1. “Panchayat would ensure that all the people living in our panchayat would get latrine under SBM.”

GPLF President’s Declaration, Kinjrikela GPLF, Odisha


  1. “The demand plan which GPLF has submitted would be considered and would be presented to the Panchayat Committee whereby they would decide the timeline till which the work would be done.”

Panchayat Sarpanch, Balisankara Block, Odisha


  1. “When the PRI- CBO Convergence project started, there was extensive mobilization and capacitation of SHGs and VOs through the community cadre and mentors. Gradually the women have understood the importance of a collective voice and gained confidence.”

-- WahidulHussaini, Block Coordinator, Laharighat block, Assam.


  1. “There are many problems in our area. Earlier, we used to make demands individually. But now that we have come together and make demands as a group, our problems and demands are getting recognized not just within the SHG network, but also by Panchayat representatives and political leaders.”

-- Runa Laila, President, Markaz VO, Bowalguri panchayat, Laharighat block, Assam


  1. The campaign to open bank accounts at Roro village was a great initiative taken by LRG members. Applicants of widow pension benefited from this camp. We all need to work collectively for the development of our Gram Panchayat.


MotilalSundi, President, BadaLagia Gram Panchayat, Khuntpani Block, West Singhbhum District, Jharkhand


  1. The active involvement of VO members, upmukhiya and ward member made the bank account campaign successful. Working collectively is helping us bring a positive change in the village.

HonmaiBodera, Local Resource Group (LRG) member, BadaLagia GP, Khuntpani Block

West Singhbhum District, Jharkhand




















  1. “The MEC came to my village talking about the goat market in Ter. I was expecting
    Rs. 4,000 for my goat. I got Rs. 5,325 for it”

InduDadaraoHajgude (left), SantGyaneshwar SHG member, Tugaon, Maharashtra

Sold happy 2.JPG


  1. “I had saved some money from my SHG group. I wanted to use it to start a goat rearing unit. This market gave me better price, and I plan to come here again.
    Women who rarely stepped out of their houses to buy chicken and mutton are purchasing live goats here. It gives me immense happiness seeing this”

KiranNikaje, Upla GP, OsmanabadTaluka




  1. I attended SHG/VO meetings at late hours in my GP. Initially, nobody was interested in what I was saying. I shifted my focus towards women I knew who could start an enterprise. After helping family members start small businesses, other SHG members are now seeking my help too.

ShabnamBanu, MEC, Haji Ali SHG, Radhe Krishna VO, Badnoor GP, Asind Block, Bhilwara District, Rajasthan

  1. I attended SHG meetings in the village. Initially, SHG members weren’t showing interest. However, I shared my prior experience of being a vegetable vendor and this gave me a chance to engage with them on the potential of starting micro-enterprises.

Pushpa, MEC, Gayatri Mata SHG, SreeKesariyaji VO, Peepli B. GP, Rishabhdev Block, Udaipur District, Rajasthan


  1. Since I have started this business, I haven’t felt the need to go and do labour work for even a single day. I am able to sustain our family with my income from this enterprise. I earn more through this small enterprise than I did as a labourer.


Suru Tiu, Micro-Entrepreneur and Self Help Group (SHG) member, Dopai Gram Panchayat, Khuntpani Block, West Singhbhum District, Jharkhand




  1. There have been many changes in my life and myself as a person since I started the enterprise.Earlier, we ladies would sit at home as we weren’t allowed to step outside without permission.However now I have grown from strength to strength.I never imagined life would change so much that I would find myself motivating other women to start businesses of their own!

Madhuri Devi, Micro Entrepreneur, BariyaNawadi Village, Kharrati Gram Panchayat, Dobhi Block, Gaya District, Bihar




  1. The training that I underwent to become a MEC was very rigorous and challenging. It has transformed me from being a person with a lot of idle time and negative thoughts into a person who is busy and has a purpose in life. Now, I feel like I can also achieve something in life.

RajshriPangal, Micro-Enterprise Consultant (MEC), Osmanabad District, Maharashtra