Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission's 'Woman Film Festival' a big hit Updated On 2022-11-21

Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission's 'Woman Film Festival' has become a big hit. Kudumbashree members got an opportunity to immerse themselves in the magical world of cinema by putting aside household chores and busy work. The film festival was organized by the 81 CDSs of Kannur district in collaboration with the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy. So far more than 10,000 Kudumbashree members have participated in the festival organized at 69 places.

The festival also has the mission of introducing films that have gained national and international attention to the inner villages. The cinema is shown from 10 AM to 5 PM on a fixed day in a particular CDS. The exhibition space will be decided according to the availability of school and panchayat auditoriums. The exhibition will be arranged in such a way that up to 150 people can watch the movie at a time.

The film festival showcases notable films like Basanti, Freedom Fight, The Great Indian Kitchen, Manhole, Ottamuri Velicham, and Ozhimuri. Apart from the NHG members, their family members and Auxiliary Group members are also part of the mela. Kudumbashree Kannur District Mission aims to complete the screening of films in the remaining CDSs by November 2022.

Kudumbashree launches ALIVE 2022 Campaign Updated On 2022-11-21

Kudumbashree has launched ALIVE 2022 Campaign to improve and achieve self-sufficiency and equip the Community Resource Persons (CRPs) at the CDS level in various animal welfare livelihood activities implemented in the state through Kudumbashree as part of the National Rural Livelihood Mission project.

As part of this, Kudumbashree will give five-day CRP training to the master farmers selected from 941 CDS in rural areas of the state. Those who successfully complete the training will be empaneled as CRPs by their respective CDSs. CDS will provide their services in selected wards under the leadership of CDS Enterprise Sub-Committee. The services provided by CRPs are to avoid losses due to diseases and introduce better practices.

The first phase of CRP training was conducted in Thiruvananthapuram from 1 to 5 November 2022. One person each was selected from the blocks and was extended training. The remaining selected CDSs will complete their training by 15 December 2022. Master farmers interested to act as CRPs may contact their respective CDSs. Voluntary members can apply to find and introduce best maintenance practices and ensure integration in the designated cluster and work on self-employed basis for service fee.

Shri. Jafar Malik IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree distributed certificates to the participants of the first phase training. Dr. Sajeev Kumar A, Programme Officer, Kudumbashree and Shri. Ratheesh. S, State Assistant Programme Manager gave leadership to the training programme.

Three-Day State Level Training for Block Co-ordinators of Micro Enterprises Section held Updated On 2022-11-21

A Three-Day State Level Training was held for the Block Co-ordinators the Micro Enterprises section.  The training will be conducted in three batches from 17 October 2022 to  4 November 2022. A total of 122 block co-ordinators participated in the training.  Experts conducted classes on various topics like micro-enterprises, marketing, local economic development, Thozhil Sabha, work of block co-ordinators at community level, various schemes of Kudumbashree and capacity building etc.

Shri. Sreekanth A.S, Chief Operating Officer, NRLM, Suchithra S, State Programme Manager, Kudumbashree, Akhila Devi. P, Renu Georgy and Jayasree S, State Assistant Program Managers, Kudumbashree gave leadership to the training program.

District Level BUDS Youth Festivals creates history Updated On 2022-11-21

District Level BUDS Youth Festivals are creating history. The differently abled children from across the state are making history through art performances like singing, dancing, drawing, mimicry, mono act, masking, etc without reducing the passion, eloquence and artistic value through BUDS Youth Festivals. The district-level BUDS Youth Festivals for children of BUDS institutions (BUDS Schools and BUDS Rehabilitation Centers) run by Kudumbashree in association with local self-government bodies for differently-abled children began in Idukki on 20 October 2022. This year's BUDS Youth Festivals will conclude with the State Youth Festival which is proposed to be held at Ernakulam on 13-14 November 2022.

BUDS Youth Festivals have already been held in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Idukki, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Palakkad, Wayanad, Kannur and Kasaragod districts. The youth festivals in the remaining districts will be completed by the 5 November 2022. About 1500 children from more than 250 BUDS Institutions in these districts took part in the youth festivals.

