‘Kudumbashree oru Nerchithram’ Season 4- Photography Competition: Date extended till 15 September 2021 Updated On 2021-09-01

The date for submitting entries for 'Kudumbashree oru Nerchithram' Season 4- Photography Competition is extended till 15 September 2021. Kudumbashree Mission has launched the Season 4 of ‘Kudumbashree or Nerchithram’ Photography Competition for motivating the aspiring photographers and to propagate the activities of Kudumbashree Mission through photographs.

The contestants may submit photographs that would reflect the priority projects of Kudumbashree Mission. The photographs should reflect the activities of Kudumbashree such as, Kudumbashree Neighbourhood Group meetings, various enterprises run by Kudumbashree women including Kudumbashree canteens and cafes, the farming activities of Kudumbashree women, the parking management of Kudumbashree women at railway stations and various other spots, the waiting halls managed by Kudumbashree entrepreneurs, housekeeping services and the activities of the BUDS institutions etc.


The jury, composed of renowned photographers and officials of Kudumbashree Mission will select the winner. The Award for the Best Photographer will be Rs 25,000. The second prize and third prize will be Rs 15,000 and Rs 10,000 respectively. Rs 2000 each will be issued for 10 entries as consolation prizes.


Entries may be sent to the mail id, or may be sent in CD Format to the address, The Executive Director, Kudumbashree State Mission Office, Trida Building, Medical college P.O, Thiruvananthapuram-695011. The name, address, mail id and contact number should be mentioned along with. A short note on the photograph should be attached along with. The photographs should not contain any watermarks. More details of the notification is available in the link :

The first season of ‘Kudumbashree or Nerchithram’ was conducted during November- December 2017, the second season during February -March 2019 and the third season was held during January- February 2020. The three seasons of 'Kudumbashree Oru Nerchithram' Photography Competition resulted in a huge success. Good quality photographs portraying the strength of Kudumbashree, functioning focusing on women empowerment is considered for the ‘Kudumbashree Oru Nerchithram’ Photography Competition, which is being conducted from 2017 onwards. Kudumbashree Mission which envisions eradicating poverty through women in Kerala had successfully completed 23 revolutionary years.

Sales of Rs 12.45 crores through Kudumbashree Trade Fairs and Onam Markets Updated On 2021-08-31

Through Onam Trade Fairs and Onam Markets, Kudumbashree had made better marketing opportunities for Kudumbashree entrepreneurs and farming group members during this onam season amidst the challenges caused by covid-19. A sales of Rs 12.45 crores was recorded through these trade fairs and markets, which were organized wherever possible in the state level, LSGI level and district levels maintaining the covid protocols. The trade fairs and onam markets were started from 16 August 2021 onwards.

Kudumbashree had organized onam trade fairs on its own and converging with Supplyco, Agriculture Department and various other departments as well. Such trade fairs were organized in the LSGI level and district level. A total of 905 onam trade fairs were organized in the LSGI level under the leadership of the respective CDSs. In addition, 21 district level trade fairs were also organized. Products of 19,704 entrepreneurs and vegetables of 16,434 farming groups (Joint Liability Group-JLG) were made available to the public as part of the onam trade fairs. Food kits comprising of Kudumbashree products were packed and delivered to the needy as per the order in 9 CDSs of Malappuram and Kollam districts. 2429 food kits were distributed. Kudumbashree was able to make a sales of Rs 9,64,29,930 through kits and trade fairs. 

In addition, the products of the JLGs were also given importance. Onam Markets were organized in the CDS level from 16-20 August 2021 and sales of Rs 2,80,61,461.4 were also recorded. 7.53 lakh kg vegetables of 27,442 JLGs were made available to the general public through these markets. Kudumbashree micro entrepreneurs and JLG members were make maximum out of this opportunity, during this crisis period.

Kudumbashree to implement Pravasi Bhadratha Programme- PEARL joining hands with NORKA Roots Updated On 2021-08-27

Kudumbashree is to implement Pravasi Bhadratha Programme- PEARL (Pravasi Entrepreneurship Augmentation and Reformation of Livelihoods), joining hands with NORKA Roots. Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister, Government of Kerala inaugurated the Pravasi Bhadratha Programmes at Symphony Hall, Mascot Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram on 26 August 2021. The MoU regarding the same was exchanged by Smt. P.I Sreevidya, Executive Director, Kudumbashree and Shri. K. Harikrishnan Namboothiri, Chief Executive Officer, NORKA Roots.


