01/04 - Complete recruitment of all consultants before July 2017 (Status: Delayed/ Failed to implement on time)
01/07 - Renew infrastructure at office to accommodate new state program officers (Status: Completed)
01/08 - Conduct a review of GB decisions and implement all decisionsko especially CUG etc (Status: Delayed)momm
01/08 - Selection of ADMC/ DMC and filling all vacancies before September 2017 (Status: Pending) a zw
01/09 - Submit UC of first instalment before September 30 and get secoond instalment before October end (Status: Completed)
01/09 - Get Rs. 70 crore pending approval funds before August end (Status: Progressing)
01/09 - Renew Kudumbashree registration before October 15th for applying @ FCRA (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Complete audit of the last financial year before October end; and clear all the pending audit queries (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Publish administration reports of the last 5 years in website before October 15 (for FCRA)
02/10 - Give letter on Local Fund Audit to Government and get revised order for audit before November 15 (Status: Pending)
Conduct interview for MKSP, documentation Assistant etc and post before November 15 (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Start Library in EDs office (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Collect books to library from staff; Get archives from staff and Start a seminar series by library (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Library - Get affiliation of library council and put list of books etc online (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Library - Pack all unwanted books and decide regarding documenting (Status: Pending)
10/01 - Library - Conduct weekly meeting and upload details @ website (Status: Pending)
10/01 - Audit query - send report before 15th (Status: Pending)
10/01 - Form an internal audit team and approve schedule before Feb (Status: Pending)
10/01 - Select an audit officer - Get a professional support - Keep in GB (Status: Pending)
10/01 - Answer all audit queries before 1, March 2018 (Status: Pending)
10/01 - Library - Get books from bhasha institute / Get affiliation of library council / Start a web page and upload list of all catalogues/ books/ brochures etc / Upload all e articles on kudumbashree in the library page/ Upload the weekly talk summary in the page along with photo of the speaker



01/08 - Start canteen in Thrissur Collectorate by September end (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Start skill training course in driving (DDUGKY) before October 30th (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Inaugurate Nutrition Education Centre before October 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Submit detailed document of 15 achievements of Attappadi special project (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Implement the projects in Aralam, Wayanad and Malappuram as per plan (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Utilise funds and give UC to get the second instalment of NRLM funds before October 2017 (Status: Pending)



01/08 - Start an independent website for Cochin Metro Facility Management Centre before October mid (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Start reward and recognition policy for Metro Staff (weekly recognition of best practices) (Status: Started from August 2017)
01/08 - Prepare an HR policy for FMC and get approval from ED before October 1st (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Give continuous training to the selected staff, after discussing with KMRL team (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Creation of a Bylaw for the Facility Management Centre so as to have a self sustaining FMC. The first task is to put up draft bye law by October 15th get approval of Kudumbashree GB (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Registration of Facility Management Centre after getting approval of GB by December 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - One Station-One Shop project - Start Kudumbashree shop in all stations by December 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Implementing Six Sigma in Facility Management Centre by December 2017 (Status: Pending)   
01/08 - Adoption of WFM software - for proper workforce planning of Kochin Metro Facility Management Centre by November 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Publish two articles and prepare three videos on various activities of Kochin Metro FMC before September 30, 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Opportunity In KTDC, CIAL, Kannur Airport, RBI etc for facility management (Status: Pending)



01/04 - Give utilisation certificate for first instalment before September 30 and get second instalment (Status: Failed)
01/04 - Change state guideline for NULM (Examine the proposal sent by DMC PTA and issue a detailed guidelines, if needed) (Status: Failed)
01/06 - Give proposal to GoI for innovative project (Transgender) and get approval for the same before August 2017 (Status: Badly delayed)
01/06 - Mahindra Pride School - Progress of CSR proposal is slow. Need to expedite/ close before October 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Conduct a linkage campaign and link all unlinked NHGs by November 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Start 800 enterprises (old pending proposals) before November 1 and start 10 x 93 = 930 new enterprises before January 1, 2017. Of this, 28 enterprises should be innovative enterprises (Status: Progress)
01/07 - Empanel agencies and issue work order for EST&P. Commence first batch training before October 30, 2017 without fail (Status: progressing)
01/07 - Complete urban homeless survey (night survey) and present details to Govt. of India (Status: Completed)
01/08 - Web based monitoring of vector control program. Conduct a campaign in all the wards of Trivandrum; and submit document of activities/ difficulties during the implementation/ protocol for the proposal (Status: Completed)
01/08 - Conduct RPL for street vendors (food) and issue certificates. Design a common branding for street food stalls before december 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Get approval for ’She Lodge’ guidelines; Develop website by October 15th, and start she lodges (first 5 lodges) on Nov 1 (Status: Progressing)
01/08 - Prepare IEC plan and get approval by October 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Swach excellence awards for ADS - Give proposal before October 1, 2017 and get maximum awards (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Give proposal to Government to get GO for one paid holiday for Metro FMC (Status: Completed)
01/08 - Give proposal to Government to get GO for Metro FMC as nodal agency to provide all housekeeping services to government/ quasi government/ public sector firms (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Conduct Quit India Rallies in selected 300 ADS and compile the data before November 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Form town vending committees in all the municipalities; and issue ID cards (100%) before Nov 1, 2017. (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Get all the proposals for vending plans (with estimates); and shelters (with estimates) before October 15th. Evaluate the same before October 25th and convene a committee for sanctioning of the proposals (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Study about the new ranking system in NULM GoI website and complete data entry from all ULBs. Improve Kerala s position from Rank 12 to Top 3, before October 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Give a detailed report to GoI asking for additional funds by Nov 15th. Make an evaluation of existing fund utilisation and present the case perfectly for getting and additional assistance of (may be) Rs. 20 crores (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Two proposals with support for NULM activities (Cochin - for branding of street food; and Cochin - for RPL) Take decision before November and start action (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Provide resource support to other states and start scale up (initial requirement from Arunachal Pradesh) (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Ensure 100% aadhar authentication of NULM beneficiaries (Status: Pending)
05/10 - Take video; Photo and write up of 20 urban NULM enterprises before 21/10 (Status: Pending)
05/10 - Identify 10 sectors and Focus of starting of enterprises in that sector. Prepare and present targets in the meeting to be held on 12/10 and assign targets to CMM (Status: Pending)
07/10 - CLSS - Get a list of existing eligible loans (bank wise) before October 30, and give to CMM s so that they can convert. Study the best practice from Syndicate bank (Status: Pending)
07/10 - Give a certificate regarding fund status of SJSRY and give UC and audit statement to GoI before 21/10. Letter for additional 20 crore may also be ready by this date (Status: Pending)
07/10 - Spend 22.5 crores before Nov 30 (SEP - 4; ESTP - 3; SMID - 5.5; Shelter and street vendor first instalment - 8; Misc including Admin/ salary - 2) and give UC
07/10 - Conduct a road trip through NH and MC road to map the existing toilets and to identify potential and needy areas where toilet need to be constructed (Status: Pending)
07/10 - SEP/ Micro enterprises - Give list of all 1000 enterprises (use ME team survey) by Nov 1; Geotagg them (use ME teams methodology) by Dec 1; Start new enterprises (as per sectoral targets given to CMM s; may be 500 individual and 100 group) and do the same (listing and geotagging)
01/12 - Publish book - NULM 30 best enterprises model, with videos by Jan 1, 2018 (Status: Pending)
10/12 - Apply to GoI, heavy industries department for battery operated vehicles project for cities before December 15 (Status: Pending)
12/12 - Giving TED training (c/o SVEP team of NRO) to CMM s
20/12 - Apply for HUDCO award - Metro, Kudumbashree urban poverty alleviation and Construction team
20/12 - Apply for Swachtha award of NULM
04/01 - Upload individual monitoring tasks for SEP innovative projects in the website (Status: Pending)
04/01 - Give ME survey list to CMM s and ask them to present the status in the next meeting (summary to be uploaded in the website; and all should bring a copy and SMM should check it randomly (Status: Pending)
05/01 - Vector control - Give letter to ULBs, upload monitoring tables in the website and Give charge to multi task (Status: Pending)



