14Nov 2016

IITF 2016

IITF 2016 held at Pragathi Maidan (NewDelhi) from 14.11.2016 to 28.12.2016 , Cafe team received a turnover of Rs.4,93,078 and product sales of Rs.7,51,354. Kudumbashree received Best Exhibitor award also

27Nov 2016

Manorama Ananthapuri Fest

Manorama Ananthapuri Fest held in Putharikandam Ground (Thiruvananthapuram) from 27.11.2016 to 07.12.2016 which fetched a turnover of Rs. 42,55,494 to our 18 Cafe units

18Dec 2016

Kerala Kaumudi Fest

Kerala Kaumudi Summer Fest held in Kanakakunnu (Thiruvananthapuram) from 18.12.2016 to 02.01.2017 with a turnover of Rs. 20,37,620. 9 Cafe units participated

26Jan 2017

Bharath Parv Fest

Bharath Parv Fest (New Delhi) was organized as part of Republic Day celebration in Red Fort. 2 Cafe units participated and turnover obtained was Rs.89,600

02Jan 2017

I & PRD Fest

I & PRD Fest (Mumbai) gave our Cafe units a total of Rs.13,96,867 and product sale of Rs.8,45,530