The Kudumbashree Mission will work with Haritha Keralam Mission, Suchitwa Mission and Clean Kerala Company for a garbage-free Kerala. The powers to select Haritha Keralam Sena are with the local bodies.

The Haritha Karma Sena collects non-biodegradable waste from houses and establishments to shredding units for recycling.  The waste is segregated into different sections based on its features. H.M White, P.P, H.M, LDPrint, Bajar, Ganny, Bulb, PVC, steel, tubes, bottle, E- waste, LD(Glucose), Bottle caps, Spray bottle etc. According to the mission, the shredded plastic is being given to the local bodies for road tarring by Clean Kerala Company.  Each Kudumbashree worker will visit  minimum 250 houses to collect non-biodegradable waste. The collection will be based on user fee. The manufacture of environment-friendly materials, maintenance of waste disposal mechanism, organic farming, environment-friendly equipment on rent  and compost making and associated works will be taken up by Haritha Karma Sena members.