01/06 - Utilise funds, submit UC and audit report before September 2017 (Status: Failed)
01/06 - Submit details of individual goals and adoration fo all NRO staff (Status: Failed to submit it till now)
01/06 - Documentation - 20 videos and 1 video on Attappadi to be completed by December 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Publish book regarding success stories/ best practices as documented by TISS students before November 1, 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Select 50 new mentors for ME projects (Status: Completed)
01/07 - Select 10 new FC/ TA for NRO before October 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Discuss with NIRD and have a tie up for PRI CBO convergence (NRO as Resource Organisation for PRI CBO) before November 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Publish standardisation of tools for PRI CBO convergence and MEC projects and give it to all the states (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Publish Malayalam and English version of History of Kudumbashree by October end (Status: Progressing)
01/07 - Sign MoU with new PRI CBO States (UP, Assam, Manipur) and new MEC states (UP). Also, sign MoU with all new SVEP states like UP, MP Chh, Jha, AP, Tel (Status: Progressing)
01/07 - Submit World bank project to Principal secretary before October 15th after incorporating suggestions from DMC/ ADMCs (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Present detailed action plan for NROs funds for planning (all existing funds) and present details of total budget (funds received from all other states till now) (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Submit proposal to Telangana Govt. and sign MoU for Cafe Kudumbashree training before November 1 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - SVEP - Get approval from MoRD for 12 blocks under SVEP project (Status: Completed)
01/09 - Develop and launch a new website for NRO before November 1, 2017 (Status: Progressing)
01/09 - Submit DPR for 12 blocks of SVEP before November 30 to GoI (and also that of other states) (Status: Progressing)
01/09 - Poverty Free Grama Panchayat - Develop concept and implement in ONE panchayat (pilot) in each district (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Sign MoU in THREE international assignments viz. Azerbaijan, South Africa and Uganda before November 2017. Also, follow up Ethiopia and Kenya (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Finalise action plan for NROs contortion for Kudumbashree (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Expansion through PPP route (Azim Premji Foundation) Explore and present a clear roadmap before December 2017 (Status: Pending)
09/10 - NRO will plan for 11 Crores (research/ impact study/ training etc) and present before 30th October (Status: Pending)
01/12 - MoU with Bihar for Cafe Kudumbashree (Launch in March 2018) (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Give proposal to GoI for FCRA registration (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Give proposal to GoI NRLM for developing a national training team (Cafe, Nutrimix, etc) and get funds (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Upscaling plan for PRI CBO convergence - Prepare and submit to Rajendran (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Upscaling at Tripura project - Take decision and do the needful (Status: Pending)
10/12 - SVEP - Add all 15 blocks in the website and regularly update progress (Status: Pending)
03/01 - Give innovative proposals to EC and get approval and funds by Feb 15 (Status: Pending)
03/01 - Follow up Ajeevika Mela and try to get space for India on a platter (Status: Pending)
03/01 - Submit remaining SVEP DPR s by January 30 (Status: Pending)
03/01 - Attend Anupa interview and recruit students from TISS/IRMA/ Azim Premji (Status: Pending)
03/01 - Get SVEP finds from GoK and give UC for 11.3 lakhs before February 20th (Status: Pending)
10/01 - Take Policy level decision regarding mentors (salary increase, salary in kerala, flight entitlement etc)



