Kerala has a high female literacy rate of 86.2%, a low infant mortality rate 6 in 2017 against the national average of 40, favourable sex ratio of 1084 female/1000 male, low maternal mortality rate 0.8/1000 and a high life expectancy of 74 female/70 male. However, the absence of women in the public domain remains as a paradox of the Kerala model of development. The economic marginalization of women in the development process has drawn considerable attention during recent years.

The incidence of unemployment among females in the State is higher than that among males by 5 times in rural areas and 3 times in urban areas. To full fill the gaps and address these concerns KUDUMBASHREE has made its first major foray in facility management market by establishing of its own FACILITY MANAGEMENT CENTER targeting at providing facility management services to major public and private sector companies.

Kochi Metro Rail Limited

Kudumbashree Facility Management Centre started of its journey by adding the Urban Transport Giant, Kochi Metro Rail Limited as its first client. It was a matter of pride for Kudumbashree when the newly started Kochi Metro has selected Kudumbashree has it service provider of facility management services. Kochi Metro has entrusted Kudumbashree with the services of ticketing, customer care, housekeeping and gardening. All together 780 staff were selected through written exams and interview from 40000 applicants and were trained and placed in KMRL

When ticketing and customer care was entrusted with Kudumbashree, it was an opening for next generation Kudumbashree members, who were entering the technology enabled services. A team of highly educated Kudumbashree members including engineers, MCA’s , MBA’s and post graduate joined the ranks of Kudumbashree for the services in Kochi Metro for these sophisticated jobs. The women who are having less than plus two qualification were selected for housekeeping and gardening jobs. They were trained on highly sophisticated machine cleaning, quality standards and industrial cleaning.

Kudumbashree also gained global attention when it recruited 23 Transgenders in its services for Kochi Metro. They have been given 3 months extensive training and have given appointments in FMC services according to their educational qualifications. Now all together 28 people belonging to transgender community are working in Kudumbashree Facility Management Centre.

Kudumbashree Facility Management Centre has now completed 9 months in the services of Kochi Metro, much to the satisfaction of client and the delight of customers. KMRL MD has given and testimonial that “It was one of the best decision by KMRL that it has entrusted Kudumbashree with the facility management services. With Kudumbashree, KMRL also has become the world’s first women managed Metro in the world.

Vyttila Mobility Hub

Vyttila Mobility Hub is the largest bus station in Kerala situated in the heart of Kochi City. It came as a matter of pleasure for Kudumbashree, when it got invited to take over the reins of facility management services of Vyttila Mobility Hub. Impressed by the performance in Kochi Metro, the authorities granted the housekeeping and security contracts to Kudumbashree Facility Management Services. Currently it has employed 48 personnel in Vyttila Mobility Hub.

Panampilly Nagar Walkway Maintenance

Kudumbashree Facility Management centre is now handling the gardening and maintenance of Ernakulam Panampilly Nagar walkway also, where it has employed 3 people.

Apart from providing employment for women directly in the facility management services Kudumbashree FMC also has facilitated employment indirectly through Kudumbashree led Micro enterprises. Some are given below

  • Uniforms for the employees were provided by Nedumpana Apparel park of Kudumbashree generating employment of 80 women
  • The water supply for Employees is done by Kudumbashree MESeven Star water services
  • The waste management of Kochi Metro is being handled by Kudumbashree ME, Five star waste management
  • The transport for the employees for night shift has been handled by another Kudumbashree ME, Dakshin Travels.


In the coming years Kudumbashree Facility Management is aiming at the following things.

  • Facility Management contracts in Major Public and Private Sector Companies
  • Training division in liaison with Govt sponsored schemes run by Kudumbashree
  • Establishing its own BPO and venture into accounting, call centres and woman friendly economic activities
  • Convergence with other vertical activities of Kudumbashree for various service activities.