Ajith S,
NULM City Mission Manager,
Kannur Municipal Corporation

“Sir, now we are ready to go anywhere”-Smt.Sreeja, Kannur

At the time of my joining in Kannur Corporation as NULM Manager on 2016 October, the corporation was planning to abolish the use of Plastic materials by the public and make the whole district a plastic free zone as proposed by the District Collector. As an initial step for the noble initiative, Corporation strictly directed to the shop keepers and business men to stop the use and distribution of Plastic Bags and made inspection in shops. Cloth bags or paper bags are the exact remedy for avoiding plastic carry bags, however production units for these items were not many. Hence felt the urgency of bulk production of cloth bags or paper bags which can be issued to public. From my previous experience as Consultant officer at Pathanamthitta, the Plastic free Sabarimala campaign helped me to get affinity with such a relevant topic.

I learned about the marketing opportunity of Cloth bag at the time and those units engaged in the Kudumbashree units got a huge marketing exposure. I shared this matter in the Kannur Municipal CDS meeting and make them aware about the great opportunity in saving the nature along with the good source of income. Butno one initiated to start the venture.But i keep on trying for motivating them and gave more sensitization to the CDS members and ADS Members.At last in the third CDS meeting, Smt.Sreeja CDS member of Anakkulam ADS came up with two types of cloth bags which she has made. I called up a special meeting of the Keerthi Ayalkoottam, Anakkulam ADS and make the members too aware about the opportunity in doing the Cloth bag business. In the meeting, including Sreejachechi, five members having experience in tailoring came forward to start the new venture.The ward councillor Smt. Beena also participated in encouraging them.

The women once who were housewives are now owners of Micro enterprise.The members started the production of different types of bags. They distributed the bags to some of the shops nearest to their area. After starting the production of bags they pledged to go to shops or provisional stores with their own bags for purchasing. They shared this to other members living in their area.In that time a Big Cloth bag fest was organized by Kudumbashree District Misson and I ensured the participation of Keerthi unit in that fest. This was the first experience in their life. They get a good incomemorethan their expectation and also get an opportunity to learn about the making of different types of cloth bags.Smt.Sreejahas shared her experience about the new initiative and bag fest in the CDS meeting and she expressed her sincere gratitude to me for helping and motivating them to do this job. Her words were a great reward to me more than a BharathRathna. She looked in to my face and concluded her experience sharing with this word, “Sir, now we are ready to go anywhere for participating the fairs and ready for doing any orders”. These words show the confidence of a common lady which was elevated by the opportunity created for her through NULM.




Babitha Jose
City Mission Manager - Kochi

A Human Touch for the Homeless

“If you desire to Make a Difference in the world You must be Different from the world” - Elaine S. Dalton

The homeless in town can finally have a cosy life as the shelter homes under Kochi Municipal Corporation got revamped through National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM). Out of 5 Shelter homes refurbished in Kochi under the SUH component of NULM, two are old age homes (Goodhope at Fort Kochi and Thevara old age home), One for women and children (Santhi Bhavan at Gandhi Nagar) , one for migrant youth (Sneha Bhavan at Gandhi Nagar) and one for the Destitutes(Palluruthy Relief settlement). Total project cost of 5 shelters amounts to 2.5crores. The project is envisaged to provide basic amenities in shelter homes like, coats, mattress, lockers, refurbishments of toilets, kitchen, living space etc thereby providing comfort and security to the homeless. The project scope was prepared and approvals from concerned authorities were obtained, in close co-ordination with Kochi Municipal Corporation Authorities as well as with NULM State Mission Unit at Kudumbashree Head quarters.

The 5 proposals & DPR were drafted in a participatory kind of approach, incorporating the demands of the inmates, by spending quality time with them, listening to their needs and apprehensions. I feel happy that NULM could provide all the facilities they have asked for ;new coats, beds, lockers to keep their valuables, mosquito netting, hot water facility, recreation facility, playroom for kids, medical help, caretakers etc .It gives me immense satisfaction that I could bring a little warmth to the melancholy life in Shelter Homes. I feel proud that I could do something for the most vulnerable sections of the urban poor through NULM. Greatly indebted to the authorities of Kochi Municipal Corporation for giving me a freehand in drafting the 5 proposals for the refurbishment of shelter homes, for the constant inspiration and guidance from the Programme officer , the support from State mission management unit and also to my team members in City mission managemen unit who made my dream a reality.




Baiju C M
City Mission Manager -NULM
Kasaragod Municipality

Mattannur municipality banned plastic items, paper cup and plate. These items were inevitable for supply of food at various functions. During a discussion with municipal authorities a question raised how to utilize the ADS revolving fund. An idea evolved to purchase steel plate and glass and provide it for such functions and also to arrange SHG members in cleaning steel plate and glass.

Thousand steel plate and glass purchased by CDS through ALF revolving fund. For this five members group formed in each ward. These groups were given fund from ALF revolving fund through SHGs as loan. Steel plate and glass will be kept at CDS office. The distribution function inaugurated by Honorable chief minister Shr. Pinarayi Vijayan.




Binu George
City Mission Manager

City Livelihood Centre: An Attempt to Reduce Occupational Vulnerability of Urban Poor

As all of us knew, occupational vulnerability that includes precarious livelihoods, dependence on informal sector for employment and earnings, lack of job security, poor working conditions, etc. is a distinguishing characteristic of urban poverty. Addressing occupational vulnerability is always a challenge in any urban poverty eradication Programme. Establishment of City Livelihood Centre (CLC) in Kottayam Municipality under National Urban livelihoods Mission by Kudumbashree is a firm leap to address this challenge.

City Livelihoods Centre, Kottayam is first one of its kind in Kerala, which was inaugurated by Sri.Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan MLA on 29th April 2017.The Vision of the Centre is to provide sustained support to the livelihood efforts of urban poor by conjoining the gap between the resources available with the urban poor like their services or products and the requirements of urban community. In turn, such a support will pave way for the social and economic empowerment of the urban poor to lead a secure and dignified lives.

The services of urban poor includes domestic works, home nursing, Ayah, driving, cleaning work, domestic electrical work, plumbing work, etc. Though these services are largely required to the urban community, the urban poor who involved in these services confronts unemployment due to least publicity of their availability to work. City Livelihood Centre tries address this issue by setting up a permanent Service Providing Centre offering a gamut of fee based services to the urban community by engaging urban poor who possess necessary skill sets. The urban community can avail the services of labors registered in the CLC by phone or web based applications. At present there are a total of 193 labors are registered with the Centre. City Livelihood Centre will also arrange for skill training and skill up gradation training to the urban poor who are registered in the Centre for quality improvement.

Similarly, the City Livelihood Centre will support the urban poor or their collectives (SHG) to sell their products. Kudumbashree Units in Kottayam are producinga wide range of products including vegetables, sanitary products, food products, Stationery items, etc. Almost all of them are facing trouble in the marketing of their product due to diverse reasons like poor advertisement, messy packing, etc. The CLC will provide necessary support for product up gradation, raw material availability, marketing services, etc. for registered producers from urban poor.

Initiation of a City Livelihood Centre was not an easy task. The approval for starting the Centre received from NULM State Mission during March 2015. The great hurdle before opening the centre was the non-availability of local specific model for City Livelihood Centre in Kerala. The City Mission Management Unit conducted a series of consultation with various stakeholders and referred web-sites for beating this hurdle and develop a suitable structure for the City Livelihood Centre in Kottayam. We are striving to develop maximum potential to the Centre in addressing the occupational vulnerability of urban poor in Kottayam through their mobilization, skill up gradation and generation of maximum employment opportunities in a conducive environment. In future, we hope, the Centre will become a model for other cities in Kerala for reducing occupational vulnerability of urban poor.




Boby Jacob
City Mission Manager

Revolving Fund - A Means for Social Empowerment

Revolving Fund Support of Rs. 50000/- for all the 52 Area Level Federations (ALF) has been distributed for promoting thrift and credit activities and sustain their activities as an organization. The revolving fund would be utilized for starting any income generating activity at ALF level or be given as loan to the Self Help Groups registered to the Area Level Federation. The amount earned as interest from this loan has become a capital amount of the ADS. Normally such amount will be used for providing travel allowance to members, refreshments during regular meetings, buying sarees as uniforms to the members, conducting tour programmes etc. As a Manager responsible for Social mobilization and Institution Development, I gave a suggestion in the CDS committee that the amount earned from the interest of Revolving fund can be used for fulfilling the third objective of Kudumbashree - ‘’the Social empowerment’’. I suggested them to hire an office room for ADS or invest in any social welfare activities. The members of ADS-22 of Kottayam North CDS comprehended the idea and materialized it by supplying steel utensils to children of Chirayilpadam Anganwadi to avoid the use plastic utensils. They are also supplied school kit including Bag and Umbrella to the Children in Thekkumgopuram Anganwadi and Union Club Anganwadi.




Deepa K. Prabhakaran
City Mission Manager

Myself, Deepa .K. Prabhakar, joined Kudumbasree on 29th july 2015, a new sector to my career life. As my teacher always says - we should touch the life of a person , or a group of people or institution where we are, I too believe in that. I would like to share you one such experience.

I was appointed as Manager SMID, the softest element of NULM (As other's perceive). Though NHG was not new to me, RO was really a new concept. Corporation Kudumbasree office became my major area of work. As the days passed by I realized that Community Organisers of CDS are socially empowered people, but not financially.

The time came when the CDS was designated and promoted as Resource Organisatios. I may say promoted, because those volunteers could get something for their work, rather recognition, in monetary terms. Several meetings were convened to make them aware of the term and the concept of RO. As the days passed by, they gradually started falling on our track.

Formation of new SHG, trainings, FLCs, auditing, meetings etc were not new to them, but the records to be kept for RO claim was a tedious job for them. NULM team helped them to make the first claim after 6 months. Claims were submitted but they were not paid for their work as officials were afraid of audit objection . ROs Stopped their activities .Later as per the request from CMMU , Mr. Sudheer KB , SMMU Manager in charge of Social Mobilisation came and attended the meeting . As a solution he suggested to appoint a RO accountant.

RO accountant was appointed and she started doing the file works. So many bottle necks were there for release of the fund to the Kudumbasree COs. Somehow in the month of March 2016 they were given their payments.

The next morning after the transfer of RO incentive to their accounts, one of the Kudumbasree CO came to our office and to my surprise she caught hold of my hands and literally cried saying that in the 10 years of her volunteering in Kudumbashree, she is receiving handful of money for her service. I asked her, what is she going to do with that money. She told , she has to pay college fee for her son who is doing a professional course. Month of March was the due date for payment of fees or else she would have taken debt to pay the fees. She received 24000 as additional incentive from RO fund of NULM. More or less this was the real feeling of the other COs as well.

At times, Money Matters A lot - Might be because of that Kudumbasree envisages women empowerment through thrift management, internal lending , grading, bank linkage etc.




Muneer M .P
City Mission Manager.
Social Development & Infrastructure, Kalpetta

A Path Showering for livelihood under NULM

National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) is the project aimed to reduce the poverty of urban poor. Here is the story of Anju, who became widow in the early age of her life. She is 30 year old women having two children. Elder daughter has 9 years old and younger son has 4 years old. Her husband died due to cancer in 2015 and her livelihood became a concern. The Kalpetta City Mission team heard the story of Anju from CDS and decided to intervene to bring about a positive change in her life. At that time she was not a member of Kudumbashree. Initially the NULM Community Organiser interacted with Anju and invited her to be part of Kudumbashree NHG. She joined Souhridha NHG which was formed under NULM.

When her husband had become sick, she started a textile business in which churidar and other dress materials were purchased in bulk and sold in households. This did not generate her adequate income. She decided to take a loan for Rs, 2 lakhs under the Self Employment Programme (SEP) component of NULM. The same was sanctioned by the ULB and bank, with which she was able to expand her business and generate an average monthly income of Rs. 20,000.CMMU Kalpetta team believes that this is one of the major achievements under NULM. Contact details of the beneficiary: Anju Mobile: 9895391949




Nidhish M. George
City Mission Manager - NULM
Kasaragod Municipality

A young man approached NULM office at Kasaragod for discussing about the possibilities to start his own venture. The condition of his family is pathetic. His father is not enough healthy, he is doing small works at a fish market and his income is not sufficient to lead the family. He has 1 elder and 4 younger sibling. Due to the unfavourable financial circumstances in the family he had to stop his schooling when in class 7, after which he started working with a Tent & Decoration service team as a labour at the age of 12.

Now at the age of 19, he has started taking small orders like birthday party, nikkah, engagement etc. for tent and decoration himself. He was not processing any of the materials required for his business and had to hire them on rent which did not prove profitable.

The NULM team expalined him the scope of self employment programme and guided him to buy materials by assisting him financially by availing a bank loan. He attended 4 days EDP and decided to go ahead with the NULM SEP scheme. An amount of Rs.1,85,000/- was disbursed as loan and with some additional amount that he raised himself he was able to ebnhance his business. He is running his own enterprise now making a remarkable income.




Pridhvi Raj
City Mission Manager - Alappuzha

From A Home maker to Home stay Owner

Rajamma K N (58) of Punnamada, Alappuzha was struggling to meet both the ends by running an old petty shop. Her son had died nine years ago due to a heart attack and three years back her husband also passed away due to liver disease, her lone daughter is married and they are also staying with her.

She is a member of Grihalakshmi SHG group in Punnamada ALF at Alappuzha. She has now become a good entrepreneur by utilising the amount her ALF received through revolving fund under DAY-NULM. Her house is near to Punammada Boat Jetty where lot of tourists came for house boating. Using the money received from DAY-NULM through revolving fund to ALF she started a small pay and parking facility together with food and accommodation for the taxi drivers who come with the tourists. . For that she converted three rooms of her own house and brought some cot using the money. Now she is earning average Rs.10000 per month.




Resana S
City Mission Manager (Skills & Livelihood) - Thrikkakara

Many new initiatives have been launched in our country – Make in India, Smart Cities, Start Up India, Digital India – all envisages the reviving and scaling various aspects of our economy. Skill India is the backbone of all these initiatives and I felt proud to be a part of one among the program Employment through Skill Training and Placement (EST&P) under the project titled ‘DAY-NULM’ implementing in Kerala through Kudumbashree. I have joined as Manager (Skills and Livelihood) in May 2015 at Thrikkakara Municipality, headquarter of Ernakulam district.

Kakkanad is a part of Thrikkakara municipality and it is home for a portion of the industrial base of Kochi. It is a home for Info Park, Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ), Carborundum Universal Ltd, Industrial projects like Fashion City, Software Export Promotions Zone (SEPZ) and later Kochi Metro. This has led to several builders to set up their projects here. Hence this population bulge provides a huge reservoir of manpower.

Mobilization and orientation of skill training program under NULM project initiated in the midst of last financial year and only two agencies were empanelled initially. And 8 sensitization programs conducted for Kudumbashree members. Around 1400 applications received opting different skill courses. The enrollment of candidates for the training started in our municipality only on October 2016. The courses offered are Account Assistant using Tally, House - keeping attendant, Data Entry Operator, Ayurveda Spa Therapy, Front Office cum Receptionist and Transactional Associate F & A.

Within 6 months 75% of the target has been achieved successfully with good placement record. A proper execution made in this scheme in our municipality characterizing the spirit of skilling youth ease the stress and bring in the equilibrium especially amongst the unemployed and jobless youth population. The kind of reception we received from candidates and the skill training centre was unique. My dream is to create skilling for respect, honor, livelihood, self-employment and better remuneration, not restricting itself only for jobs.

ESTP is a good platform for students who do not have proper directions in terms of Careers and employability. I have always appreciated Kudumbashree endeavors towards the betterment of the urban poor.




Sijukumar. A.
City Misssion Manager
Nulm - Kochi Municipal Corporation

They are starting a new life away from violence and abuse

Shanthi Bhavan, the joint venture of the Corporation of Cochin and Cultural Academy of Peace-SAKHI, functions as a Short Stay Home to lend a helping hand to women in distress and need. Santhibhavan is situated at division 63 gandhinagar in Kochi Municipal corporation, it provides shelter to women in distress, abandoned women with children, illegitimate mothers and victims of various atrocities towards women. The building is owned by Corporation and managed by an NGO called ‘Sakhi’. There are 50 inmates including women and infants.


Many of the inmates are mentally sick and are under medication. Since the shelter functions on the first floor there is a risk of inmates going up the rooftop and jumping from there. Flooring of hall, dining room and other rooms are in a withered condition. Even though most of the inmates are children, there was no space for them to play. The windows are opened without glass; attack of mosquitos causes communicable diseases like dengue, Malaria and filarial. Shelter lacks the basic furniture; all the inmates are sleeping without cots & beds. There is no provision to keep the belongings of the inmates; Kitchen, store and dining hall do not have any storage space to keep supplies and utensils and the electric wiring of the building is very old & in poor condition. The dining room has aluminum roofing and has no provision for fans. Toilets and bath rooms are in bad shape.


NULM Team has conducted a need assessment study through interview, focus group discussion of the inmates and ULB Staffs and representatives and prepared detailed project report and plan with help of ULB Eng. wing and submitted the report to SMMU. The state level project sanctioning committee approved the project and sanctioned an amount of Rs 45, 10,000/- for the refurbishment of this shelter home, formed a Monitoring Committee, and the refurbishment work started in November 2016 and completed in March 2017. Constituted a shelter management committee on 20th May 2017.


  1. Under the supervision of NULM & SAKHI, services of eminent psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists’ occupational therapy, trauma healing and physiotherapy are provided for their physical and emotional restoration and rejuvenation
  2. Safe shelter with all the common amenities
  3. Hygienic and secure toilet facilities
  4. Social gathering area for them to be more relax
  5. Safe and tiled pathway feels safer for children play area
  6. Now they have necessary furniture's, basic infrastructure which include bed with coat, pillow, shelves, sanitary accessories etc. to make the environment more comfortable.
  7. Facilities for library, reading and TV room , Facilities for recreational activities, vocational training facilities, dining and washing facilities enhanced their social activities
  8. 24X7 basis power supply
  9. Counseling services were provided when and where it’s necessary.
  10. Hence due to good physical and social facilities inmates feel more safer and comfortable.
  11. In future we are also planning to engage them in skill training programmes & self employment programmes.
  12. They are starting a new life away from violence and abuse




Simple Rose
CMMU Manager, Thrikkakara

At the time of joining, CMMU had already collected the council resolution for the construction of new shelter and identified the site for its construction. As the next step letter has given for the ownership certificate of the land immediately. But we felt some gap somewhere. So we decided to conduct a survey ward wise to identify the homeless in the ULB, who are willing and eligible for accommodate in a shelter. Because we are not here to construct just a building but a shelter home!!!

We prepared the survey form, presented in the counsel, got approval, and started survey using the ADS members as they know even a small beat of the locality. CDS was given the responsibility for monitoring the survey. The survey lists were presented in the concerned ADS meeting, collected approval of ADS, signed by ADS president and ward counsellor. The survey covered 67 urban homeless, including families who are not capable to choose PMAY.

While collecting the feedback from CDS, one of them reported that it would be great, if we could rehabilitate them through this project. It is nothing when hearing the experience of another surveyor. “We discussed the matter in the ADS meeting and listed out the people in distress to include in the shelter, who are not under the care of the family or suffering in their family. We aimed to provide them a better place before their death. With the list we went to each member, collected their details as mentioned in the survey form.”

As part of it, they collected the details of Mrs. X who is willing to stay in our proposed shelter home. But on the next day they got the intimation from a man that, “we don’t want to place our mother in a shelter home; we will take care of her.”

The whole team is happy that we could make Mrs. X to stay with her family, who are willing to protect her.

For wonders, “Move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea”.




Sunil P.K
City Mission Manager

Success story regarding social and financial inclusion of street vendors under DAY-NULM project component

Street vendors are an integral part of urban economies around the world, offering easy access to a wide range of goods and services in public spaces. They sell everything from fresh vegetables to prepared foods, from building materials to garments and crafts, from consumer electronics to auto repairs to haircuts. They are marginalised and backward class , continuously neglected, exploited, face many challenges, are often overlooked as economic agents and unlike other businesses, are hindered previous times by municipal policies and practices. In 2014 street vendors protection act was passed and control and rehabilitation of street vendors become the duty of urban local body.

National Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM) seeks to address the concerns of urban street vendors by facilitating access to suitable spaces for vending, institutional credit, improved skills and social security linkages. The Support to Urban Street Vendors Component of NULM sets out the strategy and operational guidelines with regard to this component such as survey of street vendors and issue of Identity Cards, Development of city street vending plans, Infrastructure development of vending zones in the city, Training and Skill Development, Financial Inclusion, Access to credit ,Linkages to social security schemes

Malappuram municipality is the first urban local body in Kerala which has taken positive step to protect the rights of street vendors by implementing various programmes under DAY-NULM. Municipality conducted a systematic survey for street vendors with the help of social work students of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit during the month of September 2015 and identified 125 street vendors in the territory. Based on that survey, Town Vending Committee of malappuram municipality has decided to issue identity cards to the eligible street vendors. This was the pilot initiation in Kerala. Honourable Minister Prof. K.T Jaleel was inaugurated the ID card distribution function by providing authorised ID card to 92 street vendors.

Through the systematic survey, municipality collected all details of vendors and decided to open bank accounts to all vendors and insurance coverage under PMJBY or RSBY schemes required vendors. Municipality conducted financial literacy campaigns and account opening clinics with the support of Union Bank of India, Financial literacy Centre and Kudumbashree CDS etc to accomplish the objectives. As a result, all eligible street vendors opened bank account and acquired insurance coverage. Similarly all APL category street vendors are included in the RSBY health insurance schemes.

Malappuram City Mission Management Unit developed a savings cum short term credit giving mechanism by appointing Bank Mithra with the support of Kudumbashree CDS and Union Bank of India. A lady from Kudumbashree appointed as bank mithra for collecting daily savings of street vendors. Union bank has given a machine to bank mithra for recording transaction electronically. Apart from this, they offer small commission to bank mithra for daily transaction by using this machine. Bank mithra collect savings directly from street vendors and it improved the savings habit among them. Based on the savings of street vendors Union Bank of India came forward to give short term loan to regular paying vendors. In the first phase, bank given 25,000/- to 30,000/- rupees as short term loans to 8 vendors. Banks collected repayment of street vendors either through bank mithra or from daily savings account. That was a big success and now bank is ready to give loan under NULM SEP-I schemes. 4 street vendors have got Rs.50,000/- rupees each as loan. Through this system banks became confident to give loans.




Manager (Social Development & Institutional Development),

ADS is the coordinating body for implementing the programms of our mission.TheADS of pathanamthitta municipality was without any discipline or records prior to the implementation of NULM. It was after the implementation of NULM that the ADS worked efficiently to create awareness about the various programs of the mission. Most of the ADS were not conducting proper meetings or maintaining records of meetings or even about the income and expenditure books. This resulted in drag for implementing the funds for the ward level programs.The main benefit of our program was to stimulate the ADSs and guide them to a way of proper accounting and documentation. This was achieved after the implementation of the program and showed the result in the utilization of the revolving funds which was availed by all the ADS of the municipality after setting their house in order. This resulted in creating awareness among members about this body.




Sunu John
Manager (Skills & Livelihoods) NULM,

New expectation for cloth bag unit

With the Alappuzha Municipality intensifying its campaign to eliminate the use of plastic carry bags, the members of Vipanjika Unit, a women’s cloth bag making unit under NULM, are pinning their hopes on a proper marketing system for their product, expected to be much in demand in the coming days. The unit has 8 Kudumbashree members from Alappuzha municipality trained in bag making. We have regular classes where the women are trained in cloth bag making by the officials of the Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI).

We can promote the products made by them in many exhibitions. The Municipality could utilise this workforce and provide a platform for marketing the cloth bags. Such an initiative would also provide a regular source of income for these women.




Subairul Avan PK
Manager, CMMU


Making Difference in Livelihoods of Urban Poor in Malappuram Municipality

Malappuram is the first municipality in the district which was formed in 1970. Malappuram serves as the administrative headquarters of Malappuram district. Divided into 40 electoral wards, the city has a population density of 2,083 per square kilometer (5,390 per square mile). As per the 2011 census Malappuram Urban Agglomeration is the fourth largest urban agglomeration in Kerala state with a total population of 68088. Malappuram municipality does not have any large scale industry. Women in Municipality have a lower socio-economic status comparatively and very limited access to income generating activities due to a number of social and religious concerns. Consequently, they have less opportunity to contribute to their family income. They are economically dependent and vulnerable and socially discriminated. Foreign remittance especially middle east countries are a major contribution to domestic income.

Malappuram municipal Kudumbashree CDS is one of the best performing CDSs in the state and bagged special award in 2015-16 instituted by the State Mission. It has the wide access of women community network in the Municipality and Municipal Council extending all support to its activities. SJSRY scheme and microcredit programme provides loans to the women those belongs in NHGs in order to undertake small financial activities. There were more than 500 individual enterprises and 45 group enterprises started under SJSRY Scheme in Malappuram municipality. Unfortunately, 60% of the units are not functioning now. Due to the lack of monitoring and supporting system, half of the enterprises closed within two years.

NULM SEP Support:

Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM) is a central government supported scheme implemented through Kudumbashree Mission. Under this mission, several programmes are undertaking for the socio – economic improvement of urban poor. Self employment programmes for individual and groups is one of the major components of the mission. It is focusing on financial assistance to individuals or groups of urban poor for setting up gainful self-employment ventures and micro enterprises suited to their ability, skills, aptitude and family situation. This assistance will be in the form of interest subsidy on bank loans for setting up of projects by individual micro enterprises and for group enterprises. The entrepreneurs play an important role in the economic and social development. Women entrepreneurs are also giving a partial role in this field. From the prior experiences, City Mission Management Unit of NULM conducted general orientation training and individual counseling for entrepreneurs and mobilized more than 50 applications. Eligible applications were forwarded to Task force committee which constituted at ULB Level.

In the last two years, NULM supported 24 individual enterprises and assisted with interest subsidy of Rs.17, 43,35/-. Out of 23 SEP (I) units, 4 units are from Street vendors and 13 enterprises are running by women entrepreneurs. It is understood that the self employment opportunities resulting the appreciable increase in their incomes, on a sustainable basis. NULM has gained experience in venturing into innovative microenterprises fields such as Construction or building material solution, Kudumbashree travels, Bakes and food production, Apparel production, Washing powder and cake production etc.,

Apart from Microenterprises, City Mission Management Unit, Malappuram municipality provided the assistance for Bank Linkage which in turn extends formal financial service for providing credit inputs to the NHGs through various banks in the Municipality. City Mission Management team visits the each NHGs and orienting them on SHG Bank linkage scheme, repayment system and subsidy subvention for proper repayment, optimum utilization of fund etc., Hence, the repayment of Linkage loans is perfect and lead bank managers shared that the linkage scheme may increase the business volume of Banks. NHGs also using this loan amount for internal lending and taking up of micro enterprises. An amount of Rs. 6.02 crore linkage amounts provided to 183 NHGs and assisted with an amount of Rs. 17.02 lakhs as interest subsidy to these Bank linkages. SEP and Bank linkages helps the urban poor women and their families to get out of the clutches of the exploitation of private money lenders. In brief, this programme helped to empower urban poor in socially and economically.




Ramya P M
City Mission Manager- NULM
Kozhikode Municipal Corporation

The story of Firoz Khan

“I got a Job…..a continuous income…….something to save” the words of Firoz Khan (NULM SEP beneficiary), a Goods Auto Rickshaw driver from Kozhikode Corporation is really motivating and inspiring for both entrepreneurs and professionals who are working in the field of social development sector.

Firoz Khan, an urban poor earning his livelihood through running a small business of Goods auto Rikshaw in Calicut city. He has 10 years experience in this field. He starts his work early in the morning by 5 am depending on the orders he was getting. His main work is associated with firewood collection from sawmill and selling that to Halwa makers on their demand. By 9am he will be free to get other work orders available in the city. But income earned through his hard work was not enough to meet the family needs. He realized that major part of income earned is going to the hands of his Auto owner and for maintenance of vehicle. He was spending Rs. 250 per day only for payment of vehicle rent.

Many times he thought to buy a Goods auto rickshaw for his own. Poor financial back ground of his family compelled him to work in the rented vehicle. His wife Shajitha is a member of Phoenix Kudumbashree Neighbourhood Group (Central CDS, Kozhikode) came to know about Self Employment Programme of NULM from her ADS president from ADS and NHG meetings. She discussed it with Firozkhan and they decided to apply for SEP with the intention of purchasing a new Goods auto rickshaw. He attended Self Employment Programme- General Orientation and cleared all doubts regarding Bank loan, subsidy and trainings essential to become an NULM SEP beneficiary. He attended six days EDP and Task force interview without any hesitation. As he is a resident of Ward 30 of Kozhikode Corporation we forwarded his application to Punjab National Bank, Govindapuram Branch. Bank has sanctioned a loan of Rs.190000/- and his contribution of Rs.16500/- helped him to fulfill his dream.

From November 2016 onwards he became an Owner of a Goods Auto Rickshaw. At present he could save an amount of minimum Rs. 500/- per day after meeting all expenses incurred for maintenance of vehicle and Loan repayment. After all these the happiness and satisfaction we could see in the face of Firoz Khan is the Difference we made…………….. Contact Number Firoz Khan: 9744448090.




Swathi Laxmi.A.P
CMMU Manager (EST&P)
Kozhikode Municipal Corporation

Accomplishment of Livelihood through DAY NULM ESTP component

From February 2016 onwards Kozhikode NULM office has been receiving a number of applications for various skill training courses under ESTP Component. Majority of the applications we received were through Kudumbashree SHGs. We are accepting applications from the family members whose annual income is below Rs: 50,000/-. In November 2016 we were provided training agencies at Kozhikode. In the initial stage it was difficult to get students for courses such as CNC operator training (NTTF), Fitter mechanical assembler and many other courses.

It was real hard work to get the things done. I contacted ITI, Malikkadavu, Calicut and other private colleges and explained the faculties about the importance of the free courses offered by NULM. Campaign through SHGs also helped a lot. I collected the details of students those who completed the technical courses from ITI. The faculties at ITI posted the details in their teacher-student social groups. Some students who passed from ITI were undergoing training in Chennai for which they paid fees. I explained our course details to them and within a few days they joined NTTF Thalassery for CNC training. Shamjith and Jithin are some of them to be mentioned here. They got placement in a reputed company at Pune with very good accommodation facility and salary. Many other success stories also are there. Mr. Amit, who was an unemployed B.Tech graduate, joined NTTF, Bangalore for fitter mechanical Assembler course to get an opening in the field.

Ladies in the age group of 35 to 40 with 10th std as qualification didn’t have any other job options. These ladies joined Hindusthan Latex’s (HLFPPT) GDA course (General Duty Assistant) and 80% of the candidates were placed in reputed private hospitals in Kozhikode with good salary with family medical coverage & insurance. These ladies have not even dreamed about such a job..!! Ms. Shereena, the highest scored in the GDA has placed at Causality Department, Star care Hospital, Kozhikode.

Other course to mention is Ayurvedha Spa therapy. Almost 60 candidates passed and got into private ayurvedha hospitals. Ms. Fajisha is one among them who got placement in Santhigiri Hospital, Kozhikode. This group is planning to establish an Ayurvedha spa therapy clinic under SEP (Self employment Program - Group) component after getting enough experiences from the private Ayurvedha Hospitals. Ms. Rajani, Ms. Sumathi, Ms. Shyna and Ms. Sunanda are happy with the placement at M/s. Subrahmania Ayurvedha Nursing Home, Kozhikode.

From Nov 2016 to March 2017, Kozhikode DAY NULM Office has trained 381 candidates. And total placement done for 108 candidates. Course completed for 202 candidates and training undergoing for 179.

66 candidates who did plus two commerce and B.Com have joined for Accounts assistant Using Tally. They got placement in different private organisations in Kozhikode. Fathima, Shiji, Divya, Jishina and many others are very happy with the placements, since they too can help their husbands in earning income.

We feel very happy and satisfied when the candidates are employed through NULM skill training program. This boosts our morale and thus we achieve job satisfaction. Overall I feel that my duties are fulfilling. Great thanks to the Executive Director and other superiors in NULM/Kudumbashree for priceless support for getting these done. Thank You..!!




Palakkad Municipality

I had joined as NULM Skills & Livelihood Manager in Palakkad ULB on 16th of Nov 2016. When I joined, it is found that under ESTP Component the ULB hasn’t achieved anything. Also there wasn’t any STP available on Palakkad District. Then it is a challenge on me as there are only 4 more months available for the ending of financial year. Initially it seemed difficult to mobilize candidates from Palakkad for courses outside the district. By this time I followed up STPs regarding availability of centres in Palakkad District. By the same time mobilization and awareness has been done on ULB wise & ward wise with the support of CDS & councillors. Finally I am proud to say that I can enrol 47 students for 2 different courses (17 Students in CBPST Ernakulam & 30 Students for Accounts Assistant Using Tally in Palakkad District) itself on that financial year.

The first batch from Palakkad is for MOA- Plastic moulding in CBPST Ernakulam. The 17 students of this batch share with me the experience of their training, and thank our team for making an opportunity for studying that course. During my centre visit the STP also said that these 17 students are brilliant and will complete the course and will get placed. By hearing all these I am very happy that I became a part to generate a livelihood for 17 families through Kudumbashree Mission.


Mini John K
NULM Manager

NULM - Making a difference by the inclusion of exclusion.

We have included and recognised the street vendors as a part of social inclusion, who were excluded from the main stream.

National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) is the project aimed to reduce the poverty of urban poor. Urbanisation is the most important phenomena in developing countries. Every society must find its own measures to survive. Street vendors are the back bone of vulnerable group purchasing power. In Kerala scenario, street vendors provide a wide array of goods and commodities to the urban populace at reasonable prices and convenient locations.

Vendors are regularly subjected to mental and physical pressure by officials and public. A major problem is that master plans prepared do not allocate space to vendors, because they are not included in the main stream.

Palakkad NULM team is in the first position, by availing ID card to street vendors. We distributed 500 ID cards to street vendors. Now the street vendors are approaching NULM team for their vending problem solving, family problem solving, and educational advice for their children, SEP & ESTP inclusion, treatment advises etc, etc.

Now with their request we are planning awareness programmes about SEP, ESTP, education drop outs, alcohol and drug consumption etc.

More over the difference is that street vendors themselves recognised that they are very important part of municipality. They are willing to clean and keep waste management etc. Now they told us that children also feel this difference that they are not excluded but included through NULM.


Antony V.O,
CMMU Manager,
NULM Thrissur Corporation

Without specific objectives had passed my bachelor degree in Economics. At that time had identified there should be a job for the smooth functioning of my life. I started the job hunt with my degree. I realised without proper skill training it is not easy to attain a good job. Then my thoughts for studying a job oriented courses reached at getting admission for post graduation in Social Work. While the studies progressing I had developed certain objectives for my life and career.

After the successful completion of post graduation I wished to work in training sector. But I had worked for ten years in different sectors. At last I got a chance to work in Skill Training and Placement Programme run by Kudumbashree which is the part of National Urban Livelihood Mission. It gives more job satisfaction compared with my prior job roles. When the candidates get job after the skill training, we can see the happy faces of them and their families. That is one of the major reason that I love my job. During my two years of experience in Kudumbashree I got many heart touching instances. During the candidates selection process for NTTF which is the renowned skill training provider in India itself, after the written test candidates are ready for interview. Me and NTTF representative is sitting in the interview panel. Interview is progressing. The basic qualification for this course is 10th pass. Majority of the candidates have qualified plus two and above. Next one sitting in front of us is “X”. His physique is below average. He couldn’t answer our questions well. He is having the qualification of tenth passed. When we consider his age, he have to opt for plus two or higher studies. We enquired him about his plan regarding higher studies. He told his family’s financial condition is very poor. When we stopped his interview session by concluding, he have to try for further studies, he started crying. In between the cry he told he needs to study this course. We had asked about his family. His parents are separated and he is living with his grandmother. They don’t have enough money to their day to day expenses. We also recognised he needs a job at the earliest.

It is very happy to inform you that now he is studying the same course in NTTF campus. After some days he will complete the course and will join for a job as he wished. I am also waiting for that....


Lipson P.P,
NULM Manager,

Target is not just a number….

Rossily 62 a home maker with sound knowledge of traditional recipes transformed her culinary skills into a means of livelihood and became a successful entrepreneur. The trainings provided by DAY- NULM program and a loan amount of 2 lakhs helped her in discovering her business skills. ''A means of livelihood is no more a dream. I could never imagine that a loan could be sanctioned in such a short duration of time", says Mrs Rosily with the smile of an achiever. Daily, her unit employs upto 3 women. Renjith an enterprising entrepreneur in the poultry sector bubbles over with self confidence, "after getting trainings in entrepreneurship, I approached several banks to fund my endeavor. But the result was disappointment .By chance I happened to hear about the self employment program run by the Thrissur Corporation. There has been no turning back since then". His unit is centered on the production and distribution of cages for the poultry sector.

Renjith and Rosily are just two of the beneficiaries representing 80 families that received livelihood assistance under the DAY NULM program implemented by Kudumbashree in Thrissur Corporation.

Meeting the target seems to be the ultimate goal of every professional. This goal often creates enormous tension and strain. But in my career with Kudumbashree, reaching the target turned out to be a different experience. For me, target was not just number. Each number stood for an individual's life. Hence attaining the target an immensely gratifying experience which filled me with joy and satisfaction…


Mobeesh V Muralidharan
NULM Manager,

Kochi Water

Kochi Municipal Corporation joint with Women’s Development Corporation decided to install water purification plant to supply purified drinking water to the citizens of municipal corporation areas for an affordable price of Rs. 20. The Kerala Women’s Development Corporation installed the purification plant in Division No 27 Fortkochi Veli of Kochi Municipal Corporation. The purified potable water was marketed by the Kudumbashree marketing group.

For the identification of marketing group, an ADS meeting was organized with the help of division councilor, Kudumbashree leaders and discussed the project with the Kudumbashree people. In the meeting discussed the role of Municipal Corporation, Women’s Development Corporation and Kudumbashree marketing group.

After the meeting, identified 10 Kudumbashree women and counseled them regarding the role of each member in the group, terms of bank loan available to them, and the marketing aspects. Finally identified 5 group members with the help of ward councilor and named the group “Snehadeepam”- Kochi water marketing group.

Regular discussion of marketing group was held with the help of ward councilor Ms. Sheeba Lal and KSWDC officials. The discussion was regarding the marketing area, marketing strategies, role of members, bank loan, purchase of products and vehicle etc. The group purchases the purified potable water at Rs. 10 from the plant and markets it for Rs. 20 to the nearby household areas. Also an amount of Rs. 7.5 lakhs was needed to the marketing group for this project. The unit needed a pick up van for the marketing the purified potable water can and another huge task was handling of the potable water. After the discussion the Kudumbashree members were ready to avail the bank loan and started potable water marketing.

By the discussion with the Lead Bank Manger of Ernakulum district and Union Bank of India Kadavanthara branch manager, the bank was ready to sanction the bank loan. The group application was submitted before the task force and the project proposal was approved by the task force under chairmanship of Additional Secretary of Kochi Municipal Corporation.

The application was submitted to the bank along with the quotation of vehicle and potable cans. One of the group members of Snehadeepam had driving license and badge number and submitted before the bank. By the proper discussion with the bank officials the bank sanctioned the loan of Rs. 7.30 lakhs along with the 5 % contribution of beneficiary share to the group account. With the bank loan the group purchased the vehicle (Ape) and potable cans and marketed the purified water in the west area of Kochi. 2 group members were assigned to collect the orders from different areas and 3 members were assigned to distribute the potable purified water. Regular meeting of the group was held with the ward councilor and discussed the problems of the group. The group received 2 quarter of NULM interest subsidy against the loan from NULM and the group needed more potable cans to develop the marketing areas. With the help of Kudumbashree mission the unit can avail Micro Enterprises Revolving fund and Technology fund for further expansion of the group.

The “Snehadeepam” members are happy to form this group and they earn monthly salary of Rs.5000 after repaying the bank loan.


Mujeeb UR Rahman
NULM Manager,

Someone for us to support / raise voice

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth.”

William Faulkner

Deen Dayal Upadhyay Anthodaya Yojana - National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) build hopes for many urban poor and they are thinking that their capacity to bargain have increased significantly. This credence has all the stakeholders we serve to reach the goal in alleviating poverty among the urban poor in the Country.