Shri. P. Rajeev, Minister for Law, Industries and Coir, Government of Kerala presided over the function. Shri. M.V Govindan Master, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Rural Development and Excise, Government of Kerala attended the programme online and delivered the keynote address. Dr. K. Ellangovan IAS, Principal Secretary, Industries & Norka,Government of Kerala welcomed the gathering.


Pravasi Bhadratha Programme is a financial security programme being launched for the welfare of the emigrants who had returned to Kerala losing their livelihoods. PEARL is the emigrant survival programme being implemented by Kudumbashree as part of the 'Pravasi Bhadratha' Nano Programme implemented by the Norka Department. The interest free loan for starting new enterprises through Kudumbashree is provided to the jobless emigrants from the amount allocated by the Norka Roots for the welfare of the emigrants.


Interest Free loan and other support would be provided via Kudumbashree for starting enterprises through this programme. Financial support would be provided to the members of the newly formed women auxiliary groups as part of Kudumbashree, if they or their family members are jobless emigrants, to form enterprises through this programme. The objectives of the programme include minimizing the insecurity of the jobless emigrants, providing Interest Free loan to the emigrants who had returned to the homelands after losing their livelihood, for income generating opportunities, providing skill training for starting enterprises and ensuring financial independence by securing steady income for jobless emigrants.


Pravaasi Bhadratha Programme-Mega would be implemented associating with KSIDC Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC).The MoU regarding the same was exchanged by Shri. Rajamanikyam IAS, Managing Director, KSIDC and Shri. K. Harikrishnan Namboothiri, Chief Executive Officer, NORKA Roots. Pravasi Bhadratha Programme-Micro would also be implemented. Shri. K Varadarajan, Resident Vice Chairman, NORKA-Roots gave away felicitations and Shri. K Harikrishnan Namboothiri, Chief Executive Officer, NORKA Roots delivered the vote of thanks.


Click here to know more about Pravasi Bhadratha Programme- PEARL.

'Mahila- Shreyas' Pickle Unit of the women of Mahila mandiram launched under NULM Scheme in Alappuzha Municipality Updated On 2021-08-25

'Mahila- Shreyas' Pickle Unit of the women of Mahila mandiram was launched under the National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) Scheme in Alappuzha Municipality. Previously, 'Mahila Shakthi' Neighborhood Group was formed joining the women of the Mahila Mandiram in Alappuzha Municipality under the NULM Scheme. The inmates of Mahila Mandiram comprises of POCSO victims, those who were left alone after interfering in different cases, victims who had to face atrocities from different sectors, those who ended up there as no other opportunity was left for them to survive. One of the main agendas of the Alappuzha Municipality-NULM team was to identify such people who were sidelined and ensure them financial freedom and thereby survival.

As a continuation to this, they were extended training in food processing and the pickle unit was started. The enterprise was inaugurated by Smt. Sowmya Raj, Chairperson, Alappuzha Municipality, Shri. A. Shanavas, Chairman, Welfare Standing Committee, Smt. Neethu Lal, Secretary, Alappuzha Municipality, Shri. Nizar, Ward Counselor, Smt. Sujatha, CDS Chairperson, Shri. Varghese K.P, City Project Officer, Shri. Sreejith, Manager, NULM, Smt. Asha, Community Organizer and Smt. Surya, Multi Task Personnel also attended the function.

Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Mission launched Kammadi Honey Brand as part of Kudumbashree's Sustainable Development Special Project for Scheduled Tribes Updated On 2021-08-25

Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Mission launched 'Kammadi Honey Brand', the product of Honey Village Programme, which is being implemented as part of Kudumbashree's Sustainable Development Special Project for Scheduled Tribes. The brand was launched by Smt. Prasanna Prasad, President, Panathady Grama Panchayath at Kammadi Hamlet, Panathady Grama Panchayath on 19 August 2021. The Kammadi Forest Honey Brand is prepared by the members of the Jwala Honey Unit and Sneha Honey Unit, Kudumbashree enterprises from Kammadi hamlet. The product is available in Kudumbashree Bazaar and other Kudumbashree trade fairs. Kammadi Forest Honey is produced completely in organic way and has great market opportunities.

