Kudumbashree provides skill development training to women, motivating them to take up micro enterprises for livelihood. More than 31,000 enterprises are set up in the state by individuals and groups. It is a pleasure to note that women groups have exhibited courage to take up innovative enterprises in multiple sectors. Click on the district pages to note the Top 10 innovative enterprises set up in the district by Kudumbashree women.

The following table gives an overall picture of Kudumbashree’s Micro enterprises in each district, sector wise.

District  Total number of individual micro enterprises Total number of group enterprises Total number of enterprises in the district Santwanam Units Data Entry Units Cafe Units Nutrimix Units
Thiruvananthapuram 738 1971 2709 7 9 148 18
Kollam 871 1528 2399 12 3 113 10
Pathanamthitta 1256 1371 2627 8 2 58 8
Alappuzha 576 1900 2476 3 3 82 14
Kottayam 1417 1120 2537 8 4 59 13
Idukki 579 1006 1585 8 4 25 10
Ernakulam 1038 2145 3183 23 8 179 10
Thrissur 1643 1385 3028 37 5 124 20
Palakkad 739 1427 2166 2 5 100 23
Malappuram 610 1313 1923 3 6 63 42
Kozhikode 1208 1764 2972 5 3 30 27
Wayanad 196 484 680 5 2 24 10
Kannur 505 1496 2001 15 5 26 28
Kasaragod 401 574 975 3 3 23 15
Total 11,777 19,484 31,261 139 63 1054 248


District : Thiruvananthapuram

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 Plastic Shredding Unit 26 2017 Recycling of plastics to usable materials.  
2 Green bytes 6 2017 Providing cut fruits and vegitables to needy.  
3 ABCD Management unit 10 2017 Started for the purpose of controlling stray dogs.  
4 Women Kalaripayat training unit 5 2015 Providing training for women in martial arts.  
5 Creche 5 2014 Started in Technopark for Nursing infants and toddlers IT professionals.  
6 Kudumbashree Travels 7 2013 7 women drivers are running cabs around the district.  
7 Kudumbashree Construction units 30 2016 Kudumbashree women construction unites undertake various construction projects from across the district.  
8 Mushroom Cultivation unit 25 2016 25 women entrepreneurs started 5 mushroom cultivation unit with the support of district panchayath subsidy.  
9 Paper carry bag unit 50 2016 50 women entrepreneurs started 5 Paper carry bag unit with the support of district panchayath subsidy and training.
10 Modern Agro Consulting Team 5 2014 Modern Agro Consulting Team members are engaged in terrace farming, seedlings, bio fertilizers and etc  
11 Koothambalam 20 2016 Started Koothambalam training with the support of district panchayath susidy for promoting traditional art forms.  
12 Bhrahmi Unit 1 2015 Product - Aurvedic bhrahmi products
13 Bio Resource centre 5 2017 Outlet which sell seeds, seedlings, bio fertilizers and pesticides.  


District : Kollam

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 Ambedkar Hire service unit- Pattazhy North Panchayat 11 2016 Provide steel utensils on hire  
2 Lekshmi activity group  5 2008 Production & Sales of jackfruit pappad and Tapioca pappad
3 Angel dry cleaning unit 1 2016 Provide quality service in their locality  
4 Amal Driving school 1 2015 Provide training to Kudumbashree women, supporting kudumbashree taxi service project.
5 Quail Farming 4 2016 Making profit on sales of quail egg.
6 Thazha Handi craft- Mathru Bhavanam unit 1 2010 Traditionally making thazha mats, files and thazha handicrafts
7 Event Management 6 2014 Provide food, decoration,etc to marriage functions  
8 Daycare unit, Mynagappally 5 2016 Provide daycare service to children from the age group of 6 months to 4 years old  


District : Pathanamthitta

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 Cafe Coffe shop 35 2016 To provide ethinic Food  and Tea Coffee and Snacks
2 Swasthyam- eco Friendly kiosk 1 2017 To provide ethinic Food   
3 Mount Inn Residential Training Centre 10 2014 Cafe unit and residential A/c training centre  
4 Cafe Kudumbashree Take Counter 25 2017 Take away Counter and refreshment stall  
5 Honey Processing Unit 10 2006 Honey Product and Processing Unit  
6 Geriatric Care and  Call Centre 40 2016 Geriatric Care and  Palliative care Unit  
7 Kudumbashree Food Court 5 2014 Taste of Kerala in one roof  
8 Nature Bag 5 2014 Eco Friendly Bag Unit  
9 Grow bag filling unit and Bio Pharmacy Unit 10 2015 Grow bag filling unit and Bio Pharmacy Unit  
10 Remedial education Centre Malayalappuzha 5 2012 Tuition Centre  