Support 2Urban Street Vendors (SUSV) is one of the noble initiatives by the Project NULM and the Kudumbashree working very hard to include such population in the mainstream. Countries like India especially in the metros or the Urban Local Bodies the status of the street vendors are very pathetic across the country. No one is working for them to claim their rights even the basic rights of the citizen. Those who are not comes under the name “Street Vendors” are happily making complaints against the street vendors and moreover saying that they are creating problems and disturbances to the society. Such people not considering these sects of the society are not part of the society. So social inclusion is a major concern to those who works for the people who sell the products in cheaper price and making major sections of the society to afford many things, which cannot afford if the common man want to buy from the shops.

The Street Vendors in Kozhikode Municipal Corporation is also having same experiences many hindrances to earn their daily breads. They are not privileged what the others in the state thought that the people in Kozhikode having concern over the fellow human beings.They also were experiencing many difficulties from the Dept. of Traffic, Dept. of Home, and Dept. of Health etc. Such departments are always making hitches against the street vendors in the urban area. The hitches like collecting bribe, not allowing them to do their businesses in a place were less / no disturbances to the commuters, ravage their selling items etc. some of the department officials doesn’t consider them as human and working hard to find their food without begging from anyone. Municipal Authorities, Business Units, Media, residence associations targeted vendors in frequent intervals.

Such situations were common in the country and Kozhikode too. Once the City Mission Management Unit of National Urban Livelihood Mission initiated to conduct the Survey as part of SUSV Component, the street vendors progressively equipped to fight against all the odds against them. They feel that someone (Kudumbashree NULM) in the society working very hard to ensure their rights and if anything happens against them, have a strong system to fight and makes their life easy what was not the case earlier. After the survey, anything against them, they directly report to the CMMU and get it resolved. They also suggesting / advocating their representatives in the Town Vending Committee to raise such issue in the committee and making the committee take actions against those created. In one of the Town Vending Committee in Kozhikode, the representative from the Police Department shared that once they are planning to evacuate the street vendors in S M Street, in a discussion with the street vendors, they said that The Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2014”is for them and no one can remove them from hawking without a rehabilitation plan. I am sure that the bargaining capacity earned by the street vendors only because of the intervention by the Kudumbashree as part of NULM Project.

As said by the American Noble Laureate William CuthbertFaulkner, raise your voice against injustice, if some of us do that, it is easy to change the earth. So hope for the best and collectively fight against the burning issues tackled by the street vendors in the country.


Meghna S
State Mission Manager (MIS & ME)

What I had contributed towards the mission

4th May 2015, myself along with my then colleague joined Kudumbashree, we being the first staff to join the Mission for the implementation of DAY-NULM in the State. In order to gain an insight of the project, we tried and gained access to a few office files of erstwhile SJSRY. Implementation of the scheme had started at the National level in September 2013 however in Kerala the programme was incepted only in May 2015. Hence we were lagging in implementation then.

Just two days after my joining I was handed over a letter from the Ministry of Housing & Urban poverty alleviation, directing the State to submit the online MPR by the 10th of the month and the letter also stated that the same is not being done since months. Frankly speaking without even knowing the Ministry’s terminology MPR (Monthly Progress Report) and with no physical or financial achievement to be reported I was a bit perplexed as to what can be done in the scenario. Firstly got the user credentials for NULM MIS & MPR and submitted the first MPR with all Zero values.

Soon there was a remarkable shift in pace and the programme gained momentum. A policy level decision was taken to consider all Neighbourhood groups formed after April 2014 as formed under NULM. Guidelines of NULM also stated that NHGs and ADSs formed under SJSRY could also be eligible for Revolving fund. Thus, around 15644 NHGs came under the ownership of NULM and were considered to be supported with revolving fund. The next step was to enter all these NHGs and their member details in the NULM MIS in a time bound manner. This was facilitated through the CDS which were designated as Resource Organisation (RO) under NULM. Adequate training and support was extended where ever required and the data entry completed within 3 months. Kerala became the second in position at the National level next only to Andhra Pradesh with respect to data on NHGs in the NULM MIS.


Rajesh Kumar P
State Mission Manager (Skills & Livelihoods)

The placement wings of many of the Skill Training Providers are week, resultantly the major problem faced by the skill development projects all over the nation is the poor placement in terms of salary level, number of candidates placed and working environment. Therefore we envisioned to start our own manpower company for providing quality manpower support to the selected thriving service sector industries of the state. On a pilot basis we registered a manpower supply group called “Human Arm” in health sector. All the members of this group have completed the course General Duty Assistant designed by Health Sector Skill Council of India. The group is providing outstanding service to the hospitals for the lasts 7 months. All are getting a better salary (Rs 11500-13500) which is above the prevailing rates in this industry. They are enrolled in ESI, and PF as an employee of this company. Therefore they are getting all statutory employee benefits.

Difference in comparison with counterpart states under NULM

Unlike other skill development projects funded by Government of India, under NULM inputs standards of the training is not defined by the mission. Similarly service procurement model also is not defined by the national mission. But in Kerala we have developed distinctive operational procedure and service procurement model on the basis of a detailed study of other project like DDUGKY, ASAP, KASE, PMKVY etc.


Abhik Nirmal Dev
NULM Manager,

The virtual impact of a smile is amazing. If the smile is due to us, then it will be more remarkable. I had such an incident happened in my one year NULM life.

A while ago, an old women of 58 years came and met me with an issue. She was full of tears and completely broken. While speaking to me also she was not confident that I will help her in resolving the issue.

The problems were that she took a loan from ‘X’ bank under erstwhile SJSRY scheme during the year 2015 in order to open a stitching centre of her own. It was a collateral free loan. But the then Manager asked for Land documents as a security. Since the wedding of her daughter was approaching, she agreed everything and given every documents the Bank asked. After that problems got worse when her son-in-law’s family started alleging that she pledged the land for availing loan. When the torture was unbearable she approached the Bank. But, the newly joined Manager was not ready to listen to her. She approached the office of Kudumbashree State Mission. There she was welcomed and it listened to her problems patiently and suggested her to meet me at City Mission Management Unit of NULM at Trivandrum Corporation office.

Thus I got an opportunity to help someone needy. I approached the Bank and explained what has happened and the Manager assured to solve the problem as immediately as possible. After one week she ringed me to inform that Bank has returned the documents. The amount of time which I spent on this issue is around half an hour. But the result on this act on an urban poor is huge!


Cijimol Jacob
NULM Manager,

“SakshathKaram”: Home for Destitute

“Success is simple do what’s right, the right way, at the right time”

The success is impending from the right way while Municipal Corporation of Trivandrum stepped into a new persona. When hopes met success fetched smiles on many faces and that is “SakshathKaram”, the destitute rehabilitation centre. This centre has rehabilitated those who ditched on the streets to live rest of their lives. The vision was born after central government weaved a project to provide Basic Service for Urban Poor (BSUP) and furbished through National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM). The desire to create a nest to the weary souls who abandoned in the city after the begging legally prohibited and to raise them up to become sturdy and burly.

The tale starts when all the doors closed for the destitute after commencing a beggar free city. They roamed in and around the city to appetite the hungriness but many of them were botched to dig up it and snubbed by many. Many of them were physically and psychologically feeble and that pulled off them to disarray. At this time, Corporation has taken a challenge to mend them with proper care and support. They were rehabilitated to “Kothalam” (a place in Sreekandeswaram Ward) with limited resources and amenities. The requirements increase as soon as the strength on inmates increases and it brought many challenges.

Here comes the role of Kudumbhashree an organization selected as the state level nodal agency to enforce BSUP and NULM activities in Kerala has initiated to setting up a new face for the abandoned poorest of the poor in the urban area. When BSUP project has commenced by central government lent a chance to Corporation to craft a utile rehabilitation centre with all the amenities. Then Corporation has purchased land for it and masterminded a marvellous house. They made a design which carefully fashioned the needs of inmates in every corner. After the construction the furnishing was another challenge for them.

The NULM CMMU with the support of ULB officials visited Kothalam and new shelter at Kalladimugham and done the need analysis and submitted project for refurbishment under NULM shelter component to get assistance under the project to procure furniture, support and O&M including HR support.

The “SakshathKaram” bring out more opportunities to the inmates that help them to keep engaged. The centre has enhanced the physical, social, health and psychological conditions of the inmates. More than the food and shelter, the centre has boosted up their hope to live. Each individual have separate bed and wardrobe with hygiene. “Now am enjoying the tasty foods and good facilities which I never expected” says Lakshiamma, the oldest person in the centre. Television provided to know what is happening in the world and also for their entertainment. Each inmate are diagnosing every day to improve the health conditions and providing proper medication with the help of professionals. The psychological support has also providing to help them to come out from the depressed state and be live in the present situations. This psychological support helps inmates to find their family to step out from the rehabilitation centre with all the legal rights.

As a second phase of the project the CMMU team is scheduling to implement skill training and microenterprises for the inmates, for that we are on the way in analysing the capacities of inmates and facilities of shelter home to undertake such activities. The primary outcome of this project, the ultimate sustenance of the inmates, brought satisfaction among the entire well-wishers. Corporation has a prospect to the public to support the inmates on their special occasions like birthdays and anniversary. Donations received from several people and institutions to the special account started in the Canara Bank for this purpose (Account No: 2906101014328, Manakkad branch- IFSC Code: CNRB0002906). The contribution from many sponsors shows us that still there is good mankind who really wants the eventual welfare of the society. Above all this success, Corporation with the mastermind is still keeping eyes on the people those who still on the street and deserve the caring. Within a twinkling time our ULB has succeeded in making “SakshathKaram” as a dream home for destitute for fulfilling their dreams of endurance.


Sreejith M S
NULM Manager,

“Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible”

LIFE – Livelihood, Inclusion, Financial Empowerment, an ambitious mission of the state government of Kerala. The mission is to provide homes to homeless in the state within next 5 years through a comprehensive housing scheme.

To make remarkable changes in the social sector by the coming 5 years by assessing the landless, homeless and give houses for them, the government has to undertake a survey in the state to find out the beneficiaries in a stipulated time. Govt entrusted Kudumbashree Mission to conduct the survey and its data entry.

As instructed by the govt, Kudumbashree has done the survey and data entry within in a short period of time. Kudumbashree selected a team to analyze the data and I was one of the members of that team. Initially for the data analysis and for the report generation we are using excel, which is very complex, time consuming and with lot of limitations. Because of the huge data base we need extreme effort for getting a single report.

For tackling the current constrain I bought up with a plan to develop software for the data analysis. Hence the analysis part will be more simple and user friendly. I succeeded in developing the software in a short time, which is simpler, user friendly and good enough to view details like monitoring the daily data entry, Local body wise survey list, prioritizing the families, finding the duplications etc.


Sreejith S K
NULM Manager,

‘Human Arm’ – the service provider unit for Healthcare Sector

The Employment through Skills Training & Placement (EST&P) Component under NULM which is designed to provide skills to the unskilled urban poor and enable them setting up self-employment ventures and for salaried jobs in the private sector is being successfully implemented in Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation.

After joining as City Mission Manager of ESTP in Trivandrum Corporation, with the support of CDS and ULB, I have mobilised candidates for different courses conducted by agencies empanelled by the State Mission Management Unit. One of the courses available in Healthcare Sector is ‘General Duty Assistant’ conducted by Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust (HLFPPT). 62 candidates were enrolled in the first two batches of this course in which 54 successfully completed.

Large numbers of employment opportunities are available on contract labour basis, especially in Healthcare sector. In order to tap these job opportunities, a service provider unit was setup and is named as ‘Human Arm’. The unit is registered as a society under The Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act. The 11 member Executive Committee controls all administrative matters related to the society. The placement cell which will be positioned soon in the society will work towards identifying new and better placement opportunities in Healthcare field for the existing members as well as candidates from new batches.

Out of the 54 members of Human Arm, 42 got opportunity to join various positions including Receptionist, Patient Guidance Worker and Transportation Assistant in Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) one of the major institutions in the field of cancer care.

Human arm is operating successfully in Thiruvananthapuram district. The 42 employees posted in RCC, getting an average take home salary of Rs. 12000, are completing one year of service this July.


Ajith Kumar M
NULM Manager,

A Small Push for a Big Change

I joined CMMU Pathanamthitta as Manger Skills & Livelihood after serving 2 years as NRLMAccountant. It was new environment for me in Social Service. For the first year, I was more active in SM&ID segment .The year 2016 was ayear of change for me as I was more involved in the social upliftment of Pathanamthitta Municipality SHGs by involving more in SHGs formation and attending SHGs for solving their internal problems.

In one such meeting at 7th ward of Pathanamthitta, I gave a brief description about Sep Program of NULM. One of member of Saubhagaya, Smt.Sheeja wanted to start a cow rearing unit. Smt.Sheeja was the sole bread earner of the household as her husband though a driver never contributed to the household. She used to work in nearby houses and went for cow rearing in nearby houses.

She gave application for a individual loan and did her EDP training under the NULM program. After EDP training her loan was processed under MUDRA loan has NULM doesn’t cover Animal Husbandry .With the help of Catholic Syrian Bank Manager, the loan was proposed ,Smt.Sreeja got a loan for Rs.2 Lakh .She is now a good entrepreneur she has bought 3 cows from the loan and has renovated her cattle shed.

The loan had a tremendous transformation in her life. She could help her children education and also increase her per day income. The NULM loan has changed her life from mere labourer to the owner of a Cow rearing unit. The happiness that I see in her life brings more happiness in my life then a accountant job that I had more skill and knowledge. Her transformation has made me more social oriented to work among the poorest of poor and bring smile and financial security to their life.


Priya Paul
State Mission Manager
(Self Employment Programme & Bank Linkage)

Girija of CDS-III, Trivandrum Corporation came to Kudumbashree State Mission office requesting subsidy release for her SJSRY loan. She came with the detailed statement of her loan repayment from the bank and told that she didn’t receive her subsidy for the loan amount. Girija availed loan to start a small tailoring unit as part of SJSRY scheme and when the bank sanctioned the loan amount, the scheme itself was stopped and implementation of NULM had started. She was not aware about NULM and all she knew is her subsidy amount is not transferred into the loan account. She went to corporation, District Mission office and bank and didn’t get a satisfactory answer for it.

After many fruitless efforts she came to State Mission with the detailed bank statement for release of subsidy amount. When I asked details to Girija, I came to know that Girija knows stitching and for daily means she used to stitch clothes, and to put a small tailoring shop she availed loan under SJSRY scheme. She was not aware of any bank proceedings and gave her property deeds as mortgage to the loan. She started a tailoring shop in a small room and began her loan repayment. During her daughters marriage she was in need of money and her family wants to mortgage the properly deeds. This made her to approach the bank to get her property deeds back and came to know that she won’t get her documents till her loan repayment and the subsidy is not released as per the scheme.

She is not aware of the schemes, the bank dealings or anything. The only thing she wants is to get her documents back so that she could find some money for her daughter’s marriage. Two things were done to resolve her issue. One is to entrust the concerned City Mission Manager to have a talk with the bank manager as there is no need for collateral security for the loan. The next day her property documents were released from the bank. Second a decision to provide interest subsidy for the loan converting it into SEP under NULM. This decision to convert the SJSRY loans availed after the implementation of NULM scheme not only benefitted Girija, but many like her.


State Mission Manager (SM&ID)

Community Development Societies (CDS) as Resource Organisations (RO) under NULM programme for Mobilising the urban poor

Social Mobilisation is the cross cutting component under NULM programme. Implementing agencies are trying to evolve appropriate strategies for the mobilisation of the society, especially the urban poor. Various strategies tried out for the effective mobilisation of the urban poor with various components of NULM.

CDS as Resource Organisation: The existing Community Development Societies (CDS) were designed and designated to be the Resource Organisations (ROs). ROs are put in the centre stage of mobilisation activities such as identification of pockets where the excluded polation is more, formation of new SHGs, building their capacities, linking them with banks, enhancing financial literacy through campaigns and providing them continuous hand holding.

Now in Kerala 132 CDSs were designated as ROs carved out from 14 NULM implementing ULBs. CDS and ADS are having immense wealth of expertise and experience in mobilisation of the poor. They have plenty of trained Community Resource Persons (RPs) who are capable of building capacities of SHGs and ensure timely hand holding to the SHGs. The idea of utilising already existing community resources was the key to the success.

Input & Process: Initially, followed by the consultation and brain storm among SMMU team, CDS were informed of the decision of designating the CDS as ROs.

  • The designated ROs were provided with their specific roles and responsibilities followed by sensitizing them about their new role.
  • RO wise targets were fixed and the payment pattern were designed.
  • Accordingly the maximum amount that can be sanctioned per RO were intimated.
  • Series of workshops and training programmes were facilitated.
  • The mile stone based payment was fixed and monthly RO claim form was also prepared and provided to ROs.
  • Claim form contains the details of payment for achieving each milestone.
  • Time frame and targets were set.
  • SMMU and CMMU monitored the process and provided the required support to the ROs.
  • CDS committee has been entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the time line for implementation of each activities.
  • Payments were made for the achievement of different milestones.
  • Claims were streamlined ensuring that the claims had reached the account of the claimant.

The highlight of all the above step by step process is that the RO can make their own seed money out of the savings from this fund, provided that they spent the RO funds prudently and most effectively.

Differenec made : So far 3965 new SHGs were formed under NULM; whereas the target was 2500, out of 46000 NHGs in the urban area; RF distributed to over 23000 NHGs, about 80% of ADSs also covered with RF distribution. Mobilisation activities for SEP and ESTP were made easy by the involvement of ROs. The Seed Money accumulated in the accounts of the CDSs will be plough back to the SHGs as loan, impacting the circulation of the money in the society itself and thus multiplying further.


Jaison. T. J.
State Mission Manager ,
(Shelter & Social Infrastructure, NULM)

“Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out and help. This week reach to someone that might need a lift” ― Pablo.

Support to urban homeless. “A success story of urban Homeless survey (pilot survey)”

Manikandan, 63 years being identified as an urban homeless during the pilot survey conducted during April 2017 by Kalpetta Municipality. He has been staying in the street for more than ten years. He is basically from Vechoochira, a rural village of Pathanamthitta district. He had been doing coulee work (rubber tapping) for twenty more years before he reached Kalpetta for as a begger. He was leading a fairly good family life with his wife and three children. His wife, a house maid died of cancer in the year. Calamities haunted again his family in the form of land slide causing damage to his whole 20 cent farm land. Both the incidents cost a lot to the family and Manikandan became very sick and unable to do any job. Manikandan later realized that he was a burden for his children and left the house eventually reached Kalpetta town where he finds his livelihood.

Manikandan, at present, is living in the mercy of some ‘good Samaritans’. He is always concerned about his family and children. But he doesn’t know how to live if he returns home. Like many other urban homeless, Manikandan, as other fellow homeless face lots of challenges such as no access to basic public services such as health, education, food, water and sanitation. In fact the urban homeless are the most vulnerable group who live with neither a shelter nor social security protection. National Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM) aims at providing permanent shelter equipped with essential services to the urban homeless in a phased manner under the Scheme of Shelter for Urban Homeless. All urban homeless are to be accommodated to permanent shelter homes with elementary services.

Much is known about homelessness in Kerala and its demographics, social impact and causes. Research on homelessness tends to examine societal factors such as unemployment, lack of permanent shelter homes, and personal characteristics such as mental illness, drug and alcohol dependency, personal choice of lifestyle, and even a childhood histories of sexual abuse. The dominant discourse in our society views street dwellers as a vulnerable, incompetent population without the resources or abilities to create positive change in their own lives.

Kudumbashree as nodal agency implementing the NULM scheme in the state has developed methodologies for conducting homeless survey to identify urban street dwellers. The mission considers that all urban street dwellers to be provided with adequate shelter by estimating the size of the homeless population. The survey has been designed as the ULB to undertake the survey with the support of city mission management unit of NULM, NGO/ CBO/ Police Dept. Merchants associations, residents associations, trade unions etc. to identify all urban homeless. As the homeless are visible in the street mostly in the late night (probably after 09.00pm), it is suggested to conduct the survey after 09.00pm. Survey team has to do repeated survey/s in alternate weeks/ fortnightly to ensure that no beneficiary/ homeless is excluded in the survey. ULB has to make all necessary arrangements like vehicle, support from police and other line departments, trade unions, health squad merchant association etc. for the smooth conduct of the survey.

