2500 NHG members of Kottoor CDS signed & handed over the consent form for organ donation Updated On 2024-02-29

After a quarter of a century, there are no areas that Kudumbashree has not crossed. The Kottoor CDS of Kozhikode district of Kerala made an unforgettable intervention in the field of organ donation and realized the presence of Kudumbashree in all areas. 2500 NHG members of Kottoor CDS of Kozhikode district of Kerala signed & handed over the consent form for organ donation. This activity is done through the 'Jeevanam' project launched by CDS as part of Kudumbashree's Silver Jubilee celebrations.


The first phase of the Jeevanam Project, which was carried out with the full support of the Kottoor Panchayat, started in June 2023. During this phase various programmes were organized under the leadership of CDS to create awareness about organ donation. This included workshops, classes and door-to-door leafleting campaigns. After this, 2500 NHG members came forward for organ donation and signed the consent form. As part of Jeevanam project, an opportunity was provided to the public to give their consent for organ donation.


The organ donation consent form was jointly handed over by Ms. U.M Sheena, Chairperson, Kottoor CDS and Shri. C.H Suresh, President, Kottoor Grama Panchayath to Ms. K. K Shailaja Teacher, MLA, Mattannur Constituency and Former Health Minister during the function organized at Koottalida on 27 February 2024.


Kottoor CDS, who have planned and implemented such an activity and the Panchayat, which has fully supported it, and the the NHG members who have come forward for organ donation have set a new model by spreading the message of humanity to the whole country.

K for Care District Level Training started Updated On 2024-02-28

District-level trainings for the executives as part of the K for Care (Kudumbashree for Care) project, developed and implemented by Kudumbashree in the field of domestic care, have been started. The training is given in batches of 30 people. The training programme was first started in Thrissur district. The training is organized from 19 February 2024 to 4 March 2024 at Mother Hospital.

The training programme in Palakkad district was started on 26 February 2024. The training till 11 March 2024 is organized at PK Das Institute of Medical Sciences. The training in Kasaragod district will start on 29 February 2024. The training is organized in all the three districts under the leadership of Aspirant Learning Academy Private Limited. Expert training is provided on 31 subjects such as body parts and functions, healthy living and personal hygiene, patient's rights, infection control and prevention, eye care, wound dressing, catheter care, physiotherapy, insulin injection, patient transferring etc.

One of Kudumbashree's key interventions in the care economy is providing home care under one roof through K for Care. Executives trained by K for Care provide services in areas where a family needs the assistance of another person in daily life such as geriatric-child care, patient care, disability care and maternity care. Initially, Kudumbashree aims to train 1000 K for Care Executives.

Orientation Training Organized for newly inducted staff of Kudumbashree Updated On 2024-02-28

General Orientation was organized for the newly inducted staff of Kudumbashree at KILA Campus in Thrissur during 22-24 February 2024. Shri. Jafar Malik IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree inaugurated the programme. The training was given on topics such as the Importance of Kudumbashree Organizational System, Working Methodology, Kudumbashree and Micro Finance, Kudumbashree and Social Development, Kudumbashree and Livelihood Opportunities, Importance of Special Interventions in Scheduled Tribes Sector, Duties of Officers, Approach Methodology, Kudumbashree Gender Activities to Ensure Justice and Equity, Academic Career Opportunities and Skill Development Activities, Urban Development Activities and Kudumbashree.


The training programme was organized in connection with KILA. Dr. Kavitha, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Thrissur District Mission, Shri. Nishad C.C, State Programme Manager, Shri. Abdul Basheer, State Programme Manager, State Programme Manager, spoke at the function. Dr. B. Sreejith, Programme Officer, Shri. Jahamgeer. S, Programme Officer, Shri. Manoj B.S, Programme Officer, Shri. Anish Kumar, State Programme Manager, Ms. Sindhu. V, State Programme Manager, Shri. Abdul Basheer, State Programme Manager, Shri. Appu B.C, State Assistant Programme Manager, Shri. Ratheesh. S, State Assistant Programme Manager, Shri. Sudheesh Attappady, Young Professional, and Shri. Aniyan Kunj, Training Team Member handled various topics.

