Kudumbashree Kiosk starts functioning in Grand Hyatt Hotel at Kochi Updated On 2020-11-06

A kiosk of Kudumbashree has started functioning in Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kochi. The kiosk will function on Sundays, from 11 AM to 4 PM, when brunch and lunch would be served to the public. It's the time during which more people make visits to the hotel. The kiosk was launched on 1 November 2020. It is as per their new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy, Grand Hyatt, the hotel chain which has various branches across the world made such a decision. As per this understanding, the kiosk was set up at Grand Hyatt Hotel from 11 AM to 4 PM on 1 November 2020.


The Hotel officials decided to arrange opportunities for marketing the locally manufactured products, aiming at the development of the people living near each of their hotels. It is as per this decision, the officials of Grand Hyatt approached Kudumbashree. The opportunity was given to sell Kudumbashree products inside the hotel during every Sundays. The Kudumbashree Ernakulam District team took initiative to make use of this opportunity and set up a kiosk with Kudumbashree products at the special space arranged by the Hotel without levying any charges. Various flour powder, curry powders, pickles, squashes, coconut oils, handmade soaps etc. were for sale at the kiosks. This activity will be continued for the next six months on all Sundays.


Kudumbashree always plans to develop multiple activities for marketing of Kudumbashree products and have been trying to improve the marketing of products from Kudumbashree micro entrepreneurs' by promoting sales through fixed outlets, organizing trade fairs and making use of online marketing opportunities and platforms. Its while discussing such new avenues to take the products of Kudumbashree micro enterprises to more people, Kudumbashree received a proposal from Grand Hyatt Hotel, Ernakulam. By arranging such a regular system, Kudumbashree would try to know the needs of the customers and make available various products for them. The Ernakulam District team had made use of this opportunity with the best coordination.

Best CDS Stories-91 - Eriyad, Thrissur (Author : Vidya Nair V.S, SAPM - MF) Updated On 2020-11-03

Eriyad panchayath is a town area located in Kodungallur Block of Thrissur district in Kerala. Placed in urban region of Thrissur district of Kerala, it is one among the 1 town areas of Kodungallur Block of Thrissur district. Eriyad CDS is one of the best performing CDS in Thrissur district. It has 23 wards and 514 NHGs. Out of these 8 are SC NHGs, 125 are minority NHGs and 65 are Elderly NHGs...

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Best CDS Stories-90 - Pulimath, Thiruvananthapuram (Author : Remya Syam. S, Marketing Manager - KBFPCL) Updated On 2020-11-03

Pulimath is a panchayath located in Thiruvananthapuram district. It is elected as one of the best CDS, based on their activities and initiatives. It is achieved through the dynamic leadership of Ms. Thankamani R Kurup, the CDS chairperson with the help of her CDS members...

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Best CDS Stories-89 - Kadukutty, Thrissur (Author : Ashamole. N.S, Editorial Assistant - Public Relations) Updated On 2020-11-03

Kadukutti is a village and Gram Panchayat in Chalakkudy block, Thrissur district engulfed by Chalakkudi river on three sides. There are 16 wards in Kadukutty. Omana Krishnankutty is the CDS Chairperson, and JossyStephen, CDS Vice Chair person. The CDS has 16 members and five subcommittee members and member secretary. CDS committee is held twice a month and Sub committee meetings were also held...

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Best CDS Stories-88 - Chemnad, Kasaragod (Author : Leopole.T, SPM - DDU-GKY) Updated On 2020-10-29

Chemnad Grama Panchayath is located in the Kasaragod block of Kasaragod taluk, Kasaragod district in the state of Kerala. The panchayat has 40.1 KM2 extent. The Panchayath is geographically composed of coastal areas and plain sand. It has a rich cultural heritage which includes the area around the Chandragiri River, also known as the Chemmanad river. The famous tourist spots Chembarikka beach and Chandragiri fort are located here. The Panchayath has a rich art gallery based on the theyyams, poorakali, kolkali, dafmuttu, oppana and yakshagana of the Kannada people, the universal forms of rural divine concepts and art. There are lots of artists in Chemnad Panchayath...

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Best CDS Stories-87 - Pallikkara, Kasaragod (Author : Priya. E, SAPM - Gender) Updated On 2020-10-29

Pallikkara is a village panchayath in Hosdurg Taluk of Kanhangad in Kasaragod district in the state of  Kerala, India. This place was once famous for its Tobacco plants until the late 1980s and the Historical landmark Bakal fort lies in this Village. A beach park near to the fort also attracts tourists to this place. Agriculture is the occupation of majority of the population. Income through agriculture related works, construction works are the main sources of income...

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Best CDS Stories-86 - Vazhoor, Kottayam (Author : Neethu L Prakash, SAPM - Organisation) Updated On 2020-10-29

Vazhoor is a ISO 9001:2015 certified panchayat in Vazhoor Block consist of two villages, Vazhoor and Kangara. Basically an agrarian community inhabits whose income depends on rubber cultivation. As of 2011 India census, Vazhoor had a population of 25,169 with 11,331 males and 13,838 females. The total geographical area of village is 2860 hectares. There are about 6,110 houses in Vazhoor village...

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Best CDS Stories-85 - Manjeshwar, Kasaragod (Author : Vipin. V.C, SAPM - Training) Updated On 2020-10-27

Manjeswaram Community development society (CDS) is situated in the northern tip of Kerala. It shares borders with Mangalore, Karnataka. People from this place speak different languages viz. Malayalam, Kannada, Konkani, and Tulu. Apart from the other  Community development society (CDS), this CDS Uses the language Malayalam as well as Kannada to communicate to Area Development Society (ADS) and neighborhood Groups (NHG). This  Community development society (CDS) belongs to the coastal area too. This is one of the panchayats where the people are influenced by the religious  and related  Self Help Groups (SHG) activities. Special efforts by the CDS is conducted to include more women in the Kudumbashree NHGs...

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Best CDS Stories-84 - Amarambalam, Malappuram (Author : Sarika. S, SAPM - Tribal) Updated On 2020-10-27

Amarambalam is a forest village located in Nilambur Block of Malappuram district and shares boundary with Silent Valley National Park. According to Census 2011 information the location code or village code of Amarambalam village is 627476. It is situated 12km away from sub-district headquarter Nilambur and 52km away from district headquarter Malappuram. As per 2009 stats, Amarambalam village is also a gram panchayath...

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Best CDS Stories-83 - Upputhara, Idukki (Author : Dr. Silpa Sasi, Manager Processing - KBFPCL) Updated On 2020-10-27

Upputhara CDS is the Kudumbashree CDS with 366 neighbourhood groups. Upputhara CDS has succeeded in creating new neighbourhood groups for old age group people. The activities of 130 Agriculture JLGs, 18 Balasabhas have added brilliance to the operational excellence of upputhara CDS. The implementation of Snehitha Calling bell programme, Ashraya scheme by the CDS has gained attention. Even in times of crises and difficulties during the flood and the current pandemic situation, the systematic activities of Upputhara women's group has been appreciated...

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