A pilot survey was carried out in 14 major ULBs of 13 districts, except Idukki district, to make the final survey more accurate. The survey team was constituted with Corporation/ Municipal employees, Police, District mission team and NULM employees. This has brought good number of learning, quality experience to make the survey final survey. About 218 urban homeless were covered under the survey. Based on the report, the ULB has to prepare an action plan to accommodate people like Manikandan and other urban homeless to existing shelter homes within the ULB. If required, DPR for the construction of shelter homes to be prepared by ULBs to accommodate more homeless taking care of new inclusion for the coming next 20 years.

This study employs a qualitative, semi-structured interview approach to learn about the phenomenon: the essence of the street dwellers’ lived experiences including their hopes, dreams and aspirations. The interview questions are designed on such a way. The data collected is descriptive, text based, and subjective. This study does not produce any generalizable results. Rather, it achieves its goal of describing and understanding a phenomenon. This qualitative inquiry enables us to produce higher-quality data with rich descriptions of the participants’ experiences.

To identify and learn from Street Dweller dreams, this study attempts to set aside the judgments, opinions, attitudes and perspectives he brings to the study based on his own personal experiences and value systems. Additionally, the methods used to gather data minimize research impact and avoid coloring the results.

This study explores the street dwellers’ attitudes and intentions beyond their immediate concerns for food and shelter. These thoughts and ideas contrast their more practical thoughts of survival, such as finding a safe place to sleep or obtaining their next meal. These cognitions, or what one might call dreams and insights, reveal themselves in many forms such as desires for greater social status, better health, family reunion, reconciliation with a former wife, forgiveness, a closer spiritual connection with a higher power, or a chance to start over and do things differently. The purpose of this study is to discover if street dwellers dream and aspire to improve their living conditions and general welfare.




Project Manager, Facility Management Center,
Kudumbashree, Ernakulam

Kudumbashree women shines with Kochi Metro

When the KMRL Managing Director Mr Elias George calls up Kudumbashree office and said “Kudumbashree members are doing a wonderful job for Kochi Metro station management”, it was a fulfilment of dreams of Kudumbashree Ernakulam District Mission office and the State Mission office. That was a moment, where Kudumbashree has risen above the perceptions of the common man and elevated itself into a world class work force. The moment filled with pride where Kudumbashree women clad in uniforms with Kudumbashree and KMRL Logos embodied on it, took over the management of all stations of the Kochi Metro.

The Journey started off with the State Mission of Kudumbashree started contemplating that how to enhance the already proven success story of Kudumbashree and take it to next level. The vision started get moulding, when the KMRL approached Kudumbashree for taking over the facility management of all Metro stations. That was a huge challenge for Kudumbashree but also an opportunity to give employment to a huge number of Kudumbashree members in a high class urban transport system.

The Initial phase of planning and research was done by the State Mission. It included visits to the various other metro stations, doing a lot of research on legal aspects, technology to be adopted, financial structure and other contractual terms. The contract formation itself was a gigantic task as it involves two huge stake holders and thus has to be inclusive and comprehensive. The tireless efforts of the state mission in planning and designing has finally resulted in a full-fledged contract and finally made acceptable to both stake holders. This led to the milestone of signing the contract between Honourable Executive Director of Kudumbashree and Director (systems) of KMRL to entrust the station management of all 23 metro stations in the initial phase to Kudumbashree for the period of next three years. It also gave birth to idea of world’s first women-led Metro station management.

After the initial phase, the project was handed over to the Ernakulam District Mission for implementation. A new challenge, which was faced never before by a Government Department, which needs to be finished in quick time, included sourcing, selecting, training and on boarding of employees on KMRL. The works got entrusted with Kudumbashree included ticketing, housekeeping and parking. A total of 780 women were getting employed with 530 of them in the phase till Palarivattom and the rest in the phase till Maharajas. A detailed notification was issued mentioning the various eligibility criteria, in major newspapers, in the website and sent to all CDS’s. Much to the surprise of the District mission, the number of applications flown in to the tune of 40000 instead of the expected number of 12000.This has further added to the difficulty as selecting staff from this huge number of candidates with limited resources looked like a herculean task. All resources of District Mission including the staff, the CDSs’, IT units got into action to do the huge task of entering the data of these 40000 candidates. 8 lakhs data were entered with the combined effort of all stake holders of Kudumbashree in record time of 15 days. Exams dates were scheduled and 39700 admit cards were issued through CDSs’ within 5 days. Education department came to our rescue by provided us 100 schools as examination centres. The question paper preparation and valuation were entrusted with Centre for Management Development who has done their job to sheer perfection. The staff of District Mission again joined together for the conduct of exams. They worked in hub and spoke model in the logistics of question papers and answer sheet. The work started in the previous day of exams and competed in the next day night at 10 pm. The sheer passion with which the staff of District Mission worked in these two days was a clear example of commitment and dedication. The results were declared in three days’ time and 1077 candidates were shortlisted. The candidates were given soft skill training by Kudumbashree and skill training was given by KMRL.

Finally when all the 530 people were present at the stations during the inauguration ceremony and flag off of Kochi Metro, with lot of happiness and sense of achievement, it was a moment of pride for Kudumbashree. It also has added to its pleasure that the workforce also included 23 transgender, who are also getting a livelihood through this project. Kudumbashree has added another feather in its crown by paving the way for world’s first woman led Metro station management.







Jyotsna Raju
Service Provider
Snehitha Gender Help Desk, Idukki

It’s been one and half year I joined the Kudumbashree. Prior to that I was only a house wife, spending my life inside the four walls. My skills and knowledge was unutilized at that time. The day I stared working with the mission I become aware of so many social issues which were surrounded our society. I understood if someone wants to bring the changes to the society then there is no need to spend Lakhs of rupees it only needs dedication, patients, kindness, and small changes in lifestyle. Being the part of society I took the charge. I happened to find social issues like gender discrimination, adolescent, geriatric issues, family problem etc. which effects society to an extent.

Being a part of Kudumbashree (Snehitha) I took the decision to change my scenario. I meet so many people, who are troubling with family problems like children of separated parents, aged parents who have been ejected from their home, girl child facing inequality in family etc. My job taught me to assist all these kind of people. I started to take initiative towards the welfare of the society by doing certain things. This Job gave me the strength to not to turn deaf ear and blind eye to these people, I took the opportunity and trying to be a volunteer of the society. Here I would like to state few of the incidents which I have been through to see and trying to help them to get solution.

Few months back a young girl (20 years) approached at Snehitha seeking help to get rid of her current situation. She reached at office by 1.30 am. It was late night when she and her mother reached at Snehitha they were bare footed, not even had a single penny to pay off the auto fare. Counselor, me and two more staffs were there at that night. They were too tired and hungry, we feed them made them relax and then talked to them regarding their problem. Girl said she is living with her step father (Her mother’s third husband) and he is a habitual drunkard and beats her mother and her too. She informed that mother is not allowed to go out of home for anything and he does not support her financially, due to that this girl is not able to pay college fee and she has got her exams also in next few days. At that night also he had beaten both of them. Girl said she does not want to stay with her step father anymore and does not want to continue studies as well. As this girl was pursuing B.A. second year at that time, we consoled her and her mother. Her mother also said she too does not want to live with him. Both of them run away from home and had no place to go. Snehitha provided them Shelter and fulfilled their most basic needs. As it was a case of domestic violence I informed it to police station. Police asked to bring both of them to station in the morning for the further action. I had been to station along with this girl and mother. Her father also arrived, police spoke to all of them. But girl was not at all interested to live any more with father and mother as well. She was continuously saying that she will drop her studies and do some work as sales girl or maid. I took her back to Snehitha Counselor talked to her gave her a counseling and we made her understand that she could have a bright future if she face this situation bravely. Finally girl got ready to continue her studies but has got no place to go. Mother also said she will go and work somewhere as a home nurse and take care of the girl but then girl was needed a long term shelter. I and rest of the staff contacted so many shelters homes but we could not found a suitable for her to stay and study. Finally me and counselor took it personally and spoke to a sister of a particular shelter home to accommodate this young girl, as they refused in the beginning. We supported her financially to continue her studies for the time being. We got the sponsor who will be supporting her to complete her Degree education. Now she is staying at shelter home, Completed her B.A. second year and now pursuing her final year at the same college. I call her once in a while get in touch with her and encourage her to move further.

I would like to share one more incident; last year a lady reached at Snehitha who had been ejected from home by her husband. She is a mother of three kids. She informed that her husband has got extra marital affair and does not like her. He used to beat her and uses abusive language in front of their kids. I called him and spoke to him he said he is not ready to live with her and will not allow her to get into home. However this lady was crying like anything and wanted to go back home. She said she want to live in the same home along with her children and husband. She had been provided shelter at Snehitha itself and case was forwarded to division DySP. I took this lady to the DySP office and her husband was also asked to reach. He was not at all ready to get her into home. Officer and I spoke to him for more than two hours as we wanted both of them to live together happily. However he was not ready to live with her at their home he said he will arrange a rented house for her but will not allow her to get into his house. Finally we reached at conclusion. I requested to officer if husband is not ready to live with her then let him go and live somewhere else for rent. As soon her husband heard this command from officer he stared manipulate the thinks. However he got ready to let her in the house to live with children and him. After she had been with her husband we have connected her with a stitching center and she joined there and earning small income and living in the same house with husband and kids.

Taking chance to help people to get a shelter and care in a proper way, supporting children for their further studies by connecting them to the generous people of the society. I’m spreading awareness about the downfalls of society and how to overcome it.

By improving my social skills, being friendly and approachable person, I think I do a lot of good to the society. Being humble, polite and keeping smile on face is a great deed; it goes a long way in making a difference to the society.


Vinoji T. K.
Gender Consultant, Idukki

Korangatty is an interior tribal settlement at Adimali GramaPanchayat, Idukki District. Most of the people in this settlement belong to“MANNAN”community. Here I would like to share an incident. Shari(Imaginary name) was a 15 years young girl belongs to Mannan Community. After completing her 8thstandard exams from the neared Govt.school, She was waiting to school get re-opened. By the time of vacation, females and girls of the settlement used to go into forest to collect firewood. Shary also used to go with her Mother. The man folks of the settlement also go to the work; only those who are not well physically sit at home. Shar’s family consist parents and her grandmother. Shari has gotmingling and friendly personality.Her physical appearance seemed more than her actual age reflected.

One day after returning from the forest she had been to nearest pond to fetch the drinking well. By the side of the pond foundation construction (house) was going so Shari went eagerly to see that work. Ayoung man calledMurukan (Imaginary name) was there.Murukan was working at nursery in the nearer Town.When both of them weretalking humorously, the settlement people who were returning after Oorukootam happened to this and they became angry and shouted at them.Shary faced this situation boldly and spoke to them; however her behavior made them angrier (Ward member, ADS secretary and rest of Oorukuttam).Oorukootam misunderstood that both of them would be making love.Theycompelled Shary and Murugan to mark signature on Oorkuttam’s ADS minutes. They called Shary’s parents and described this to them in the presents of ward member and announced their marriage as well. After listing to all this parents refused to take Shary along with them. So Murugan’s parents decided to get them married. So they took Shary to their home.

Shary reached at Murugun’s home and he started living at his uncles home. His parents brought her new dresses and provide her all the needs. Not the wedding day came and Shary got ready for the marriage as per the traditional rituals. At that time child welfare committee chairman passed the order to shop this child marriage and rescue the child also asked to get police support if needed. He text the address as well. As soon as I received the message I informed this message to Snehitha’s counselor as well. I hired a jeep and we reached at the settlement at that time Shary was ready for marriage in their traditional wedding dress. Murugan’s parents arranged everything for the wedding feast. As we reached at settlement throughthe jeep, and police the people of the tribe gather together by us. They got scared as well. We explained the situation and the consequence of the child marriage. We made them understand the after effects as well.

After listening all this parents and people cooperated with us and Shary came with us in the same wedding dress. We took Shary to the Nirbhaya shelter home as per the order by CWC Chairman. Very next day the people who were standing in the first row to conduct this marriage created a fake story that a lady called Vinoji kidnaped Shary and they filed a case against VInoji to Adimali CI’s office. CI of Adimali was not aware of the case as it was informed to SI. The moment I explained the entire case to him he understood the matter that it was an order from CWC chairman.

Now Shary is in the custody of CWC and chairman is her local guardian. She is moving with her school studies. Due to this rescue operation I had faced uncertain things and this was also reported in newspaper. But still I am happy to say that because of the CWC and Kudumbashree’s gender program one great convergence took place. Because CWC Chairman was aware about Kudumbashree’s gender activities and Snehitha gender help desk, he gave the responsibility to me lead this rescue operation.


Shine T. Money
Gender consultant

The Gender Inequality is an issue that is relevant to the Contemporary. We all know it clearly. However, discussions are often done, despite what the interventions; gender equality is still a dream. But on this issue there are positive interventions in the society. I am proud to be able to join it. The feminist organizations Kudumbashree still a lot of things to do. However, I am using this opportunity to add to the activity of a link between the realities of crops. For example, consider the Dowry Prohibition Act and the Domestic Violence Prevention Act. At the same time, the man can not comply with the law. We need to overcome this puzzle. What to do justice in a crafty society. Who want that the law will be enforced, they would be violating the law. The selfishness of men seriously affected the concept of gender.

Another example is, in front of the court you must prove that you did not do anything wrong. It was then strive to get justice. In such cases, the gender is not often work well. Delayed justice is injustice. Indeed, it is to be implemented with the concept of equality in society. We will continue to be stifled efforts.

In Kudumbashree, women empowerment programme are done by the project namely Gender Self learning programme. The methodology of this project is group study as well as self-realization. The module based discussions and debates are lead to an activity oriented results. But there is a transmission loss in the system of module dissemination. Hence the end product sometimes varies to the expected result. In the dissemination of first module women & Employment faced the same.

At that time I got an opportunity in western ghat development project to pilot a new idea having less transmission loss of module dissemination. I developed a strategy of ward level training and street play regarding gender equality.

Almost all of the NHG participated in the programme. The participation rate is three times greater than that of the 1st module dissemination. And another specialty I introduced in the training is street play. Street play covers not only ladies but also common people. The concept of gender equality is spread to the men also. The street play got an addition opportunity to form a cultural team. Those cultural activity leads to another big event in Pusthakayathra as Bheri.

However the talk like ‘women empowerment is not only for women but also for men’ comes true in our training. Thereafter NHG meet, NHG family meet are driven from this incident. These ideas are now successfully implemented in Kudumbashree. I am proud to be hear the same.


Gender Consultant (In Charge)

When I was young I heard that name “RAMAN KALLIANI “ from my mother at Viragi Madam,S.M street.Years passed than I could understand the name Trans Gender through social activities my desire to know about them from the friends they had .Sometimes we met them in single and group at Manchira Beech Stadium with smiling face.When I was working with Gender activities I regret that I could not do a project in favor of them. But the Government forwarded a Project, Ayalkottam in the name of Trans Gender. I did not think they will consider may by talking to faith till I met them the office of M.C.F where they met together but when I attended meeting in three times I got respect From Subair( Sumi) ,Biju Geroge(SiSily) and all others it helped to from the Ayalkkottam.Through the aim to form 10 Trans Gender Ayalkkottam in Kozhikode. Forming of three Ayallkkotam is a proud to us .We can surely say that the Gender self learning programme help to know them that they have same right to live like us incoming days through the follow up activities.


Jesmine George
Snehitha- Gender Help Desk

When Snehitha Gender Help Desk was started in 2013, it was a new initiative of Kudumbashree Mission. Snehitha is functioning as a helping arm for women and children is difficult circumstances. Snehitha, which is under the largest women organization aim to protect and prevent women and children from atrocities, and also to work for the achievement of ‘Gender Equality’.

We have intervened in 3058 cases till the date. Presently there are many supporting system for women and children. However, it is seen that women found more reliable in Snehitha, only because it is under Kudumbashree. They themselves own up Snehitha as their supporting system. The Kudumbashree ‘network’ itself is the main supporting system for Snehitha, to intervene in issues faced by women and children. Gender Resource Persons, Gender Corner member and NHG Members report about client’s who are in vulnerable situations. Snehitha, with the support of Kudumbashree ‘Network’ intervene in grass root level and take necessary actions to meet the ‘felt need’ of the client. Snehitha provide support to clients from outside Kerala also.

I would like to share an experience, when Snehitha intervened in the case of a client who is only 20 years. She was abandoned by her parents and was under the care and protection of her aged grandmother. She was rehabilitated by the child welfare committee till the age of 18. After that the girl was send back to her grandmother. Thereafter, she started working as security in a hospital in Ernakulam. Without any prior notice, the recruiting agency, asked her to resign from job. She was forced to quit the job even, without getting the salary. Without having a single penny in her hand, she found shelter in railway station and stayed there for two days without having food. From there, during night, a young man forcefully taken her to a deserted house and sexually abused her. She somehow, taken some money from him and rescued herself from there. She was wandering near Snehitha, in search of children’s home, where she was rehabilitated during her childhood days. While seeing the board of Snehitha, she reached Snehitha and explained the incidents.

We the Snehitha team, after providing necessary medical and mental support to the client, took her to the police station and reported the case. Initially, the cop was not taking much attention to the case, as they are stating that without any clues it’s difficult for them to catch the accused. As ‘Snehitha’, who speak out for the speechless, pressurized the police system and wait outside the station, till late night, until the client got justice. When the officer excused that, there is shortage of WPCs to accompany with the client, we the team joined with the Civil Police Officers and the sub Inspector and finally we caught the accused from the railway station after dramatic incidents.

The client is rehabilitated under government shelter home and she completed vocational training. Snehitha also fought against the recruiting agency and helped the client to get back her salary.


Gender Consultant

“Service to Man is Service to God”

= The hands that serve are holier than the lips that prey

As the District Consultant of Gender at Kannur District Mission, I have got great opportunities to be a part of others life. I get many opportunities to involve in the problems addressed by women, children and the public. During my working period I have done many field visit and field study as part of my job. Here I am memorizing one of the main incident happen in my life that gave me more pleasure and satisfaction to my life as a human being. In my field visit days, one day I had visited Chengalayi C D S. During that visit occasionally I have met a family that living totally in an unsatisfactory condition. The family includes grand mother, four children and their mother. The mother was a prostitute and whole family met their needs from her income. Due to this reason the family faced loneliness from the society and living alone from relatives and public. Children faced many challenges and these affected their schooling. Nobody will there to take care of the children. The children not get proper education, food etc. When the time, I visited the family the situations seen there are very worse and pathetic. At that time grandmother, 5&3 years old children’s are in the house. Grandmother was a mental patient and not wearing proper dress. The dresses of the children are very dirty and they seen very weak due to scarcity of food. They are having no idea about their siblings and mother. They only have water for the last two days to meet their hunger. Suddenly I go back from there and brought some food items from the nearest shops. Returned to the home and gave the food to them. They had eaten the food very fast. When the time they eating foods, I just thought about our living situation. We all are wasting lots of foods, we all are wearing good dresses and purchasing very costly dresses. But a lot of people are living besides us without getting all these. From there I return to my home. I have lost my sleep. Their faces disturbed me a lot in that night. I discussed this matter with my officers and my team members. They gave me some dresses and cash. I again visited the home and gave the dresses and some food items to them. After that I discussed this matter with CWC chairman Sri Mathew, Janamaithri police and Mahila Mandiram administers at Thalassery. With their help I take the responsibility of the children and admitted the younger girl and her brother to Mahila mandhiram and the centre take care of the children. Grand Mother were admitted in Kuthiravattam mental hospital and the good people in the hospital provided better treatment to her. With the help of Mahila Mandhiram administers I took nearest effort to admit the children in school. Now the boy is studying in 1st standard and the girl in the Anganavadi. After a few days I had visited Mahila Mandhiram with my family. When the time the children met me, they run to my side and tightly hold my hand. They talked me about some of their needs as their mother. At the moment I can’t control my emotions and my eye drops were fallen to my face. My husband helped me to purchase the items they want.

