Sparsham Campaign-‘ To Reach the Unreached’

Kudumbashree is conducting a campaign in urban local bodies to expand its reach and to provide maximum benefits to the urban poor. The objectives of the campaign is inclusion of poor people who are left out of the Kudumbashree network, 100% grading and linkage among urban NHGs, to identify persons interested for wage/ self employment thereby to provide employment to all. The campaign is proposed from 20th February 2018 to 19th March 2018.

A 9 step process is proposed as part of the campaign. Awareness creation among the council members, orientation of CDS committee members, meetings of ADS and office bearers of NHGs, special ADS & CDS meeting, preparation of action plan and consolidation at CDS level, District level convergence workshop and Annual plan preparation at ULB/ state level. The state level inauguration was conducted in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation on 16th of February by the Hon. Minster for Local Self Government Shri. K.T. Jaleel.

The expected outcome of the campaign is to reach the urban poor and to address their diverse requirements.