01/06 - Complete grading of Nutrimix units before September end and geo tagg the units. Also, give policy suggestions to improve nutrimix units (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Get approval for Jan Oushadhi MoU (or government order) and roll out the scheme in the state before Nov 1, 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Give proposal to GB and get approval for training of 140 women (media shree) (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Prepare guidelines for start up fund, coastal units, revise guidelines for innovation fund, technology fund, technology upgradation fund etc (Status: Completed)
01/07 - Rural Development Department agreed to give training centre at Balisseri as Kudumbashree production unit/ training unit. Get government order and start the project before August end (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Give proposal for Rs. 10 crore Marketing assistance; and get funds from government. Prepare action plan for the utilisation before October 15, 2018 (Status: Progressing)
01/08 - Tie up with ILO for training of MECs; to develop some of them as master trainees (Status: Progressing)
01/08 - Increase in salary of clean destination volunteers. Give proposal to government and get approval for the same (Status: Implemented)
01/08 - Conduct ME survey; and make the data base available online (using geo tagging etc) before Nov 1 (Status: progressing)
01/08 - Get a list of ME units that are facing loan recovery; and Get a list of ME units with turnover more than 20 Crore (Status: pending)
01/08 - Get approval from CC regarding RO plants (permission to use funds from LSGs for setting up RO plants by Kudumbashree MEs) (Status: Completed)
01/08 - Give proposal in CC asking Panchayats to keep the projects for salary of kudumbashree staff, for running plastic shredding units (Status: Completed)
01/08 - Give proposal to PWD for pot hole filling machine operation and for road side cleaning project. Get approval and start implementing (Status: Completed).
01/09 - Start Geriatric Care Provider project in all districts. Volunteers should be selected before October end; and training for the first batch should start on Nov 1 (Status: Progressing)
01/08 - Utilise SC corpus funds before September 1 and give utilisation certificate (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Start a Malayalam typing ME unit in Thiruvananthapuram before September 30 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Kudumbashree CDS as NREGA material provider. An opportunity to use 40% material component of NREGA program. Submit proposal to NREGA, get approval and start roll out before September 30 (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Give accounting and Book keeping training to all ME units before December 2017. Also, teach them to use the mobile application to note the monthly sales turnover (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Start one GREEN BYTES unit is secretariat Trivandrum; and upload the profit / loss statement on a weekly basis in Kudumbashree website (Status: Completed)
01/09 - Have a tie up with KSID and prepare a branding scheme for Cafe Kudumbashree by November end; and roll out the same before January 2018 (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Get list of opportunities received from different districts / through local self government and submit before Nov 1, 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Conduct an interim ‘MY ME’ workshop in all districts in November and Conduct the final ‘MY ME’ workshop in APRIL and give award to the best staff for his efforts in handholding (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Start a joint program with FACEBOOK for marketing of ME products (FB will bear all expenses to impart training to MECs and MECs will give training to ME units) before November 1, 2017 (Status: Pending)
05/10 - Start activities of geriatric Care and give training to 15,000 candidates before March 2028 (Status: Pending)
05/10 - Prepare an action plan for railway project and implement the 5 key activities before October 30th (viz. communicating the name of one point contact person, uniform, giving training, marking the areas and erecting barricades, submission of draft policy suggestions regarding pooling of funds, getting table with requirement and estimates of CCTV/ kiosks etc) (Status: Pending)
07/10 - Issue revised guidelines after studying in detail and after conducting hearing (Prasad, Sathyan in kozhikode district) before October 30 (Status: Pending)
10/10 - Start coir units (for repair of coir machines) @ various places in coastal areas. Meet finance minister before 15th (Status: Pending)
11/10 - Process Madhyamam s application for a program @ Gulf. (Status: Pending)
04/11 - Harithakeralam - Implement the program (green technician) as per decisions of the meeting held on 4/11. Recruit one person exclusively for this; and develop training team and start training by Jan 1 (Status: Pending)
04/11 - Give proposal to KASE and give utilisation certificate by March 15 (after conducting training) (Status: Pending)
01/12 - MoU with Subhiksha for tie up/ adopting them as a producer company of kudumbashree (Status: Pending)
10/12 - Complete branding of Cafe s after getting design from KSID (By March 1, all Cafes should be given certificate and branding) (Status: Pending)
11/12 - Nutrimix expansion to Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh (Status: Pending)
12/12 - Giving TED training (c/o SVEP team of NRO) to DPMs (Status: Pending)
12/12 - Tailoring Units for widows in Alappuzha (CFC/ coastal) (Status: Pending)
12/12 - Vishappurahithakeralam -?To take up as ME Units in all districts. Explore the possibility
14/12 - Develop a website for santhwanam and geriatric care and get registrations through the site by March 2018 (Status: Pending)
14/12 - CIAL and KIAL - Follow up through Hon Minister for facility management services (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Upload Harithakarmasena in website / for monitoring (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Get proposal from from all districts for Green protocol business and give to Suchitwa Mission before Jan 31 (Status: Pending)
05/01 - Santhwanam - Put map in website with list of present teams; Also take 6 steps to improve (new tests, publicity, tie up with DMO, tie up with ardram on NCD clinics, Dietician Training, medicine Training, insurance etc)
10/01 - Get Fund Details from 1000 panchayats and upload in website; Complete training of 350 batches by Feb 15; Prepare a team for Green certification; Get VRGF Fund from government; Check Fund @ Swachtha Bharat (Status: Pending)
10/01 - Geriatric Care - Inaugurate website on Feb 15; and conduct launch if program on Feb 3 (Status: Pending)
10/01 - Identify 20 scalable ME s and assign an anchor person. Publish detailed note on all ME s before January 31st and upload action plan with time
10/01 - Identify 10 new areas and submit concept note with project report (and action plan) for implementing these ME s
10/01 - Complete the survey of Geriatric houses and improve action plan/ implementation plan/ policies before January 20
10/01 - Start SVEP activities in Ponnani by February 15th
10/01 - Prepare an action plan for MECs (new economic model and new model to improve performances) before February 15
10/01 - Study about the feasibility of Pre Fab housing in Alappuzha
10/01 - Complete and upload survey details in website (AH also) before January 31st
10/01 - Install a system to enlist new Opportunities. Map all new opportunities received in the last one year before Jan 31st in the website
01/06 - KSFE s order for 6000 umbrella (Status: Completed in Sept 2017)
01/06 - Planning Board s proposal of Creche in KINFRA Parks, and mobile Creche in Idukki (Status: Pending)
01/06 - House keeping opportunity in PWD rest houses. The need to continue the existing system (Status: Pending)
01/06 - Nutrimix packets required for NGO from Madhya Pradesh (Status: Implemented)
01/06 - Order from HANTEX for uniform supply (Status: Implemented)
01/08 - IOC s requirement for manning 76 toilet units
01/08 - IOC s proposal for mini gas cylinder (LPG) sales units
01/08 - BPCL s proposal for maintenance of way side amenities
01/08 - Opportunity from BERGER paints for training Kudumbashree women to set up women painting units.
01/09 - Starting of 14 green protocol business (Suchitwa miss will give funds for implementing the same) (Status: Pending)
01/09 - 30,000 Green Technicians - Opportunity for kudumbashree to act as Green Technicians in all Local Self Governments (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Starting Kerala Cafe in all districts (Meals for Rs. 20/- and tea for Rs. 5/-, and subsidy
01/09 - Installation of MILMA shop in kudumbashree canteens. An opportunity for additional income (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Canteen in PSC, Pattom (Status: Implemented)
01/09 - Proposal from KSRTC for 7 components. (Status: Progress)
01/09 - Proposal from NORKA for data entry works (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Opportunity from Lottery department for stitching of cloth bags (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Tie up with Coastal Area Development Society for setting up marketing outlets (Status: Pending)
03/10 - 300 women chain man - opportunity for Kudumbasree (Status: Pending)
04/10 - Canteen in Devikulam RDO office (Status: Pending)
04/10 - Canteen in Delhi Kerala House (Status: Pending)
06/10 - Start Coir Value addition units all districts (Status: Pending)
13/10 - Chain man or Total station assistant work for Kudumbashree units c/o Survey Director (Status: Pending)
27/10 - Give proposal to SDMA for housekeeping
27/10 - Give proposal to KASE for 1.5 Crore (for Gender and ME Units)
01/12 - Opportunities in KIAL, KTDC, RBI (housekeeping)
10/12 - Apply to AAI for space for Kudumbashree canteen @ TRV airport (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Mental hospital Oolampara - Bread making / for patients (Status: Pending)



