A Producer Company is a body corporate registered under the Companies Act, 1956; and having specified objects and activities. Ownership and membership of such companies is held only by ‘Primary Producers’ or ‘Producer Institution’, and member equity shall not be publicly traded. However it may be transferred, only with the approval of the board of directors of the Producer Company.

A producer Company can be formed by

  • Any ten or more persons engaged in any activity connected with primary produce, or 
  • Any two or more producer institutions or companies, or 
  • A combination of ten or more individuals and producer institutions.


“Producer” means any person engaged in any activity connected with or relatable to any primary producer such as:

  • Produce of farmers of agriculture including animal husbandry, horticulture, floriculture, pisiculture, viticulture, forestry, forest products, revegetation, bee-raising and farming plantation products and produce from any other primary activity or service which promotes the interest of farmers or consumers.
  • Produce of persons engaged in handloom, handicraft and other cottage industries


Process of Formation of Producer Company

  1. Awareness Building
  2. Business Plan Preparation
  3. Market Study
  4. Formation of Commodity Interest Groups
  5. Selection of 5-15 Director Board Members
  6. Compiling to Legal Process and Formal Registration


Legal Process involved in formation of Producer Company

  • Arrange PAN for all members
  • Arrange Digital Signature for 5 directors
  • Arrange DIN( Director Identification Number) for 5 directors
  • Name Application to Registrar
  • Filing of Incorporation Documents like Memorandum & Articles to MCA with fees
  • Obtain Certificate of Incorporation


Samagra Goat village Project is implemented in all the Panchayats of Kannur District This is a value chain project in Animal Husbandry. A Goat village unit consists of 5 members rearing 20 Goats ( 19 does and 1 buck). The members are trained in Scientific Goat rearing. The members of the Project was mobilied to form Kannur Goat Farmers Producer Company which is incorporated on 23/01/2015. This producer company belongs to 800 Goat farmers of Kannur district. The main objective of the company is to generate revenue with the sale of good breed goats and thereby providing better economic benefit to farmers. Farmers are the administrators and owners of the company. Apart from goat markets, the company is focusing income generation activities through marketing goat milk and feed supply to the farmers. One of the unique intervetion is conducting Goat melas which will reduce the exploitation by middlemen and ensure better price to goats of member farmers. The company provides trainings to goat farmers and makes them, aware about scientific feeding, scientific breeding, insurance and other related activities. The company has tiepus with KVASU, Mannuthy. The company is marketing its own biomanure - Ajashree Compost.


C.E.792/A72, A73, 2nd  Floor, Thavakkara Complex, Kannur-2

Reg No: U01210KL2015PTC037857

Phone:  0497 2704348         Email:  kgfpcl@gmail.com

Sl. No. Name of Director Board member Address Contact No
1 Sujatha Koodaliyan  Cheriyaperoth House,Mudippathur,Mallannur.P.O (Via) Nirmalagiri, Kuthuparamba, Kannur,Kerala,India 670701 9497292060
2 Padmini Philip Manathanath Mukalel House, Cholakari, Blathur, Kalliad P.O Kannur,Kerala,India 670593 9946763840
3 Sujatha U K Govindam, Kodolipram,Pattannur.P.O Irikkur,Kannur,Kerala,India 670595 9048059359
4 Elikkutty Abraham Elavamparayil Joseph, Kanhirathinthadiyil House, Alakode.P.O,Kannur, Kerala, India 670571 9847375336
5 Laisamma Chako Nellippallil House, Munamkutty,Kiliyanthara, Kannur,Kerala,India 670706 9633305711



Thennala Agro farmers producer Company Ltd. is incorporated as Producer Company on 09/09/2015. This company is owned by Kudumbashree farmers of Thennala Panchayat - Malappuram district. The main objective of the company involves production and sales of good quality organic rice under the brand “Thennala rice”. Initially for selling the processed rice and rice products, these JLG farmers with the guidance and support received from NABARD, formed “Garima Farmers club”. Although “Thennala rice” got good brand value and demand in market, these farmers were unable to generate sufficient revenue through sales. Due to this, they were forced to sell rice at price demanded by middlemen/suppliers. During 2015, a group of five hundred women farmers took the initiative to form a producer company at Thennala Panchayat. The main activities involve procuring organic paddy, and processing it as rice and rice products at competitive rates. The company has already made tie up with many agencies across the state for marketing rice and rice products.

Sl.No. Name Designation Contact No
1 Arimbra Yasmin Managing Director 9744444771-9544283084
2 Usha Director 9544794473
3 Thara Director 9562055491
4 Kadeeja Director 9526451703
5 Hajara T Director 9747048855
6 Hajara C Director 9526491529
7 Sasikala Director 8086486377
8 Sarojini Director 9744018482
9 Jameela Director 9747813500
10 Leena Director 9388363265



Imashree Milk Producer Company ltd. got incorporated as Producer Company on 24/08/2015. This company is owned by Kudumbashree women dairy farmers of Nedumkandam Block - Idukki district. The main objective of the company is to provide good quality dairy products at competitive rates. The beneficiaries of this project are dairy farmers under Samagra Ksheerasagaram project. Initially this project started at Nedumkandom Block, and beneficiaries from seven Panchayats were organized to form Producer Company. 362 Farmers are shareholders of this producer company. The initial training programmes for the beneficiaries for the formation of producer companies were given with the support of ATMA (Agricultural Technology Management Agency). The company is involved in reducing the production cost of milk . The company has got the dealership of Kerala Feeds and supplying the cattle feed to member farmers at rates which are lower than market rates. Also the company started supplying hay to member farmers. Also the company is facilitating trainings to the member farmers in scientific cattle rearing. The company is producing value added products and bio manures at cluster level.


Sl No Name Contact No
1 Prasanna Raveendran 9747082343
2 Sheela Santhosh 9961350007
3 Vilasini Vijayan 9446579547
4 Gresamma Sabu 9947895955
5 Shailaja 9744272389
6 Elsamma 9645644225
7 Soudhamini 9947195642
8 Susamma baby 9961072027
9 Josy Liju 9496584430