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1) From where a customer can buy Kudumbashree products?

Kudumbashree products can be bought from

  • Fairs including SARAS Fairs, IITF, Bharath Parv etc (fairs within the state, other states and outside the country organized by different Government departments, various private agencies, media houses and event management groups)
  • Fairs &Fests conducted by Kudumbashree within the State (Seasonal fairs, Festival fairs etc.)
  • Monthly markets (at Panchayath level within the State)
  • Sales through marketing outlets of other departments (various districts of Kerala State)
  • Homeshops (selected Blocks within Kerala)

2) What is monthly market?

Monthly market is organized by Community Development Societies (CDS) of Kudumbashree at Panchayat level at a fixed venue by setting temporary marketfacilities for exhibiting and selling local Kudumbashree products for two-three days preferably in the first week of a month.

3) What assistance is provided by Kudumbashree for the sustainable conduct of monthly market?

Kudumbashree mission is providing a grant of Rs.75,000/- to each CDS for purchasing materials for setting up monthly markets. Eg: Table, Chairs, Shamiyana etc. This will save setting up cost every month. CDS will ensure sustainable conductof monthly markets and running expenses will be met from the commission deducted from entrepreneurs.

4) What is home shop?

Home shop is a community based marketing network system in which products of entrepreneurs are collected by a district level Management Unit and then sell it to doorsteps through individual door to door sales personnel who are Kudumbashree marketing entrepreneurs (Home shoppers).   Customers can also buy products from the houses of Home shoppers, where a small shop of Kudumbashree products will also be functioning.

5) What is the implementation structure for marketing activities?

There is a state level team in Kudumbashree State Mission for overall policy development, planning and supervision. The District Program manager – Marketing will implement the marketing activities under the supervision of District Mission Coordinator and Assistant District Mission Coordinator – ME & Marketing. At the Block level, marketing activities are implemented by the Block Coordinator (ME & Marketing)

6) What is Saras fair?

SARASis the state level commercial exhibition cum fair organized by States (SRLMs or DRDAs) with the financial support of MORD. It provides exclusive market space for rural entrepreneurs of India. Every State usually conducts two SARAS fairs in an year.

7) How to participate Saras fairs?

There is a Saras calendar available in MoRD website (dates & venues of fairs conducted by different states). As per the calendar, Kudumbashree units interested to participate in these fairs can approach District Mission Coordinator(DMC) and submit the application form. (Application forms available in MoRD/Kudumbashree website). If eligible, the application form will be attested by the District Mission Coordinator and the soft copy of the application form will be forwarded to State Mission for onward transmission to the State concerned.After confirmation from State Mission, the entrepreneurs can attend the fair. Original application form attested by DMC should be directly submitted to the authorities in the State concerned.

8) If an entrepreneur cannot travel to other States, is there any option to associate with Saras fairs?

If an entrepreneur cannot travel to other States for Saras fairs, but interested in sending her products, the entrepreneur can approach the District Mission and District Mission will send the products through Micro Enterprise Consultants. 

9) What is Café Kudumbashree and how to participate in Food fests?

Kudumbashree units running canteens or catering units are generally called Café Kudumbashree. These units prepare ethnic delicacies and in order to promote these units and to promote healthy food, State / District Missions conduct or participate in food fests.  The ethnic delicacies across Kerala are brought on a single platform in such Food Fests.

10) What are the new marketing activities planned by Kudumbashree?

Kudumbashree is planning to set up Bazaars in every States. An E-commerce portal for selling selected products is also on the anvil.

11) What is Kudumbashree Bazaar? Who can give products to this Basar?

Kudumbashree Basar is a permanent sales outlet in every district (preferably in district head quarters) managed by a Consortium of entrepreneurs for sales of Kudumbashree products. Any member of the consortium can sell their products through these Basars, provided the products have required quality and other legal licenses.

12) What is Kudumbashree E-commerce portal and how can an entrepreneur be a part of it?

E-commerce portal is an online website exclusively for display and sales of products of Kudumbashree micro enterprises. Currently, the selection of products to be enlisted in the portal is performed by State Mission based on a criterion. Entrepreneurs can approach the District Missions with the samples of their products and if the products meet the specified criteria; District Missions will recommend the products to State Mission.

13) How Kudumbashree products are different from products of multi crore / multinational companies?

Kudumbashree promote ethnic, pure, quality and healthy products. The products are home - made (or made by small units of women) by women entrepreneurs who do not get in to any kind of adulteration in the process of production. 

14) What are the guiding principles of Kudumbashree in promoting Micro Enterprises?

As far as Kudumbashree is concerned, poverty is not just a question of low income, but it also includes other dimensions such as bad health, illiteracy, lack of social services, etc., as well. Women households are the cruelest victims of deprivation and therefore, any programme for poverty alleviation must aim at improving the living environment of the women. Kudumbashree affirms that it is through creating livelihood opportunities for the women that they can be empowered.

15) How Kudumbashree is helpful in increasing the income of women in Kerala?

Kudumbashree identifies poor families through a poverty risk index (a multi-dimensional concept to gauge poverty, rather than just judging via a shortfall in income or consumption of a family) and then organize women from poor families into NHGs for empowering the women of the poor strata to improve their individual and collective capabilities. The NHGs encourage thrift and investment through credit by developing informal banks of the poor. Kudumbashree provides the poor women and needy women with upgrades of vocational and entrepreneurial skills and facilitate creation of opportunities for self-employment / wage employment and thereby facilitate enhancement of household income.



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