This incident was one of my great achievement in my life as a human being. I thank god for giving me such an opportunity to uplift the life of that children. I believe that this will be a great pleasure and satisfactions to me for doing the same in future .I have strong faith that this will be a light to my life. We all are in a busy life. But the thing is to remember is that a lot of people are remaining in the society, nearest to us like this. Health, education and availability of justice are every ones basic rights, but these are largely unaffordable or unavailable for many. The question still remaining is that ‘who will care’? We all are having one life. If we have a will, the God will create the path.

That is “Service to man is the good way to serve god”. In serving human being and society we actually serve god.


Beena R
District Programme Manager- Gender

Mother – the High Sky

In my eighteen years of Kudumbashree activities, I have seen and realized the hardships of many people, I got opportunities to hug and to find shelter for many orphaned children…. But recently I came across a problem which really affected me deeply. It was really a shock to me, and filled my eyes with tears ….

That instance was actually a powerful remembrance on the truth of motherhood for me. That’s when I started realizing the importance of that word ‘motherhood’. All people whether rich or poor, whether famous or not are all the result of the love and care of that virtue of a ‘mother’. But today, without a realization of her virtues, her children are forcing her to live on the streets. They don’t realize that what they are today is the result of her relentless efforts.

Why are today’s people not realizing the values of that being called a mother?

Why do they now hate that person whom they used to love the most?

Why do they forget that a tear drop from the eyes of that virtuous creation can even destroy this world?

Once I got this news from Panchayath President that, a 90 year old woman along with her 85 year old sister, lives alone at a small shack with no one to look after. Younger sister is not married .The 90 year old lady has four children, both of whom are not mentally well and one of them suffers from a very dreadful disease. One son deeply wanted his mother looking well. But mentally and physically he is not able to.. In that night I arranged a suitable shelter for her.

Next day was Ramsan day, That time along with the Panchayath President we took a decision to move them to a safer place at Quilon Social Service Society(QSSS). Though the 90 year old woman gave her consent to this, her sister was not willing to move to a shelter house. Therefore we started our journey to QSSS along with the elder lady. All through the journey, there were many moments that pained me a lot. The old lady was naming the places that we passed by and her hands were held very tightly in mine as if she was trying to say, “please don’t leave me alone anywhere”….she tightly hold my hand…

Afternoon we reached QSSS, but the circumstances not permitted us to accommodate her in that place. The rooms are only in the first floor and the elder mother can’t reach there. Then as per the directions of QSSS authorities we decided to move to Mother Theresa Convent Home. All through the journey I was trying to realize the feelings expressed by that mother through her eyes, but I think I am not succeeded in that respect. We reached the Mother Theresa Convent; the doors were kept open for us. To accommodate this mother there, we have to examine certain formalities, including submission of Police Report. Then I called S.P. Madam, I am grateful to SP Madam and team for the help extended by the Police Department with immediate effect. Then we completed all the formalities. It was time to depart with that mother… It was lunch time; the sisters invited us for lunch. We are sitting for food. Still I remember, then the elder mother told to the reverent sisters, “Sister they are four people, Please give them all food”. Only a mother always shows this kind of care to the children with them. Yes only a mother can….

For an entire life they work for the family, spends their energy, health, wealth and all for the family and for the children. But during the old-age, they have to look for the kindness of someone else to get a shelter and care… This feels to be more painful than the many cases where I intervened with my children who were brought to CWC.

There are many people who are ready to help the children and to give them hope and to lead them to better life. But for the people who lost all hopes and they have lost their health, wealth and all and nobody needs them now… their case is entirely different.

All through the return journey the eyes of my team members and myself are filled with tears. Actually, I never felt that I found a solution for the problem and I rescued her, but my feeling was this till now, I too did the same thing of giving up her to a shelter home….That bright eyes filled with tears are still following me. Do we have the right to give up our parents? The land, the home, the position, the life we are enjoying now are all because of the sacrifice of those people. They should have the right to live in the houses they built, the land they acquired, with the sons and daughters they gave birth and brought up. Those who are not ready to look after their parents should be punished….At least permit them to be landlords of six feet. Other wise their tears will destroy this world. Please try to bring up a generation who will be ready to love and care their parents and be blessed….

Sustainable life, still a dream..

One fine morning, I heard news that, In an SC Colony of our Vettikavala Grama Panchayath six children along with their three mothers is living in a pathetic condition. I went to that place. The situation was very pathetic that what I heard.

They have no proper shelter, all the six children are suffering with different diseases and disorders, one is a heart patient and all the three ladies doesn’t have legal husbands, therefore no one has any responsibility to those children. The only food available for all the 9 living beings there is jack fruit which were collected from near by places. When we reached there three of the children were eating jack fruit by getting it directly from the fruit in the courtyard. At that time I recollected the words by some of our leaders in meetings that now in Kerala all are getting food. Nobody is in a position that not getting food for at least three times. It was really an eye opener for me.

After collecting all information, I gave them an assurance to do all that I can, for that family. But my mind was very anxious about the condition of that family, especially about the children. The list of needs for that family was huge; they need house, toilet, drinking water, medical care, dress, education for the children etc. Immediately I wrote this to CWC and produced all the six children to CWC in the next day itself. With the help of CWC we shifted the children to the CWC hostel at Nooranad. Follow up actions were initiated and ensured that they all got admission in the nearby school. Produced all the available documents and reported the case of the child who is suffering with heart ailment. And the authorities enabled his treatment at SAT Thiruvananthapuram. I am quite happy to know that the child is now almost cured from the disease. Thanks to the hostel authorities, hospital staff and CWC people.

Then my attention turned in to the mothers. First I approached the revenue authorities and finalized the actions regarding the documents of Mutation of land. Then ensured that the panchayath authorities included their name in the SC beneficiary list of getting new house, the problem of toilet included in the ODF. Arranged Job cards for them under MGNREGS, recommended them to be included in the list of ASHRAYA beneficiaries, Recommended for the construction of well under Peoples Plan Scheme.

I feel very happy and satisfied when I saw the children are very happy and they call me to be with them during vacation. I am quite sure that no other works in the world will give this kind of a happiness….Still several questions haunt me,

A period where all children enjoy happiness, play like butterflies, be in the love and care of elders is still away from reality?

Those who invite them to this world should have the responsibility to ensure love, care and happiness to them, but still they are in vain… why??????

Let us give them hope, let us lit the lamp of dreams, let them enjoy the goodness of hope….. sure they can be able to build a nation filled with love……


Molji Khalid
District Programme Manager- Gender

Helping hands……

It was when our core team member Saramma teacher was admitted in a hospital in Cherthala, she became the good Samaritan for a woman from another state. Sivakami hails from Tamil Nadu. She, then a widow, came to Kerala marrying Manoj, a native of Kanjikuzhi, Alappuzha, after they registered the marriage four years back. She motivated him to try for PSC and as a result he was taken into Police service. She also helped him financially to complete the training and other process. She spent all her share from her late husband's wealth for Manoj and his family. Recently, he went out of tough and after searching for him, she got to know that he married another woman. She was brutally beaten by Manoj and his relatives when she went ahead and questioned him. He also refused to acknowledge their relationship and thretened to kill her if she did not leave the place. Sivakami went to lodge a complaint with the Police, but in vain, since the culprit was also a policeman. We contacted Sivakami to know more about her plight and to see what we could do for her. The resource personnel acted on behalf of Sivakami and approached the police. I got involved when they kept refusing to charge the case on Manoj and reached out to SP to resolve the issue. Things were geared up from here & there. Even amidst some political pressure, I determined to go ahead with the case. The case has now reached the court under section 164. Magistrate will soon be calling for a hearing. In between, Sivakami's amma called us from Tamil Nadu with the concern that we will rather stick for somebody from our state and not for them. My answer was simple. "This is Kudumbasree. we stand up for women. And this whole world… for justice."


Anila P V
Counsellor, Snehitha,

I have been working as counselor in Snehitha gender help desk since 2015. As I know in my professional tenure. The project aims Gender equality through proper interventions, strengthening and innovative programmes. It seems to be a different level of experience and also helped me to improve myself both personally and professionally. My experience brought me in a high level of satisfaction and I am very glad to be a part of the project to help, serve and give healing touch to the needy and vulnerable people in our society. Here I would like to share a memorable experience that happened in my professional life.

Few months before an old mother came to Snehitha along with a women. They approached many officials for justice and at last they came to us. They told me that her deaf and dump daughter was a victim of rape by her brother- in-law and she was pregnant and later undergone abortion. She was married to a deaf and dump they are living at Coorg District of Karnataka. His brother came to his home regularly and raped her by threatening. She was helpless at that time, but she informed her mother and they bring back the daughter and complained in Police Station. But they did not take any further actions on that complaint. They told that the place of occurrence is not under their jurisdiction. So they can’t take actions against it. Due to her bad health condition they took medical termination of pregnancy in a hospital. They felt that the justice being denied and at last they approached Snehitha Gender Help Desk.

We bring the victim to Snehitha and she was explained everything by written. And we approached the police Station through formal procedures and we forced to file that petition and they took intimation and then F.I.R been sent to the concerned Police station in Coorg.

The case was getting serious after we went to Coorg together with that family and explained the situation of the family and information related with the case with Station S.H.O. They are affirmed our services and very proud to be hear about the services provided by Snehitha in Kerala state. The case charged against the accused and he was remanded.

The Karnataka State Ministry of women and Child welfare offered their all support and service to the victim. And the case was going on in favour of the victim. The follow up is being continued.

I am very much satisfied with some experiences related to the case handling and resolved problems in many way. That I could never been forget. Snehitha is a good platform to serve the people and very glad to be a part of it.


Beena K G
Service Provider, Snehitha,
Kalpetta, Wayanad

I have been working as service provider in snehitha gender help desk since 2015. But this work is unique one, and first of all my experience in ‘Snehitha‘ under Kudumbashree mission helped me to work among the society and it built self confidence to assist the troubling people.

Being a part of my work I could understood many social issues such as atrocities against children and women ,careless and ejection of aged people from their home ,harassment and abuse of girl children separated from parents inequalities against women ...As a result of awareness programmes conducted by Snehitha made many changes in the society , women open their mind and share the issues faced by them to us and the children were also started to share the experience to their teachers, elders and friends. It is a positive change I can observe among the society around me.

The most memorable experience : ‘ A grievance been registered in Snehitha about a deceptive case against a trust. As a result of our intervention 83 beneficiaries of a skill development programme (tailoring source) under KKMGTC trust working in Ambalavayal grama panchayath could get their grant about Rs.90000/ they were very happy now and I am very satisfied with some experience related to the case handling and resolved problem.’

I visited many families faced alcoholic issues and due to interference made the people aware about the problem and reduced the number of issues reported .I got chance to many contact and discus about issues with govt officials from different departments, NGO’s and other social workers from other sections .All of them helped me in different issues

I usually visited tribal colonies in different panchayath. First time they were not interested to speak with me, but now change the senerio, due to continuous and patience of my approach. They wish to speak and share the problem faced by them. It is remarkable change among the tribal families.

Most of the family related issues could diminish as result of our interventions. Women are started to rise up their voice against exploitation harassment etc. That was the great achievements as a result of our intervention.

I remember one incident, one day at midnight a women aged 22 years reached Snehitha office carrying her one and half year old girl child with her neighbor .They were wet due that day this case is domestic violence by husband and mother. We provided adequate care and protection with shelter. After detailed talk with them we under stood that they were ejected from their home. The case referred to legal procedure to another shelter home .now they were living together as a result of our frequent interventions.

As a social worker I have more responsibilities to the society. Many of the implemented project did not benefit to the vulnerable section of the society. It is our duty to work as a mediator between the society and the other departments.


Sunija Babu
Service Provider, Snehitha,

I am working as Service provider in Snehitha gender help desk since 2015. The project aimed at uplifting the vulnerable segments of population like women and children. It seems to be a different level of experience and brought me in a high level of satisfaction both professionally and personally. Here I would like to share some memorable experience through this tenure.

A grievances been registered in Snehitha that a 75 year old man sexually harassing his aged wife by compelling. As a part of our intervention we talked with her husband and he explored his problem to us that happened in his life. They got married very earlier, and they are goon with gladder. Some bit of issues chanced in their life leads to stress on that person. He used to transform his stress through sadism on his wife. By identifying the root cause through proper interventions and at last our counselor referred the case to a clinical psychologist. That referral could help him to realize himself and got insight. From the follow up I understood that now the couple lives happily and undertaking medication.

Through our field visits, I could realize that, a colony that situated at Kerala-Karnaka boarder named kolavally at Mullankolly Panchayath was the centre of alcohol and drug usage.To avoids this problem we conduct one day awareness program at the tribal village with the help of excise department. This made a great impact up on the tribal people. Many of them suffering from that habit and some of stopped intake of alcohol .The Panchayath administrative appreciated the initiative of Snehitha. Also I understood there was no Kudumbashree Ayalkkottam there. And now we could form 3 Ayalkkottam in that area with the help of ST animators.

I am actively concentrated on AHT project. We could control human trafficking with the help of police and NHG members. In Thirunelly Panchayath many tribe people were went to the Karnataka state for agriculture works. After AHT project implementation they are not able to go outer state without informing to the concerned Police Station.

As a social worker I have more responsibilities to the society. Many of the implemented projects did not benefit to the vulnerable section of the society. It is our duty to work as a mediator between the society and the other departments. Also we aimed a corruption free society with our best attempt.






Aneesh Thomas
Block Coordinator DDU-GKY,
Kannur District

I would like to share one of my experiences related with a candidate who succeeded through DDU GKY. The name of youth is Shinukumar, aged 20, who is from Payyavoor Grama Panchayath in Kannur district. He belongs to a poor family comprised of father, mother and two sisters. His father is doing masonry work and mother used to go for MNREGA work. Two sisters are studying courses.

As part of awareness programme in the panchayath, he could knew about it and contacted me. He completed his plus two course and enquired him why don’t joining degree course further. He replied that its very much needed to have a job promising training programme than academic course according to his present conditions. I suggested him to attend mobilisation and counselling. He had his admission and started his training under automobile technician course at the training centre. At first he had some adjustmental problems, but tackled those difficulties. As part of centre visit, I could motivate him. He showed great passion to achieve his goal. Shinukumar completed his training and received placement at K. P. K. Tyre mart Kannur with 8000 salary.His mother happily said that it is with DDUGKY programme changed his life,he used to look after the family with father throughout these period. I am also happy with these words as I also be a part of it with some motivations. Now he is trying to go abroad to capture his best beyond his horizons of hope.



Anu Don
Block Coordinator DDU-GKY,

It was just wondering experience in my professional life that even now these cases exist. In between my Asraya family visits my eyes stuck on a small house like a tent and a old woman nearly age of 90 laid out of the house even in the hard monsoon. From the CDS Chairperson i could understand that the old lady included in the Asraya scheme but unfortunately she did not have the right to build the house because, documents are destroyed. She has one son, but he did not take care of her. I thought if she continues with the current situation she may not survive in the monsoon.

With the help of Panchayath member and Chairperson, we made champagne in the Panchayath for collecting fund to construct a temporary shelter for her. After two weeks, I have been there regarding an amazing Polivu harvesting I could see her. She was happy with that small house. But from her shrinking eyes I could see that she was facing a rejection and she deserves a caring hand from her son. Now I'm happy to know that she is with her son and they are taking care of her well. The CDS Chairperson met her son and strictly aware about the consequences if he reject to take care of his mother. Anyway it’s my privilege to say that through Kudumbashree could stop the eye drops of an old mother.



Binish Sebastian
District programme Manager, DDU-GKY,

Women’s Economic participation and Empowerment are Fundamental to Strengthening.

Women’s right and enabling women to have control over their lives and exert influence in the society. It is about creating just and equitable societies. Women often face discrimination and persistent gender inequalities, with some women experiencing multiple discrimination and exclusion because of factors such as ethnicity or caste. The economic empowerment of women is a prerequisite for sustainable development, pro-poor growth and the achievement of all the development goals. Gender equality and empowered women are catalysts for multiplying development efforts. Investments in gender equality yield the highest returns of all development investments. Women usually invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities than men. Increasing the role of women in the economy is part of the solution to the financial and economic crisis.

Education and trainings are essential components of any strategy to improve farm and non-farm productivity and increasing rural incomes. Learning about business skills, as well as life skills such as health management, decision-making, self-confidence, or conflict management among various other things like new products and markets, can make big difference for many of the rural poor, particularly the women folk. Women often have different training needs than men since they are more likely to work as contributing family workers, subsistence farmers, home-based micro-entrepreneurs or low paid seasonal laborers. Skills development is a key to improving household productivity, employability and income earning opportunities for women and also for enhancing food security and promoting environmentally sustainable rural development and livelihood.



Gibins M.J
Block Coordinator DDU-GKY,
Kannur District

“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving” : Oliver Wendell Holmes

It was two years back I met a girl named Ms.Saranya from Iritty Municipality, former Keezhoor –Chavasserry Panchayath. I was interacting with CDS members about DDU GKY project. Former CDS Chairperson Mrs. Anitha introduced Ms.Saranya as Community Resource Person for DDU GKY project at CDS level. In spite of her pathetic family condition, she was doing her degree course through distance education.

When I talked with her in detail I come to know that she was very interested to go ahead with her studies but financial crisis of her family compelled her to seek for a part time job to pay her fees and so she wish to work as a Resource Person. She was very active and helpful to me in arranging mobilization camps and other IEC activities at CDS level. As the days passes I realized that she can be perfect candidate for DDU GKY course. One day after an orientation programme at ward level I asked her,

“Why can’t you join for DDU GKY course?”

“I am very well interested but, my parents wants me to be in a part time job and so I can’t go for studies, I have to help my parents by my little earnings” She replied.

Then along with CDS Chairperson I met her mother and discussed regarding the possibilities of being a DDU GKY candidate. After spending some time with her parents at her home they promised that Ms.Saranya will enroll at DDU GKY course.

After one day I got a call from Ms.Saranya saying that she had registered at both CDS and nearby training centre Synchroserve Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd- Iritty. She attended counseling and she was selected. I am happy to say that she is one of the best students in the Synchroserve Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd- Iritty centre.

Soon after completion of her course in Computerized Accounting, Ms.Saranya got a job as an Office Secretary at an Advocates Office at Iritty with a starting payment of Rs.6500/- per month. After completion of 1 ½ year at her job now she is getting Rs. 10,000/- as her salary and an additional amount through home based data entry jobs.

Now Ms.Saranya is very happy with her job and at her family. She always tells me that it is because of my intervention her future turns to be a brighter one but I always reply that I was doing my duty but you decided to move in a different direction. Now-a-days Ms.Saranya is serving as a brand ambassador for DDU GKY project among her friends. I utilize opportunity to introduce her as a Successful DDU GKY candidate to the upcoming batches in the Synchroserve Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd- Iritty centre and her motivation is much better than many words from District Mission team and I am sure that this will bring a difference to many youngsters like Ms.Saranya from Iritty.



Bijoy K J
DPM (I/C),

Road to abroad from Colony

Vishnu MV is a resident in Meenangadi, under the Wayanad district in the state of Kerala. He belongs to a poor ST family as his father is the only earning member from his house. Due to financial problems he could not continue his studies and had dropped his plan for higher studies.

One day he came to know about DDU GKY in a mobilization camp led by me. I have forwarded him to WSSS where he joined as a forth batch student of Food processing preservation. Being a 10th pass student, it was advantageous for him to get acquainted with the curriculum of DDU GKY. He qualified his first interview itself and joined in ID fresh Bangalore. He is now working in ID fresh Sharjah as production executive. He is the first ST candidate who got foreign placement under DDU GKY.



Sigal Thomas

Anupama Manikandan who doesn’t have Knowledge about Work environment in any industry is a girl from poor family background. When I visited Avon centre once, this student told me that she is not able to study this curriculum. I have discussed with the management and given her counseling. She is presently working @ Paradise Holidays Cochin, Kerala. She has achieved significant career progression as a Tour Executive. She earns Monthly Salary Rs. 15350/- and she supports her family for Livelihood. She had been working since 2015. She is the backbone of an Asraya family now.