The first sale of the Kammadi Forest Honey Brand was done by Shri. T.T Surendran, District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Mission by giving the same to Shri. Arun Rangathumala, Member, Parappa Block Panchayath. The function was presided over by Shri. Radhakrishna Gowda, Chairman, Panathady Grama Panchayath Standing Committee. Smt. Soumyamol, Member, Ward 7, Shri, Prakashan Palayi, Assistant District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Mission, Shri, C.H Iqbal, Assistant District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Kasaragod District Mission, Shri. Prabhakaran, State Programme Manager, Tribal, Shri. Rathnesh P, District Programme Manager,  Shri. Maneesh, Animator Coordinator, Smt. Madhavi, CDS Chairperson, Shri. Belliyappa, Head of the Hamlet, Smt. Lakshmi. P, Animator and members of Jwala Honey Unit and Sneha Honey Unit also attended the function.

Kudumbashree organized 'Onapulari' & 'Poove Poli' - Online Onam celebrations for BUDS children and Balasabha members Updated On 2021-08-24

Kudumbashree had organised 'Onapulari' & 'Poove Poli'- Online Onam celebrations for Buds children and Balasabha members, during this onam season. The online onam celebration programmes envisaged to create an opportunity for BUDS and Balasabha children to celebrate this onam in all its glory, with continuing care amidst the crisis of the covid-19 pandemic. Prizes would also be distributed among those who showcased the best performances in the onam celebrations that consisted of various competitions.

'Onapulari 2021' the onam celebrations organized for the students of the BUDS Institutions that function in the Local Self Government Institution Level has been started on 19 August 2021. Better participation was reported in the competitions from the first day itself. Around 5000 children became part of the competitions that lasted till 23 August 2021. 'Malayali Manka', 'Kerala Sreeman/ Mahabali', 'Onappatt', 'Njanum ente Pookkalavum', Drawing competition etc were organized in the junior-senior levels. Parents had taken the photo/ video of the performances of the BUDS students and had sent the same to the teachers. These videos would be judged and the winners would be selected. Everyone who had participated in the programme would be entitled with the 'Certificate of Participation'. In addition, those who get the first three places in the district level and state level would be awarded with certificates and mementos.  

The onam celebrations for the Balasabha members were organized in the name 'Poove Poli 2021'. The Poove Poli was started from 20 August 2021 and it included various competitions such as ' Mavelikkoru kath' (A letter for Maveli), 'Onappattu' (Onam Song) and 'Athapookkalam'. The members had participated in the competitions as groups representing their respective Balasabhas. The videos/photos of the competitions were sent to the concerned people at the CDS level. The competitions were held till 23 August 2021 and around 4 lakh children became part of these celebrations.

Kudumbashree launches 'Onam Utsav' Online Trade Fair Updated On 2021-08-19

Kudumbashree launched 'Onam Utsav' Online Trade Fair  to extend maximum support to Kudumbashree micro entrepreneurs and farming group members (JLG) to make maximum out of the onam market. The campaign was launched by Shri. M.V Govindan Master, Minister, Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala at Vyloppilli Samskrithi Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram on 18 August 2021. Smt. P.I Sreevidya IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree, presided over the function. Amidst the crisis of covid-19', Onam Utsav', the online trade fair is being conducted  through, the e-commerce portal of Kudumbashree during 18-31 August 2021. 

Various offers are introduced in the 'Onam Utsav' online trade fair. Discounts are given upto 40% as part of the 'Onam Utsav'. Those who purchase for more than Rs 1000 would get an additional discount of 10% as well. The products would be delivered free of cost all across the country, associating with the Postal Department. There are attractive combo offers as well. Food products, apparels, cosmetic products, masala powders, bags, umbrellas, spices, toiletries, honey, ragi, millet, cardamom, coffee etc from tribal sectors are also available. The customers can buy around 1000 products from this online trade fair. The customers would get the opportunity to buy the organic, pure and ethnic products produced by Kudumbashree entrepreneurs, with greater discounts from anywhere across the country through this online trade fair. It is expected that the public would buy the products of our entrepreneurs through 'Onam Utsav' and make this online trade fair a great success.

'Ennonam Ninnonam Evarkkum Ponnonam' Campaign starts Updated On 2021-08-18

Kudumbashree's 'Ennonam Ninnonam Evarkkum Ponnonam' Campaign has been started. The campaign envisages that Kudumbashree NHGs would extend support to neighbors and the destitute during this onam season. The crisis of covid-19, which have been continuing for the last two years, has affected our neighbors, friends and relatives in one way or the other.  Through this campaign, Kudumbashree NHGs would implement various activities that would extend hope, care and support to all. 

