Kerala Chicken Poultry Processing Plant inaugurated Updated On 2023-05-19

Kerala Chicken Poultry Processing Plant has been launched to boost Kudumbashree Kerala Chicken Project activities in the state. Shri. V. Sasi, MLA, Chirayinkeezhu Constituency inaugurated the plant which is located at Kadinamkulam of Thiruvananthapuram district. The plant is situated on four and a half acres in Channankara.


Kudumbashree is implementing the project in collaboration with the Department of Animal Welfare and KEPCO with the objectives of finding a solution to the high price of chicken meat, providing clean chicken meat to the consumers, ensuring regular income for the chicken farmers who are members of Kudumbashree, producing and distributing 50 percent of the broiler chicken market in the state itself. The activities are coordinated by the Kudumbashree Broiler Farmers Producer Company Limited.


The plant has the capacity to process 500 chickens per hour. After conducting ante-mortem inspection of the one and a half month old broiler chickens delivered here, only fully healthy chickens will be used for processing. Processing and further operations are carried out scientifically with the help of various machines in semi-automated poultry processing line with the help of overhead rail system. There is also an extensive cold storage facility for keeping poultry meat chilled.


The quality assured products will be marketed under the brand name 'Kudumbashree Kerala Chicken' through supermarkets in the first phase. Various value added products of poultry will be produced and a 'Meat On Wheels' mobile sales outlet will be started to make them available to the customers.


At present, chicken is supplied to all the 111 outlets operating in the state from farmers working under the Kerala Chicken Scheme. When the processing plant starts functioning, all the chickens required here will be procured from the same farmers.


Shri. Hari Prasad, President, Pothencode Block Panchayath  presided over the function. Dr. Sajeev Kumar. A, CEO, Kerala Chicken Broiler Farmers Producer Company Limited &  Programme Officer, Kudumbashree explained the project. Shri. N. Sasidharan Nair, Private Secretary to the Minister of Local Self-Government and Excise Department, Ms. Ajitha Ani, President, Kadinamkulam Grama Panchayath, Ms. Unaisa Ansari, Member Kaniyapuram Division District Panchayath, Ms. Sreekala. S, Chief Environmental Engineer, Dr. Beena Beevi, District Animal Husbandry Officer and Ms. Ruby Naushad, CDS Chairperson extended their greetings. Dr. B. Najeeb, District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Thiruvananthapuram District Mission welcomed the gathering and Ms. Sachithra Babu, Director, KBFPCL, delivered the vote of thanks.

Kudumbashree launches Radioshree Updated On 2023-05-17

Radioshree, the online radio launched by Kudumbashree will become a unified platform for the activities of 46 lakh Kudumbashree members of Kerala. Educational, health and entertainment programmes and various discussions can now be heard through 'Radio Shree'. The mobile application 'Radioshree' can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. An eight-hour programme will be aired a day. And then the repetition of that programme will be broadcasted.  This is how 'Radio Shree' is currently working.


To download the Radioshree App:

Kudumbashree enters 26- The Silver Jubilee Celebrations come to an end Updated On 2023-05-17

Formed on 17 May 1998, Kudumbashree has crossed the age of twenty-six. Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister, Government of Kerala inaugurated the valedictory function of the closing ceremony of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Kudumbashree on 17 May 2023, which has been ongoing for the last one year. He also announced 'May 17 as Kudumbashree Day'.


Kudumbashree acted as the backbone in leading the women of Kerala to self-sufficiency. Kudumbashree's work has been carried out since its inception with an emphasis on achieving rights through social cohesion. The Chief Minister said that Kudumbashree has been able to provide excellent support to Kerala in becoming the state with the least poverty in the country and that the full participation of Kudumbashree will be utilized in the efforts to free the 64,006 families identified through the extreme poverty survey from poverty by 1 November 2025.


Shri. M.B Rajesh, Minister of Local Self-Government and Excise Department, Government of Kerala presided over the function. The Chief Minister also inaugurated RadioSree, Kudumbashree's digital radio. The Chief Minister distributed the award for the Best Kudumbashree CDS to Alappuzha Kanjikuzhi CDS and also to Kozhikode Corporation for performing well in the 'Oppam-Koode Und Karuthalode' campaign conducted in the urban areas. 


