The systematic and proper training which include both theory and practical classes will equip them to be able to do their responsibilities. Only through proper training the programme will be able to give fruitful results.

Need of Training Green Technicians Green Technicians are supposed to visit 250 households each and they would segregate the plastics and other wastes based on the type it belong to and only proper segregation would enable them to wisely dispose them and make money out of it. Only proper training can bring in the desired results.

A 3 day residential training is given for equipping the Haritha Karma Sena the best of its kind in the state. The faculty for training the Haritha Karma Sena include faculty from health department, retired faculties, segregation faculty etc. PowerPoint presentation, field visit, group activity etc are also included in the training module. Associating with the Urban Local Body, the Haritha Karma Sena will be sent for field visit. They will also visit and understand how organic wastes are disposed effectively. The training at Eksat will guarantee self analysis, self discover, goal setting, solving inter personal problems, time management, people management, communication skill, soft skill development, resource mobilisation, leadership quality, stress management, stress management etc. The training that is providing through various empanelled agencies and resource persons undoubtedly help the Haritha Karma Sena to perform their best and excel in the programme.