Vysakh M Chacko
BC-DDU-GKY Bathery Block,

The Polivu Campaign was one of the great interventions at Noolpuzha panchayath in Wayanad .The whole team of CDS and elected representatives hesitated to implement this scheme in the Panchayath due to the attack of wild animals. However after the continues interventions and assistance I could implement the scheme with the support of entire team at the above mentioned Panchayath . Only two wards were slightly free from the attack of wild animals. All other wards are covered by wild animals I could also converged the scheme with agriculture department and received their support for the further actions also given the application of implemented NHGs of Polivu to get the financial support from agriculture department.. 80% of the NHGs implemented the scheme in the CDS with the support of entire team in Noolpuzha Panchayath. The elected members recognized and congratulated me for this great effort.



Sreejitha N S
Block Coordinator- DDUGKY,
Panamaram Block,

Mr. Johnson is a 27 year old man who completed welding course from DDUGKY centre (Don Bosco –Bathery). He is working as a welder in an agency. He dreams to make a welding unit himself. He discussed that with DDUGKY wayanad. At that time we couldn’t provide enough support for the candidate, he also left the dream. Some months later I contacted this candidate as part of tracking and do follow up on the making of a welding unit under micro enterprises of Kudumbashree. Now he along with his two friends (Mr. Anoop and Mr. Subheesh) who also completed the same course from the same centre made M.E unit and attended GOT. Now they are on the way to fulfill the dream- own welding unit



Manniya Joseph
Block Coordinator- DDUGKY,

It has been three and half years I joined the Kudumbashree. Before that I was working with a private organization which is working for the empowerment of women and children. At that time onwards I had a dream that should do something for the development of women and child development. When I got a job in Kudumbashree I came to know that we are going to work for the development of rural youth. I became very happy. At that time Mysore based PIA Team lease approached us for the mobilization. I took initiative and informed all the CDS chairperson's in my block to send the youth to attend the mobilization. Around 200 students attended the mobilization. most of them interested and joined in the training. An NHG member from Erattayar cds attended the mobilization. She was very eager to know about the training and its details. I talked with her personally. She said that she is coming from a very poor family. She has two son and her husband is a drunker. She don't have the money to send them for higher studies. At that time her elder son was working in a telecommunication agency at Mysore. She requested to me to include her son in the training. I talked with the program officer in the PIA and talked with him about this boy and his family situation. They included this boy also in the training. He has successfully compleyed his training. Before attending the DDUGKY training he has received a salary of Rs 10000. One day his mother phoned me and she was very happy to inform me that her son got another job and now he is receiving Rs 30000 as take home salary. Now he is the bread winner in the family. I became very happy because I got a chance to involve in that family for their social and financial development.



Nisha K R
Block Coordinator - DDUGKY,
Anthikkad Block

Arimpur Grama Panchayath which is in Thrissur district ,lacks for supplying tea during meetings, people coming to this area are roaming for getting tea was common a year before.

The Panchayath initiated to start canteen with a unit, it did not last long. This unit finds it very difficult to move with it. We were visiting the area during that time, knowing these facts; we approached a group who are preparing sweets and other food products. I talked them with a clear picture of combining the food products and canteen. They agreed to take the canteen.

Now the canteen is famous for getting fresh tea and food products in the area. It is running well by the team spirit and quality of service. I reached there few days ago and they showed a good hospitality approach towards me for encouraging them, to start this unknown area of their profit. I now understand, there are some areas where one meeting can quickly enlighten the spark.



Reshma M
District Program Manager
DDU-GKY- Kasaragod

In the initial stage of the implementation of DDU-GKY (Aajeevika Skills) as all others I too had a lot of confusions and doubts. I am not ata all sure about the success of the project and even I believed that the project may not run more than a year. But now, Iam really proud of being a part of this great project. There are a number of heart touching experiences for me in the grass root level implementation of DDUGKY Project. Some candidates like Rajesh, Rahul , Anjali, Geethu, Veena, Manu are now living a life that they never thought of. It was a never forgettable experience that they shared with District Mission Team about their past and present life. They are thankful to DDUGKY and Kudumbashree Mission for their career. Here I would like to share a about a candiadate whose whole family got a make over through DDUGKY. There was a mobilization camp at Pullur Periye panchayat for Synchroserve Kanhangad.Courses are Accounting and Data entry. Qualification required is plus two. As the PIA profile Explanation is progressing I noticed a boy with his mother sitting at a corner. In the first sight I thought they are from an average or above average family (both are looking good and well dressed). While the mobilization is over the boy and mother came to me with a request. As the boy is failed in two subjects in plustwo, whether he get a chance in synchroserve courses. I said ‘No’ and I asked why he failed. The boy just smiled. We talk for around 15 minutes and at last I advice him to try for passing twelth standard. Actually I felt that he was failed just because of his carelessness and he may go for retail job (Course giving at Centum). Later when I was sitting in the CDS Office one of the CDS Member came and said that “Radhechi is sitting in the bus stand and crying. “ I asked about the issue. Then that Cds member explained all about the boy’s life. His father is a drunkard. Every day he will reach home by drinking too much and he starts beating both mother and Sreeraj (The boy). Till SSLC Sreeraj was a well studying student, but due to his family issues he got failed in plustwo. Two times mother attempted for suicide. The member concluded that DDUGKY was the last option for Sreeraj and his mother. We became very sad. I Called Sreeraj and direct him to reach Centum Uduma with his mother. The very next day both of them came in the centre and we counseled them. We understood that he is ready to undergo any training to get a job. He can’t go for higher studies anyway. Sreeraj got admission in 10th batch at Centum. There starts his LIFE CHANGE. He became the class leader. Sreeraj is the ONLY CANDIDATE FROM KASARAGOD who participated in SARAS MELA at Kollam. He got a lot of appreciation for his performance at SARAS MELA. He got placement at Kallarackals Ankamali. NOW Both SREERAJ and his mother were VERY HAPPY in their life. He is contacting Centum & Kudumbashree staff regularly and he is personally thankful to DDUGKY. I think this is what we actually expecting from this project.



Rintu Ravindran

One day I went to Manakkad Grama Panchayath to conduct in DDU-GKY project mobilization camp. Around 40 members were participated in the camp. Instead of one participant his mother attended the camp. After finishing the explanation of course details, she informed me that she wants to talk with me privately. She told that her son is handicapped and of 24 yrs old degree holder. They spent a lot of money for his treatment. Their family is in financial difficulties. His parents are working in daily wages. She told me that his wish is to earn money by himself. But that time in DDU-GKY project PWD candidates were not included in training programme. After sometimes our project decided to include PWD candidates in our training. So, I informed the Avon training centre-head about the boy. The training centre-head agreed to train him. But the officer said that he want to see him and want to analyze the condition to know the revealing of his disability. According to that I informed the candidate’s mother about this. They informed me the date I took them to the centre and talk with the officer. They were interested in providing admission to the boy. The disabled boy was interested to join the centre too. So the authority informed the mother and the boy to come and join within two days. He successfully completed his 3 months course residing at the Avon centre without the help of family. Now he attained self confidence that he is capable to stay away from home. The centre manager informed that they will provide suitable placement according to his disability.

I think my DDU-GKY project can help him to attain a job for his personality development and overcome their financial problem and make stable life without any help of others.

I am happy that I could help the differently able boy to find his own income and change his present life circumstances. This is the one of the most privileged achievement of my three year career in Kudumbashree.



Rohini A M
District Program Manager – DDU-GKY

Was DISABLED but now known for her ability of NURSING Service

Success is no accident; it is hard work, perseverance, desire, learning and most of all the dedication for what you are doing. “Man need difficulties in life because they are necessary to enjoy the success” this renowned quotes by former president of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam is more suited for Manuja’s life. Several reasons were there for her to fail in her life. But her faith in her abilities to get things done and it turned into a guide to Manuja. Manuja’s disabilities and lack of education were challenging factors for her to lead her life. Manuja was so much need for a job to lead the small family which consists of her mother, husband and her daughter. As she is a disabled person it was not easy for her to get a permanent job. There are many people who are physically, economically and socially leading a backward life like Manuja. Those individuals were stuck before this dilemma of their existence without recognizing what to do next. As part of DDU-GKY we are trying to find out those youngsters who were physically disabled and give them proper training for them according to their passion and skills. We organize organise panchayat level awareness campaigns, which will employee the matching candidates to the relevant schemes which able to assure job for the trained candidates, and that helped Manuja too.

Manuja worked in many places yet because of her inability most of the organization was predicament for them and further more it was troublesome for her to travel. On that time she came to know about the mission DDU-GKY through CDS level mobilization camp. Manuja went to us and the first thing she asked was “whether ill get job because I am disabled person”. We are able to give confidence and assured her that it is not an issue; at that point she joined with one of our training centre Apollo Medskills for the Home Care Assistant course. After attending the skill development classes with our training partner she become more confident and was able to mingle with the society as any other normal candidate. Manuja is now feeding food and medicine for those who are bedridden and weak and taking care of them. She underpins them with her care and offering to shade to their life. This job not only gives herself satisfaction but also a stable income to Manuja. Now she owned a two wheeler with her own income which helps her to overcome all her travelling problem caused by her disability. Manuja is just giving strength to those patients she takes care but also to the youngsters who were economically, physically and socially backward like her.



Shafeeq Rahman
DDU GKY Block coordinator

I would like to write an experience which I always considered as a satisfying one in my professional life in Kudumbashree. Here I describe the real life story of a successful DDUGKY candidate. Mr. Prashob M P, Manganthara House, Orumanayoor was a student of batch 2 on DDU-GKY project at Mega Industries Kunnamkulam. He was from such of a poor family. His father was a mason and his mother was a MNREGA worker and Kudumbashree member. His family is a joint family. He belongs to a SC family and they are below poverty line.

He has completed his plus two studies and went for all jobs like tiles mason and tress work. But he didn’t have stability in his income. Being his mother a member of Kudumbashree she came to know about DDU-GKY course from her CDS chair person. She was very doubtful about the course. Then they, his mother and Kudumbashree chair person, together attend a class which lead by myself (block coordinator). I gave the mother counseling and thus she allowed her son to join the course. At the center there held an aptitude test and he was selected after that. Then I have done counseling before his joining. Prashob and his family very much convinced by this counseling.

Prashob was a very shy in his character. He was not able to communicate not even before his friends. The trainers motivated and trained him very well. They gave him communicating tasks and let him mingle with the other students in the class. He was a very attentive student also.

But unfortunately he has missed his classes because of his illness. He was very much worried about the classes. He rejoined after one week. He can’t follow the classes when he came back. The trainers helped him a lot to retain his interest. I had also an interaction with the student after his rejoining and encouraged him and gave confidence to continue his studies. I convinced him that he is eligible to write NCVT certificate exam after the training.

As his family was a joint family the conditions were getting bad. They have no their own house. He has a sister who is studying in 10th standard and two brothers studying in 12th and 8th standard respectively. His father had any solid income. He was at home most of the days without any job. The education expense and the other expenses of the family were not maintained. Thus he was very requiring of a job.

After the training on retail sales He was interviewed for Trichur Fashion Jewelers Thiruvananthapuram which was his first interview. He was selected as salesman trainee with a salary of 8500/- after the interview. He and his family were very much happy. He joined on that job on 01- 04-2016.

He performed well at his job with the skills which he achieved during this training program. He got a very good increment and had a hike on his salary. His salary changed to 12000/- and finally now he is receiving a salary of 15000/-. He was promoted as senior salesman.

His family and he are very much happy today. They have any complaints about his job. Now Prashob is acting as the head of the family because all the financial responsibilities are fulfilling by him. His character was totally changed. He became very much matured. Prashob and his family are very much thankful to Kudumbashree. It was actually that course and my intervention made him an earning member of his family. Their next wish is their own house. I frequently contact him and his mother to know his working place atmosphere.



Anumol P J
DDU-GKY Block coordinator

Here, I would like to share about the success story of a person named, Mr. Rajeesh Rameshan from Mangattidam Panchayath in Kannur District, Who succeeded in DDU-GKY Project. He is from a middle class family and belongs to SC category. He is the only son of his parents. His Father is working for daily wages. He couldn’t complete his higher secondary education.

So he stressed to obtain a good paying job. At that time he came to knew about DDU-GKY from his mother’s Neighbor Hood Group. Then he enrolled in DDU-GKY Project. At the time of counseling we noticed that he is shy type of personality. He was afraid to speak even with his Colleagues during the first phase of training. During my recurrent observation visit of the training center I am surprised by him for, he improved his Personality, communication skill during the time of training. After the completion of the course he was one of the best outgoing candidates.

He managed to do work in Metro Home with the On the Job training itself. And the Firm absorbed him as their Permanent Staff after the course. Now he is getting 13000/- basic salary excluding food and accommodation even before he completing his 6 month of experience. Now he acts as the best positive speaker of DDU-GKY project among SC category.



Vinesh P
DDU GKY Block coordinator

Here, I would like to share about the story of a person named, Sarath from Kankol Alappadamba Grama Panchayath in Kannur District, who succeeded in DDUGKY Project. He is from a middle class family and he is the only son for his parents. His father is an employee in a hotel and mother is working in MGNREGA project.

After completion of higher secondary education, he enrolled in some computer courses and hotel management studies in order to achieve a good carrier, but he couldn’t succeed. Main reason was he was an introvert that he failed to communicate properly with people. It made him depressed and fed up with his life.

At that time, he noticed an advertisement in newspaper about DDUKGY project by Kudumbashree. Immediately he called me to know more about this course. I explained the details and advised him to participate in the counseling session on the next day.

He didn’t speak anyone when he came to the counseling session because of his fear. We were in a confusion regarding his admission due to his character and distance he needs to travel. Unavailability of training centre in his location and desire to change his character, we decided to give admission.

In those first days, he suffered a lot, but he overcame it with the help and support of friends and teachers. He completed the course successfully and now he is working as a waiter in KFC restaurant, Kannur with good payment.

Now I am very happy and satisfied, because I was able to give a helping hand to a person in need.



Vinu T. B.
DDU GKY Block coordinator
Cherpu Block

Asraya is destitute rehabilitation program designed by the Government of Kerala and implemented through Kudumbashree. The program is targeted at the poorest of the poor population while implementing in the poverty alleviation program, it was observed that the programme implemented by the government and the agencies never reach this population.

Asraya Project started in the year 2003. It is a destitute identification, rehabilitation and monitoring programme. The identification is based on participatory need assessment. Kudumbashree CDS members and local body members jointly selected the beneficiaries.

In Thrissur district, Asraya reached all over the places and makes a drastic change. I have my own experience as a social worker, working for Kudumbashree. While preparing the second phase Asraya project of Paralam Grama Panchayath, CDS faced a problem regarding the selection of beneficiaries. CDS and Grama Panchayath members jointly conducted survey and identified 154 families for Asraya 2nd phase but some complaints comes from the public that ineligible families include in the 2nd phase beneficiary list.The issue discussed in the CDS meeting and I take the responsibility to recheck list by conducting field visit to current survey list. I went to the field along with CDS members for all beneficiaries home in the current Asraya list. I visited all the families and found that 45% of them were ineligible. I removed the ineligible families from the current list and submitted the new list to the Panchayath and CDS. The Panchayath committee checked the new beneficiary list and approved it. Then CDS prepared 2nd phase project with 85 families. After that the CDS submitted the project to Kudumbashree State Mission and the project sanctioned within 2 month.

From the above experience I realized that, Kudumbashree played a good role in identification in deserved members for Asraya. No other agencies able to play the role as Kudumbashree. Behind the success of Asraya programme, Kudumbashree have vital role like Government.



Hima George
Kodakara Block Cordinator

I met him by accidentally inward level meeting conducted in ward 15th in varathrapilly cds. It is a tribal colony.I Discussed the new scheme and mobilization of DDUGKy .That time one NHG member asked me regarding as a job opporchunity. I Consulted him after the meeting. HE is 18 years old. He name is sabin kumar from varathrapilly panchayath live in the 15 th ward.i have my parents and two sisters.my parents work for daily wage we are under ST caste.financially we are very poor .my parents work her hard forever daily living and forever education.l could go to school only up to plus two,as we were struggling for the money . We lam 18 years old. I was really in head a job, to continue my sisters education in this situation i came to know about DDUGKY project from Kudumbashree, which was totally free ,with job facility .I went to the office of kudumbasree in the panchayath and attended a mobalization camp. I was so happy to the about it.I went to study Nursing assistant course in eranakulam when i reached there I felt very difficult to adjust with everybody as hadn,t the habit of minigleing with others . Also to leave my parents and sisters for couple of months was really painful because of this mental tension .I came back from the training centre. When DDUGKY heard about it the block co ordinator counselled mother and me and encouraged us for the training programe so again . I went back to study the same training in the same place and attened 3 month course. Happy to say that after three month course I joined in ASter medicity hospital eranakulam, with thr salary of RS 12500. My family members and I always thank kudumbasree mission for this great opportunity

Asraya Project started in the year 2003. It is a destitute identification, rehabilitation and monitoring programme. The identification is based on participatory need assessment. Kudumbashree CDS members and local body members jointly selected the beneficiaries.



Meera E D
Wadakkanchery Block Cordinator

I want to share my best experience in Kudumbashree when I was a part of Punarjani. Punarjani was a program by Kudumbashree for the widows and unmarried women above 35 years. 26 members attended plumbing training, among them there was mother who had a boy who was differently abled named Shameer. He used to attend the training class. He was not permitted by the trainers at first, later he was permitted on my responsibility ß. They attended the training class with full involvement. After the training One day when I was standing in the bus stop Shameer’s Mother came to me and told Shameer is working in a Electronic shop with a big smile. At that time I felt that I achieved something also Kudumbashree is teaching lessons on social works when I saw the twinkles in the mother’s eyes.



Neeshma O K
Vellangallur Block

I met him by accidently in my ADS meeting conducted in ward 9 project kunnu in puthenchira CDS.It is really a slum colony. I discussed with the members about the Kudumbashree programmes and mobilisation of DDUGKY.That time one NHG member asked me regarding as son's higher education.I consulted him after the meeting.He is 19 yrs age. His name was Gokul. The first look he gave me an ugly impression of his colony.But I said to him about the mobilisation date conducted for DB Tech Mala.He came on that date. He joined the course. He completed the course. I saw him some months before, he is working in INFOPARK Kochi. Under a reputed company as data entry operator and he is earned 15000 per month.His family and he are very happy today, Gokul and his family are very thankful to Kudumbashree.

I am happy because through one meeting with Gokul I could able to change the ugly face of the locality too.From the above experience I realized that Kudumbashree played a good role in DDUGKY program.



Josna Jose
DDUGKY - Block Co-ordinator

I am JOSNA JOSE, Working as DDUGKY BLOCK CO-ORDINATOR for the last 3 Years 5 months in Kasaragod District Kudumbashree Mission. In the initial stage of the project it was sluggish growth. But now, I am very proud of being a part of this great project. There is a number of heart touching experiences for me in DDUGKY Project. Candidates are very thankful to DDUGKY and Kudumbashree Mission for their career. I felt happy because one candidate her name is Bincy she completed her three months retail and sales course at CENTUM WORK SKILLS UDMA. After the training she went for interview at KALYAN KENDRA and only she was selected out of 41 were completed interview with 10000/- salary + food and accommodation. After three months placement I met her in CENTUM WORK SKILLS UDMA that time she was very happy with our training and placement. She told me that this project changed her life a lot. Family also happy because she is earning money for herself. This is the success of our DDU-GKY project. DDU-GKY changed their life and career through our training and placement.



Anoobi James
Block Co-ordinator, DDU-GKY

I become a part of DDU-GKY programme from 2014 February onwards. By these 3 years I have been experienced very different areas. I got different opportunities to give training to rural youth, and helped them to earn something through a better placement.

I can say one different experience and one of my best experiences from DDU-GKY. In Adimaly Grama Panchayath there are total 27 tribal settlements. My candidate living in one of these tribal settlements, she named as Aswathy (Imaginary name). Aswathy and her mother are living alone. Both of them are Asraya beneficiaries. They are not able to meet even their day to day expenses. Their earnings are not enough to meet their basic needs. Aswathy discontinued her studies by plus one due to her personal circumstances. At that time we reached there with a mobilization in connection with NTTF PIA with Ramesh Sir and Geetha Madam. Total 22 students are attended the mobilization camp from that ST colony. Out of these only few of are ready to go for training. Aswathy was one of the most interested candidates.

Aswathy is not only an asraya beneficiary but also a daughter of an unwed mother. Due to living alone Aswathy and her mother affecting anti - social issues from her childhood onwards. Now Aswathy is under training for NTTF training agency from last one month.

