Team MKSP – Vision 2017-18
One lakh Kudumbashree food secure Houses 
  To promote the concept of food security and safe food among Kudumbashree NHG, Kudumbashree mission plans to conduct a campaign named “Kudumbashree Bakshya Suraksha Bhavanam” (Kudumbashree Food secure houses).  One lakh kudumbashree members will be mobilized through the campaign.
300 Cr. of bank credit for Agricultural Groups
  300 Cr. of short term agricultural loans will channelize from banks to the JLG groups.
Common Interest Groups in AH
  In order to support the income generation activity of the NHG members, a new scheme for the members undertaking livestock sector is proposed. Through this intervention credit support and other supply chain support would be created for the members undertaking dairy husbandry activity.
Establishment of 10 Value Addition (Common Facilitation Centre) units
  Establishment of 10 agri based micro enterprises to support the women farmers for additional income through value addition.
Establishment of 500 Nursery Units
  Kudumbashree plans to establish 500 nursery units to supply 1cr. fruit bearing saplings for world environmental day observance 2018.


Team Balasabha– Vision 17-18
1 Thrust on overall development of children through a right based approach enhancing their creativity and leadership skills. Develop children as responsible citizen through addressing the social and emotional needs of children
  • Life skills based education to empower young people in challenging situations.Continuous theme based leaning exercises according to the taste of children will introduce in Balasabhas
  • Life skills based education to empower young people in challenging situations.Exposure visit and small researches by children for knowing the around world
2 Develop young mentors and promote young leadership through holistic development of youngsters
  • Life skills based education to empower young people in challenging situations.vDevelop 10000 young mentors in Kerala to support each other in different situations
• Life skills based education to empower young people in challenging situations.
• Leadership training programmes for young people that empower participants to discover their potential, explore social issues, build transferable skills and create positive social change.
3 Total development of children through creating learning opportunities and support system that support children's physical, cognitive, psychological, language, social, and ethical development.
  • Formation of a support team in all LSG who can take the responsibility of children
• Sensitive interaction of adults with children through a platform for a better parenting
• Projects under LSGs for the child development programmes
• Convergent programmes with different departments/Agencies/Institutions and Schools
4 Make children to aware on Constitution, human right, child right, and democracy through such platform creation. Introduction and activation of of children’s parliament for open up the minds of the children by introducing a broader society and a world.
  • Systematic meetings of Bala Panchayat
• Regular Bala Gramasabha with LSGs to address the development issues of children
• Activation of Balasabha Support system to ensure the systematic and regular meet of children


DDU-GKY Vision
  Transform rural poor youth of Kerala into an economically independent and globally relevant workforce
  To become best state in India for delivering outstanding performance in DDU-GKY Program
  To Train elegible Rural poor Youth of all the House Holds under LIFE Misssion through DDU-GKY
  To Bring about a change of 25% hike in the average wages recived by the DDU-Gky Candidates by the end of 2019
  To Train elegible Rural poor Youth of all the House Holds under marginalized sectors through DDU-GKY
  Cent percentage of the Panchayaths in Kerala under the Coverage of DDU-GKY by the end of 2019
  To ensure at least 70 percentage Job placement for the eligible DDU-GKY trained candidates by the end of 2019


Team Gender – Vision 17-18
1 Capacitate women to understand and exercise their rights as a basic requirement for the success and sustainability of the poverty eradication programme. And also change the situation through strategic interventions, disseminating new ideas and reforming the governance practices. 
  • Massive educational process/programmes in the Kudumbashree network to develop women leaders at community and in the governance
  • Increase the experience and educational status of all women including non Kudumbashree through continuous learning processes. Women experiences, status, films, documentaries etc can be used as the tools of learning.  Also the self learning programme should lead to more interventions especially the prevention of atrocities against women and children.
  • Establish Gender Resource Centers in each block to enhance the educational process with the support of  LSGs
  • Integrate the goal which achieves gender equality and empower all women and girls in the Panchayat development plan and LSG
  • Empowering the transgender community to mainstream them to the society
2 Address the existing situation and vulnerabilities in the society where the exploitation and violence happening, through the introduction of a  preventive mechanism and supportive system.  Also will  address  the social status of women which  determines the prevailing attitudes in socio-cultural, political and psychological impact. Eliminate all harmful practices such as child, early and forced marriage, child labour, trafficking, female genital mutilation  etc.
  • Formation of a convergent platform/ system to prevent and respond to gender based violence at home as well as public space – Formation of a social security net work, it can be linked with different stake holders. Vigilant group will capacitate in all LSGs and Jagratha Samithis can be strengthen
• Convergence platform will create at LSG level by networking the different roles and provide services to the community
• Crime Mapping in all LSGs in convergence with Women & Child Development Department and intervention through Snehitha Gender Help Desk. Also legal clinic in all LSGs with the support of KELSA
• Establish counseling and immediate help centers in all LSGs with the support of community counselors
• Developed a system to track and register all marriages. migration etc at LSG level through migration center
• Create  awareness and implementation among women and adolescent girls about sexual & reproductive rights, safe contraceptive use, birth control, safe abortion and pregnancy assistance through small group interventions & ICT materials 
• Education programmes for men and boys in the community
3 Enhance  women's full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision making in political, cultural, economic and public life     
  • Identify and train women with leadership potentials through participatory methodologies and exposure visits
• Creating opportunities through different collaborative programmes
4 Integration of gender in all areas of Kudumbashree intervention,  Gender equality and the environment will treat as cross-cutting issues. Mainstreaming a cross-cutting issue is generally understood as a strategy to make that theme an integral dimension of the organisation’s design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development policies and programmes
  • Include gender sensitization programme  in all trainings of Kudumbashree
• Provide consistent leadership and sustained commitment to Kudumbashree  entrepreneurs and other leaders through gender studies & counselling