In his presidential speech, the Minister of Local Self-Government and Excise Department, Government of Kerala said that Kudumbashree's contribution to the history of women's life in modern Kerala is great. Kudumbashree should go ahead with activities aimed at increasing income. This will increase the per capita income of the state in the coming years. The minister also stated that the signature of the half-crore members of Kudumbashree, the great movement of women's power, is evident in all areas.


The Minister released Kudumbashree Mudrageetham and also distributed the Awards for  Ms. Sreekala Devayanam who wrote the Mudrageetham and Shri. Nithin who prepared the tagline for Kudumbashree. Also, the award for the Second Best CDS was given to the representatives of Wayanad Vellamunda CDS and Thiruvananthapuram Kottukal CDS and the Award for the Third Best CDS was given to the representatives of Palakkad Sreekrishnapuram CDS and Idukki Marayoor CDS. The Minister also felicitated the CDSs who won Special Jury Awards in various categories. The Minister and the Chief Guests distributed awards to the local bodies in the urban areas who had implemented the campaign effectively.


Shri. V.D Satheesan, Leader of Opposition said that Kudumbashree's history of a quarter of a century is a history of change and the role played by Kudumbashree is crucial in realizing women's empowerment. He also launched the updated logo of Kudumbashree.


'Nilav Pookkunna Vazhikal' the book prepared by including the poems received in Kudumbashree Mudrageetham Competition was released by Ms. Subhashini Ali, Former MP by giving the same to Dr. Sharmila Mary Joseph IAS,  Principal Secretary, Local Self-Government Department, Government of Kerala. The Postal Cover issued by the Postal Department on the occasion of the Kudumbashree Silver Jubilee was released by Shri. Alexin George, Director, Postal Department by handing over the same to Shri. M. B Rajesh, Minister, Local Self Government Department and Excise Department, Government of Kerala. Ms. J Chinchurani, Minister of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development, Government of Kerala conveyed her greetings online.


Dr. R. Bindu, Minister for Higher Education and Social Justice, Government of Kerala, Ms .P.K. Sreemathi Teacher, Former MP, Ms. Sarada Muraleedharan IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Local Self-Government Department, Government of Kerala, Dr. Sharmila Mary Joseph IAS, Principal Secretary, Government of Kerala, Adv. Smitha Sundareshan, Governing Body Member, Kudumbashree, Ms. Simi Jyothish, Counsellor, Chala, Ms. Shyna A, CDS Chairperson were the Chief Guests of the function. 


Ms. Vasanthi K, Senior member of Kudumbashree family welcomed the gathering and Ms. Kadambari Vinod, a member of the Krishna Balasabha, Maruthongal CDS, Kozhikode delivered the vote of thanks. The dance performed by Rangashree, Kudumbashree Community Theatre captivated the attention of the masses with its innovation, theme and choreography. 

Kudumbashree sets a model by strictly adhering to Green Protocol during the 3-day celebrations in connection with the closing celebrations of the Silver Jubilee of Kudumbashree Updated On 2023-05-17

Kudumbashree had set a model by strictly adhering to Green Protocol during the three-day celebrations in connection with the closing celebrations of the Silver Jubilee of Kudumbashree.  For three days, tens thousands flocked to Putharikandam Maidan, Thiruvananthapuram, but everywhere was super clean and green. Kudumbashree's Silver Jubilee Celebrations, which is at the helm of environment-friendly activities in the state was started on 15 May 2023.  More than ten thousand people participated in the event.


The main venue, the food court and the surrounding areas where the event was held were plastic-free. All the venues were cleaned at regular intervals and converted into zero waste spaces. Food and drinks were distributed in the food court using crystal glasses and utensils. Through the collective action of trained Kudumbashree members, food waste was also eliminated from time to time. The organizers were able to completely clean the inside and outside of the venue where the celebrations  took place. As usual, Kudumbashree followed proper waste disposal plans and thereby strictly adhered to Green Protocol.