01/05 - HUDCO CSR - Get final instalment from HUDCO after settling the present issues by August 2017. Give proposal for more CSR funds from HUDCO (Status: Delayed)
01/05 - Give UC of all Urban Local Bodies (JNNURM - 53 IHSDP and 7 BSUP projects) before August 2017. (Status: Delayed)
01/05 - Get Rs. 3 crore funds from CRD (for LIFE survey payment) and disburse funds to all the IT units before September 2017 (Status: Delayed)
01/06 - Complete 100% Data Cleaning; HFAPoA document approval; and DPR from all local bodies by October 15th, except Cochin and Trivandrum (Status: Delayed)
01/06 - Progress of implementation of RAY, BSUP and IHSDP to be expedited (Status: Delayed)
01/06 - Get approval for capacity building plan from GoI by October end, and complete recruitment by November 15 (else GoI will cut the HR plan) (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Complete 100% Geo Tagging of all houses before October 15th (Status: Progressing)
01/07 - Complete production of Best Practice Film on PMAY before September 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Conduct one new technology seminar in association with BMTPC (Status: Conducted)
01/08 - Adopt a special strategy for Cochin and Trivandrum and get 100% DPR by November 1, 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Issue tender and select TPTA by November 1 (Status: Delayed)
01/08 - Complete all mandatory reforms (Status: Completed)
01/08 - CLSS - Convert all the existing housing loans before October 15, 2017. After this. conduct a special CLSS campaign to increase the number of beneficiaries to 10,000 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Register all ULBs under PFMS and start DBT fund transfer before September 2017 (Status: Delayed)
01/09 - Conduct a thorough check of PMAY / LIFE survey and cross check all beneficiaries and finalise the list of eligible families (Status: On going)
01/10 - Select an agent for social audit and start the process by November 1 (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Get proposal for landless (flats) from all ULBs and present before the state level sanction and monitoring committee by November, 15 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Give skill development (NULM) to each beneficiary under LIFE project. Have a system to monitor the same (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Get approval for one NEW Technology project (BMTPC) and start construction before December 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Prepare various designs of houses and upload in the website. Also, send them to ULBs and intimate chairman, secretary, association of document writers etc.
01/10 - Ensure 100% aadhar authentication of PMAY beneficiaries by November 2017 (Status: Pending)
09/10 - Get 10 beneficiaries for Pre Fab Houses (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Enter into MoU with MHFC for CLSS (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Send models of houses to ULB s and upload them in the website (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Get all BSUP/ IHSDP funds and settle (Status: Pending)
10/12 - UC for 99.84 lakhs of USHA scheme - Give by December 15 (Status: Pending)



01/06 - Conduct FILM Festival in collaboration with Chalachithra academy before October 2017 (Status: Failed)
01/06 - Improve Sreesakthi web portal and re launch the website and discussion forums before August end (Status: Pending)
01/06 - Conduct literary festival in association with Sahitya academy and publish the works (Status: Completed three activities in September 2017, but report presentation is pending)
01/06 - Complete vulnerability mapping of 2016 - 17 and publish all 28 reports in the website. Also, publish the list of projects approved by Panchayats based on the vulnerability mapping (Status: Reports published in September; but list of projects is pending)
01/07 - Get fund from NRLM, NREGA, NHM and Suchitwa Mission for Rangashree campaign (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Set up SRCW, complete infrastructure development and submit UC to Social Justice to get second instalment of funds for running of the program (Status: SRCW inauguration over in September 2017, UC pending)
01/07 - Complete recruitment to Snehitha, including advocates, before July 30 and start all Snehitha centres by September 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Start 70 block resource centres, and upload the details in website (with geo tagged maps) by October 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Give utilisation certificate to Srichithra for the counselling project after completing it in all respects before September (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Conduct TED talk by women before October 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Get proposal to other departments for community counsellors and conduct programs (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Conduct 3 more programs (in addition to literature festival, TED talk and film festival) before December 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Give gender sensitisation training to all Kudumbashree staff before March 2018. Start the first batch in October (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Mass campaign program (as planned in the annual plan 2017 -18) - Get approval for detailed plan before September 2017 and start activities one by one (Status: Pending)
01//09 - Give proposal for innovation fund (Gender Resource Centre) and get funds from NRLM before October 2018 (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Community counselling - Start block level counselling centres in all the proposed blocks in the district (Status: Pending)
20/10 - Prepare an in house gender team to take classes for gender awareness module to staff by February (Status: Pending)
01/12 - UN Woman proposal - Take it forward and sign MoU (Status: Pending)
01/12 - AHT - Document and plan for future (Status: Status: Pending)
10/12 - Varayude Penma - Print e brochure; get feedback and plan future program; Conduct one exhibition in Trivandrum; Give News(Status: Pending)
10/12 - Conduct next Program (Sahithya/ Kala/ shilpasala) depending on the feedback of the first program (Status: Pending)
10/01 - Implementation of Swachtha campaign of Suchithra Mission through Rangashree (40 lakhs approved)



