Coir Industry is an important agro based employment oriented traditional cottage industry in india. The History of coir in India started with the association of Kerala State which dates back to 19th century. Between the western Ghats on the east & Arabian Sea on the west,, Kerala is a tropical paradise of waving coconut palms and wide sandy beaches. Kerala is one of the most beautiful states of India and also the largest producer of Coir & Coir products in India. In fact even the name 'Keralam' means 'Land of Coconut' in Malayalam. Coir industry enjoys the status as the largest cottage industry in the state of Kerala giving employment to over a million of people.

Coir, also known as 'The Golden Fibre', is extracted from the husk of coconut. Coir is widely used for making various products such as floor mats, Outdoor mats, Cordage , ropes, aquarium filters etc. Prior to these, Coir being the geo textiles come in a mind boggling range of woven & Non woven varities available for bio engineering including geo meshes, geo grids, anti-weed blankets, erosion control blankets, geo-rolls.

The main objectives is to start Coir Defibring units in association with Kerala Coir Machine Manufacturing Company in all potential Panchayats of Kerala. The end product will be bought back by Coir Fed.

Sl.No District Name of Panchayath Identified
1 Thiruvananthapuram 1 Cherunniyoor
2 Kollam 1 Panayam
2 Alappad
3 Chavara
4 KS Puram
5 Thekkumbhagam
3 Pathanamthitta 1 Kadapra
4 Alappuzha 1 Pattanakkad
2 Bharanickavu
5 Kottayam 1 Kumarakom
6 Idukki 1 Kanjikkuzhy
7 Ernakulam 1 Udayamperoor
2 Chendamangalam
3 Chittattukara
4 Vadakkekara
8 Thrissur 1 Alagappa Nagar
2 Kaiparambu
3 Varavoor
9 Palakkad 1 Vaniamkulam
2 Pallassana
10 Malappuram 1 Vallikunnu
2 Perumanna Klari
3 Mangalam
11 Kozhikode 1 Thurayur
2 Puduppady
12 Wayanad    
13 Kannur    
14 Kasaragod 1 Ajanoor
2 Kinanoor - Karinthalam
3 Madikai
  Total 28