Discussion for developing an Action Plan for 'Rachna'- Contemporary Stories of Kudumbashree members held Updated On 2023-05-17

A discussion for developing an Action Plan for 'Rachna' - Contemporary Stories of Kudumbashree members was held during the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Kudumbashree on 17 May 2023. The discussion for developing an action plan' was enthusiastically received by the CDS members. Ms. Sarada Muraleedharan IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Local Self-Government Department, Government of Kerala said that the experiences of Kudumbashree women who made history in the field of women's empowerment through their 25-year journey of resistance and survival are a treasure for the world.


Shri. N. Jagajeevan, Consultant, Suchithwa Mission and Former Programme Officer of Kudumbashree explained the concept of 'Rachana', a programme for documenting the history of twenty-five years of growth and development of Kudumbashree and its implementation.


'Rachna' will document the family and social background of Kerala a quarter of a century ago and the life of ordinary women there and how was the growth and development of the Kudumbashree movement. It will contain the history of the progress achieved by the women community of Kerala in the last twenty five years through Kudumbashree Mission. Through this, 25 years history of each CDS in the state will be available. The aim is to complete the 'Rachna' by 25 August 2023. This Silver History is prepared through Participatory Writing.

Panel Discussions in connection with the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Kudumbashree stands out Updated On 2023-05-16

From 'Art' to 'Crime and Violence Prevention' - The Kudumbashree Silver Jubilee Closing Ceremony was kicked off in grand style with separate panel discussions. The Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Kudumbashree, which has taken strong roots in the Kerala society and led 46 lakh women from darkness to light in the last quarter of a century, got off to a fiery start at  Putharikandam Maidan, Thiruvananthapuram on 15 May 2023. At first, there were art programmes performed by Sangha Chetana NHG members of Amarambalam CDS of Malappuram district. This was followed by panel discussions with personalities who have made a mark in the fields of art and entrepreneurship and who have overcome adversities.


A panel discussion on 'Art as a medium of expression and social change' moderated by Ms. Rekha Menon, Journalist provided a platform for open expressions of opinion. Ms. C.S Chandrika, Activist & Writer said that art is against violence and the politics put forward by art is human love and humanity. Ms. Vidhu Vincent, Film Director & Media Activist said that Kudumbashree women coming forward as role models in many fields is an exciting and energetic experience. She also reminded about the need to involve Kudumbashree entrepreneurs in the film industry as well. Ms. Kavitha Balakrishnan, Artist, said that Kudumbashree transforms the women of Kerala into extremely influential people and is proud to be a part of Kudumbashree, a female ocean of thousands of women. Ms. Deepthi, Ms. Biji. M, Members, Rangashree Theatre Group, Ms. Annie Vishwanath, Mentor, Kudumbashree National Resource Organization,  Ms. Deepa Mohanan, Kudumbashree Entrepreneur and Poet shared their success experiences they had gained with the strength of Kudumbashree.


'Women Entrepreneurs, Driving Forces for Social Change' was the topic of the discussion moderated by Dr. Nirmala Sanu George, Development Consultant. Ms. Binitha Thambi, who is an IIT Professor, said that women entrepreneurs can face the challenges created by the patriarchal system. She also opined that a system should be established in Kudumbashree itself to study the problems of entrepreneurs who are not able to achieve success in Kudumbashree where there are many good entrepreneurs. Ms. Geethu Mohandas, the founder of 'Let's Go for a Camp', Women's Travel Group who started her love of travel through her first trip to Nilambur during her 5th grade, shared her experience of traveling and also talked about the marketing opportunities for Kudumbashree entrepreneurs in the tourism sector.


Ms. Bhagirathi, a Kudumbashree entrepreneur, shared her joy that the Nutrimix unit, which was started with a desire to start her own business, has grown to a turnover of around Rs 2.5 crores per annum today. After completing her degree and PG with Kudumbashree's encouragement, Bhagirathi is now trying to get her Ph.D. She is an inspiration and a guide to many in her sixties. Ms. Sandhya, a farmer and woman entrepreneur, shared her happiness that by giving up teaching and coming to agriculture, she was able to provide employment to many women around her. Ms. Vijaya, who was battling cancer, said that it was Kudumbashree that made her stand on the stage after 20 years and she used to forget about her illness amidst the activities of the Technoworld IT unit. She shared the joy of successfully progressing her venture with the help of Kudumbashree NHGs. Ms. Rumana, owner of Meat and Egg Exports, Ms. Jiby Varghese, Mentor, Kudumbashree National Resource Organization also shared his Kudumbashree experiences in the discussion.