Kudumbashree NHG members had made great interventions during the floods of 2018 and 2019. They had made efforts to arrange temporary stay to the flood affected in their own houses, engaged in the cleaning activities and had even contributed Rs 11.18 crores to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF). When lockdown was notified in Kerala to contain the spread of covid-19, Kudumbashree members were active in awareness and covid countering activities. The various activities also include the running the community kitchens, production of masks-sanitizers, disinfection activities and other activities that extend special care to the geriatric and the destitute. The photos and details of the activities being implemented by the NHGs as part of the campaign during this onam season can be shared through various social media platforms with the following hashtags-  #എന്നോണംനിന്നോണംഏവര്‍ക്കുംപൊന്നോണം, #ennonamninnonamevarkkumponnonam.

'Tech for Tribals Kerala' Training associating with IIT Kanpur held at Wayanad Updated On 2021-08-18

'Tech for Tribals Kerala', the Training being implemented in Kerala through Kudumbashree associating with IIT Kanpur was held at Wayanad district of Kerala. 'Tech For Tribals’ is an initiative that aims at the holistic development of tribals with a focus on entrepreneurship development, soft skills, IT and business development through SHGs operating through Van Dhan Vikas Kendras (VDVKs). The initiative is being implemented as part of The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India. The training was held at Thavinjal, Thirunelly, Noolpuzha and Thondernadu Van Dhan Vikas Kendras. 87 persons from 4 panchayaths has already participated in the programme. The training would be held at 4 other CDSs soon.

 The training was given by Shri. Ankith Saksena and Shri. Robin Philip of IIT Kanpur. The programme aims at enabling the tribal entrepreneurs to market quality products with certification.  As part of this, the tribal entrepreneurs in the district had produced value added products such as face pack, turmeric soap, turmeric oil, honey gooseberry, honey ginger etc. The training aims at bridging the gap between tribal hamlets and global markets. It digitally provides hands-on training to tribal entrepreneurs through course content relevant for the BoP Entrepreneurship in Value Addition and Processing of Forest Produces and shall support over 6000 beneficiaries under the programme. 

IIT Kanpur has conceived this training programme and prepared the training module focusing on the entrepreneurship in value addition and processing of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP). Topics  that would be helpful in entrepreneurship such as entrepreneurship skills, positive psychology, understanding the local opportunities based on NTFP, grading, sorting, branding, packaging, certification of the product, market survey, retail sales etc.

Tribal Micro Enterprise units from Attappady bags orders from Supplyco to provide sweets for the onam kits Updated On 2021-08-12

Tribal Micro Enterprise units from Attappady bags orders from Supplyco to provide sweets for the onam kits. Rushikondatta, Navarasa, Malleeshwara and Shreenandanam, the four micro enterprise units consisting of 16 tribal women from Attappady would provide 60,000 packets of banana chips and jaggery coated banana chips worth Rs 15.60 lakhs to the onam kits which would be distributed by the Supplyco during this onam season. The banana chips and the jaggery coated banana chips would be given to the Supplyco in the brand name, 'Hill Value'. The banana chips and the jaggery coated banana chips are given to the onam kits of Supplyco, as part of the Attappady Comprehensive Tribal Development and Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group Development Project.

The Hill Value unit had already been selling various farm produce in the market under the 'Hill Value Brand. The unit has procured 24 tonnes  of plantain from the Kudumbashree Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) , which had in turn helped a lot many farmers who were facing challenges due to covid-19 pandemic. The JLGs have been producing various traditional crops such as ragi, little millet (chama), jowar, millets , fox tail millet (tina), kodo millet (varagu), sorghum (cholam) and pearl millet (kambham) and have been marketing under the 'Hill Value' brand. The products under 'Hill Value' brand also include coffee, turmeric powder, coriander powder, chilli powder, pickles, njavara, cardamom, clove, brindleberry, amara, thumara, tamarind, pepper, kungiliyam, honey, sesame, cinnamon etc. Previously, the Hill Value team had participated in the India International Trade Fair (IITF) held at Delhi, the Tribal Fair held at the Kerala Legislative Assembly, the National Sale of Articles and Rural Artisan Society (SARAS) and various other festivals and had earned good visibility and appreciation of thousands of consumers and general public.

In addition to the tribal micro enterprise units from Attappady, Kudumbashree micro entrepreneurs from various districts across the state are busy preparing and supplying sweets for the onam kits of Supplyco. Kudumbashree aims at making maximum use of the onam market to overcome the financial crisis the entrepreneurs had to face during the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of this, Kudumbashree is converging with Supplyco. The tribal micro enterprise units of Attappady are trying to make the most out of this opportunity now.