extending maximum support to Kudumbashree micro entrepreneurs and farming group members and help them secure greater sales during the onam season that came amidst the crisis of covid-19 pandemic. 

The online trade fair which was launched including greater discounts and combo offers has secured great participation. Though the trade fair was scheduled to end on 31 August 2021, more than 3200 orders on that day and hence it was decided to extend the trade fair till 15 September 2021. A total of 2017 products including masala powders, apparels, spices etc produced by Kudumbashree entrepreneurs were available for sale as part of the trade fair. Discounts upto 40% was also given. Additional discount of 10% was given to those who purchased for more than Rs 1000. The products were delivered free of cost all across the country, associating with the Postal Department and attractive combo offers were also given.

A total of 9659 orders were received on 15 September 2021 itself, the day on which the online trade fair came to an end. The details including the number of orders received by the entrepreneurs of each district is given below (In the order of the district- orders received by the entrepreneurs in the district- order amount- orders received from the districts (as per the location of the customers)- order amount received from the districts (as per the location of the customers).

1. Thiruvananthapuram   -  2453 -  3,34,726 - 6077 - 8,14,681
2. Kollam  -   2724  - 3,37,639 - 2353  -  3,35,512
3. Pathanamthitta -  794  -1 ,65,064 - 378 - 64,200
4. Alappuzha  -   402  - 58,829 - 606 - 98,691
5. Kottayam  -   2880  - 3,67,649 - 4244 - 5,49,310
6. Idukki  -    875  - 1,36,061 - 757 - 1,05,149
7. Ernakulam  -  8950  -  12,65,749 - 15,274  - 21,88,917
8. Thrissur -   5633  - 7,94,484 - 2940 - 4,09,166
9. Palakkad -  2087  - 3,38,547  - 357  - 59,530
10. Malappuram -  676  - 95,186 - 555 - 84,932
11. Kozhikode   -  4034  -  5,35,998  -  2256  - 3,01,705
12. Wayanad  -  1515  -  2,43,830  - 326 - 53,440
13. Kannur -  10,389 -  15,31,908  -  8477 - 12,48,389
14. Kasaragod  -  2318 - 3, 22,526  -  805 - 1,08,120
Total - 45730 - 65,28,197  - 45,730 - 65,28,197