The third discussion on 'Crime and Violence Prevention' moderated by Ms. Nishanthini IP. S, Rural DIG discussed a very topical issue. Along with Ms. Aaj Sudarshan, Special Judge, POCSO Court, Ms. Chelsasini. V IAS, CEO Gender Park, Ms. Josephine (Kerala State Planning Board), Adv. Sreela Menon, Nirbhaya State Coordinator, Ms. Rajani, Kudumbashree Community Counsellor, Ms. Savithri V.L, Gender Resource Person and Ms. Sunitha, Mentor, NRO became part of the discussion. 


As part of the three-day-long Kudumbashree Silver Jubilee celebrations, the panel discussions organized on the second day, 16 May 2023, at the Putharikandam Maidan, Thiruvananthapuram were noteworthy. The first panel discussed the topic 'Role of Kudumbashree as a Social Organization to Combat Climate Change'. Ms. Aruna Roy, Magsaysay Award Winner & Environmentalist said that Kudumbashree, which deals effectively with all social issues should ensure effective participation in climate change issues as well. Ms. Sarada Muraleedharan IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala moderated the discussion. Ms. Amrita Bhattacharya, Environmental Activist and Tribal Rights Activist, Ms. Mini Sukumar, Member, State Planning Board, Ms. Sasikala, Mentor, Kudumbashree National Resource Organization, Ms. Anila, Secretary, Harithakarmasena Vadakara Consortium and Ms. Reena Suresh, President, Guruvayoor Harithakarmasena  Participated in the panel discussion.


Ms. Aruna Roy also conducted the online release of the book 'Ayaluravukal-Oru Kudumbashree Yathra' written by Shri. Sajith Sukumaran, Chief Operating Officer, Kudumbashree National Resource Organization.  The first copy of the book was received by Ms. Sarada Muraleedharan IAS from Ms. Aishabi, Kudumbashree's youngest CDS Chairperson.


Dr. Sharmila Mary Joseph IAS, Principal Secretary, Local Self-Government Department, Government of Kerala moderated the panel discussion on the theme of 'Finding a Full Life Beyond the Formal Work Framework'. Dr. Khadija Mumtaz, Gynecologist, Writer & Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award Winner, shared about how she was able to study and become a doctor with the support of her mother, and how she became a writer with the habit of reading from a young age, amidst the difficult childhood. Ms Anitha Thampi, Director, Technical & Operations, HLL Lifecare Ltd and Poet said that she became a wanderlust by seeing an airplane flying in the sky. The audience was surprised with the experiences of Ms. Mohana Vijayan, a tea shop owner who has traveled to 26 countries during this time. Ms. Sonia Giri, Chairperson, Irinjalakuda Municipality & Actress, Ms. Brijeena, Snehatheeram CDS Community Counsellor and Folk Song Artist, Ms. Yashoda, Kudumbashree Balasabha Resource Person, Craftsman and Theatre Actress also participated in this panel discussion. A book written by Ms. Anjana, Kudumbashree Haripad Block Coordinator of Alappuzha district, titled 'Some wounds that overcome forgetfulness', was also released at the function.


Ms. Subhashini Ali, Ms. Smithaben Bhatnagar, Ms. Sathidevi, Ms. K.G. Rajeshwari, Ms. Baby Balakrishnan, Ms. C.S. Sreeja and Ms. Rathi Marath participated in the Panel Discussion on 'Enabling Women's Associations - Social Perspective and Legal Mechanisms' moderated by  Ms. Liz Mathew, Political Writer. The discussion on the topic 'Steps towards Social Inclusion - Hopes and Dilemmas of Women's Communities' was moderated by Ms. Shyama S Prabha. Padmashree K.V. Rabia, Padmashree Laxmikutty Amma, Ms. Tiffany Brar, Ms. Yasmin Arimbra, and Ms. P.A. Razeena were part of these discussions. Following the Panel Discussions, Cultural Programmes were also staged.