Through DDU-GKY project I could help Aswathy such an extreme vulnerable girl in the society to get well trained and placed in a job, and I am sure by future she will be able to lead her family with her own earnings. This is a most proud full and joyful experience in my career.



Dani Varghese
Block Co-ordinator, DDU-GKY
Palluruthy Block

Last three years I have been working with Kudumbashree as DDUGKY Block co -ordinator, these three years I have been assumed the role of a mediator between 170+ beneficiaries, 9+PIA’S,10 CDS chair persons and panchayath officials including NREGS,ICDS departments.In the light of my experience,I am very pleased to work with this project as a social worker.Through this process I can help a number of students who are belonging to the poor families. As a guide I am able to assist, help and lead them to anew world where they are financially and mentally upgraded.

One of the students from Chellanam panchayath, it is a coastal panchayath. She is the daughter of a fisherman and NREG S employee, 24 years unmarried girl working with UBIO Biotechnology as assistant manager since last 1 year and 2 months with a salary of Rs:10000/- per month. I could find that she is the exact needy student and deserved the benefits of DDUGKY.I am very proud to say so that because, she has been sustaining in her job with a lot of struggle and efforts. She is used to travel 76 KM every day up& down. Her mother once told me that “only because this project my daughter got a good job and remuneration, and with this salary my family is able to meet the daily needs and we are thankful to those people who are responsible for the betterment of our life standard.”

Another student, she is from very poor family and also a divorcee, she has a small child of 2.5 years, whose story is a remarkable one. When she joined in DDUGKY her financial, social and mental condition was very pathetic. She was very eager to get a job for leading a better life as no one in her family could protect her and the child. After completing her course, she has been working with a salary of 11500/-Actually she and her family is grateful to us.

Such examples give us very pleasure and enthusiasm while working with this project. Those who are related to this project can be a light of someone’s life.



Midhu Prasad.S
DDU-GKY Block Co-ordinator

The only real limitation on your abilities is the level of your “Desires” Go ahead to catch your Dreams with DDU-GKY…

Rose Martin, that’s her name. She was leading a miserable life in past. She belongs to a poor family from Mulavukad Panchayat in Ernakulam District. Till the age of 32 she also lead a borderline life like other women in India. Her family includes husband, two kids, and mother-in-law. Her husband is a flunkey man and mother-in-law is a cancer patient. Once Rose heard about “DDU-GKY” project from her NHG meeting, that there was a mobilization meeting arranged by DDU-GKY Block Co-ordinator at Mulavukad Panchayath hall and those who were interested to join course like security & house keeper can attended the meeting on that specific day. Her educational qualification is up to tenth level & not passed pre-degree. Her mind go through the words- Skilled course, qualification is pre-degree pass/fail, up to 45 years of age for women, no need of paying fees, free uniforms and books, more over that they provide 90% of placement assistance. She decided to attend the mobilization and appeared the interview for the course of security staff and got selection. Rose successfully completed the three months course and got job as security supervisor in Lulu mall, Edappally. Now she is earning Rs.15000/- per month and able to help her husband to meet the family expense to lead a happy life.

Today, Rosé Martin is a ward member of Mulavukad Panchayath. DDU-GKY programme helped her lot to improve her personality and communication skills. She is very happy in serving the society and leading a successful life

Through this, I would like to share an inspiring story of a DDU-GKY candidate pass out from Rajagiri College of Social Science, Kalamassery, Ernakulam District. As a Block Co-ordinator I’m working in Kudumbashree mission since 2014 March and very happy to be a part of DDU-GKY Project, aims at reducing poverty by enabling poor households to access sustainable employment provides regular wages.



Priya Ouseppachan
DDU-GKY Block Co-ordinator

"All of us do not have equal talent. But , all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.” - A.P.J Abdul Kalam

India moves towards becoming an international skills hub, there is a need to acknowledge the challenges preventing the rural poor from taking advantage of this momentous economic transition. Lack of formal education, marketable skills and other constraints imposed by poverty place significant entry barriers to today's job market. DDU-GKY is therefore designed not only to provide high quality skill training opportunities to the rural poor, but also to establish a larger ecosystem that supports trained candidates secure a better future.

Mr. Albert Anto, 23 years old, comes from an economically backward family from Thuravoor Grama Panchayath, Ernakulam District. His father is a maison, and his mother worked as Asha worker, also as CDS member. His sibling is doing Degree.His family struggled a lot to continue his studies in B.Tech for becoming a Computer engineer.But he couldn’t clear the exams successfully. Hebecame depressed and confused about his future. . He has an inborn talent in drawing. He came to know about DDUGKY programme from CDS and he attended the mobilization camp. He was very much interested in this Animation course, also the counselling of Block Coordinator makes him to join in KITES Softwares. He successfully completed the 3 months and got placed as an ‘Animator’ in a private firm.Within 6 months he got a better opportunity in abroad with a 5 digit salary per month and now he is happy and thank DDUGKY programme to transform his unsuccessful career to a successful career and life.

DDU-GKY programme has also convergence with other Govt schemes like MGNREGS -Project LIFE. The Pro LIFE beneficiaries are those who complete a minimum of 15 days work can also be a part of this DDUGKY programme. A special Pro LIFE mobilisation camp was organized in Angamaly Block office with participation of 160 candidates. It was an proud moment for DDUGKY Ernakulam cell as this was first Pro Life camp and it was a huge success. It also makes more prestigious that two candidates from Ashraya family got joined in DDUGKY as this programme is meant to transform rural poor youth into economically independent through skill training and sustainable wage employment.

DDU-GKY is providing a better opportunity for the rural youth who do not have suitable directions in terms of their career. The project gives us pleasure and dynamism to work in this field.



Saithu Muhammed M Aliyar
DDU-GKY Block Co-ordinator
Muvattupuzha and Kothamangalam Block

“Poverty is not just a lack of money; it is not having the capability to realize one’s full potential as a human being”- Amrtyasen.

Poverty eradication through skill development and placement is the basic motto of the DDU-GKY Program, which is designed to provide skills and placement through identified Project Implementing Agencies to the rural poor and enable them to get sustainable income.

After joining as Block Coordinator in Kudumbashree, Mission Ernakulam I have identified a Project Implementing Agency named Dentcare Dental Lab in Muvattupuzha. Now it is one of the successful PIA under DDU-GKY Project in Kerala especially in Ernakulam. They have given training and placement for more than 800 women candidates from Ernakulam, Kottayam and Idukki Districts.

I was able to coordinate a Women Mason Training Programme at Kothamangalam. The mason training was given by one of the Project Implementing Agency under DDU-GKY named Rajagiri School of Social Science Kalamassery. The woman from various panchayath in Kothamangalam block was able to complete their Mason Training. Now the trained women masons aredoing their work independently. By this so many families got a better life where these women are the only source of income to their family.

Kuttampuzha Panchayath is one of the major Tribal areas in Ernakulum District. Hence I have made special consideration in coordinating Special mobilization camps for the ST’s by different Project Implementing Agencies. It helped to make awareness about DDU GKY and create opportunities in various skill training and placement for ST youth and women. Now so many success stories are there in the Ooru(Tribal village).

I would like to share the story of a boy named Ullas K M, who got a better life through Kudumbsree DDU-GKY Programme. Ullas belongs to Valakom CDS Pro Life Family. His family was going through pathetic conditions due to the death of his diseased father. The only working member of his family was his mother, she was a part of the MGNREGS. When we conducted mobilization for the beneficiaries in Valakom Panchayath, first I met him. He was having a bad time for his further study because of the poor financial situation. After Participating in the mobilization, He was interested to know more about the various courses and he opted the Tally course at one of the Project Implementing Agency named Kites Private Limited Palarivattom. After successful completion of his training he got a good placement. Now he is in good condition and he made his brother to go through the same path he gone. His brother Praveen K M is now on training in animation course project implementing agency named Kites under DDU-GKY Programme. Ullas made his journey successful and decided to make Praveen story also a successful one. The family got a better financial situation and changed the 250 square feet old home to a better new home. By sharing this story I would like to say that the happiness of this family makes us work for the better life of beneficiaries. I feel satisfaction when the proper beneficiaries are identified and by making good changes in their life. This is not a story of Ullas only there are more successful beneficiary like him.

Human development, as an approach, is concerned with what I take to be the basic development idea; namely, advancing the richness of human life, rather than the richness of the economy in which human live which it is only a part of it.



Lini Thomas
DDU-GKY Block Co-ordinator

Kerala is witnessing a silent revolution, spawning womanpower, possibly restoring to the State its lost matriarchal legacy, where the women enjoyed pre-eminence, safety, security and respect, including self-respect. This female empowerment is taking place through the Kudumbashree movement, which has engulfed the State. Across Kerala, Kudumbashree covers most of the panchayats and municipalities. Through this network women have the freedom to demand, and to receive money without red tape. In fact, banks volunteer to lend money to Ayalkoottams. Women under the Kudumbashree have also entered the IT field through data entry and in assembling units. Kudumbashree computer centers has developed hardware for printing ration card, etc, Women have also stepped in to produce ethnic fast food with help from different Banks. They manufacture bakery items and reach them directly to houses, as well as provisions, like rice, soaps tea etc. often earning up to Rs.16,000 a month average revenue . Direct marketing has become the hallmark of Kudumbashree thus eliminating middlemen and ensuring that actual profits reach the producer. In all, Kudumbashree has effected a healthy change in the Kerala scenario. The women have become self-confident under it and they have regained their individuality and finally it gives an avenue to step out, to interact, and to expand the horizons which is no more limited to the four walls of their homes.



Rafsana N
DDU-GKY Block Co-ordinator

After making its presence felt in various fields from pickle making to IT business, Kerala’s woman self-help group Kudumbashree is stepped into the higher education sector by setting up a community college in the state. The flagship initiative was implemented with the support of Mumbai-based prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). TISS, one of the pioneers in the education of social sciences, would provide all technical and other back support for the programme. The syllabus and study materials of the course, which comprises nine months’ classroom study and one month’s field work, are included. Eligible members of the all-woman network could avail a post-graduate diploma in Development Praxis free of cost under the programme. The community college initiative is a milestone in the history of Kudumbashree. We have a number of educated members and this project will help them expand the horizons of their dreams of higher education.



Sony T
DDU-GKY Block Co-ordinator

Poverty is a serious problem faced by all developing and underdeveloped countries in the modern world. It is felt that the problem of poverty can be solved through a concentrated endeavor by the State. Viable opportunities can be provided to the underprivileged and the destitute by means of lending asset creating facilities. Women households are the cruelest victims of deprivation and destitution. So any poverty eradication programs must aim at improving the standard of living environment along with empowerment of the women communities. Livelihood opportunities are to be provided to women. The micro credit and self help groupings are better sources for improving the standard of living of people. The aim of the Kudumbashree system is to improve the standard of living of poor women in rural areas by setting up micro credit and productive enterprises. It opened a new string of expected events in development history. Kudumbashree aims at the empowerment of women, giving them the central place in the programmes meant for their benefit. We aim to empower them through collective action. Gender equality gains (including inclusion of women in education) will help to reduce fertility rates and improve maternal and child health. This process of empowerment should become the signal light to their children, their families and society at large proud Thirteen years is so far covered by this programme.



Jeeva .L
DDU-GKY Block Co-ordinator

Chithra, a orphan girl living at Kollayil Panchayath, Perunkadavila block. She is one of the Ashraya beneficiary. She was very shy and even was very shy to talk. She completed plus two. After her school education she didn’t think about anything because of her fear to mingle with the society.

One day I saw her photo at the time of Asraya project preparation. With the help of CDS Chairperson and the members I spoke about DDU-GKY project to her aunt. She was interested to join the ITES course at Avon, Kovalam. As time runs each and every person in the centre experienced a little change of Chithra in her attitude and personality. When we took her to the centre we were not thought about that she will join or a job n fact she will complete the course too. But she got appointed as Customer care executive at Eben telecom pvt Ltd Ernakulam, and she work there for two months. Due to some physical problems she was not able to continue the job. Now she is about to join a new organization in her hometown.



Ambily P.T
DDU-GKY Block Co-ordinator

I am Mrs Ambily P.T working as a DDUGKY Block coordinator for last 3 years of Kanjirappally Block in Kottayam District.I have been part of various projects of Kudumbashree including DDUGKY project. In between this time period I have been worked for women empowerment and was able to keep good contact with people under all social stages with the help of District Mission.I am so proud that it was able to give free job training and help to get good job for various students under the DDUGKY Project.

Reshma Raj and Radhika Raj both are sisters in Erumely CDS .Now they are earning well and supporting their family. They belong to a poor family who were fully depended on the megar income of their father who works as daily wage labourer. It has been an unexpected incident one day I met these sisters who were spending their time ideally without any job at home after their plus two education. They were unable to pursue their higher studies due to the poor financial back ground of the family or totally confused about what to do for the future.

At this juncture, I explained them in all details about DDU GKY Project and courses of IKYA in Thellokom .After that hey attended the mobilization camp of IKYA where they selected and joined the course like ITES. They successfully completed their course and placed in companies.

Reshma Raj is working with St. Mary’s Rubber Pvt Ltd and drawing a salary of Rs.7500 per month along with other benefits. Besides she gets food and accommodation.Rahika Raj is appointed at Medi City Hospital Kollam in the Documentation Department with Rs.10000/- per month.

Now the financial situation of their family is totally changed due to the contribution of these two girls. Since this family was totally depended on one person’s earning. These girls are at their young age become self-sufficient and able to contribute to their family. They are proud of themselves and developed self-esteem and self-respect.

As a Block coordinator, I am very happy and feeling proud that my work among the poor is making changes in their life.



Anumol Augusthy
DDU-GKY Block Co-ordinator
Kadutthuruthy Block

As a block coordinator of DDU-GKY, meet and familiar with many people especially rural youth who need skill training to improve their skills and able to get a job with good payment . Working as a block coordinator can bring many rural youth to DDU GKY training programs in various trades and working with good benefits. Among one trainee is Soumya VT, a rural graduated girl from Njezhoor Panchayth. Block coordinator mobilize girl in to IKYE Kottayam Centre in ITES batch with the support of Kudumbashree CDS and members. Her mother is a Kudumbashree member. She is living in a family with her parents and sister. Her father is daily wage worker and mother is suffering from serious health issues and cannot go out for work. Family managing by the father with limited income. After completing her course Saumya VT joined in Vertex Ernakulam. After working in Vertex she changed to ISON Idea, Kaloor with salary and other benefits. She is satisfied in her current position and her family is also supporting her very much... She can support her family and also able to manage her own needs. She also experiences a good change in her personality, improved carrier and changes her understanding about outer world. This skill training helped this girl to live in the society with a confidence.



Arun Raj D S
DPM, Kollam

Mrs. Shibi Kumari from Kollam district at Elampalloor Panchayath heard about DDU GKY and made her life colorful via this employment program. She successfully completed 3 months training program in Animation & Graphic designing form Keltron and also worked 3 months job associated with this.

Shibi Kumari was born and bought up in a middle class family. After marriage she went to Mumbai with her husband. He was working in Tire retiring field. They faced much difficulty to live with this less salary in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. After the birth of 2 children she returned from Mumbai to her native place, they suffered a lot with high expenses of daily life such as home rent, educational expenses etc. She was in search of so many jobs.

She joined the course conducted by Kudumbashree Mission and completed the course in Animation and Graphic designing. Also completed 3 months job associated with that. The experience from the job and training influenced her mind and her thoughts for self employment ends in a computer center which has owned by her. She took 3 lakhs loan and started ‘DATATECH’ computer proficiency center. That was the best decision in her life. It became a grand success. She got much income nearly 1800/- per month by this. During this time her husband faced a heart attack and returned form Mumbai. His treatment expenses were also met by her income. Now she is an entrepreneur who is giving job to 2 staff in DATATECH. Now she is happy and satisfied in her life.

DDU GKY Kollam team granted best performer award to this lady on Women’s day program in 2017. Also give support and guidance to sanction loan through Kudumbashree ME project. (Shibi Kumari: 9846233145)



Bincy E K
DDU-GKY Block coordinator
Balussery Block

I have joined as DDU-GKY block co-ordinator in Kudumbashree and also I got training in this regard. Then I went to various CDS and ADS for youth data collection & IEC Campaign. While taking classes I was afraid to reply to the questions about the future of DDUGKY trainees and their placement. It was much concerned about whether these people could have got good job, and also worried about their salary and other benefits.

In 2015 February, first DDUGKY training centre has started in Kozhikode - LIFE at Puthuppady. I had visited there. During the interactions at LIFE I got much orientation about DDUGKY training and project. More than hundred trained candidates got good placement.

Meanwhile I met a boy, who has given training in Hospitality at LIFE. He got job at Vythiri Resort. I Interacted with him and enquired about his life and job. He said “I had gone for construction work. It was very difficult because of cement, dust and sunlight. I heard about DDU GKY training and joined. Through DDU GKY training, LIFE has changed my life altogether. I got good placement with good salary and other benefit. The working environment is also good. My life style also improved a lot. There I get opportunity to interact with socially and financially reputed personalities. My family is also happy. My standard of living getting improved a lot”



Deepamol K.B
DDU-GKY Block coordinator
Uzhvoor Block

For the past two and half year I am working as a block co coordinator in Kudumbashree I came from a middle class family. My mother was active in Kudumbashree for a long period. During that time; I thought Kudumbashree is just a group formed with 10-15 members mainly for financial transactions. But, when I joined as the block coordinator in Kudumbashree I understood the fact that, it is not merely a group for money transaction. It is really a milestone in many families developmental process. It has various important projects like DDU-GKY, Ashraya, MKSP, Balasabha etc….. Were plays a relevant role in the activities of Kudumbashree.

As a part of my job, I went to Grama panchayaths and visited so many NHGs and build a cordial relationship with people. During one of my visit I met Sinu chichi. She is an active member in Kudumbashree. Her family consists of husband and children. When they were out for job and school, Sinu chehi is simply sitting in home without much work. She enquired about some entrepreneurship conducted by Kudumbashree. When I asked about her family conditions in details, I came to know that she has some Chicks in her home I assured her that I will find a suitable entrepreneurship for her. I thought about many activities for her. In my family we are doing quail farming and cattle raring. I suggested quail farming to Sinu Chechi and she was also interested in it.

Sinu chechi was not financially sound to run quail farming alone. So I advised her to discuss this matter with her group members if somebody is interested they can add them too. That discussion got a positive reaction and four more members were interested with that idea. They decided to form a ME group. After some days they came to office, in that day I was in that CDS I help them to register ME group. I adopt this group as “My ME “project. I offered all my support and guidance for its future work and development.



Eldho T S
DDU-GKY Block coordinator

I Joined in Kudumbshree Mission Ernakulam on March 2014 as Block Coordinator under DDU-GKY Program. Now I am in charge of the panchayaths in Vazhakulam Block andadditional sixPanchayaths in other two Blocks for implementing DDU –GKY Programme. In the initial phase of the DDU –GKY programme I have identified oneProjectImplementing Agency named KITEX, GarmentsLimited, Kizhakambalam.It is one PIA which have Captive placement.

Now a day’s women empowerment is achieved through Kudumbashree’s various programs. Ambily is a one example who got a better life through DDU-GKY programme. Her family was economically so weak. She struggled a lot in her life because her husband was the only bread winner of that big family. She really wanted to support her husband to meet the expenses of their family. To cherish the dream of their children and parents she decided to do somethingthose 36 year old women can do. Once she knows about the DDUGKY programme she was very interested to be a part of this programme. She got to know more about the programme and course details in the mobilization camp conducted at the Vazhakulampanchayath.she decided to join the Domestic Electrician course in MSM ITI, Piravom. It is one of the Project Implementing Agency under DDU-GKY. After Successfully completing the training programme she was able to attend various interviews and exams without any fear. As being a part of this programme she could develop her interpersonal skills, English skills and overall personality.When the Kochi Metro notify vacancies forvarious posts she applied for it.To being a part of this auspicious KMRL venture was her dream. She cleared the exam and interview and got placed as Housekeeping Supervisor in Kochi Metro. She was trained in Domestic electrician course but she was

Now she is living happy with her family thanking DDU-GKY program for making a significant change in her life.

DDU-GKY is the proper direction to improvement of the betterment of social life of the rural youth.