District : Alappuzha

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 Railway parking 28 2016 Railway vehicle parking under the supervision of kudumbashree district mission running successfully.Now this project implimented in Alappuzha,Cherthala,Chenganur,Mavelikara,Harippad,Thuravur.At kayamkulam and Ambalapuzha starting within one week.  
2 Five star vanitha canteen 6 2017 This firm started at District court,Alappuzha under NULM Project.  
3 Sinkari melam units 54 2013 Under this project ,more than 4 groups are formed in Alappuzha district  


District : Kottayam

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 Sree Muruka Hollow Bricks, 
10 2016 Product- Hollow Bricks
2 Easy Cooky (Vegetable Cut Unit), Puthupally 3 2017 Product- Vegetable Cuts Packets


District : Idukki

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 Kurinji Power Laundry Unit 12 2016 Kurinji Power Laundry unit is started in the year 2016 in Munnar Grama Panchayath. It is a convergaenvc project by Kudumbashree and Grama Panchayath. Munnar is a tourist area and because of that many resorts and hotels are established there. Washing and Ironing facility is too less and kudumbashree found an opportunity there. 
2 Famous bakery, Bysonvally 24 2012 Bysonvalley Grama panchayath from its plan fund has allotted Rs. 80 lakhs for construction of building and purchasing of machinery and handed over the same to the Bysonvallley Kudumbashree CDS. In November 24th 2013, the Famous Bakers have starts in working. This bakery was governed by 13 members committee including CDS Chairperson. It started with 10 trained employee including a manager upgraded its manpower to 30 workers in December 2016 and monthly income was boosted to 18 lakhs in January 2012 from 1.25 lakhs in December 2013
3 Carrier Guidance and PSC Coaching 5 2015 In Pampadumpara Gramapanchayath a Carrier Guidance and PSC Coaching centre started in the year 2015 by 5 Kudumbashree Members.Its a rural area and many educated candidates get less opprtuny to win in PSc exams. This time with the inititive of CDS Chairperson and 5 NHG memebrs took a decision to start this centre with the help of professionals. Now here is more than 30 students and functioned successful  
4 Upasana Rain Coat making unit 5 2016 In Ayyappankoil CDS a rain coat making unit started in the year 2016 by 5 NHG Memeber. In seson time they will get more than Rs.5000.They marketed their products in nearby shops.  
5 Roopa days Homestay 1 2017 Roopadays Homestay is strted as an innovative project by an NHG member in Vazhathope Gramapanchayth. Vazhathope is nearby Idukki dam. As it is a tourist place many tourists come here and use our homestay. An intersting thing is the entreprenur is one of Kudumbashree KAASS team member. other three 3 homestys are in pipe line  
6 Devoos Driving School 1 2016 Devoos driving school  is an individual enterprise started by on eNHG Memebr in Vazhathiiope Grama Pancahyath in the year 2016. Many NHG members and  and ladies attended her training . Monthly turnover 10000/-   
7 Deva Clinical Lab 5 2010 5 NHG members from pallivasal gramapanchayth started this unit in the year 2010. It functioned very well and evey member got a monthly turnover of 10000.   
8 Amala Broom Unit  5 2016 Amala Broom unit started in the year 2016 by 5 NHG member in Ilaveezha poonchira.In Kudayathoor Panchayth, Ilaveezhapponchira is a hilly  terian area and is a place of special grasses. By using this grass 5 women started to make brooms and branded it and soled throughout the district.Monthly turnover 5000/- per person


District : Ernakulam

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 Kudumbashree A/C Waiting Hall 6 2016 Providing A/C Waiting Hall Facility To Passengers At Ernakulam North And South Railway Stations
2 Kudumbashreee  Nirakoot  Painting 5 2016

Professional Painters

3 Kudumbashree Railway Parking 50 2014

Managing Railway Parking At Ernakulam South,North,Aluva,Tripoonithura ,Angamaly &Karukutty Railway Stations