Narippatta CDS lends helping hand to a deserving NHG member Updated On 2024-02-26

Narippatta CDS lent helping hand to a deserving NHG member. On 20 February 2024, Ms. Rathi and her children experienced the love, care and support of Kudumbashree once again when they entered the 'Snehaveedu' in the 7th Ward in Muniyode near Kozhikode. Years ago, after the death of her husband, Rathi, who had to move between rented houses with her two children and struggled even for daily work, got a place to live securely and a means of livelihood under the shadow of Kudumbashree.


Narippatta CDS office bearers who saw the life of Rathi, who was one of them, was full of hardships and came forward to find a solution for it. They bought land with Rs. 4,75,000 collected from NHGs and locals under CDS and built a house there. And Rathi was given a job in Janakeeya Hotel.


With her daughter who is studying for graduation class and her son who is studying in Class 11th, Rathi has started living with comfort in the house named 'Sneha Veedu' with the assurance that there will be Kudumbashree's support forever. The whole credit goes to Kudumbashree members who took the initiative to support their friend.

Kudumbashree shines at the Saras Mela held at Noida Updated On 2024-02-20

Kudumbashree prepared ayurvedic and handicraft products and Kerala's own cuisine at the Ajeevika Saras Mela organized by the Union Ministry of Rural Development at Noida Haat and Bunker Bhawan, Noida City Centre, Uttar Pradesh. Eight enterprise units and three cafe units are representing Kudumbashree at the fair which started on 16 February 2024.


The units such as Sreebhadra (Pathanamthitta) & Sneha (Malappuram) with handicrafts, Amritakiran (Thrissur) & Shreyas (Kozhikode) with handloom products, Udayam (Attappady, Palakkad) & Megha (Ernakulam) with food products and Insat (Ernakulam) with Ayurvedic products are participating in the fair which will come to an end on 4 March 2024. The Jeeva Cafe Unit is active serving the unique dishes of Attappady. The Sukrutham unit of Kasaragod and Lakshya unit of Ernakulam is also active in the Noida Food Court.

Kudumbashree 'Digikkoottams' organized all across the State Updated On 2024-02-19

Kudumbashree NHG members attended a special meeting-'Digikkoottam' as part of the 'Digi Keralam' digital literacy project implemented by the Government to make Kerala the first state to achieve complete digital literacy on 18 February 2024. It was notable by the participation of dignitaries including ministers. Shri. K.N. Balagopal, Minister of Finance, Government of Kerala, Shri. M.B. Rajesh, Local Self Government Department and Excise Department, Government of Kerala participated in the 'Digikkoottam' of Chaitanya NHG of Pallikal North ward of Mylam CDS  in Vettikavala block of Kollam district.

Shri. M.G. Rajamanickam IAS, Principal Director, Local Self Government Department, Shri. Jafar Malik IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree, Ms. Bindu G Nath, Panchayath President, Ms. Bindu R, CDS Chairperson,  Shri. Vimal Chandran, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Kollam District Mission, Ms. Aneesa, Assistant District Mission Co-ordinator, elected representatives, CDS office bearers and Kudumbashree staff took part in the function.

The NHG members came to the 'Digikkoottam' with smart phones. Special meetings were organized in NHGs under Kudumbashree as part of 'Digi Week Observance' organized under the auspices of the Local Self-Government Department to make the Digi Kerala project more popular and to make more people be part of the project. The members watched the video tutorial. Digital volunteers have also registered. As a continuation of this, it is aimed to achieve digital literacy in all CDSs.

In the first phase of the Digi Kerala project, Kudumbashree workers, SC and ST promoters, Employment Guarantee Scheme members and students will be trained and data will be collected through video tutorials and then digital literacy activities will be carried out through specially trained digital volunteers.

Awards distributed to the Winners of Kudumbashree Vlogs & Reels Competition Updated On 2024-02-19

Awards were distributed to the Winners of Kudumbashree Vlogs & Reels Competition. Shri. M. B Rajesh, Minister, Local Self-Government  Department and Excise Department distributed the awards the winners at MDM Hall, Thirumoolapuram, Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta on 16 February 2024. The distribution of prizes was in conjunction with the State Level Inauguration of the K4 Care project.

More than 60 videos were received in the Vlog and Reels competition organized by Kudumbashree during the months of February and March 2023. The shortlisted videos were published through Kudumbashree's social media accounts. The final winners were determined by calculating the views received and the marks given by the expert judging panel.