01/04 - Develop a software for Human Resource Management (for District Program Managers/ State level team members etc to enter details of field visit, daily task/ daily work etc) before July 1, 2018 (Status: Failed and reallotted to HR team of NRLM)
01/04 - Develop a software for LIFE data entry along with NULM, PMAY teams before May 2017 (Status: Completed)
01/04 - Kudumbashree MIS was not functioning since last one year, and it was rectified in March 2017. MIS team should monitor so that all pending data entry should be completed in a campaign mode. Achieve 100% (up to date) before October 30, 2017. (Status: Pending)
01/04 - Start electronic attendance system in the office before July end (Status: Long pending)
01/06 - Upload one table on the website by July 1 on the total funds received from LSGs to kudumbashree (individual projects from blocks, districts, panchayats etc. district wise. )Name of the project with brief description, Total details of fund, Name of GP/BP/ZP which sanctioned the project - Get this for 14 districts and unload as ‘Convergence projects’ inside 'Plan Monitoring' in the website (Status: Pending)
01/06 - Upload one table in the website with list of projects where Kudumbashree DMC is the implementing officer (Status: Pending)
01/ 06 - Start e office (DDFS/ E office software) for online file approval in Kudumbashree state mission office. Link it to district offices also, in future (Status: Pending)
01/06 - Based on financial targets, prepare a table for district wise allotment, and present it graphically, every month (Status: Completed)
01/06 - Ensure purchase of laptops by all CDS before August 30, 2018, and completely roll out TBMIS before December 2017 in all panchayats (Status: Progressing)
01/07 - Complete NRLM profile creation before August 2017 (for NRLM TBMIS). Once profile is created, give provision for member search in Kudumbashree website (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Conduct an awareness program for Kudumbashree State Mission Office staff (on Kudumbashree MIS) before Nov 1, 2017 (Status: Pending)
03/10 - Prepare an action plan and submit before 10th October (Status: Pending)
05/10 - Meet Head, SeMT and explore possible areas of tie ups
01/12 - Yuva weave scheme of hand weaves - should be implemented by February 2018 (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Decide Regarding DDFS and clear file (Status: Pending)



01/05 - Complete the evaluation of JLG (using JEEVA team) and present the list of JLGs in the website (district wise, area wise etc. in a google map format) (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Conduct sales of 4000 tonnes of vegetables through ONAM market; monitor the market wise activities and submit a detailed report by October 15, 2018. Also, give awards to best JLGs district wise/ state level before October 30 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Achieve Rs. 400 crore Bank linkage in 2017 - 18 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Establish nurseries and plant 1 crore saplings (for 5/5/18) using kudumbashree network i.e JLG/ NHG. Give details about the project by October 15 (which district/ panchayat - how many saplings etc) (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Give total demand in agriculture projects (for additional funds, especially for CIG) by October 15th so that proposal for additional authorisation can be given (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Get state government share for Attappadi project (agriculture); give UC to GoI and get the second share before October 30, 2018 (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Get state government share for MKSP project; give utilisation to GoI before November 15 to get the second instalment. Give UC of second instalment before January 15 to get the third and final instalment, without fail (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Get state government share for VALUE Chain project; give utilisation to GoI before December 15 to get the second instalment. (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Recruit HR for value chain project, give them training and orientation and start activities (14 value chain units) before October 30, 2017
01/09 - Give detailed presentation of MKSP project and Agriculture value chain project and get EDs approval before October 1 for the entire project viz. financial planning of activities (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Start one “Farm to Home” unit before December 2017 (neatly packed fruit s/ vegetables, avoiding rough handling etc)
01/09 - Convergence with Agriculture department in 7 areas (1000 markets; Eco shops by Kudumbashree; Supply to Eco Shops; Horticorp waive off for caution deposit; Marketing of products in Horticorp outlets etc). Get approval for policy level decisions (horticorp etc) before October 15, 2018 and start activities
01/10 - Conduct training in UGANDA, during November 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Give UC of funds received from MANAGE for international training (during March 2017). Also, Conduct MANAGE training during May 2018 for the second batch (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Start banana cultivation for ONAM 2018 in 10,000 hectares. Geo tagg these farms and link to Kudumbashree website (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Scale up GREEN Bytes and start units in all districts by December 2018 (different variety of Green Bytes) (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Branding of Kudumbashree rice (100 tonne packed rice)
01/10 - Conduct an evaluation/ study of Agriculture costing and present it before November 30th (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Give work order for a mobile application (to monitor MKSP teams/ activities) and complete the app before October 30 (Status: Pending)
06/10 - Rs. 26 crore of MKSP funds need to be spent. (Rs. 48 crore is the total recipient and Rs 22 crore spent till date) Implement projects and spend 19 crore before November 30 and give UC to get the third instalment of 16 crores. (Status: Pending)
06/10 - Food security (7.5), Rice branding (1), CIG in AH (3), Support for markets (1), Exposure visits (1), and Magazine (5) - Total 19 crore planned. Plan for the next 23 crore (7 + 16) and submit plan before November 30. Implement this plan of spending 25 Crores before March 2018 (Status: Pending)
06/10 - In Value chain, complete recruitment before October 30 and give training to all 6 new people (Status: Pending)
06/10 - In Value Chain, Rs 3.97 Crore received as first instalment. Establish model projects (meat selling kiosk/ Sunday stalls, Horti Corp marketing outlet, value chain ME unit, general marketing kiosk for agriculture) before November 15, and start in all districts before December 30.
06/10 - Give UC of the received funds before December 15 and get 7.97 Crores second instalment (Status: Pending)
06/10 - Prepare master plan for implementing the value chain project (activities other than the four mentioned above) before Nov 15 and submit for approval (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Decide on meeting with MANAGE for future trainings (FTF - Recruit one person exclusively) (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Decide On Honorarium - Prepare a Draft (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Conduct a Write shop On 19,20 and get materials required for kudumbashree trainings/ Give template (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Bring rural technology to agriculture (Status: Pending)