Kudumbashree takes first step towards Constitutional Literacy Campaign Updated On 2022-11-19

Kudumbashree has taken the first step towards the Constitution Literacy Campaign, which aims to impart basic knowledge about the Constitution of India to the general public. As part of this, Kudumbashree Master Trainers were trained under the joint guidance of Kerala Legislative Assembly Media and Parliamentary Study Centre (K-LAMPS) and Kudumbashree.

Shri. A.N. Shamseer, Speaker Legislative Assembly inaugurated the training programme. He said that through the training and follow-up activities provided to Kudumbashree Master Trainers, basic knowledge related to the Constitution can be conveyed to three lakh NHGs in the state and thereby to the families of forty five lakh women who are NHG members. Shri. K. Ansalan, MLA presided over the function.

100 Master Trainers participated in the training. They will train the District Programme Managers, other training team members, Resource Persons and CDS Office Bearers. On 26 November 2022, special NHG meetings will be organized in the three lakh NHGs in the state in connection with the Constitutional Literacy Campaign.

Ms. Manju Varghese, Executive Director, K-LAMPS welcomed the gathering. Shri. Jafar Malik IAS, Executive Director, Kudumbashree made a presentation on the topic. Shri. A.M. Basheer, Secretary, Kerala Legislative Assembly, Shri. S.V Unnikrishnan Nair, Former Secretary conducted the classes related to the Constitution. Dr. Myna Umaiban, Public Relations Officer, Kudumbashree delivered the vote of thanks. Shri. Nishad. C, State Programme Manager, Kudumbashree  and Ms. Vidya Nair, State Assistant Programme Manager led the classes.

Balasabha members from Muliyar CDS of Kasaragod to fly in the sky Updated On 2022-11-18

A group of Balasabha members from Muliyar CDS of Kasaragod are all set to fly in the sky. They will make their dream come true in just three months. Muliyar CDS took the whole initiative to make it real. Muliyar CDS organized a special programme for the Balasabha members called 'Akashath Oru Kuttiyathra' (A small journey in the sky). 

According to this, applications were invited from the Balasabha members who wanted to travel by air and a test was conducted and those who succeeded in the test were selected for the trip. A total of 26 applications were received. 21 children participated in the test. Out of them, 11 children were selected on the basis of the marks secured in the written test and 3 children were selected on the basis of reservation. The flight will be from Kannur to Thiruvananthapuram during January 2023. A one-day class will be organized to mentally prepare the selected children for the trip.

'Onthu Ora' One Day Training Camp organized for Tribal Adolescent Children Updated On 2022-11-17

'Onthu Ora', a One Day Training Camp was organized for Tribal Adolescent Children as part of Wayanad Thirunelly Tribal Comprehensive Development Programme. 'Onthu Ora' means a week in the Kattunayakan language. The camp was organized on 23 October 2022 in collaboration with VPS Lakeshore Medical Centre, Kozhikode. During the camp, experts took classes on topics such as physical and mental changes during adolescence, problems and challenges faced by adolescent children and precautions to overcome them.


Dr. Khadija Mumtaz, famous writer and social activist, Dr Harris, Dr Ajay Kumar, Dr Fidha, Lakeshore Hospital conducted the classes in the camp organized at Panchayat Kalyana Mandapam, Thirunelly. Ms. Saumini, CDS Chairperson, Thirunelly Grama Panchayath presided over the function and Shri P.V. Balakrishnan, President, Thirunelly Gram Panchayath inaugurated the camp. Shri. Sai Krishnan, Coordinator, Thirunelly Tribal Comprehensive Development Project welcomed the gathering. Shri. Radhakrishnan, Chairman, Thirunelly Grama Panchayath Development Standing Committee and Ms. Preetha, CDS Member, delivered the felicitations and Ms. Leela, Programme Coordinator, delivered the vote of thanks.

