Kudumbashree state mission inaugurated a library on 1st January 2018, situated inside the state mission office. Its opening stock was around 3000 books, Newspapers, magazines, study reports, newsletters and brochures. The books among these are included women development, poverty eradication, rural development, microfinance, entrepreneurship, economic development etc., and also include books on Pusthakayathra & Nadariyan campaigns of Kudumbashree.






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Sl. No Title of the article Author (s) Published in Month/ Year Broad area/ Topic View / Download
1 Women empowerment through Kudumbashree; study in Ernakulum Mercy Varghese (MG University) MG University February 2017 Women Empowerment
2 A study on Kudumbashree project: a poverty eradication program in Kerala performance, impact and lessons for other states-planning commission Jacob John Kerala Development Society May 2009 Planning Commission
3 ICT and employment among women: a case study of Kudumbashree Rashmi.M (Indian Institute of Space Science) European scientific journal (vol.10) Nov 2014 ICT & Employment
4 A research study on overall performance of Kudumbashree unit with reference to Beeranthabail of Kasaragod district-by:Santhosh prabhu Santhosh Prabhu.M (Besant women's college,Mangalore) IOSR Journal of  humanities & Social Sciences Oct 2015 Performance of Kudumbashree units
5 Eradication of poverty and women empowerment; A study of Kudumbashree project in Ernakulum district of Kerala Taramol. K.G Manipal University Oct 2014 Kudumbashree Poverty Eradication Project
6 Social action gender equality and empowerment: The case of Kudumbashree project in Kerala        
7 Micro-credit empowerment: A study of Kudumbashree        
8 Gender frame work analysis of empowerment of women :A case study of Kudumbashree programme        
9 Role of Kudumbashree and women empowerment study of Thiruvananthapuram municipal corporation areas in Kerala state        
10 Mobilizing local resources as catalyst in community development ;A case study of Kudumbashree units in Kerala        
11 Influence of Kudumbashree on women empowerment :A study Venugopalan.K IOSR Journal of business and management Oct 2014 Women empowerment
12 Social action women empowerment and sustainable livelihoods: A study of Kudumbashree projects in Kerala       Women empowerment
13 Synopsis of the thesis entitled; The impact of microfinance on poverty in Kerala       Micro Finance on poverty
14 Kudumbashree: Kerala women empowerment model case study       Kerala Women empowerment
15 Self help groups in empowering women: A case study of selected SHGs and NHGs Jaya S.Anand CDS,TVM 2002 SHGs in Empowering women
16 Kudumbashree story :implementation        
17 Role of Kudumbashree micro enterprises in alleviation of poverty with special reference to their marketing strategies Roshni.R International journal of social science and interdisciplinary research Dec 2012 Micro enterprises
18 A study on long-term orientation, self efficiency and self-reorganization of Kudumbashree members with special reference to self help groups in Kerala. Rajesh. T.C Guru journal of behavioural and social sciences June 2013 Self efficiency of Kudumbashree members
19 An evaluation study in jalanidhi project in Kerala Nivedita Menon     Critique on Kudumbashree
20 Kudumbashree story: Critique on Kudumbashree Ansa Salim & M.M. Sulfy International journal of scientific research and management. Vol 3 2015 Self efficiency and self derogation of Kudumbashree
21 The role of SHGs in financial inclusion: A case study        
22 Empowerment of behavioral competency of women in kerala: Economic empowerment of rural women: A study from Ernakulum district        
23 UGC minor research project report: A comparative study of SHG organized and promoted by SKDRDP and Kudumbashree in Dhaking Kannada district and Kollam district, towards empowerment of rural women        
24 Articles innovation in practice: social innovation for women empowerment Kudumbashree in Kerala        
25 Economic empowerment of women through information technology: a case study from an Indian state        
26 Community Based Women Empowerment Initiatives in India.        
27 Self-Help Groups in Empowering Women:Case study of selected SHGs and NHGs        

Empowerment of behavioral competency of women in Kerala- a Kudumbashree model

29 A Study on the Role of Extension Education on Kudumbashree Activities        
30 Mobilizing Local Resources as a Catalyst in Community Development – A Case Study of Kudumbashree Units in Kerala        



Sl. No Title of the article Author (s) Published in Month/ Year Broad area/ Topic View / Download

Women empowerment through Vedic mathematics- a study conducted among Kudumbashree unit members of Kerala


A study on financial inclusion among Kudumbashree members with special reference to Villiappally panchayat in Calicut district, Kerala

33 A Rare Government Success Story for Women’s Empowerment in Kerala        
34 Women Empowerment through Long Term
Orientation with Special Reference to SHG, Kerala
35 A Study On Strategic Leadership StylesAmong Kudumbashree In PromotingAgricultural Business        
36 Poverty alleviation and participatory citizenship forwomen in Kerala, India        
37 Poverty alleviation through neighbourhood groups – a study in Ernakulum district of Kerala state, India        
38 Kudumbashree and women empowerment in Kerala – an overview and theoretical framework        
39 A Study of Kerala Self Help Group and ItsImpact on the Human Development Index at the Grass Root Level        

Role of Kudumbashree in financial inclusion

41 Kudumbashree ICT movement- Analysis on revenue, customer acquisition and competition        
42 Socio-economic changes of women through Kudumbashree - a study from Thrissur corporation of Kerala state, India        
43 Kudumbashree International Conference Poverty Eradication, Women's Empowerment and Local Self Government        
44 Social Construction of Empowerment - A Study on the Impact of Government ICT Programmes amongst Women in Kerala        
45 Economic Independence of Women through Income Generating Activities – A Study from Kerala        



Sl. No Title of the article Author (s) Published in Month/ Year Broad area/ Topic View / Download



Sl. No Title of the article Author (s) Published in Month/ Year Broad area/ Topic View / Download




Sl.No Date Name of Person Photo Brief Description
1 10-01-2018 S.Biju(OSS)   Sthree Souhruda Keralam
2 17-01-2018 Bhavana.S, Manager,PMAY   7 Habits of highly effective people
3 09-02-2018 Ajith Chacko,COO Ministry of Utmost Happiness
4 15-02-2018 Amrida.G.S, PO(SD) Discipline & Learning
5 23-02-2018 Riyaz Abdullah, Program Manager Book review ‘Mayyazhippuzhayude theerangalil / M.Mukundan’