01/07 - Start Kudumbashree Super Market in all Districts on November 1 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Participate in all Saras Melas from September; and maintain sales tables. Also, develop a marketing team to participate in Saras Mela (Status: Progressing)
01/07 - Take a policy level decision regarding the trade fair account maintained at Kudumbashree head office (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Take a policy level decision regarding file related to branding and marketing (awarded to external agency (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Improve home shops and establish home shops/ alternative distribution channel in all districts (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Identify a minimum of 100 products and start an online marketing platform for Kudumbashree products by Nov 1 (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Horticorp assured to give marketing space in 100 horticorp shops for kudumbashree products. A policy guideline need to be issued and it has to be started in 100 places. Also, maintain a sales table and update in the website (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Monitor the progress of 5 food festivals in each district, and maintain a sales table in the website (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Once kudumbashree s product website and backend system is ready, the same details may be replicated in GoI MoRD website, Amazon/ Flipcart and similar online marketing platforms (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Have a mechanism for monitoring and to present sales volume of all the fairs and festivals participated by Kudumbashree state mission/ district mission (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Start Kudumbashree Almirahs in 100 supermarkets in the state; and ensure value chain/ continuous supply. Start the first 10 before December 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Devise strategies for business promotion using new methods (Give publicity to kudumbashree products) (Status: Pending)
07/10 - Sell 3000 kg of cashew @ Saphalam (Status: Pending)
07/10 - Give task to Riyaz, Sabu and Jibi to monitor 4/5 districts (each) so that DPMs start working towards value addition/ take an effort in marketing of certain sectors/ MEs. Prepare an action plan in this regard (giving task to DPMs) and submit on 12 October by 6 PM (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Amazon - Have a tie up by January end (Status: Pending)
01/12 - MoU with women and child department for Mahila E Haat (Status: Pending)
10/12 - By March 1, branded products (designed by KSID) should be available in Market (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Study about Kerams and submit report of take over by January 31 (Status: Pending)
New Opportunities in fairs, festivals etc
01/05 Agriculture department, Trivandrum
01/09 Animal Husbandry department, Kollam
01/09 Industries department, Ernakulam



01/05 - Complete the RSBY enrolment, and ensure that all the survey teams got their share of funds for conducting the survey. Complete this and compile the results before October 1, 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/06 - Solve issues related to existing insurance policy. Clear all pending disbursement before September 2017. Also, examine the insurance policy of kudumbashree and develop a proposal for starting new insurance policy for the next financial year before October 2017(to be announced in budget 2018) (Status: Pending)
01/06 - Integrate the thrift and credit; and linkage loan progress with Kudumbashree website and make it available for web based monitoring before July 2017 (Status: Completed)
01/06 - Different banks are approaching to exp clore the possibility of tie up for banking correspondence (by kudumbashree members) Monitor this, and tabulate the list of opportunities got by kudumbashree members as BCs by November 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/06 - Review the list of all surveys done by Kudumbashree in the last two years; and get detailed documentation. Also, flag issues like pending payments, if any etc. and close by October 30 (example: service charge for data entry of welfare fund board etc) (Status: Pending)
01/07 - KELPAM proposal for conducting survey in three district. Give proposal, get approval and conduct survey before November 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Bhavanashree loan take over; Receive remaining found from government and disburse to beneficiaries before November 1(Status: Pending)
01/09 - Get funds (Rs. 70 crores) and credit the same to kudumbashree s account before 20/10/2017. Disburse all pending payments using this fund and give UC before 30th October 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Conduct a campaign against money lending (survey; and other activities) and submit a report by November 1 for scaling up the campaign (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Based on KAAS meeting, prepare a plan for strengthening KAAS and present it before October 30 (Status: Pending)
07/10 - Eshakthi - Ask NABARD to compare with TB MIS and decide on how to take this forward. (Status: Pending)
07/10 - Give an award to NHG s based on their performance in Micro Finance (prepare the scheme and put up circular for evaluation) Also, document these best practices and circulate to all (Status: Pending)



01/04 - Conduct Kudumbashree art and literary festival (Status: Successfully conducted)
01/04 - Disha campaign - Get evaluation of NHGs and present the results of DISHA campaign before ED before August 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/04 - Revise Kudumbashree bye law and publish the same before October 1, 2018 (Status: Pending
01/04 - Complete the training of Panchayat Presidents (Samanwayam campaign) and prepare a book with 1000 success stories of convergence with Panchayats (Status: Pending)
01/04 - Prepare a kudumbashree art team (multiple art forms, choreographed version) and publish the best of kudumbashree art s festival (video and booklet) before August 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Complete selection of coastal volunteers before October 2017 (Status: Completed)
01/05 - Give proposal to VIMUKTHI, Health Department etc for Kudumbashree school (Status: Completed; but decided, on 01/10, not to press)
01/06 - Complete magazine - subscription by October end and liaise with PRO team to print only the required number of magazines from November issue. Also, get subscription from Metro, MEC, KASS, CTC etc (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Conduct a survey before December 2017 to know the number of families receiving kudumbashree livelihood support. The survey should have clarity to map those who are engaged in wage employment, self employment (JLG and ME) etc. This survey will be the base for planning livelihood activities of Kudumbashree in future. (Status: pending)
01/10 - Give Tribal attachment training to all ADMCs and DPMs before November 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Plan for documenting Kudumbashree School (Attendance monitoring; Teachers evaluation; Taking photo of each class and uploading the same; Giving award to the best district; Appointing
01/10 - Prepare a case study on sustainable CDS and present it before DMCs on Oct 16th (and get their feedbacks) and finalise the note by November 2017 (Status: Pending)
06/10 - coordinate with KILA and schedule a training for panchayat presidents in January (Status: Pending)
07/10 - Prepare a report with Kudumbashree s achievements in the last one year and give to government before 14/10 (Status: Pending)
4/11 - Give Proposal to KILA for Harithakeralam training cost (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Give proposal to Commissioner Taxes regarding proposed training session by 10/12 and start the program by December end (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Print 20,000 copies of book on Achievements by Kudumbasree and circulate by December 15, 2018 (Status: Pending)
10/12 - 20 years of kudumbashree - Develop a poster exhibition (Entrust a team for the same) To finish by March 2018 (Status: Pending)
10/01 - Conduct Haritha Ayalkkoottam in March with proper planning (Status: Pending)
10/01 - Implement the project by Higher Efucation council @ Karakulam before March 31st.