Business Development (Marketing) Vision
  Educate and motivate 25 lakhs households in Kerala about Kudumbashree products/services through various promotional campaigns (direct mail, door-to-door outreach etc) and generate interest in Kudumbashree products/services and develop a ‘Woman Brand’ image. Improve brand recognition and loyalty among young people through social media platforms and campaigns (and through Google ads, FB ads etc).
  Launch Kudumbashree products (200–350 products) in online marketing platforms/portals (own portal and other leading portals) and develop Social Media Marketing, and achieve a customer base of 1,00,000 households actively using online services achieving a sales volume of Rs. 50,00,000/- annually. (with 10% increase every year)
  Launch 10 FMCG products of daily use (of Keralites in Kerala) under one umbrella brand of Kudumbashree (Women Brand) with common brand name/packaging/price (and eliminate competition among Kudumbashree products) and achieve 3% - 5% of market share (in first year) which will be increased by 10% every year.
  Increase number of markets (permanent shops, home shops, seasonal fairs, monthly markets) every year by 10% to 15% for existing products, including availability of products in leading super markets and increase sales volume by 10% every year.
  Make partnerships with 5 leading institutions for a ‘Product Development Strategy’ which will include a re-arranging of current product portfolio and a rebranding process to increase brand identity and increase consumer loyalty. Choose an ambassador (or an animated character) to represent Kudumbashree products to increase brand awareness and to connect between quality, health, women and households.


  Vision- Micro Enterprises
  13th Five Year Plan (2017-2022)
1 Increase the work participation of women in the Kudumbashree network by giving special focus on Local Economic Development and by converging the funds, technology and training support of LSGs and departments
2 All the women in the Kudumbashree network will be motivated to get involved in any livelihood activities like JLGs, Micro enterprises or Skill development & Placement services based on their interest and aptitude.
3 Promotion of enterprises and JLGs that will bring self sufficient CDSs in agri- animal husbandry sector
4 Special enterprise activities that will address the marginalized sector in the society – transgenders, trafficked victims, differentially abled & paraplegia patients assessing their demand
5 Technology promotion in the service sector/ traditional sector will be promoted on par with market demand.
6 Forward and backward linkages will be developed and supported to promote Kudumbashree products and services.


Sl. No Vision Ideas


Atleast 60% of the Kudumbashree families to attain financial management skills

In order to provide a platform for NHGs to be aware of and benefit from formal banking services Financial Literacy campaigns(FLCs) will be conducted .
This will help the NHG members to understand the significance of Financial Management and importance to engage in livelihood activities
Special Financial Literacy Campaign for Balasabha Children will be conducted to increase their saving habit.
2 Empower CDS to own the community development program through economic self sustainability Fixing an administrative cost to CDS for running
3 Ensure timely and affordable credit to the poor NHG members so that the practice of borrowing from other sources at exorbitant rates of interest can be curtailed A Government supported banking system operated by CBOs
4 Ensure accessibile & affordable health services to all NHG members thus create a productive society Low cost health insurance scheme
5 Atleast 20% of Linkage loans are utilized for Income generation Linkage loans as startup or sustainability fund of ME Units




Team NULM – Vision 17-18
  Provide shelter with essential services to the all urban homeless (street dwellers) in the cities of Kerala.
  Impart skill training to all needy unemployed urban poor in the state so as to enable them to access skilled wage employment or gainful self employment.
  Commence and sustain urban specific service /production enterprises in all urban NHGs 
  Facilitate for suitable space, legal recognition and access to skill to all the identified urban street vendors. 
  All urban poor families are mobilised into NHG net work of Kudumbashree 
  Enable bank linkage to all Kudumbashree NHGs


Vision - Organization Team, Kudumbashree
1 Developing self-sustainable Kudumbashree Community Development Societies.
2 100% inclusion of marginalized/vulnerable communities in Kudumbashree Community Based organizations.
3 Strengthening Kudumbashree Area Development Societies.
4 Enable the state to formulate a demand driven strategy to eradicate poverty.
5 Encourage Kudumbashree NHG members to be strengthened through voluntary activities.
6 Enable members of Kudumbashree NHGs for local economic development and local economic planning process.
7 Create a digital platform with financial information of NHGs for improving financial inclusion and livelihoods of members.


Vision statement- PMAY(Urban)

Housing for all urban homeless in the state by 2022.


Social Development
1 Povery Free Grama Panchayat by 2020, by evoking departmental convergence at local body level
2 Total Inclusion of Destitute family under the umbrella scheme of Asraya - Destitute Rehabilitation Programme
3 Skill development and placement for 50000 members from Asraya households by 2020
1 Make all Local Bodies DISABLED FRIENDLY - especially towards mentally challenged
2 Develop atleast one Model BUDS & BRC in each district
3 Set up a permanent staff pool including therapists at district level
4 Employ / start IGP, for 1000 students from our institutes


Sl No Vision Description Ideas
1 Reduce School drop outs among tribes   Bridge courses, bridge schools, balsabha strengthening programmes, Adolescent programmes , Youth development activitiy, child resource centres, student-centric activities, carreer guidance programe, insight type programmes, Parents' guidence programme etc
2 Ensure employment to 5000 tribal youths   PSC type coaching, DDU-GKY scheme, Group Micro enterprises, Wage employment activities, Labour bank, special recruitment support.
3 Develop 13 model self sustained hamlet   Basic entitlements, infrastructure development, sustainable development in education, health, livelihood, employment, public utilities
4 Branding of NTFP products and value addition   Producer groups, Collection and proccessing centers, Storage and grading centers, financial institution tie up, Management team, regular markets, special outlets, mobile markets, tie up with supplyco.