Ms. Soumya M.T.K, Malaparambath, Putiyapp  and Ms. Navitha M.P, Souparnika, residents of Vadakara of Kozhikode, who won the first place in the Vlog Competition received a cash award of Rs. 50000, a trophy and a certificate from the minister. The vlog about the Green Technology Centre under Kudumbashree Hariyali Haritha Karma Sena of Vadakara Municipality made them secure the first place. 

Shri. Ratheesh, Charuvila, Akaparamp of Malappuram won the second position. The vlog was prepared on Eco Craft, a Kudumbashree initiative of Kuzhimanna Panchayat of Malappuram district. Ratheesh was awarded a trophy, certificate and a cash prize of Rs. 40,000. Ms. Smitha N.B, SV Nilayam, Arunoottimangalam, Kottayam, who won the third position was awarded with a trophy, certificate and cash prize of Rs. 30,000. The vlog about Cafe Kudumbashree made Smitha, who is also the President of Kaduthuruthy Panchayat, won the award. 

Members of Kaipattur ADS under Ernakulam Edakkattuvayal Kudumbashree CDS who came first in the Reels Competition received a trophy, certificate and a cash prize of Rs.25000. Ms. Sindhu Satheesan, Ms. Radhamani Shashi, Ms. Sindhu Santosh, Ms. Ammini Appu Kuttan, Ms. Ambili Santosh, Ms. Latha Prakashan, Ms. Jayanashree Raju, Ms. Rama Krishnankutty, Ms. Girija Babu, Ms. Beena Rajan and Ms. Shaila Prakashan prepared the reel about Aishwarya JLG in their ward. Ms. Rejeena, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Ernakulam District Mission and Ms. Nishitha Santhosh, CDS Chairperson, Edakkattuvayal received the award along with the ADS members. 

Ms. Sindhu Thomas, Vadakkedath Veetil, Muniyara, Idukki who won the second position, received the trophy, a certificate and a cash prize of Rs. 20,000. Sindhu made a reel about the Rebuild Kerala Initiative in Adimali block. Shri Amal K.V, Kollikapparampil, Vengola, Perumbavoor, Ernakulam, who won the third place received a cash prize of Rs. 15,000, trophy and certificate. He prepared a reel about Kudumbashree Ponnoos Home Stay in Mamalakandam.

K 4 Care (Kudumbashree for Care) & Pathanamthitta Red Chillies Branded Chilly Powder launched Updated On 2024-02-19

Shri. M.B. Rajesh, Minister, Local Self-Government Department and Excise Department, Government of Kerala performed the State Level Inauguration of the project at MDM Hall, Thirumoolapuram, Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta on 16 February 2024. He also launched the 'Pathanamthitta Red Chillies' Branded Chilly Powder. 

The Minister said that through 'K 4 Care', Kudumbashree is addressing a social issue and is also making use of the economic opportunity that it provides. Through this initiative Kudumbashree will address the issues of economically backward as well as the economically forward classes. Kudumbashree is now addressing the second generation issue caused due to the social development of Kerala; the increased number of old age people. This initiative of Kudumbashree is able to bring in a great change in this society. Kudumbashree has succeeded in every sector that it entered. We can undoubtedly say that Kudumbashree has the legacy of 'golden touch' that everything Kudumbashree touches turns into gold. He said.

The increased percentage of geriatric is the reflection of social development in Kerala. Kudumbashree aims to provide training to 1000 care executives in the first phase. By April, 500 Care Executives will be in the field. They will be provided with scientific training. Many private organizations are working in this field. Kudumbashree's intervention in this field will bring professionalism in this field. The Minister said.

Kudumbashree is on the path of diversification. The K-LIFT 24 Campaign was officially announced in the Kerala Budget on 5 February 2024 and Kudumbashree was able to launch it on 6 February 2024. No such programme has ever been launched within such a short span of time. Now, Kudumbashree is going from poverty eradication to increasing income. Kudumbashree is that  equipped. He added.

As per the data of Niti Aayog, the percentage of poor in Kerala was .71%. But through the intervention of Kudumbashree it has dropped to .48%. The activities of Kudumbashree have played a key role in this achievement. From poverty eradication, Kudumbashree is now focusing on income generation for the NHG members. We should be able to increase the income level to that of the middle income countries. He said. Through the launch of Red Chillies Brand Curry Powder and the recently launched Nature's Fresh  Kudumbashree is able to deliver pesticide free products to the public. He added. 