01/07 - Give Utilisation Certificate before September 30 and get second instalment. Give UC of 2nd instalment before November 30 and get third instalment (Status: Progressing)
01/07 - Implement a monitoring mechanism for documenting visits by external agencies/ experts to Kudumasbshree and update and publish it in the website. Also, get a mechanism for getting the training need analysis of staff and prepare a policy for sending staff to various trainings. To be completed before September end (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Develop a software for HR activities, give training to all the consultants before November 1 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - CIF funds should reach CDSs before September 30, and monitor the progress of CIF and tabulate the same in the website for regular feedback (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Type and submit a detailed Office order so that Administration team can publish the same before October 1, 2018 (Status: Completed)
01/09 - Conduct Swachtha Pakhwada, by coordinating with other departments/ wings, upload photos as desired by GoI and submit detailed report by October 30 (Status: Progressing)
01/09 - Submit proposal to NRLM and get innovation fund (for endosulfn victim family - livelihood) before October 30, 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Implement livelihood project in association with Manorama (for endosulfn victim families) before November 1, 2017 (Status: Progressing)
01/10 - Prepare NRLM annual plan for 2018 -19 and present it before December 1, 2018 (Status: Progressing)
01/10 - Develop a HR policy for Kudumbashree (after comparing with HR policies of similar organisations) There is a project by Mr. Aneez, who framed a draft policy. The need is to fine tune/ expand the same before November 30, 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Get ISO 9001 certification for Kudumbashree State Mission Office before March 2018. (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Complete Dr KP Kannans study and Dr Beena Aggarwals study on Kudumbashree before October 30 and conduct a seminar on October 28th for de briefing (Status: Pending)
05/10 - RSETI funds are pending in GoI MoRD. Follow up, Expedite release and give it to RSETI s before Nov 15 (Status: Pending)
12/10 - Prepare a table, get it filled by all the state program managers (regarding the 4 day field visit) and upload it in website by October 30 (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Start a weekly series (or daily) on achievements by staff. Start from Jan 1, 2018 (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Circulate an e book with family details of staff by Jan 1, 2018 (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Complete the page in the website (consultants; their names and Photos) before Jan 1, 2018 (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Circulate HR work diary for a month to all staff and collect it back on 31/12 (an exercise for a month, as a precursor to software) (Status: Pending)
08/12 - Ask for HR (NRLM) Give reply to letter by 15/12 (Status: Pending)
10/12 - Result if seeweed meeting and proposal for kiosks (NRLM) (Status: Pending)
10/12 - Develop a learning portal for Kudumbashree By March 2018 (like ddugkysop.in) (Status: Pending)



01/07 - Conduct media workshop and liaise with media houses (Status: Completed)
01/07 - Get archives from SAASVAAP and upload all the archives in the website after arranging them in order before October 30, 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Grihalakshmi magazine requested for a tie up. Discuss the possible fronts and start the convergence (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Change front page of website using designers from KSID and upload before October 15, 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Print Magazine of November, on Nov 5 (working backwards, complete printing of August issue by September 20; September issue by October 5; October issue by October time)
01/08 - News 18, Mangalam TV, Flowers Channel etc are airing documentaries on Kudumbashree. Get these links and upload in Videos of Kudumbashree
01/08 -Selection of reports/ interns from October to March 2018, using NRLM block management costs (Status: Delayed)
01/08 - Print an unruled book and give copies to government (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Roll out the mobile application and ensure that at least 10 lakh people registers in the month of October 2017
01/08 - Follow up the proposal for Pravasi Survey; and conduct the survey in November 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Districts presented 70 videos and 140 articles; and 140 reports on ME. Discuss with Executive Director on how to present them in the website before September end (Status: Pending)
01/09 - DDUGKY courses - Get an article printed in leading newspapers in Career section (Status: Pending)
01/10 - newsletter from October 5th. (Publish it on every Thursday, based on featured topics) (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Conduct a brainstorm session and present the future plans/ activities with budget and timeline before October 15 and start activities based on this plan (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Prepare 10 videos/ articles on Attappadi special project and publish this as a special edition of magazine before October 21 (Status: Pending)
02/10 - Get documentation from all teams and publish a book (100 success stories from kudumbashree) by October end; and it should reach all people by November 15 (Status: Pending)
05/10 - 10,000 emails in the address list for sending newsletter; and start before 12th of October and publish it every week (Status: Pending)
05/10 - Present new programs on 20th of October to decide on future plan if action (Status: Pending)
07/10 - Publish a book for District Collectors (Get daft approved by 12/10 and send the book to all field officers and MLA s before October 31) (Status: Pending)
07/10 - Visit Wayanad and prepare 5 special stories before 15/10 (Status: Pending)
20/10 - Action plan prepared and it should be reviewed regularly
01/12 - Give 104 press releases before March 31, 2018 Status: Pending)
01/12 - Print book for District Collectors and send to all before December 15 (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Load new web page by December 20 - Design by KSID (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Send articles regularly to ASAP newsletter (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Start a new session in the website for training modules etc (Like Uganda, Azerbaijan, KILA training etc) (Status: Pending)
01/12 - Publish NULM article in any newspapers (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Publish FAQ, Graphs, List of monitor tables in the website after getting from all teams (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Present new ideas of interns and that if state Mission team (Status: Pending)
10/01 - Start a new page “best practices” in the website and publish 14 * 5 = 70 articles before March 1 (visit to districts by PR team)