4 P&P Handicraft  1 2009

Making of Hand Made Handicraft Items


Ruchi Catering Unit

8 2014

KRL BPCL – Kudumbashree  Mother Kitchen Project - A CSR Project

6 Nirmaliyam Soap Unit 3 2013 Nirmalyam Soap Making Unit Producing Variety Of Products Like Toilet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Soap, Dish Wash etc.
7 Megha Food Products 5 2009 Making Variety of Pickles & Snacks
8 Suriya Tamarind & Food Products 5 2012 Suriya Tamarind & Food Products Is A Food Processing Unit Producing Tamarind, Gamboge, Vinager Etc
9 Eladi Plus Herbal Soap 5 2009 Eladi Plus Herbal Soap Unit Is A Hand Made Herbal Soap Making Unit Situated At Koovappady
10 Kudumbashree Women Construction Team 8 2014 Kudumbashree Women Construction Team Undertakes Various Construction Projects Across The State
11 Ujjwala ABCD Block Management Unit 2 2016 A Newly Formed ABC Unit Function Smoothly At Thirumaradi Grama Panchayath
12 Painsree Satellite Unit 5 2011 Pineshree Food Processing Unit Producing Jam, Squash , Coconut Chips, Banana Chips, Pickle Etc.
13 Hasthakala 1 2009 Hasthakala Is A Bags & Apparel Amking Unit From Waste Materials
14 Kudumbashree Vanitha Hostel 5 2004 Working Women Hostel Managed By Five Kudumbashree Members At Angamaly
15 Karunya Floor Mat 7 2014 Karunya Is A Floor Mat Making Unit From Cotton Waste
16 Slim & Trim Ladies Health Club 4 2012 Ladies Fitness And Health Center At Choornikkara
17 Metro Flex Printing Unit 4 2015 Flex Printing and Cloth Printing Unit
18 Pinesree Kiosk Unit 2 2015 Kiosk At Vyttila Mobility Hub
19 Blessing Tailoring Unit 5 2013 Blessing Tailoring Unit Producing Eco Friendly Bags
20 Minnus Feroslab Unit 3 2014 Construction Material (Feroslab)
21 Sadsevana Facilitation Center 3 2017 Sadsevana Facilitation Center Is A New Imitative Of Kudumbashree At Ernakulam Civil Station Kakkanadu
22 Kochi Metro   2017  
23 Nadiya Cool Bar 1 2017 Cool Bar Started At Ernakulam Dh Ground
24 Pay & Use Toilet 1 2017 Pay And Use Toilet At DTPC Managed By Kudumbashree
25 Cochin Shipyard House Keeping Unit 31 2016 House Keeping Management Unit Of Kudumbashree At Cochin Shipyard
26 Water Purifying and Distribution Unit 6 2016 Water Purifying and Distribution Unit
27 Kudumbashree Travels      
28 Tailoring Unit 8 2015 Tailoring Unit At Kavalangad


District : Thrissur

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 Vanitha Help Desk, Varavoor 5 2016 First among the State. Provide assistance to public who seeks various help from Panchayath. Provide DTP work, Tea and Snacks,Online registration, Application writing etc. The project came under Yuvashree scheme of Kudumbashree.

2 Kudumbashree Matrimony, Porkulam 5 2016 It is a service oriented innovation of District Mission. The unit took loan from Union Bank of India, Kunnamkulam of Rs. 3,00,000 without subsidy. The unit is charging Rs. 750 from boys whom are seeking marriage and charging Rs. 5,000 as commission after engagement. No registration fees and commission amount are collecting from girls. The application forms are seriously scrutinizing using the three tier system of Kudumbashree and LSGI representatives.

3 Manjal Vanam, Pudukkad Constituency 350 2017 It is aimed to produce 10 lakh Prathibha Seed Turmeric with the help of JLG.


District : Palakkad

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 NANMA Solid waste Management Unit 10 2012 Solid waste Management Unit Started in Alathur. They Convert the solid waste into Bio Fertilisers and Sell it. They Run a Plastic Shredding Unit also.
2 Srishti Handicrafts 6 2013 They Purchase Bamboo from Bamboo Corporation and convert them into Different type of Utility Handicrafts.
3 SUJALAM 26 (5 Groups) 2017 They Install Well recharge systems for individual Houses. Already Undertaken Work to Recharge 1000 Wells.


District : Malappuram

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 Misty Fresh Drinking Water Unit 2015 5 They are 5 members working in the Unit. Its started for pure water.
2 Edayur Chilly 2017 3 More production in less area, crop cultivated within 4-6 months.it has more demand in the Market.