The Minister also gave away the prizes to the winners of Kudumbashree Vlogs & Reels Competition organized by Kudumbashree during February-March 2023. The Minister also released the logo of K 4 Care Project and also launched the K 4 Care Video. He also distributed the uniform and tool kits to the Care Executives.

The K4 Care (Kudumbashree for Care) scheme provides services in areas where a family needs the help of another person in their day-to-day life, such as old age-child care, patient care, disability care and maternity care. The service is provided by skilled executives specially trained in each area. Initially, Kudumbashree aims to train 1000 K4 Care executives on an entrepreneurial model. The project also aims to tap employment opportunities in the care economy. 

Adv. Mathew T Thomas, MLA presided over the function. Shri. Jafar Malik IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree welcomed the gathering. Shri. Jiji Mathew, Chairman, Standing Committee handed over the Red Chillies Branded Chilly Powder.  Shri. Shibu IAS, District Collector, Pathanamthitta released the 'Rachna' Book. Ms. Aadila S, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Pathanamthitta District Mission delivered the vote of thanks.

 Dr. Jiju P Alex, Member, State Planning Board, Dr. Jacob Punnoos IPS, Former DGP, Dr. Sairu Philip, Head, Community Medicine Department, Government Medical College, Kottayam, Ms. Anu George, Chairperson, Thiruvalla Municipality, Ms. Maya Anil Kumar, Vice President, District Panchayath, Shri. Jose Pazhayidam, Vice Chairman, Thiruvalla Municipality, Shri. R. Thulaseedharan Pillai, President, Block Panchayath President's Association, Shri. P. S Mohanan, President, Grama Panchayath President's Association, Ms. Usha Rajendran, Chairperson, Thiruvalla East CDS, Ms. Indira Bayi, Chairperson, Thiruvalla West CDS, Shri. Rinto Joseph, State Head, HLFPPT, Shri. Muhammed Sharif, CEO, Aspirant Learning Academy also attended the programme. 

Kudumbashree members from Attappady participates in Ullas Mela held at New Delhi Updated On 2024-02-15

Kudumbashree members from Attappady participated in Ullas Mela organized by National Literacy Mission held at New Delhi during 6-7 February 2024. Ms. Nanji Thamandan from Kavundikkal hamlet of Attappady and Ms. Pradeepa, Animator of Kavundikkal hamlet and Literacy Volunteer Teacher are the Kudumbashree members who participated in Ullas Mela. Ullas Mela is a gathering and fair of New India Literacy Project (NILP) learners. The 41-year-old Nanji who participated in Ullas Mela is a literacy learner and also the treasurer of Agali Panchayat Samithi.


Ullas Literacy classes were organized in Attappady through the Attappady Special Project implemented by Kudumbashree. Out of 1495 people appeared for the exam in Attappady, 1495 passed. Under the leadership of the District Literacy Mission, 9490 people in Palakkad district had passed the NILP Ullas Literacy Test.

Malappuram Mega Job Mela a great success Updated On 2024-02-14

The Mega Job Mela organized at Ponnani of Malappuram district was a great success with 375 candidates getting jobs and 312 shortlisted for next stage out of total 962 candidates. 60 employers from various sectors such as banking, insurance, marketing, construction and IT participated in the fair held on 10 February 2024 in association with the municipality.

Job fairs for qualified job seeking candidates between 18 and 40 years of age from class tenth qualification are being organized across the state in co-ordination with DDU-GKY, a free job skill training programme implemented by Kudumbashree and Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission (KKEM). The job fairs are conducted in collaboration with the local self-government institutions.

Shri. A.P. Nandakumar, MLA inaugurated the Job Mela held at Ponnani. Shri. Sivadas Aattupuram, Municipal Chairman, presided over the function and Shri. Jafar Kakkooth, District Mission Co-ordinator, Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission explained the project. Ms. Bindu Siddharthan, Municipal Vice Chairperson, Ms. Sheena Sudeshan, Health Standing Committee Chairperson, Ms. Dhanya.M, Chairperson, Ponnani CDS and Ms. Haranya, Chairperson, Edappal CDS delivered their felicitations. Shri. Rajish Uppala, Chairman, Municipal Welfare Standing Committee welcomed the gathering and Ms. Aishabi, CDS Chairperson delivered the vote of thanks.