Liji PP
DDU-GKY Block coordinator
Tirurangadi Block

God is great. Why, because he selected me to do some good things in my life, that’s why I have been a part of Kudumbashree with DDU-GKY Project and I could see happiest moments of a lot of families. Thank God…I am here to share you one moment which made me happier in my life.

During the visit in Peruvallur Pachayath for the project purpose, I had been seeing one woman face, Mrs. Pankajavalli. She is a CDS Member and very active in her official work. I had known financial issues in her family after a personal chat with her. Elder son, Mr. Sayooj, he completed plus two, but he cannot go for higher studies due to financial problem. Also she said to me that, to give information, if there is any course which suitable for her son. That time we got information from Jagrathy Foundation that, they were starting one course in Hospitality Management at VishakhaPattanam under our DDU-GKY project. Her Son had no experience in professional jobs and he didn’t go any other state alone before, firstly they declined the offer. After my motivation and DDU-GKY counseling he decided to do the course. The PIA Jagrathy Foundation made a lot of issues for our District, and more candidates were stopped and returned back from their course due to different issues. But his needs and family background inspired him to complete the course. Finally he accomplished the course very well.

Now he is working in a well-known restaurant named ‘District Seven’ at Ernakulam with a good salary (Basic-10,000/- + Food & Accommodation). Currently they are very happy because the financial issues are not there. Pakajavalli Chechy gets wage from NREGS Project and Mr. Sayooj also giving his salary to her for running their family. Now in their family started brightening of happy moments.

For required candidates our project is a blessing. Our project is very useful to people like who not become anything in their life, such as financially, socially and in their family.



Nivya PK
DDU-GKY Block coordinator
Chowannur Block

During my field visits for mobilising the ADS through awareness classes in Porkulam Panchayath, by introducing a three month training and placement in DDU GKY Project, among the audience, one lady came forward by saying that her son, who has completed graduation is seeking for job and told her pathetic story before me. The lady and her husband couldn’t do any work due to illness and only the elder son working in a private institution. If this son have a job, it will be helpful to them.

Hearing their story I proposed to undergo the course on retail Sales in the agency Mega Industries, Kunnamkulam. After one year I saw again the lady during out visits. She was very happy and told after the three month course; her son started the Event Management unit under the name” Lovely”. This programme is highly successful and has already done more than 75 programmes in various occasions. Now the family enjoys this job and I am happy to bring an interested person to do the work and earn through it.



Prasad P P
DDU-GKY Block coordinator
Pazhayannur Block

I remembering Ramettan now by come this situation. He is living in 5th ward Mullurkkara panchayath in Thrissur district, he is included in the Ashraya scheme a poor seventy two year old man.

A few months ago met him with an accident in the road. Me and my friends carried him to hospital and after treatment we returned to his home. The situation at his house was very pathetic. It were just a single room roofed by tarpolene, not even have toilet facility.

The groceries received from the ashraya scheme laid one of the corner of the room.It was almost ruined. The roof can not hold the rainy and sunny too.Although he using a older grassy sheet for his bed. He was not get even his pension, because he has no aadhaar card.

With the help of CDS chairpersons and panchayath members, took initiative to taking aadhaar card to him.They bring the officials to his home for taking aadhaar card.Then I take initiative to find a person to prepare food for him by using the asraya kit. With the help of ADS, they allotted a NHG member near to his house, she take that opportunity with pleasure.

Next aim was to construct toilet to him. With the inclusion of him to the ODF scheme, he received RS 12,500 for toilet making, but no one came forwarded to construct toilet by this small amount. Then I take the responsibility and I approach Village Extension Officer, with the help of him, we construct a costless toilet to him.

Now the old man was very happy, and he find some helping hands around him.In every month I visited his house and spend some time with him. I being a catalyst find this is a very good opportunity in my earlier professional life indeed.

I realised that only through kudumbashree, I can solve that issue and bring a fruitful life to him.



Rajasree Chandran
DDU-GKY Block coordinator

This is the time to sprinkle a beautiful moment from the experience of DDU GKY project period. There are numerous number of projects been implemented by Govt of India. DDUGKY is one of the unique programme which is been introduced by the Govt of India with a vision to “Transform rural poor youth into an economically independent and globally relevant workforce”.

Bindhu, a 39 years old widow from Puthenvelikara Panchayath in Ernakulam, is the only back born of family after the death of her husband. She is a very active Kudumbashree member. She did tailoring work to meet the expense of her family. Once she came to know about DDU GKYprogramme she was very much interested to join the course. She got a good orientation about the programme and course by attending the mobilization camp. Her dream was to own a job in Kochi Metro Rail as it is already published in the Medias and newspapers that Kochi Metro which is going to be inaugurated will be a women operated Metro andthe selection of employees is from Kudumbashree NHG members. Keeping her dream in her mind, she joined the course and successfully completed. Soon after she got a job as an accountant assistant in a private firm with a good salary. She was happy that she could earn for her family. Soon later she got selected as Housekeeping attendant in Kochi Metro Rail Ltd.

Finally she was able to catch up her dream, a job in Kochi Metro Rail Ltd.

DDUGKY training helped a lot to improve her soft skills, English skills, and personality and communication skills. It helped her very much at the time of exam and interview of KMRL.She was very thankful to DDUGKY programme that as being a part of this programme she could develop herself and also earn a job at the time when her family was in doleful situation.

Bindhu is an indicative personality of DDU GKY project and for inspiring all the other women in Kerala. I am so proud of being a part of DDU GKY programme as I have the charge of panchayaths in Parakkadavu block and additional charge of other 4 panchayaths in Ernakulam. Around 150 candidates placed into various companies. Candidates from MNREGS and Ashraya family are part of this project. As a poverty alleviation initiative, DDU GKY proposes to make skill acquisition aspirations among the rural youth and thereby helping to create highly skilled workforce. Social inclusion could be practical by giving special attention to Ashraya family and other economically backward groups.



Muhammed Reni
DDU-GKY Block coordinator
Melady Block

“Snehaveed” is one of the successful projects implemented by Kudumbashree Kozhikode district Mission. This project focuses on construction of home for the poorest families. Former Minister inaugurated the project. District mission team made a leading role in constructing a house for Malu Amma in Kunnamangalam panchayath. Team collected construction materials from various persons and organisation through sponsorship. District mission staff dedicated their several days for the construction work. After words 38 CDS were decided to construct a home for the poor.

Meppayur CDS also decided to construct a house for a homeless family. They selected 21 year old widow with 3 kids – Babitha. CDS collected small contribution from each NHG. Various political party and entrepreneurs are contributing materials and money. Now the work is in progress. Myself participated various activities in connection with construction. It was a different experience for me in Kudumbashree.



DDU-GKY Block coordinator

DDUGKY (DeenDayalUpadhyayaGrameenKaushalyaYojana) Skill and placement programme of MoRD was launched on 25th September 2014 with a vision to “Transform rural poor youth into an economically independent and globally relevant workforce”. I feel so proud to be a part of this propitiousprogramme as Kudumbashree Mission is the nodal agency for this programme in Kerala. As we all know that Kudumbashree is the poverty eradication and women empowerment programme implemented by of the Government of Kerala. Being a Post Graduate holder in Social work it gives me immense pleasure to serve and work for the rural society through Kudumbashree community network. I joined in Kudumbashree Mission on February 24th 2014 as a Block coordinator for DDUGKY Programme. Since then I have been working for the progress of the programme by Generating awareness about the programme, especially to the poorest households, arranging mobilisation camps in the panchayaths, Organise special counselling sessions with the candidates as well as the parents of the candidates and make them aware of the possibilities of the programme, training centre inspections, Support PIA (Project Implementing Agency) in all stages of implementation and bring issues concerning implementation to the attention of concerned authority, Regular visits to the training centres and interaction with the candidates undergoing training, Monitoring the aptitude test and screening of candidates in various PIA’s, tracking of candidates and physical verification of placed candidates.

For the last 1 year, I got a chance to guideDDUGKY team. During my tenure I wasable to associate more with all the implementing and monitoring works of DDUGKY programme in the district. DDUGKY programme started its operations in Ernakulum district with 14 PIAs with 20 centres, completed the training of around 2300 candidates with 1068 candidates completed 3 months placement till now. Ernakulam is one of the district which has a good training completion and placement record. The PIAs offer training in courses such as Hospitality assistant, Courier & Logistics assistant, Animator, ISMO, Dental ceramic Technician, Housekeeping, SecuritySupervisor, Electrician, BPO retail sales etc.

We have organized Special Mobilization camps for ST, and Ashrayabeneficiaries to make ensure that the programme reach to all the poor and deserving candidates. Convergence of DDUGKY with other Govt programmes like MGNREGS-Pro LIFE. Naipunya Job Fest is a great achievement for DDUGKY as we are able to offer more job opportunities to both the DDUGKY candidates and open candidates. DDUGKY candidates are also placed through Keralashree-Employement Exchange inrailway station AC waiting halls and railway parking as ticketing supervisor which is managed and operated by Kudumbashree.

Here I am quoting a story of candidate who had an astonishing change in her life after joining the DDUGKY programme.

Sindhu’s story is as astounding as it is inspiring....

Sindhu P.Bhaskaran with her only son Shaun and her father Bhaskaran lives in Kuzhuppilly, a village in Ernakulam which is one of the coastal Panchayath in the district. There was a time in her life, evenwhen she thought about to end up her life. There were many reasons behind this thought. As she was a victim of Domestic violence. She had to agonize a lot from her alcoholic addicted husband. Her only dream was to provide good education to her son, look after her father and to repay the home loan.

She came to know about the DDU GKY Skill & placement programme from Kudumbashree NHG meetings and CDS. She got more awareness about the programme and courses from the mobilisation camp organized in the Panchayath hall. This DDUGKY mobilisation camp transformed her life to a new path. She joined the Housekeeping course in Rajagiri School of Social Science, successfully completed the course and soon after she got placed as housekeeping attendant in a Pvt.firm. She was dreaming to build a new life and forgot her bitter past life. Sindhu was one of the candidate for DDUGKY Success story documentary of MoRD (Ministry of Rural Development). When the MoRD officials visited her house I too got a chance to meet Sindhu and know more about her catastrophic life.. I was able to help her by offering a job in Railway parking as ticketing supervisor with a much better salary.

Today Sindhu is working in Railway parking as ticketing Supervisor in Aluva railway station which is managed and operated by Kudumbashree Mission. Even with all the challenges that life threw her way, Sindhu was living her dream! She now enjoys a successful career and exultant life with her a loving son and father. It makes me gratify that I could also give support to follow her dreams with much more happy and enthusiasm.

This is the story of one Sindhu, there will be many other Sindhu’s in our society. We have to ensure that DDUGKY programme will reach to the every rural poor and deserving beneficiaries. DDUGKY is a platform for all the rural poor youths to transform their life.



Shynu P C
DDU-GKY Block coordinator
Tuneri Block

It is a duty of a social worker to work for the empowerment of marginalized and differently abled persons. I got an opportunity to work with this people through Kudumbashree.

Local self government and Kudumbashree jointly implement the project BUDS & BRC for differently abled. As part of world Differently abled day, Kudumbashree mission organises different district level cultural programme for BUDS and BRC students every year. Last year as part of the day celebration, District mission decided to distribute a bicycle to every BUDS and BRC through sponsorship. DDU-GKY team also sponsored bicycle. I remember that function colourfully. I recollected the words by one of the faculty of BUDS school. “When the students in BUDS school saw the other children ride bicycle on road, firstly they enjoyed it and smiling. Then they demand that bicycle last it ended with crying. Teachers are helpless and there is no sufficient fund to buy a cycle. The children are happy now”. I proud myself to be part of this venture.



Soumya V S
DDU-GKY Block coordinator
Pampady& Vazhoor

DDU-GKY is the skilling placement program under Ministery of rural development . This scheme was focus on rural youth and improve skilling capacity for wage employment.Here is the story of Haritha.

Her name was Haritha Hari . She is 23 years old women . She is born in Kottayam district Akalakunam village in the state of Kerala.She had a three sibilings. She belonged to a very poor family .She studied at M.P .H Higher secondary school Mattakkara in Akalakunnam panchayathu.

She finished her studies at M.P.H.S.S Mattakkara. She faced many problems in academic life, One of the problem is lack of money. She did’nt gave tution fees on time. She was discontinued her education after S.S.L.C due to weak financial situation. Her father was heart patient before three years back. Her mother has suffering few health problems. Her mother had to work in other’s houses, she’s mother has a member of a Kudumbhasree. The pampady block co-ordinator herd the story of Haritha from CDS and decided to intervence bring about positive change in her life. Initally the DDU-GKY Block co-ordinator interacted with Haritha and invited her to be part of DDU-GKY project.

She joined DDU-GKY course at IKYA center Kottayam. DDU-GKY provide various courses are Computer, Travel and Tourism,Corrier and Logistics services etc.

She had selected Computer course. She was successfully completed three month course and OJT training. She improved communication skill during the period of time.She was currently working in Mall of Joy Kottayam selected as sales executive with a salary of 12000/ per month. She said that my goal was achieved through DDU-GKY Project. She said that very thankful to DDU-GKY Project and IKYA Human Capital Solution. Haritha and family very happy to getting job through DDU-GKY project.



Sreerekha S
DDU-GKY Block coordinator
Pallom Block

Athira chandran D/O Chandran K belongs to very poor family from puthuppally Panchayath.Her family consist of mother and elder brother. Her father was worked in Cooley labour.He suffering from many other diseases. He was an alcoholic addict. One years back, her father was died. Her mother is working in a company as daily wages. Her mother is an active Kudumbashree member. In her childhood she was very good in studies. She faced lot of difficulties during her academic years.She was discontinue her education after plus two due to weak financial situation. After completed plus two she was searching for a job, at that time her friend told about DDU-GKY mobilization campaign is conducting at puthuppally gramapanchayath for unemployed persons. Through this, we get skill and placements free of coast. She came to know about ikya human capital training centre. She decided to give an application form and attending interview conducted by Ikya. She was selected the interview and joined Ikya training centre, Thellakom. During her training period improved her communication skill. She successfully completed the training course and currently working in Max Retail shop,kanjikuzhy selected as display assistant with a salary of 12000/month and other benefits like ESI,PF etc. She Said that “I am feeling very satisfied with the job. I am really thankful to DDU-GKY and also Ikya training centre for giving me such a great platform.

Now her life is full of joy and happiness making her parents proud by caring her own identity in the society.



Suman P S
DDU-GKY Block coordinator

Deen Dayal Upadhaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) is a Government of India youth employment scheme. DDU-GKY is the part of the NRLM, tasked with the dual objectives of adding diversity to the incomes of rural poor families and cater to the career aspirations of rural youth.

I am working Kudumbashree Mission Ernakulam on 2014 as Block Coordinator under DDU-GKY Program. Now I handle Pambakuda Block and also some other Panchayath in other Block for implementing DDU–GKY programme. In the initial phase of the DDU–GKY project I have identify one of the Project Implementing Agency (PIA) named MSM ITI, PIRAVOM. It is one of the significant Project Implementing Agency under DDU-GKY programme.

Now a days women empowerment is achieved through Kudumbashree’s different programs. Arya T P is a woman who got better life through DDU-GKY Program. She was born in a poor family. She is from Udayamperoor Panchayath. She has Father, mother and a sister. Her father is a Fisherman. Her family depended on his earnings. She really wanted to help him to make their family better one. As she got chance to know about the DDUGKY programme and the mobilization camp which is arranged in the Udayamperoor CDS. She got an good awareness about the DDUGKY programme and the courses. She decided to join the Tally assistant course in the PIA, MSM ITI.On the successful completion of the course she got placed as Customer Service Excecutive in Muthoot Fincorp, Ernakulam. Today She is earning a salary of Rs.12000 per month.

DDU GKY programme made a new transition in her life. She was very thankful to DDUGKY as she is an independent young woman and happy to support her family financially.



Tes V Jose
DDU-GKY Block coordinator
Lalam Block

The destitute rehabilitation program ”ASHRAYA” in Kudumbashree which teach me society needs more consideration and recognition specially in old age people and disabled people. I visited certain homes at meenachil panchayath for monitoring of Ashraya Project. I felt as if certain homes required more financial support and medical aid, and I made sure the benefit of Ashraya project are reaching them. I visited 2 homes Sunil’s and Bhavaniyamma’s in the afternoon session. The visit was Pre informed and Sunil’s family had his mother and younger brother. His father passed away a few years ago. Sunil was affected with Polio in his early childhood and bed ridden. He requires a help to move out of the bed.

Since it is a financially backward family, his mother along goes for work and his younger brother goes for his education. His mother gets him food near to the bed and goes for work. And the only time killer for him is watching television that is, what relating him to the outer world. He has no one to talk, on our approach to him, he reveled. He was happy that at least two sisters from Kudumbashree have reached his home to asking about how he was, weather he had food or not. It gave him an immense happiness; it was with teary eyes he told this.

The learning I had from this house was kindness costs nothing, a small smile, gift, or small attention to a person can add certain happiness in their life and I am happy that I have been the reason for their happiness for at least a day.

Another home we visited was of Mrs. Bhavaniyamma, a 92 years old widow who has given her all property to a trust for looking after her. On our arrival the door was closed, on we force opening it the first question we heard was “have you come with the food?” On some or other reason the trust people couldn’t make up with her food on that day, we went. We made sure that the panchayath and its member allotted food for her daily from our Kudumbashree canteen from that respective day. This was made by the concerned CDS personal.

I felt really happy for being part of this project “ASHRAYA”. Ashraya is giving a helping hand to the needed it feels really good to show some kindness to people which cost nothing .On this two visit I learned. “A Hungry stomach, an empty Pocket, A broken heart can teach you the best lessons of life.”



Vineesha C V
DDU-GKY Block coordinator

I would like to share a wonderful experience in my Kudumbashree life. I and My DDUGKY Resource person went kattoor panchayath for attending ADS meeting.It was only conducted for 12 th ward of that panchayath. That day my main objective of visit was provide awareness about DDUGKY programm, give information about different programmes of Kudumbashree. In that meeting I met Mrs Jancy; she is a MGNREGS worker and Kudumbashree member in Thanima ayalkoottam.

She is coming from Thekkomoola canal road. She is only 5 cent property, she has two children one boy and one girl.”My son will get a good job" that is the ambition of mother. The hero name Jomon, He has completed his plus two studies. Ha was search many jobs but didn’t get. At that time am met jancy thenI informed mobilisation date. Jomon attended mobilisation camp at irinjalakuda block. Then he joint as a Domestic data entry course in Don Bosco Tech mala.

Through DDUGKY Jomon completed the Domestic Data Entry course successfully completed.Now working at Oman, he earned 30000 per month.He is the back bone of His family. Jomon family members were very happy in this life.



Rakhi. S
DDU-GKY Block coordinator
(Parassala, Nedumangad, Chirayinkeezh)

Mariya Jerom is from coastal area near Anjengo in Trivandrum. His father Stephen is a fisherman and his is mother is a house wife. He is coming from a poor family where the median income is very low. After his schooling he is compelled to go for job.

Around this time he came to know about DDU-GKY Project. He collected more information from a CDS member and went to Edujobs academy, Trivandrum. After the counselling he decided to join the course. His parents are not interested to his higher education because they want their son to go for fishing.

He joined CRM batch in Edujobs academy. He was very active in the class and he successfully completed the training and OJT and passed the examination too. Immediately after the OJT he got placement in AGIES as Customer Executive same time he got an opportunity at HK enterprises, Dubai as a packing staff. He went to Dubai. Now his monthly income is 40000. Mariya Jerom and his parents are very happy. Because their family income is gradually going to high .They are proudly talking about the DDU-GKY project now.



Rinsi U.K.
DDU-GKY Block coordinator

Reejin from Anjengo, He belongs to a poor familyand his father johnboy is a fisherman who earns just enough to get buy. After completing his high school education he searched for a Job. At that time he attended a mobilization camp organized by kudumbashree district mission at his panchayath and heard about DDU-GKY Programme and Edu jobs Academy. He was impressed about courses we offered. He went to the centre, after the aptitude test and counseling he joined the CRM course. He was successfully completed the course and got placement at Software Incubator as Data entry executive. At the same time he was selected at Petrofac as a supervisor in Dubai.

Now he is getting a good salary and his lifestyle is totally changed. Many candidate from his locality inspired by his achievement.

































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