  01/07 - Give Utilisation Certificate before September 30 and get second instalment. Give UC of 2nd instalment before November 30 and get third instalment (Status: Progressing)
  01/07 - Implement a monitoring mechanism for documenting visits by external agencies/ experts to Kudumasbshree and update and publish it in the website. Also, get a mechanism for getting the training need analysis of staff and prepare a policy for sending staff to various trainings. To be completed before September end (Status: Pending)
  01/08 - Develop a software for HR activities, give training to all the consultants before November 1 (Status: Pending)
  01/08 - CIF funds should reach CDSs before September 30, and monitor the progress of CIF and tabulate the same in the website for regular feedback (Status: Pending)
  01/09 - Type and submit a detailed Office order so that Administration team can publish the same before October 1, 2018 (Status: Completed)
  01/09 - Conduct Swachtha Pakhwada, by coordinating with other departments/ wings, upload photos as desired by GoI and submit detailed report by October 30 (Status: Progressing)
  01/09 - Submit proposal to NRLM and get innovation fund (for endosulfn victim family - livelihood) before October 30, 2017 (Status: Pending)
  01/09 - Implement livelihood project in association with Manorama (for endosulfn victim families) before November 1, 2017 (Status: Progressing)
  01/10 - Prepare NRLM annual plan for 2018 -19 and present it before December 1, 2018 (Status: Progressing)
  01/10 - Develop a HR policy for Kudumbashree (after comparing with HR policies of similar organisations) There is a project by Mr. Aneez, who framed a draft policy. The need is to fine tune/ expand the same before November 30, 2017 (Status: Pending) 
  01/10 - Get ISO 9001 certification for Kudumbashree State Mission Office before March 2018. (Status: Pending)
  01/10 - Complete Dr KP Kannans study and Dr Beena Aggarwals study on Kudumbashree before October 30 and conduct a seminar on October 28th for de briefing (Status: Pending)
  05/10 - RSETI funds are pending in GoI MoRD. Follow up, Expedite release and give it to RSETI s before Nov 15 (Status: Pending)



01/08 - Follow up and get government order for salary of BUDS school/ BRC teachers. GB approved the guidelines, but government approval is pending and hence needs follow up (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Get approval for BUDS home guidelines from Government/ ED before October 15. Ensure that all districts start BUDS homes by January 1 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Get approval from bus purchase by BRC (from LSG department) before October 15. Conduct a campaign and approve proposals of all districts by November 30, 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Get approval from government for Destitute Free Kerala guidelines before October 15. Conduct a campaign and get proposals from all districts before December 1, 2018 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Receive proposals from Panchayats for 200 BUDS schools before September 2017. Get Government order for establishment of 200 BUDS schools. Also, get funds (Rs. 25 crores) from government by October mid (Status: Progressing).
01/08 - Give training (motivation/ leadership/ stress management ) to BUDS/ BRC teachers and parents (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Issue guidelines for conducting BUDS festival (district level and state level) before December 2017 and monitor the implementation/ progress (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Conduct Asraya social audit before December 2017. Develop a system and get approval before October 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Review the study of financial position of Asraya project in all panchayats done by SD team last year and make a presentation before ED by September 30, 2018 (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Renew MoU of Leonard Cheshire and complete the project by December 2017 (Status: Progressing)
01/10 - Ensure release of challenge fund to all panchayats by December 15, 2017, without fail. (get approval of projects in a camp mode)
03/10 - BUDS - Give 9 reports on 9th for approval and onward action (Status: Pending)



01/07 - Give proposal for ABC program in the CC and get government order. Inform this to all panchayat presidents by email (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Start ABC units in all blocks and municipalities and spend Rs 1 crore (startup fund for ABC project) by giving up to Rs. 50,000/- for a ME unit (200 units x 50,000 = Rs. 1 crore) (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Poultry project - Get approval for project proposal (subsidy plan) and get required funds from finance department (by means of additional authorization)
01/09 - Start ‘Kerala Chicken’ project with 250 beneficiaries before December 2017. (Status: Progressing).
01/09 - Expand poultry project by scaling up to 1000 beneficiaries before March 2017 (Status: Progressing)
01/10 - Submit list of total demand (additional requirement for all Animal Husbandary projects and tabulate before October 15, 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/10 - Conduct a survey of all AH units (subsidy provided by Kudumbashree), including CIG and do geotagging. (Reference: Discussion with AH Director) (Status: Pending) Get subsidy for Kudumbashree units from AH department (feed subsidy program)
01/12 - Talk directly with Venky / hatchery and take policy level decision regarding Poultry project (Status: Pending)



01/07 - Conduct a survey and get a list of all Balasabhas (with names of members; class etc) and upload in the website by July 15. Also, provide an analysis of the list (class wise, district wise, age wise, duration of membership wise etc.) (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Select required number of RPs (at present, there are only 88/152 RPs) Complete selection by July 15 (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Develop module for presentation and discussion in the Balasabhas before August 15th (Status: Pending)
01/07 - Monitor the progress of innovative projects conceived by the districts using Rs 5 lakh allotted to each district and upload them in the website (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Complete Naadariyan program in all the Panchayats before September 30, and upload the 1000 reports in the website. Also, present the summary for future planning (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Get funds for Balasabha activities from various departments like Suchitwa Mission, Excise Department, Sports Council, Forest, ICPS etc (Status: Dropped)
01/08 - Start Balasabha magazine by October; and if not possible, re appropriate funds to Micro Finance (Status: Pending)
01/01 - Give a copy of Nadariyan to the library (Status: Pending)



01/07 - Get approval from government for labour bank, and monitor the progress (how many people from the labour bank got benefit of this scheme etc. and upload the same in the website) (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Get Rs. 10 crore (7 crore from ST and 3 crore from SJD) for community kitchen before September 30 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Get Rs. 10 crore from ST department for community kitchen project in Aralam, Nilambur and Wayanad (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Monitor the progress of district projects (Rs. 3 lakh + given to districts for own programs) and ensure that its completed before December 2017 (Status: Pending)
01/08 - Give presentation to ED for utilising the 3.5 crore fund received from ST development department (after consulting with STDD and after revising the project, if needed) (Status: Pending)
01/09 - Give induction training to new District Program Managers in remote tribal colonies (Status: Completed)
01/10 - Give detailed report on Attappadi project, special projects, and the initiatives of tribal team to SJD, STDD and other relevant departments before October 30 (Status: Progressing)
01/10 - Implement the Idamalakkidi project (Rs. 10 lakh from STDD) before November 2017. Submit monthly progress report to Tribal Department (Status: Progressing)
02/10 - Conduct an impact study of community kitchen through an external agency and submit report before Nov 30 (Status: Pending)
05/10 - Conduct a meeting on December 18th to present (1. 5 MEs; 2. 10 DDUGKY 3. Survey of mentally challenged persons 4. Status of Organization @ tribal areas 5. Implement all programs, book expenditure and document)
01/12 - Conduct review of Tribal DPM s as decided and present the results of their work on 22/12 (Status: Pending)
03/01 - Give UC To Tribal Department (for Rs 3.5 crores)


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