District : Kozhikode

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 Theertham Drinking Water 5   Five members of Kudumbashree in Kozhikode Corporation North CDS started a drinking water project named “Theertham” in Kozhikode Corporation. The project aims to supply safe drinking water at low cost. These ME group supply the safe drinking water in Calicut Corporation area, 1 rupee per1 Litter.
2 Feminera Women Hostel   2014 The district mission Kozhikode started a new women hostel in Gujarathi Street Kozhikode. The hostel was started in 2014 named as Feminera Women hostel. The hostel run under the management of Kudumbashree training enter prises “Eksat”. In this hostels have the facilities of dormitory, single and double Bedrooms, food, Dining hall and reading room. There are 56 women staying in the hostel.
3 Zoya Choclates & Cake unit West Hill   2016 Zoya Cakes and Choclate enterprises started at Kozhikode in 2016. Eight members of Kudumbashree included in this project. The various type of chocolates like the flavor of nuts, Badam,white chocolate, dark chocolate,milk chocolates are producing in the unit. Around 50000/- rupees earn as the sales turn over in a month. Mrs. Sulekha is the secretary of these enterprises. Booking No: 04954040229.
4 Mobile Cafe     Kudumbashree district mission Kozhikode started a mobile café in Calicut City. 3 members of Kudumbashree running these enterprises. Through this project the unit earn Rs.12000 to 15000 as the sales turn over in daily.The main aim of the project is to serve the homely food to the public.
5 Sparsham Foot wear Upper stitching Marad     Kudumbashree district mission Kozhikode implemented a project named as “sparsham” for the victims of Marad Communal riots. The programme was implemented associated with the famous foot wear company VKC. The unit produces the upper part of the VKC chappals. There are 18 kudumbashree members working in the unit.
6 Navabharath Cloth Bag unit Kadalundi     During the time of Tsunami natural calamity, Kudumbashree district mission implement various livelihood programs for costal community. As the part of this programme 4 womens of kudumbashree members started a cloth bag making unit. Now these enterprises got more acceptability among the society due to the defects of plastic use.
7 Nirmalyam Gold Cheruvannur 5 2011 Five members of Kudumbashree NHG in Cheruvannur Nallalam started a different type of project named as Nirmalyam Gold in 2011. The Product of this eneterprises are bangles,rings,long chain in 1 gram gold.
8 Udhayam Printers Unnikulam 9   Udhayam printing unit is the one of the prestigious enterprises in Kozhikode district. The units have started at the early stage of micro enterprises formation. Now the unit members undertaking printing work of printing works of various govt institution and private firms. 9 kudumbashree members included in the unit.
9 Meta Ladies health Fitness Center   2015 In the context of increasing the life style diseases, a group of kudumbashree in Kozhikode corporation tried for a solution to prevent the such diseases. As part of this enquiry , they decided to form a Micro Enterprises group under Kudumbashree and started the unit in 2015. Many women utilize this facility.The unit also provided Yoga and Aerobics training for ladies.
10 Gramashree Organic Manure, Maruthonkara 8 2013 In 2013 a group of Kudumbashree Members started an Organic manure unit named as Gramshree. 8 members of Kudumbashree included in the unit. Organic Manure and coir pits are the main products of the unit.


District : Wayanad

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 Keerthi Napkin unit 5 2016 manufacturing eco friendily napins.There  is no chemical used they used only pine wood pulp to make napkin.
2 Mahathma Handicraft unit 5 2014 manufacturing babana fibre handicrafts like bag,floor mat etc.
3 Fathimma Dry flower unit 5 2006 manufacturing spatheof the aracanut dry flowers
4 Swaroopa Bamboo unit 5 2014 bamboo handicrfats making unit
5 Sneha Day care centre 5 2015 day care centre
6 Panchavarna Bag unit 5 2015 They produce mural paint bag ,purse,chappals and ornamants.


District : Kannur

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 Ajashree Super Compost Unit 10 2012 Organic manure production  
2 Menma women Hostel  and Canteen 10 2017 Hostel and Canteen facilities for women  
3 Rain Army 5 2017 Well recharging works  
4 Gramashree Broom Making Unit 10 2017 Broom Making (ST Group)  
5 Vinayaka Gas repairing 5 2009 Gas Stove and Cooker servicing  


District : Kasaragod

Sl. No Name of the enterprise Number of members Year of starting Brief description Photo
1 CDS RESOURCE COMPLEX 15-20 2017 Convergence project of District, grama panchayaths and Kudumbashree mission. Selcting one CDS for pilot study. A complex consists of CDS office, Helpdesk for providing information regarding panchayth, Kudumbashree and other governemnt projects, selling various forms in less price, A marketing center for selling Kudumbashree products, A skill training center and library also. Estimated project cost of 60 lakhs.     
2 BLOSSOM T SHIRT AND SPORTSWEAR 5 2012 The one and only  Jercy and Tshirt  stiching Kudumbashre Unit in Kerala.   
3 SAFALAM CASHEW JUICE 5 2010 Safalam Kayyur chemeni unit producing cashew apple juice  
4 TRYCHODERMA 5 2016 Unit producing trychoderma special bio fertiliser  
5 KUDUMBASHREE TRAINING CENTER 10 2017 A convergence project. Starting a residential training center and Kudumbashree group is responsible for functioning of the unit.   
6 ABCD BMU UNIT 8 2017    
7 DAY CARE 1 2014 Started in Kasaragod Municipality   
8 COIR PITH COMPOST 5 2017 Utilising the availability of raw material in costal area and producing the fertiliser