Kudumbashree's YouTube Million Million Plus Subscription Campaign starts Updated On 2023-05-03

Kudumbashree's YouTube Million Plus Subscription Campaign, a special campaign to increase the subscription of Kudumbashree's official YouTube channel has been launched. Shri. M. B Rajesh, Minister of Local Self-Government and Excise Department Government of Kerala announced the campaign during the press conference held at Hotel SP Grand Days, Thiruvananthapuram on 3 May 2023.


The campaign aims to convert 46 lakh Kudumbashree families and public into subscribers of the Kudumbashree YouTube channel, thereby bringing Kudumbashree's, the State Poverty Eradication Mission's various project activities, to the grassroots in an effective manner.


Currently, Kudumbashree's YouTube channel has 1.39 lakh subscribers. In order to reach the various projects of Kudumbashree to the people, quality videos will be prepared and shared through YouTube and special programmes focused on Kudumbashree NHGs etc will be conducted as part of the campaign. Also, the extensive celebrations organized in Thiruvananthapuram on 15, 16 and 17 May 2023 to mark the 25th anniversary of Kudumbashree will be conveyed to the maximum number of people through the YouTube channel.


At the press conference, the minister also announced that ten lakh Kudumbashree women have become members of the Kudumbashree Jeevan Deepam Oruma Insurance Scheme for NHG family members. So far 11,28,381 women have become members of the scheme. The Minister distributed a cash award  of Rs 15,000 and certificate to Kochi West CDS, which enrolled the most members in this insurance scheme, and to the Edakkattuvayal Gram Panchayat of Ernakulam district, which achieved the highest percentage of those enrolled. Kudumbashree Ernakulam District Mission which enrolled maximum number of members was given the certificate. 


The Minister also announced at the function that Kerala has been recognized for the sixth consecutive time in the SPARK Ranking instituted by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to assess the excellence of National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) project implementation.


Shri. Jafar Malik IAS, Executive Director,  Kudumbashree, Shri.  Jahamgeer A, Programme Officer, Kudumbashree, Shri. P. Radhakrishnan, Regional Manager, Shri. Prem Kumar S, Senior Divisional Manager, LIC, and Shri. Shaji Wilson, Director, State Insurance also participated in the press conference.



YouTube Link -

Talk Show of NHG members arranged at National Saras Mela for sharing Kudumbashree memories steal the show Updated On 2023-05-01

With the strength of twenty-five years of Kudumbashree experiences, NHG members came together and shared their experiences in the talk show 'Ormakalumayi Ithiri Neram' organized by the National Saras Mela being held at Kollam. They shared their experiences about the Kudumbashree that made them the person they are today.  They also shared inspirational stories of survival for the new generation.


Shri. Jafar Malik IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree inaugurated the memory sharing session and gathering arranged for the early- former CDS Chairpersons of Kollam district on 1 May 2023. Former CDS Chairpersons described the difficulties they faced when they went out for NHG activities in the early days and were able to be a part of the activities that enable them to become a shade for poor families. More than two hundred former CDS Chairpersons participated in the meeting.


Before joining Kudumbashree, she had to ask her husband for money for anything, but after becoming an entrepreneur in Kudumbashree, she was able to earn her own income and from that day till now, she has been able to stand on her own feet, said Ms. Vasanthi, the eldest member who took part in the programme, CDS member and entrepreneur who hails from Trikadavoor. Her words were received by the audience with great applause. Ms. Hani, who was the former mayor of Kollam and the early CDS Chairperson, said that it was because of the strength given by Kudumbashree activities that she learned to get rid of the sense of inferiority given by poor living conditions and to identify himself, to ask for rights and even reach till the position of the Mayor of Kollam Corporation. 


 Ms. A. Ambika, Ms. Aruna Devi, Ms. Prasanna Kumari, Ms. Shirley Sathyadevan, Ms. Mini Jose Prakash and Ms. Shakuntala, Kudumbashree former CDS Chairpersons and later elected representatives in three-tier panchayat elections  participated in the programme and shared their Kudumbashree experience stories. Shri. Vimal Chandran, District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Kollam District Mission welcomed the gathering and Ms. Beena R, District Programme Manager delivered the vote of thanks. 