Job Expo 2022 held at Perinthalmanna makes difference in the lives of 2039 Job Aspirants Updated On 2022-11-17

Job Expo 2022 held at Perinthalmanna made difference in the lives of 2039 job aspirants. The expo jointly organized by Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission and Perinthalmanna Municipal Corporation on 30 October 2022 at  Government Higher Secondary School, Perinthalmanna was indeed a huge success. The expo was for eight hours from 9 AM to 5 PM and a total of 521 people got employment within that time. 1200 people were shortlisted by various companies. And 318 people got access to skill training courses conducted by Kudumbashree.

A total of 2048 candidates participated in the job fair. 2039 of them got a new door opened through the fair. The job expo was notable for its outstanding organization. A vacancy guide containing the details of all the institutions participating in the fair, vacant posts and eligibility criteria was also prepared in advance and was made available to the public. There were four counters for spot registration. Also a special counter and translator was prepared for the differently abled. Another special feature was that the expo was organized in a nature-friendly manner.

The job expo was inaugurated by Shri. P. Shaji, Chairman, Perinthalmanna Municipality. Shri. Mundummal Hanifa, Chairman, Welfare Standing Committee presided over the function. Shri. Jafar Kakkooth, District Mission Coordinator, Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission welcomed the gathering.  Ms. Ambili Manoj, Chairperson, Health Standing Committee, Ms. Hussaina Nazar, Shri. Santosh Kumar P.S, Ms. Sakina, Ward Councilors and Shri. Zubairul Awan, City Mission Manager delivered the felicitations.

Shri. Mansoor Nechiyil, Ms. Seenath. P, Ms. Sara Salim, Ms. Sherlija, Shri. Praveen. A, Shri. Sunil Kumar, Ms. Nisha Zubair, Shri. Hussain Riaz, Ward Councilors and Ms. Arifa Begum, Kudumbashree Member Secretary, Smt. Vijaya, Kudumbashree CDS Chairperson  and others were present on the occasion. Shri. Rakesh C.R, District Programme Manager extended the vote of thanks. The initiative put forward by Kudumbashree Malappuram District Mission in association with Perinthalmanna Municipality was of great help for the job aspirants.

Balasabha members participate in Editing Workshop to create history Updated On 2022-11-17

Balasabha members participate in Editing Workshop to create history. For the first time in the history, 25 Balasabha members were involved in the workshop for the publication of Children's Day Special Magazine, which is written and edited by Balasabha members themselves. Balasabha members selected from different districts gathered at Mariarani Convention Centre, Thiruvananthapuram on 29-30 October 2022 and did the editing work of the writings.   The two-day editing workshop was inaugurated by Shri. Madhupal, Actor and Director. He also interacted with the children. He said that experiences and realizations from family and schools lead one to the world of stories and stories should be composed in such a way as to create interest in the readers.

Ms. K.A Beena, renowned writer, also conducted a class on editing. The workshop was organized under the leadership of Dr. Myna Umaiban, Public Relations Officer, Kudumbashree, Arun P. Rajan, State Programme Manager, Kudumbashree, Daniel Libni, State Assistant Programme Manager, Kudumbashree and  Resource Persons.

Tribal Bala Sabha Members from Kasaragod gets trained in Kalaripayattu Updated On 2022-11-17

Twenty Tribal Bala Sabha Members from Kasaragod district are getting trained in Kalaripayattu, Kerala's unique martial art. They are receiving training at the Kudumbashree Tribal Kalari Academy, which was launched on 8 October 2022 as a unique programme of the district as part of the Scheduled Tribe Sustainable Development Project.

For the remaining two days of the week, they come to Kalari Academy and learn the basics with the same enthusiasm as they go to school for five days. The Balasabha members were selected from the CDSs in Parappa Block. The one-year long training is conducted at Anjaneya Kalari Training Centre, a Kudumbashree initiative. Shri. Manikandan Guru is the trainer. The Balasabha members comprising of 12 girls and 8 boys aged between 10 to 18 years are given training which includes self preservation and self defense training.