Ms. J. Chinchurani, Minister for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development, Government of Kerala inaugurated the 'Saras Thadesha Sangamam' held on 1 May 2023. The Kudumbashree movement in Kerala is a model for the countries of the world through its systematic work at all three levels. The Minister said. By acting as a banking system, Kudumbashree has helped Kerala reach heights in economic, cultural and health sectors. She added. Performing art programs led by various CDSs and comedy show led by Shri. Guinness Pakru, Famous Film Star took place on 1 May 2023, the fifth day of the fair.


Orchid NHG of Wayanad sets a new model in Waste Management Updated On 2023-05-03

The Orchid NHG of Moopainad Panchayath of Wayanad district is proving by its own actions that garbage disposal is the responsibility of every citizen and they should not wait for anyone else to clean their house, surroundings and public spaces. They have compulsorily reserved one day in a week for cleaning Thalakkal town. They will start cleaning at 6 AM. All the plastic waste in Thalakkal town is collected, sorted and bagged and are handed over to Harithakarmasena.


They have also made Kudumbashree Balasabha members a part of the cleaning campaign. They have also installed boards in the town stating that legal action will be taken against  throwing garbage in public places. Also warning lights against littering are provided in all the shops in the town.

National Saras Mela kickstarted at Kollam; Mega Thiruvathira at Saras Mela attracts public attention Updated On 2023-04-27

The National Saras Mela has been kickstarted at the Ashramam Ground, Kollam on 27 April 2023. Shri. M. B Rajesh, Minister, Local Self Government of Kerala inaugurated the Saras Mela and Ms. J. Chinchurani, Minister, Minister for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development, Government of Kerala presided over the function. Entry to the fair, which runs till May 07, is free.


In the inaugural speech, the Minister said that Kudumbashree is a great movement of women's power and the role of Kudumbashree in poverty alleviation is huge. In the presidential address, Ms. J. Chinchurani said that Kudumbashree has become the flag bearer of development and she pointed out that the role of Kudumbashree in economic and social empowerment is great.


Inauguration of the pavilion with 250 stalls lined up for display and sale of the products of rural entrepreneurs of India was done by Shri. Mukesh, MLA. Whereas, Ms. Prasanna Earnest, Mayor  inaugurated the food court with 30 stalls where one can experience the variety of flavors of different states of the country. Shri. Jafar Malik IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree welcomed the gathering. Ms. Sharmila Mary Joseph IAS, Principal Secretary, Local Self-Government Department explained the programme. 


Shri. N.K. Premachandran MP, Shri. M. Naushad, MLA, Shri. Sujith Vijayan Pillai, MLA, Shri. P.K. Gopan, President, District Panchayath, Ms. Sreeja Harish, Vice President, District Panchayath, Shri. Kollam Madhu, Deputy Mayor, Shri. K. Harsha Kumar, President, Block Panchayath Association, Shri. C. Unnikrishnan, President, Grama Panchayat Association, Shri. S.R. Ramesh, Chairman, Kottarakkara Municipality, Ms Honey, Chairperson, Corporation Standing Committee, Ms. Afsana Parveen IAS, District Collector, Kollam, Shri. Mukund Thakur IAS, Sub Collector, Ms. S. Sajithanand, Councilor, Ms. Sindhu Vijayan, CDS Chairperson and Shri. R Vimal Chandran, District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Kollam District Mission also participated in the function.  After the opening ceremony, musical programme led by Shri. Ritu Krishnan was also held.


Mega Thiruvathira

The Mega Thiruvathira presented by the Kudumbashree CDSs of Kollam district on the commencement of the National Saras Mela stand out unique. 7400 people from 74 CDSs of the district participated in Mega Thiruvathira. Shri. Jafar Malik IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree inaugurated Mega Thiruvathira by lighting the lamp. The song composed for Thiruvathira was full of historical passages of 25 years to mark the silver jubilee of Kudumbashree. The song was composed by Ajitha, a native of Kadakkal and a Kudumbashree member.